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  1. Allen toussaint: go back home (alon)

    ... still looking!
  2. I have a great M- copy of this hard to find lowrider classic for sale GODFATHER STRIVERS - to make me happy (CSC) 110 UKP + s/h please PM if interested, thanks for looking, Christian
  3. anyone got a copy of this for sale? please PM! thanks!! Christian
  4. Has anyone got a nice and clean copy of this for sale? please pm! thanks for looking, christian
  5. still looking...
  6. Does anyone have a copy of this for sale? Please pm!!!! thanks a lot, christian
  7. Soundclips not from my copies, just for reference
  8. Jim Faulkner & Gemini: daddy do it good / leave me alone (Para West) great sweet soul / crossover double sider m- 90 UKP The Mystics: steppin stone / i really do (Olympia) funk backed with a lowrider sweet soul ballad. Soul...
  9. looking for a nice clean copy either on part III or cap city! please PM if you have one for sale thanks for your help! Christian
  10. Hi, does anyone have a copy for sale? please PM! thanks for looking, Christian
  11. If anyone has a nice clean copy of this please PM! thanks so much for looking. best, Christian
  12. Hi, does anyone have a copy of this for sale? Dee Dee Young: too little in common to be lovers (Mil-Smi) any help is highly appreciated! thanks for looking / please PM Christian
  13. Nice clean copy wanted! thanks for looking, please Pm if you have one for sale best, christian

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