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  1. Hi everyone, yet again we had a great night at the Collective last night, John Meridith set the mood with his usual great selection from 8pm till 9pm. Then we had our Ken from 9 till10 with his usual mix of unknown b sides and old floor fillers. Steve followed Ken with a great mix of rare crossover and then our regular guest, Derek Smith, came along with a great mix of everything filling the dance floor. I brought up the rear with the following play list. Dee Dee Warwick :- When Love Slips Away :- Mercury. Charles Drain :- I'm Gonna Stay :- RCA Promo. Emanuel Laskey :- I'm A Peace Loving Man :- Thelma. Bobby Hebb :- Love Me :- Phillips. Melvin Davis :- I Must Love You :- Grooves Ville. Robin Wilson :- Better Use Your Head :- A&M Promo. The Classic Sullivan's :- Shame Shame Shame :- Master Key Records. Darrell Banks :- I'm The One Who Loves You :- Volt. The Fantastic Four :- Can't Stop Looking For My Baby :- Ric Tic. Marina Shaw :- Wade In The Water :- Cadet. Mandril :- Too Late :- Arista. Nina Simone :- Take Care Of Business :-- Verve. The Jive Five :- If I Had A Chance TO Love You :- Decca. The Vioces Of East Harlem :- Take A Stand :- Just Sunshine Records. Drizabone :- Pressure :- 4th Way. Melba Moore :- Standing Right Here :- Buddah Promo. See you all there next time and our guest will be Bob Taylor. Paul.
  2. It was nice to see everyone again last night, Steve McWilliams made his debut at the Collective and will definitely be asked to play again great set Steve. I played quite a few "new to me" records last night and below is my play list :- Naomi Sheldon :- What Have You Done :- Daptone records. The New Perspective :- Stoned out of my head :- Maxwell Promo. The Tempests :- Out Of My Life :- Smash. Naomi & Harris :- Come On Baby And Hurt Me :- ATCO Demo. The Fabulous Apollos :- Some Good In Everything Bad :- Valtone. Debbie Taylor :- Don't Nobody Mess With My Baby :- GWP`s Grapevine. The Johnny Otis Show :- I Never Felt This Way Before :- It Will Stand records. Ed Boze :- Memories :- AVCO. Diane Cunningham :- Certain Kind Of Lover :- Fontana Promo. The Lovemakers :- When You're Next To Me :- Island records. Barbra Hall :- V.I.P. :- Innovation records. Liberty :- Girl You Better Wake Up :- BASF. Hiroshima :- Never Ever :- Arista Promo. Virgil Henry :- I'll Be True :- Colossus. Gerod Harris :- Headaches And Heartaches :- Centre City. Best Regards, Paul.
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  3. Well what a treat of brilliant soul music we all had last night !! John Meridith kicked it all off at 8pm followed by "Our Ken" from 9 till 10. Welcome back Ken, great set ! Then Charlie Smith playing just some of his wonderfull collection which was brilliant, closely followed by Steve Curry and me bringing up the rear. I asked Charlie to come back and play some more and he said yes !!! Looking forward to that ! My playlist from last night is as follows :- Ki Ki Dee :- Magic Carpet Ride :- Phillips. Brewster Crew :- I`m One Who Know :- Lifeline. The Bo- Keys :- I Need More Than One Lifetime :- Electraphonic. The Precisions :- Insinstant Heartbreak :- Drew. Demo. The Fabulous Jades :- Come On And Live :- Soul Galore. Demo. Honey & The Bees :- Help Me :- Josie. Demo. The Mark IV :- If You Can`t Tell Me Something Good About My Baby :- Brite Lite. Bobby Wilson :- Let Me Put Love Back In Your Life :- Buddah. Peggy Gaines :- When The Boy That You Love :- Ref. O. Ree. Kindred The Family Soul :- Never Loved You More :- It`s Soul Time. Al Downing :- I'll Be Holding On :- Janus. Demo. The T. S. U. Tornadoes :- What Good Am I :- Atlantic. Anthony White :- Hey Baby :- Philadelphia international records. Reggie Garner :- " Half A Cup " :- ABC Freddy Henry :- Tryin` To Live My Life Without You :- T. K. Records. Lawrence Hilton Jacobs :- Fly Away To My Wonderland :- ABC Demo. All the best ! Paul.
  4. Hi guys Just letting you know that Charlies record collection is pretty legendary and he going to be playing some very expensive sounds on Friday. I am realy looking forward to hearing them,. Hope to see you there on Friday night. Best regards Paul.
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  5. Hi there again, Another great night at the Leyland Collective. This is my play list from last night, Irene and the Scotts :- I'm Stuck On You Baby :- Smash Demo. Chuck Jackson :- What Am I Gonna Do Without You :- Motown. Gene Chandler :- Bet You Never Thought :- Constellation. Little ROSE Little :- You've Got The Love :- Roulette Demo. We Two :- Magic Moments :- ABC Demo. Soul Brothers Six :- I'll Be Loving You :- Atlantic. The Exciters :- You Know It Ain't Right :- Shout Demo. Anthony White :- Stop And Think It Over :- Philadelphia. T.N.J.`s :- Don't Forget About Me :- Chess Demo. Holland-Dossier :- New Breed Kind Of Woman :- Invictus. Francis Nero :- Making My Daydream Real :- Motorcity. Chris Bartley :- I Know We Can Work It Out :- Buddah Records. Five Special :- The More I Get To Know You :- T.E.A.I. Lee Morris :- I Can't Believe You`re Lovin` Me :- Lee & Co. Brown Sugar :- The Game Is Over :- Capitol. Virgil Henry :- You Ain't Sayin` Nothin` New :- Tamla. Best regards and see you in Two Weeks Paul.
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  6. Well Snowy couldn't make it so Brian Rigby stepped in at the last moment and what a set he produced, nothing short of brilliant ! Thanks Brian further invites will definitely be on the cards. My play list for the night is :- Sandra Feva :- Tell`em that I heard it :- Venture records. The Centre Stage :- Someday someway :- RCA. Barbara Hall :- V.I.P. :- Inovation records. Mac Davis :- Every now and then :- Columbia. Edwin Starr :- There you go :- Soul. Beverly & Duane :- Glad i gotcha baby :- FEE Derek Martin :- Falling out of love :- Vibration Demo Melba Moore :- The way you make me feel :- Buddah. Sam Dees :- I'm so very glad :- Atlantic. Ethics :- Look at me now :- Vent. The Superiors :- Let me make you happy :- M.G.M promo. Big Maybelle :- I can't wait any longer :- Rojac. Etta James :- Seven day fool :- Argo. Tony Talent :- Gotta tell somebody:- Vando Demo. Billy Davis :- Stanky get funky :- Cobblestone. Eddie Billups :- Shake off that dream :- Helpp records. Kenny Hamber :- Never found a girl :- PES records. Sidney Joe Qualls :- Run to me :- Dakar Demo Hiroshima :- Never Ever :- Arista Demo Four Tops :- Drives me out of my mind :- ABC. Gloria Gaynor:- This Love affair :- Polydor Demo. Donny Gerrard :- He's always somewhere around :- Greedy Records inc. The Spinners :- I'll be around :- Atlantic. Prince Phillip Mitchell :- One on One :- Atlantic All the very best, Paul.
  7. Looking forward to catching up with Snowy on Friday, who I've only seen once since Spin-A-Disc record shop, on the bus station in Preston, in the 70s. See everybody up there Friday night, hope everyone can make it. Best regards. Paul.
  8. Great night again, the place was full of DJs !! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Big congratulations to Simone who was standing in for John Meridith and had a great set for her very first time on the decks. This was my play list Sam Moultrie :- I'll always love you :- Warren Francis Nero :- keep on lovin` me :- Soul Rufus Lumley :- I'm standing :- Holton Sounds of lane :- Tracks to your mind :- Itzy The Broadway's:- You just don't know :- MGM Johnny Howard :- The chase is on :- Bashie Carol Anderson :- Sad Girl :- Grapevine Jobell Orchestra :- Never gonna let you go :- JAN Reggie Garner :- That ain't the way :- ABC Holland-Dozier :- If you don't want to be in my life :- InvInvictus Flame`n`King & the bold ones :- Ho Happy Day :- Slammin` John Edwards :- Ain't that good enough :- Kent Mandrill :- Too Late :- Arista The Johnson Family :- Peace in the family :- Atlantic Promo Four Below Zero :- My baby's got ESP :- Roulette Promo Brown Sugar :- The game is over :- Capitol James Walsh gypsy band :- cuz it's you girl :- RCA Time Piece :- From The Moment :- Pyramid Promo Little Sherman and the Mod Swingers :- The Price Of Love :- Sagport Esther Phillips :- I've never found a man :- Kudu Beverly and Duane :- We got to stick together :- Fee All the best, Paul.
  9. It was good to see so many old pals there last night, and the DJ line up playing their usual great mix of rare soul, big thanks to Brian Rigby who's set was brilliant. He has already been invited back to play some more ! My play list was as follows. Helena Ferguson :- I'm so glad :- Congress Margie Joseph :- iI'll always love you :- Volt David Will :- Loneliness :- Soul Craft Brewster Crew :- I'm one who knows :- Lifeline Viola Wills :- Together Forever :- Bronco Bobby Bloom :- Where are we going :- Roulette demo Reggie Garner :- Half a cup :- ABC Johnny Nash :- I'm so glad your my baby :- MGM Four Tops :- Drive me out of my mind :- ABC Brian Holland :- I'm so glad :- InvInvictus Buddy Miles :- im just a kiss away :- Columbia Four Below Zero :- My baby's got E.S.P. :- Roulette Luther :- Don't want to be a fool :- Cottillion Virgil Henry :- You ain't sayin` nothin` new :- Tamla Charles Drain :- I'm gonna stay :- RCA demo.
  10. Have a great night tonight everyone, hope to see you next week. Best regards Paul.
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  11. Youngsters are the next oldies, the scene will always continue !! I started collecting soul music when I was about 14, I'm now 67. I was also one of the youngsters at the Twisted Wheel, Catacombs, Harisons hoist, the Top twenty club, etc etc. Youngsters are the life blood of the continuing soul scene. We would be dead without them, and as for teaching etietiquette, the scene will evolve to be their scene and it will be what they want , just as ours was what we wanted ! KTF PAUL JAMES.
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  12. Malcolm The prices for soul records are, as you say, crazy. However they reflect how much people want them. Not just DJs who have to play the top sounds on original recordings, but collectors like myself who want an original mint copy. They represent a form of investment as well as they never seem to go down in value. Paul James.
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  13. As many of the soul fans who frequent the Leyland Driving Beat Soul Club won't know yet. We have had a name change to "Leyland Towngate Soul Collective " this is felt to more accurately describe our Soul Night. With DJs like Steve Curry, Ken Rigby, Bob Taylor, John Meridith, Paul James, Derek Smith, Mick Hendy and Smartzie on the decks playing an accross the board mix of 70s, modern, northern, crossover, motown, R&B, Rarities, oldies all on vinyl. We just had to change the name. Someone also suggested a nickname for it as well, which was The Room At The Top, if anyone has any other good names (positive ones) we would be very greatfull. I hope everyone has a wonderful time this Friday at the Leyland Towngate Soul Collective, and a merry Christmas to you all. Paul.
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  14. Hi Graham, And a big welcome to the soul scene. New sounds are the life blood of the whole scene without them collectors would have a limited amount of records to squirrel away and the DJs would all be playing the same stuff and we would all be bored and the soul events would be no more ! Just think of your favourite record and realize that somone had to find it and give it it's first play somewhere. I'm an old twisted wheeler getting near my 70s now and ive been DJ ing and collecting for over 50 years, and I'm still at it. My collection is well over 2000 and counting. Hope my son's get a good deal on them when I'm gone. Keep going to as many soul clubs as you can and get to grips with the new stuff you haven't heard before and dance to it. You will find your liking for " the sound " will only get more intense. If you find yourself near Leyland on a Friday night give the driving beat soul club a try, we play loads of first time plays to keep the soul events fresh. Have a good one, Paul.
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  15. Hope you have a great night tonight guys, thinking about you ! Paul.
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