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  1. Hi yall Watched amazing Grace earlier this year on a snide channel ( beetv) was a fantastic copy and a great watch
  2. Cheers for the update on richard , seems strange that a extremely popular program gets suspended , still we all know how the been works Stay safe y,all
  3. Any one know what's happened to the soul show as I cannot find any information on why it's no longer on air Hope theres nothing wrong with richard ,,,, or any other soulies Keep on keeping on through these trying times
  4. Hi ya Your picture is of the original sprung dance floor the later floor was raised and still springy, I personally didn't like it ,liked the original better, the alldayers where rictic reviews usually on a sunday and well attended saw a few artists there Remember the Preston street dancers doing their thing to funk all bells and whistles , my brain says back flip Russian roll spin etc my old body says b@#$^%x you silly fool

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