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  1. Csta


    Looking for a nice copy of ANTWANS you got that right / ain't no love any help is appreciated thanks in advance! christian
  2. Looking for a nice clean copy anyone? please PM Thanks!!! christian
  3. looking for a nice original copy of The Crowns of Glory: won't it be grand (Peacock) thanks for looking / please PM christian
  4. Nice copy wanted: YOUNG MODS to say I love her / we can make it (pork) and still looking for MASTERS OF SOUL lovely little lassie (duke) OSCAR PERRY I found true love (lee j) anyone? please PM THANKS, christian
  5. Looking for these two: MASTERS OF SOUL lovely little lassie OSCAR PERRY I found true love If anyone has got a copy to sell, please Pm thanks for looking Christian
  6. Put your feet on the ground of a fantasy island, experience nights over Egypt, indulge in tibetian serenity, dance across borders: Here are some Jazz Funk, Disco and Soul tunes from Brazil and Guadeloupe, from Detroit, Hollywood and San Francisco, from Ghana and Germany, Estonia, the Netherlands, Tunesia and other places. Enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/CSTA/music-for-all-people-soul-jazz-funk-disco-international/
  7. It'll all be over looking for an Original copy... anyone got one for sale? please Pm / Thanks in advance christian
  8. looking for a nice original copy of the "looking up" LP by Carrie Cleveland thanks for looking, please PM! cheers and stay safe Christian
  9. Hi, looking for these in Nice condition APOLLOS SHOW BAND Peace still is with us ASH SOUL INC i do Love you WILLIAM C BELTON apart in miles any help his highly appreciated! thanks!!! christian
  10. Just uploaded a new mix on Mixcloud. Featuring tracks by Bonnie Blanchard, Amnesty, The Living Example, Harris And Orr, Ken Boothe and many more. Enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/CSTA/keep-my-fire-burning-modern-crossover-sweet-soul/
  11. Looking for a clean copy of this! please pm If you have one for sale thanks! christian
  12. From Sao Paolo to Sun Ra: Brazilian, African and Caribbean Tunes mixed with some Spiritual Jazz, recorded from original Vinyl in October 2019 at the wonderful Barboncino Zwölphi venue on Top of the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. Enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/CSTA/where-pathways-meet-dj-set/
  13. JACK JACOBS - i Believe it's alright (Libra) ex copy of this fabulous funky soul tune 100 UKP please pm If interested! Christian
  14. Hi, has anyone got a copy of this deep soul tune for sale? please pm! thanks for looking, christian

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