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  1. 1T.SU Tornadoes  What Good Am I Ovide  VG++ £200

    2.Masters Of Sou  Do You Realy Love Me  Ovide  EX  £200

    3. Scott Borthers Orch  They All Came Back  Toddlin Town  £60

    4.The Commands  Dont Be Afraid To Love Me  Dynamic  EX £200

    5.The Invinsables  Wonders Of Love  Ciray  EX  £170

    6.The Holidays  Making Up Time  British Polydor  EX  (reduced) £200

    7.Grier Bros Weepming Baby  Molody Disc EX  £250

    Plus P&P

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  2. .Laura Lee To Win Your Heart  Ric Tic WD EX £150

    Holidays Making Up Time British Polydor  EX £ 220

    Grier Brothers  Weeping Baby  Melody disc  EX  £250

    Herb Ward  Honest To Goodness  RCA YDJ  swol  EX  £300


  3. 1.Mary Love   You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet  KIng  slight lable wear otherwise ex £350

    2.The Holidays  Making Up Time  Polydor  EX £225

    3.Raperta And The Delrons  Panic Bell Demo M-£170

    4.Jimmy James  Hey Girl  Pye  ex £80

    5.Barbera Lynn  You Left The Water Running  London Demo  bit of able fade but ex £150

    6.The Orlons  spinning Top Ex  £150

    7.Shrly Ellis  Soul Time  first issue demo Ex  £150

    P&P extra

  4. 1.Ann Byers  Dead End  Acadamy WD £150 mint

    2.The Commands  Dont Be Afraid To Love Me  Dynamic  £170 mint

    3.Life Tell Me Why Reprise WD stereo mono orig  £200 mint

    4.Little Melvin And The Bolleros  Jelouse Lover  Valerie £400 ex

    5.Herb Ward  Honest To Goodness  RCA YD  £300 mint

    6.James Dockery My Faith In You Is All Gone Soul Craft(RED)  £400 Worn lable wax ex

    7Jackie Day Aus EP W&G with before its too late,Without a love,Oh What Heartaches,If d Lose You £350 mint pc mint wax

    8.Jimmy James EP French PYE  with Aint Love Good Aint Love Proud,Cpme Softly To Me,Di Diddly Dum Dum,This Heart Of Mine  £300 mint




  5. 1.Topics  have your fun  Dream Ex £ 1500

    2.The Sheppard boy  My Angel Baby  International Hits SEWDNAP £ 500

    3.Joni Jones Tell It Like It Is   Free  EX  £500

    NO quibble money back.

  6. 1. The Tripps  Give It Back   Victoria  Ex + £75

    2.The Paradox  Ring The Changes  UK Polydor  EX+  £300

    3.The Seven Souls  I still Love You  Italian Epic  PS VG+ Vinal  EX+  £375

    4.Herbert Hunter  Happy Go Lucky  SPAR  Ex + £100

    5.Checkmates LTD  Kissing Her And Crying For You Capitol  EX +£125

    6.Joni Jones   I Got To Tell It  Free EX+ £500

    7.Sheppard Boy   My Angel Baby  International Hits  SEWDNAP  EX+ £500

    8.Jackie Day   Before Its Too Late  wol  Modern l  EX+ £100

    9.Herb Ward   Honest To Goodness  YD  EX+£325

    10. The 4 pros  just Another Girl  Carla  (this copy looks unplayed) £300

  7. 1.The Holidays  Making Up Time Polydor M- £300

    2.The American Poets  She Blew A Good Thing  London YDJ  M- £350  SOLD

    2.Paradox  Ring The Changes Polydor  M-£300

    4.Reperta And The Delrons Panic Bel Demo  M- £170.

    Pm if interested +pp


  8. 1.The Exciters Blowing Up My Mind Black Australian RCA EX ++  this is a very hard to find record even for Australians and a beautiful copy £300  SOLD

    2.Reggie Soul My World Of Ecstasy  Capri  M- £425 SOLD

    3.Jackie Day  Before Its Too Late  Modern Issue wol but wax ex+£150

    4 Checkmates Kissing Her And Crying For You Capitol Ex+ £150

    Joni Jones  I Got To Tell It  Free  M- £500

    5.Bobby Treetop  Wait Till I Get To Know You Tuff Ex  £400

    6.Seven Souls  I Still Love You Italian Epic with PS  Ex+ £400

    Thats it for now peeps please no offers as my prices have come down enough already money back no quibble if not satisfied.




  9. International GTOs  I Love My Baby  Rojac  EX+  £350

    Joni Jones  I Got To Tell It  Free  Ex + £500

    Sheppard Boy  My Angel Baby  International Hits  SEWDNAP  £500

    Black Sugar  Too Late  Pop Discos  SWOL  £350

    Brice Colfield  Aint That Right Omen (rarer issue)  Ex  £ 400

    The Four Pros Just Another Girl Carla Issue Ex  £350

    Thanks for looking PM if interested


  10. For sale 

    The Hyperions  Why You Wanna Treat Me The Way You Do  Chatahoochi  Stone mint

    One that doesnt come up for sale very often stone cold mint copy no ring wear and perfect vinal 

    £1000 for a quick sale.



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  11. 1, Joni Jones  I Got To Tell It / I Wasnt Ready  Free M- £600

    2.The Sheppard Boy  Angel Baby / Take You From Your Guy  International Hits SEWDNAP  £500

    3.Little Janett  Crazy Crazy  Green Lights  M-£150

    4.James Bounty  Prove Yourself A Lady  Compass  WD  M- £300

    5.Jackie Day  Before Its Too Late Modern  WOL wax M= £150

    6.Paradox  Ring The Changes  Polydor UK M  £300

    7.Invincilbles  Wonders Of Love  Chiray  M- £150

    8.Black Sugar  Too Late  Pop Sono Radio  WOL wax M- £350

    9.Grier Brothers Weeping Baby Molody Disc M £280

    10 Dream Team  Im Not Satisfied  Gregory  M £150.

    PM if interested plus P+P

    Thanks for looking 


  12. Paradox  Ring The Changes UK Polydor  Mint  £325

    The Performers  Litle Angel  Sir Graham  Mint  £300

    Grier Brothers  Weeping Baby All The Time   Melody Disc  Mint  £300

    The Flairs  You Got To Steal It  RAP  Mint £125

    Plus P+P


  13. Ok a big want has come up so need to raise some funds

    1,.Joni Jones  I got to tell it  free  M-  £700

    2.The sheppard boy  my angel baby  Hits  M- this has a slight edge warp does not effect play £600

    3.James Bounty Prove Yourself A Lady  Compass WD M- £350

    4.Johnny Robinson  Gone But Not Forgotten Okeh WD M-  £350

    5.Jackie Day  Before Its Too Late  Modern  WOL M- £150

    6.Freddie Williams  Name In Lights  Holywood M- £80

    7.The Invincibles  Wonders Of Love  Chiray  M- £150

    8.The Generation  Hold On  Mocking bird M- £100

    9. The Ballads  Cant See Your Love   VJ WD M- £150

    10.Eyes of Blue  Heart Trouble Deram Demo  M- £100

  14. Heres some stuff from my box which i never get round to playing so decided to let go.

    1.Scott Brothers Orch  They All Came Back  Toddlin Town M- £70

    2.The Reflections   (just like) Romeo And Juliet   Australian Stateside M- £40

    3.James Bounty  Prove Yoursel A Lady  Compass WD M- £380

    4.Jackie Day  Before Its Too Late  Modern SWOL M- £120

    5.Johnny Robbinson  Gone But Not Forgoten  Okeh WD M- £400

    6.The Sheppard Boy  My Angel Baby  International Hits  SEWDNAP M- £700

    7.Shades Of Jade  Is It Wrong  Cenco M- £350

    8.Grier Brothers  Weeping Baby  Melodisc  M- £300

    9.The Ballards  I Cant See Your Love  VJ WD M- £180

    10.The Generation  Hold On  Mockingbird  M- £100

    11 The Invincibles  Wonders Of Love  Ciray  M-£150

    12. Freddie Williams  Name In Lights  Hollywood  M- £100

    Thats all folks open to offers i can only say no

  15. Due to the amount of interest I have had on this on another forum I have decided to put it up for sale with offers.
    When I reach a price which is acceptable to myself I will sell
    The Exciters  Blowing Up My Mind  Australian RCA  NM]

    soul 15825723564975130276929069982080

  16. 1..Grier Brothers  Weeping Baby  Melody Disc M- £300

    2.Little Janette Crazy Crazy  Green Lights M-  £150

    3.Shades Of Blue Is It Wrong Cenco M-  £300

    4.Freddie Williams Name In Lights Hollywood M- £150

    5.Orientals Soul Aint You Thtrilled  New Dawn VG++ £100

    6.The Generation Hol On Mocking bird  M- £100

    7.The Invincibles Wonders Of Love Ciray Records M- £200

    8.Spencer Searching For Love M- £70

    9.Eyes Of Blue  Heart Trouble Deram Demo  M- £80

    10.The Sheppard Boy My Angel Baby International Hits M- Slight edge watp DNEP £700

    11.AnnByers Dead End Acadamy WD M-£200

    !3.James Bounty Prove Yourself A Lady Compass M- £ 250

    14. Tommy Dodson 111 Cooperate Main Sound M- £ 400

    15.James Taylor Love With Hope Ovide DJ M- £425 SOLD

    Thats all for now folks Pm with any enquireies.


    12.Johny Robinson Gone But Not Forgoten Okeh WD M- £350

  17. 1. Joni Jones  I Got To Tell You  Free   M- £800 (Reduced)

    2.The Sheppard Boy  My Angel Baby  International Hits M- slight edge warp DNAP  £800 (REDUCED)

    3.Wayne Carter Peter In Or Out  Moontrays Studios  M £400

    4.Grier Brothers  Weeping Baby  Melody Disc  M  £300

    5.Johnny Robinson  Gone But Not Forgoten Okeh WD  M-  £350

    6.Billy Kennady Sweet Thing  Thelma M- some lable damage from new but vinal mint £350

    7.Donald Jenkins  Help Me  Australian GW M- (RARE)  £150

    8.Tommy Dodson 111  Coperate  Main Sound  M- £400

    9.James Taylor Love With Hope Ovide D M- £400

    Thats all for now folks hope theres something you like

  18. Hi Mal

    I have a mint Donald Jenkins Help Me on G & W for sale

    Also some very rare stuff which im not too sure if ill sell.

    The Exciters Blowing up my mind black RCA

    Shorty Long Dont Mess With My Weekend Tamala Motown ISSUE. this was only released in ozz as a single and even Frank Driscoll and Barry Simpson have demos


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