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  1. Pete your post is way off the mark !! The music from the wheel is totally different from the Casino days. My whole collection was originally based on the records I heard at Whitworth st. It's changed over the years, as we've moved on, but we old gits still remember the good old days. And I'm just as entitled to play these records as you are. We are not intending to step on any toes or your ( market share ) of the Twisted Wheel name. This is a tribute to the music nothing more !!
  2. Goodbye Tony, you paved the way for the soul DJs of today ! Rest in peace mate ! Paul James.
  3. Goodbye Tony, you paved the way for the soul DJs of today ! Rest in piece mate ! Paul James
  4. As just one of the DJs at Towngate Leyland soul collective, (Sue was one of our regulars) we will really miss her. The whole soul club scene is going to miss "Skippy Sue" she was a lovely lady who knew how to enjoy herself, on the dance floor all night. Rest in peace Sue, you won't be forgotten we will always remember you ! Paul James x
  5. I tried something that worked . It was two pieces of glass and pop the record in between. Leave it in the sunshine and it did get the warp out. I've only done it once though, maybe I was lucky ! Paul.
  6. Looking forward to seeing and listening to Pete Mason behind the decks on Friday. The last time we were together as DJs was at Roper Hall in Preston in the 70s !! Pete's collection is legendary !! Paul.
  7. Hi Ian, we, that is the dj team, hope you have a great night ! Say hello when you get in Best regards Paul.
  8. The Leyland soul collective was in form yet again last night with Simone stepping in for John Meridith, thanks Simone , great job. Our guest DJ was Ged Parker and what a set, brilliant Ged, thanks a lot. My contributions to the evening are as follows :- Inez and Charlie Fox :- No Stranger To Love :- Musicor records. Illusions :- You Didn't Have To Leave :- Lamon records. Marvin Holmes :- You Better Keep Her :- Brown Door records. Esther Williams :- I'll Be Your Pleasure :- R.C.A. Promo. Herbie Mann :- Waterbed :- Atlantic records. Willie Darrington :- Never Should Have Walked Away :- R.A.V. records. Tyrone Davis :- This I Swear. :- Columbia records. Keni Burke :- Let Sombody love You :- R.C.A. British. Melba Moore :- Standing Right Here :- Buddah Promo. The Entertainers :- I'm In Love With You :- H.M.C. records. James Walsh Gypsy Band :- Cuz It's You Girl :- R.C.A. records. Sidney Joe Qualls :- Run To Me :- Darker Promo. Sunday :- Ain't Got No Problems :- Alteen records. Ronnie McNeir :- Wendy Is Gone :- Prodigal records. Neo & Drizabone :- Your Smile :- Expansion records ( new release) Thanks to everyone for your support and making it a great night once again . I will see you again around April 2020, and Mr Bob Taylor will be taking over for me for the next few months. Our next guest DJ will be "John Orritt". Best Regards Paul.
  9. "Leyland Soul Collective", at the little Leyland soul club, had another great night of connoisseur soul music from the team, and our guest DJ Charlie Smith added to the night with a fantastic array of ultra rare recordings. Thanks so much Charlie. Also thank you to the great crowd who were there supporting us . My contribution to the night's music is as follows :- Ruby Andrews :- I Got A Bone To Pick With You :- A.B.C. Niteflyte :- All About Love :- Ariola Promo. Carl Graves :- Heart Be Still :- A.M. Promo. S.O.U.L. :- This Time Around :- Musicor Promo. Bobby Cutchins :- Leaving. :- Lasso records. Bo Cooper :- Don't Call It Love. :- Bell Promo. Chris Bartley :- I Know We Can Work It Out :- Buddah Records. J.B. Bingham :- She's Gone. :- United Artists Promo. GQ. :- Make My Dreams A Reality. :- Arista. Dee Dee Warwick :- Funny How We Change Places :- Private Stock. Time Piece :- From The Moment. :- Pyramid Records Promo. Bobby Cutchins :- I Did It Again. :- Lasso records. Thanks to everyone for making it another great night. See you on Friday the 27th our guest DJ will be :- Jed Parker ! All the best Paul.
  10. The little Leyland soul club ( soul collective) was packed again last night with the usual crowd of DJs and collectors, and imagine my surprise to see an old friend from the past, "Pete Mason" there ! Last time we were together D.J.ing was over 40 years ago at "Roper Hall" in Preston. Thanks once again for everyone's support, its an absolute pleasure to DJ at this great little club !! Our guest DJ was Tez Howarth and his set was brilliant and so we asked him back to do the same again sometime, thanks Tez !! My playlist for the evening was as follows :- The Poppies :- Do It With Soul :- Epic. The Astors :- Candy :- Atlantic. Major Lance :- Since I Lost My Baby's Love :- Volt. Pattie Hamilton :- My Baby Loves Me :- Lovelight records. Segments Of Time :- Memories :- Sussex. The Spinners :- I'll Be Around :- Atlantic. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes :- Get Out :- Route. Barbara Pennington :- On A Crowded Street :- Record Shack. Clarence Carter :- Messin With My Mind :- Ichiban Records. Virgil Henry :- You Ain't Sayin Nothin New :- Tamla. Ronnie McNeir :- Wendy Is Gone :- Prodigal. Mandril :- Too Late :- Arista. Lola Falana :- There's A Man Out There. :- RCA Promo. Loleatta Holloway :- Run Away :- Salsoul. hope to see you in Two Weeks time, when our guest DJ will be "Charlie Smith", looking forward to that one !!! Best Regards Paul.
  11. The little Leyland soul club ( Soul Collective) was packed again last night, with fellow DJs and record collectors and followers of great music, thanks for the support, and we hope you enjoyed the music selection. Our guest DJ for the night "Glyn Hanford" had a great set, and we hope he will come back and play again for us, thanks Glyn. My contribution to the evening was as follows :- Danny Woods :- I Want To Thank You :- Smash Promo. Jimmy (Soul) Clark :- Sweet Darlin :- Soulhawk Promo The Frank Popps Ensemble :- Hipp Teens Dont Wear Blue Jeans :- Unique. Dean Parrish :- Bricks Broken Bottles And Sticks :- Kent. Marke Jackson :- I'll Never Forget You :- Jamie Promo. Betty Fikes & The Passions :- Proove It To Me :- Southbound. The Sapphires :- Evil One :- A.B.C. stock. Life :- Tell Me Why :- Reprise. Vessie Simmons :- I Can Make It On My Own :- Simco. Sidney Joe Qualls :- Run To Me :- Dakar Promo. Gloria Gaynor :- This Love Affair :- Polidor Promo. Four Below Zero :- My Baby's Got E.S.P. :- Roulette Promo. Johnny Nash :- (I'm So) Glad Your My Baby :- M.G.M. Four Tops :- Drive Me Out Of My Mind :- A.B.C. The Invitations :- Look On The Good Side :- Silver Blue Records. All the best and next time on August 30th our guest DJ will be Tez Howarth ! see you then Paul.
  12. Yeh, Steve Davis is a soul fan and I believe that he has a brilliant collection of vinyl !
  13. Wow !! What a great night at the Collective once again. The place was full, wall to wall, with soul connoisseurs and fellow DJs. I felt so sorry for our barmaid Carla, who was rushed off her feet but did a great job. Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoyed the music selection played. Special thanks to our guest DJs Carol Gillboy and Howard Bevan who have already been asked to play again thanks for a great set guys !! Below is my playlist and contribution to last night 2nd August :- The Bo-keys :- I Need More Than One Lifetime :- Electraphonic. James Phelps :- Don't Be A Cry Baby :- Fontana. Helena Ferguson :- I'm So Glad :- Congress Promo. Bobby Reed :- Caldonia Brown :- Shrine Records. The Entertainers :- I'm In Love With You :- H.M.C. Records. Wee :- Try Me :- Owl Records. Bill Brandon :- The Streets Got My Lady :- Piedmont. Leon Ware :- What's Your Name :- Fabulous records inc. Sunday :- Ain't Got No Problems :- Alteen records. Dr Buzzards Original Sevanna Band :- I'll Play The Fool :- R.C.A. James Walsh Gypsy Band :- Cuz It's You Girl :- R.C.A. Luther :- Don't Wanna Be A Fool :- Cotillion. Mandrill :- Too Late :- Arista. Brown Sugar :- The Game Is Over :- Capitol. Kindred The Family Soul :- Never Loved You More :- It's Soul Time. See you all in two weeks on the 16th when our guest DJ will be Glyn Hanford Best regards Paul.
  14. Hi guys, Another great night at the Collective, I've never seen so many DJs in the room before, everywhere I looked there was a DJ chatting to another one. I hope you all enjoyed the selection of music last night from the gang and our guest Bob Taylor. Here is my play list from 19th July :- The Parliaments :- I Can Feel The Ice Melting :- Revilot Records. Maurice Long :- I Don't Love You Anymore :- Cyclone Promo. Donnie Elbert :- I Got To Get Myself Together :- Bullet Promo. Lee Charles :- Wrong Number :- Brunswick Promo. Gene Chandler :- After The Laughter :- Checker. Mamie Lee :- I Can Feel Him Slipping Away :- M.G.M. Promo. The Soul Notes :- How Long Will It Last :- Way Out Promo. The Cooperettes :- Everything's Wrong :- Brunswick. Lorraine Ellison :- Call Me Anytime You Need Some Lovin` :- Mercury Promo. The Del Royals :- Some Kind Of Wonderful :- Mercury Promo. Deon Jackson :- Pain In My Heart :- Hayley Records. Mandrill :- My Kind Of Girl :- Arista Promo. Gerald Sims :- You`'ll Never Be Sorry :- Warner Bros. Archie Bell & The Drells :- Old People :- Philadelphia international records. Lisa Stansfield :- Eight Three One :- Sonic Wax Records. See you next time, when our guest DJs will be Carol Gillboy & Howard Bevan !! Best regards Paul.
  15. Hi everyone, yet again we had a great night at the Collective last night, John Meridith set the mood with his usual great selection from 8pm till 9pm. Then we had our Ken from 9 till10 with his usual mix of unknown b sides and old floor fillers. Steve followed Ken with a great mix of rare crossover and then our regular guest, Derek Smith, came along with a great mix of everything filling the dance floor. I brought up the rear with the following play list. Dee Dee Warwick :- When Love Slips Away :- Mercury. Charles Drain :- I'm Gonna Stay :- RCA Promo. Emanuel Laskey :- I'm A Peace Loving Man :- Thelma. Bobby Hebb :- Love Me :- Phillips. Melvin Davis :- I Must Love You :- Grooves Ville. Robin Wilson :- Better Use Your Head :- A&M Promo. The Classic Sullivan's :- Shame Shame Shame :- Master Key Records. Darrell Banks :- I'm The One Who Loves You :- Volt. The Fantastic Four :- Can't Stop Looking For My Baby :- Ric Tic. Marina Shaw :- Wade In The Water :- Cadet. Mandril :- Too Late :- Arista. Nina Simone :- Take Care Of Business :-- Verve. The Jive Five :- If I Had A Chance TO Love You :- Decca. The Vioces Of East Harlem :- Take A Stand :- Just Sunshine Records. Drizabone :- Pressure :- 4th Way. Melba Moore :- Standing Right Here :- Buddah Promo. See you all there next time and our guest will be Bob Taylor. Paul.

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