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  1. Slaven Bilic sacked

    Sadly we have been sold a lie by the Dildo brothers. All this bollocks about bringing in top players,we will spend big. Spoke to enough Brum fans to know how this mob work. Bilic was a average manager but to be fair ,his first season ,we saw some of the...
  2. The Tams – This Precious Moment 7"

    Just a matter of interest ,what was 1st? Red or Yellow? I was under the impressive Red. Just been looking at prices and the yellow is listed on line at £99-160, yet Red at £88. Am i missing something here, cos i never thought it was hard to find both colours.
  3. Paypal F&F with no fees - possible? Help please

    Or if you trust the seller,use bank transfer,there is no fees for either of you.
  4. A few nice tunes out of the sales box

    RON AND THE EMBRACERS YOU CAME INTO MY HEART / LATIN BLOOD £120 issue i recommend someone buy this, killer tune.

    Sorry didn`t make it John, i went out day before and got on a session with a few locals in Ashby lol. Will give you a bell.

    Hi John. I have a spare of this ,it`s not mint mint but from memory plays VG++ but will need to check . I`ll dig it out over the weekend and let you know including price etc. You going Horse and Groom? If so might be able to save you on postage lol. ...
  7. Vee gees -Talkin

    Andy,i think you need to state u.k seller only?? By the way it`s u.s 45 only.
  8. Modern Soul (70`s and 80`s) Rarities List

    Another great list Mark.
  9. London - SEPT 30 to 3 OCT

    We stayed with a very nice/friendly couple in Highbury,Islington a few months back. The house is worth at least a million ++ pounds.It`s a little further out of the centre of London but is a 10/15 min walk to Train/Underground station,it`s safe around there a...
  10. Some really nice records listed here Mark.
  11. The Mighty Chevelles – Black Gold LP

    If memory serves ,original had Chevelle in the run out.
  12. Beer

    Now this looks like my sort of thread. Really into Weinwrights golden Ale at the moment, also like Badgers Peachy and Marston's Pedigree New World Pale Ale which i`ve just found out is now in a bottle at supermarkets . Really enjoying sampling the Golden ale...
  13. Cracking day,full house and all top sets . I enjoyed my 50th Birthday after part ??? Kev..For me this event is now no 1 . Well done people.
  14. Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    Sadly can`t make this one Kev, gotta say for those that can,your in for a treat from the boys,these guys have a good ear and great collections.
  15. Hammersoul