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  1. Looking for his yield not LP from 1973 Anyone? Thanks for your help! Christian
  2. Hi, Looking for an OG copy of the above! Anyone got a nice copy to part with? Please PM THANKS! Christian
  3. Hi, Has any got a copy of this for sale? Please PM Thanks for your help! Christian
  4. APOLLOS SHOW BAND peace still is with us / somebody help me yes, please, somebody help me with this! please PM, thanks for looking, Christian
  5. After collecting and playing mostly deep & sweet soul in the last few years I decided to pick some midtempo to uptempo stuff from my 80s and modern boxes for a change. I hope you enjoy! thanks for listening Christian https://www.mixcloud.com/CSTA/peace-on-a-rainbow-modern-soul/
  6. looking for a nice clean copy... thanks for your help! Christian
  7. Hi, has anyone got a copy of this tune for sale? Curtis Lee: steppin’ (Spade) Thanks for your help! please PM Christian
  8. Looking for a nice copy of DEL-CORDS won't you let me know (up records) Anyone? Please PM! Thanks for your help Christian
  9. Hi, looking for a nice clean copy of TYRONE & CARR take me with you (DJM or JAM) thanks a lot, PLEASE PM Christian
  10. Anyone got a copy of this for sale? please pm! thanks, christian
  11. Hi, just missed this on a recent list: John Parker - a big mistake (Brunswick) has anyone got a copy for sale? please PM thanks for your help. Christian
  12. Looking for a nice clean copy of GENE ANDERSON tell me that you love me (nu-Tone Records) + ENCHANTERS i should be loving you (delta) any help is appreciated thanks!! christian
  13. Hi, looking for a copy of BRAD LUNDY: i want to share / breaking point (Lundy Records) anyone who has a copy for sale? please PM thanks!!! Christian
  14. thanks, Mal. Both issues welcome ... Still looking for a copy!
  15. Looking for a nice clean copy! please PM! thanks in advance, christian

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