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    WWW stuffies, into Northern Soul since 1974, more Internet stuffies, Politics, Current Affairs.
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  1. soulsville.co.uk

    Decided not to renew the domain name soulsville.co.uk, had it for years and not done a thing with it... just had a seven day notice before it is unregistered. Does anyone want it? The only cost will be the transfer cost of £12.00 or you can wait the seven day...
  2. WendyTinley

  3. Velvet Hammer - Happy Mp3

    Barry!!! :°)
  4. Velvet Hammer - Happy Mp3

  5. Awesome Richard Searling Spot At Wigan

    The Chesterfield crowd loved Searling's spot... awesome... we would have been there that night!

    Looking forward to going with some of the Chesterfield crowd :-)
  7. The O'jays Live At The O2 Arena

    So who went and did you enjoy it... Graham and I thought the O'Jays were absolutely brilliant!! Eddie has still got it!
  8. The O'jays Live At The O2 Arena

    Can we have a role call for Friday and if anyone wants to meet up for a pre-concert drink then shout out! Me and the ex are going and it would be great to meet up with other folk. :-)

    Oooh looking forward to this big time! :-)
  10. Sapphires On Bbc World Service - Outlook 3Am Gmt

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00zc0ck About 7 mins in
  11. News: Sad News Frank Wilson Has Died

    Yes... I was there that night too... it was amazing hearing that record and, if memory serves me correctly, it wasn't too long before it was played again that night. It was one of those special moments that I'll remember as long as my brain lets me. Once ag...
  12. News: Sad News Frank Wilson Has Died

    Very sad... RIP Mr Wilson and thank you so very much for the music.
  13. Wedding Tracks?

    Jackie Wilson - Because Of You
  14. Inky Club

    What street was Bonds Main soul venue on? Still struggling to remember it and if I can see it on Google map it might trigger ye olde brain cell
  15. Inky Club


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