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    Getting spins again
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    Wayne Arbon
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    West ham,collecting records and drinking.
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    Turnford, Hertfordshire.
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    Treasure mind-Traces of Smoke

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  1. Hammersoul

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    Just listening now: so far Never can say goodbye is a really good cover ,Jean`s vocals take this song to another level. It`s too late,great strings and things,musically best version of them all. Track on about 29-32 mins is nice,got no liner notes to work with and was doing other things lol. Maybe you can help Kirsty?
  2. Hammersoul

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    is that how much the cd is going for now . Would`t give 50p for a cd now days,old hat format which isn`t my cup of tea. Never understood why these tracks haven`t been put on vinyl.
  3. Hammersoul

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    Found them on you tube but thanks for heads up Really like i ain`t got the love of the one i love ,so now we have a double sider 45 all set for next Motown unreleased box set
  4. Hammersoul

    London soul nights in the 80s

    I went to one last a while back with Hursty.It may have been the first one.You was djing Tony,it was New North rd.
  5. Hammersoul

    Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    I was thinking of getting tickets for this, not sure i wanna hear his hits,glad i held back now if that is the case.
  6. Hammersoul

    London soul nights in the 80s

    Re the Rosemary Branch, the old manager of Hobgoblin pub White Lion St where we did the Filthy Soul All dayers is now running that pub . He`s open for people to put on Soul nights there. Worth a visit,he`s a good guy to deal with.
  7. Hammersoul

    London soul nights in the 80s

    Rarely hear a Cockney accent in the West End and surrounding area now. I get told this time and time again this from people overseas and from Up North. Anyway on a more positive note, anybody do the Mildmay Tavern in Highbury/Islington area .
  8. Hammersoul

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    Anything else good on the Cd?
  9. Hammersoul

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    Fair play to ya Sean. I agree Jean Terrell vocal`s quality, nice with strings and things. Maybe you can bend a few ears in the right direction regarding who`s doing the Motown vaults box sets fella .
  10. Hammersoul

    London soul nights in the 80s

    Where do i start, now London is filling up with Rich/Dodgy/ Foreign investors who don`t care for what London was or for it`s history,Local people etc. Working class people now being forced out due to high rents,lack of affordable housing etc . This in turn means pubs,clubs nearby these new developments having to turn the music down to silly levels/stop having Music events on. It`s the old N.i.m.b.y. mob in full force again. The a..
  11. Surprised this hasn`t been put on a 45 with the Motown Box sets yet. Unreleased from 1971 ,i believe it`s off a cd called this is to stay,68 tracks feat Jean Terrell years 70-74. Anybody got this cd? Wondered if there might be some other unreleased material worth putting out. Here`s the track for those that might not know it. Sorry for the vague info but i was sent this via a mate years ago,i put it on a bit of paper(like you do lol..
  12. Hammersoul

    London soul nights in the 80s

    I went to the Metropolitan Club in Farringdon,if memory serves it used to be next to Yo Sushi in Farringdon rd,now flats. They had all sort of nights,latin,Rare groove,Soul and Jazz. We had many a drunken night in there. Also did the ,The Bush,Sols Arms,St Giles and,The Notre Dame in Leicester Sq early 80`s,they were Mod nights. Late 80`s did a few Of Clarkie`s do`s,rememeber heading over West to Shepherds Bush/Barons Court way for ..
  13. Hammersoul

    Kent info

    Anybody know what years these were recorded, i know they are all unreleased but maybe there`s more info on the Cd booklet,sadly i don`t buy cd`s anymore. Cold Hearted Woman-John Edwards. Touch me with your love/Run to me-Sam Dees. I don`t have to cry no more-Willie Bollinger. Run around-Willie Walker. I wanna thank you-The quotations. The clock is ticking people
  14. Hammersoul

    Slaven Bilic sacked

    Sadly we have been sold a lie by the Dildo brothers. All this bollocks about bringing in top players,we will spend big. Spoke to enough Brum fans to know how this mob work. Bilic was a average manager but to be fair ,his first season ,we saw some of the best football played since the Harry days. Think it helped being last season at the Boleyn . Re Sam,yes he did keep us up but football was crap to watch and if surviving is all..
  15. Hammersoul

    The Tams – This Precious Moment 7"

    Just a matter of interest ,what was 1st? Red or Yellow? I was under the impressive Red. Just been looking at prices and the yellow is listed on line at £99-160, yet Red at £88. Am i missing something here, cos i never thought it was hard to find both colours.