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  1. Fair enough assessment. Figured that a lack of sales and discussion regarding this single could have to do with the songs on it. They are indeed very "bar music" and bit too much for my taste. Still cool to have something in hand that's rare and cannot be found on Spotify or Youtube for a young guy like me. Will see if I can get a decent offer on it, otherwise it will go into my collection for curiosity value.
  2. Too curious not to give it a spin. Couldn't find the songs online so had a listen. Record plays almost perfect would say, no scratches or bumps. Slightly warped though, but weighting it down with a puck helps a lot. Surprised by how clear the recording sounds. Lot better then the stuff they are pressing modern albums on. The songs are a bit more downtempo though compared to some of his other work. The specks on the photo are dust, but don't want to clean it wrongly so will let them be for the time being. Is this sought after? On Discogs not as many people seem to want it as Jess
  3. I dug up this single from an attic and trying to gauge its rareness. To my untrained eye it looks unplayed and scratch free. Discogs information is accurate; https://www.discogs.com/Jesse-Davis-Touch-Me-You-Are-My-Love/release/8830708

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