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  1. Lonely Battle / I’ll forget about you on original Crackerjack in at least Excellent condition £125 inc Uk first class postage cheers, Ian
  2. Yes mate, please send £125 via PayPal to and reply with your address i’ll send first class with proof of postage. cheers, Ian
  3. M- condition of this original Mala Demo £175 inc first class Uk Post. cheers, Ian
  4. “World without Sunshine” on Broadway. lovely original demo in Excellent condition. £125 inc First class UK post. cheers, Ian.
  5. M- copy US original, first outing for "Ain't That Love Enough" backed with the classic “you really made it good” I’ve had this copy since the late 80’s £80 inc first class uk post cheers Ian
  6. 2 Kent Anniversary releases for sale, • Kent Anniversary 6T16 Junior mccants - try me for your new love garland green - come through me stunning Looks unplayed - Mint £125 •Kent Anniversary 6T10 Phil Terrell - Love has passed me by Vic and John - why did she lie stunning condition again M- £50
  7. Hi, 2 original GRP releases for sale Duke Browner Crying over you / Instro. (GRP 145) M- £100 Lester Tipton / Masqueraders - This won’t change/ How ( GRP 138) M- £50 cheers, Ian
  8. Jeffrey Allen - Dilly Dilly - Mala Demi M- £200 Sleepy King - Loving Time - Joy M- £50 Lloyd Price - Lady Luck - monument demo M- £50 The dramatics - All because of you - Sport Ex ( 2 x red X’s on label) £50 Sandra Phillips - World Without Sunshine - Broadway Demo M- £150 cheers Ian
  9. Kent Anniversary 6T16 Junior mccants - try me for your new love garland green - come through me stunning condition, Looks unplayed - Mint £150 inc Uk Special Delivery
  10. All M- 6T 11 16th Anniversary john Edwards - ain’t that good enough & loletta Holloway - this mans arms £50 inc. UK Special Delivery 6T 13 lorraine Chandler - you only live twice & the metros - my imagination £50 inc. UK Special Delivery SOLD 6T 17 Mill Evans - ain’t you glad & The Milionaires - I’m the one who loves you £70 inc. UK Special Delivery. cheers, Ian
  11. Nice clean copy sought cheers, Ian,
  12. Probably but how to know which is which ... I guess it’s all part of the fun? has anyone got a copy of the same YT version that can check the deadwax? I think this might end up being the only way.
  13. The original YT has used the b side - the Label time and the extra lettering you can just see to the right of his overlay match perfectly. thing is the other YT post of this song has the same simpler version as well, so a few copies of both versions obviously got out.
  14. The song on the record above is the same as the YouTube link copy but the phrasing is different on the copy above plus extra orchestration / backing vocals plus the guitar is lower in the mix. This has the feel of a finished song ( like Davenpete says “meatier”) whereas the above YouTube version could easily have been an earlier demo/ studio version or even an original b side? i only say this as the matrix number on the label of the record reads 219 - 2566 , with the flip being 219 - 2567 ( making the other side the b side?) however the dead wax number reads 219 - 256*6 - the star being a crossed out number - could this have been an 8, making it the b side originally - were the A and B sides flipped during production or did they simply swap out the A side for a diff version halfway through the run?

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