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  1. 1..Grier Brothers Weeping Baby Melody Disc M- £300 2.Little Janette Crazy Crazy Green Lights M- £150 3.Shades Of Blue Is It Wrong Cenco M- £300 4.Freddie Williams Name In Lights Hollywood M- £150 5.Orientals Soul Aint You Thtrilled New Dawn VG++ £100 6.The Generation Hol On Mocking bird M- £100 7.The Invincibles Wonders Of Love Ciray Records M- £200 8.Spencer Searching For Love M- £70 9.Eyes Of Blue Heart Trouble Deram Demo M- £80 10.The Sheppard Boy My Angel Baby International Hits M- Slight edge watp DNEP £700 11.AnnByers Dead End Acadamy WD M-£200 !3.James Bounty Prove Yourself A Lady Compass M- £ 250 14. Tommy Dodson 111 Cooperate Main Sound M- £ 400 15.James Taylor Love With Hope Ovide DJ M- £425 SOLD Thats all for now folks Pm with any enquireies. 12.Johny Robinson Gone But Not Forgoten Okeh WD M- £350
  2. Hi Paul long time no see yes i will get one for you but im afraid i just sold it.
  3. 1. Joni Jones I Got To Tell You Free M- £800 (Reduced) 2.The Sheppard Boy My Angel Baby International Hits M- slight edge warp DNAP £800 (REDUCED) 3.Wayne Carter Peter In Or Out Moontrays Studios M £400 4.Grier Brothers Weeping Baby Melody Disc M £300 5.Johnny Robinson Gone But Not Forgoten Okeh WD M- £350 6.Billy Kennady Sweet Thing Thelma M- some lable damage from new but vinal mint £350 7.Donald Jenkins Help Me Australian GW M- (RARE) £150 8.Tommy Dodson 111 Coperate Main Sound M- £400 9.James Taylor Love With Hope Ovide D M- £400 Thats all for now folks hope theres something you like
  4. Hi Mal I have a mint Donald Jenkins Help Me on G & W for sale Also some very rare stuff which im not too sure if ill sell. The Exciters Blowing up my mind black RCA Shorty Long Dont Mess With My Weekend Tamala Motown ISSUE. this was only released in ozz as a single and even Frank Driscoll and Barry Simpson have demos
  5. 1.Joni Jones I Got To Tell It Free NM £1000 2.The Lovers Without A Doubt Frantic NM £1200 3.The Sheppard Boy My Angel Baby International Hits Slight edge warp DNAP otherwise NM £1000 PM for any info Steve
  6. 1.The fabulous Performers One Last Kiss Black Jack 2.Benny Harper My Prayer Harper Soul 3.The Agents Trouble Liberty Bell 4.Oliver Christian Dissatisfied Man Legrand PM me with what you have please.
  7. 1.The Agents Trouble Liberty Bell 2 OLiver Christian Dissatisfied Man Legrand 3.Tony Middleton Spanish Maiden Speed 4.Larry Williams You Ask For One Good Reason Okeh If anybody has these to sell please PM me Thanks Steve
  8. You ask for one good reason Okeh Demo please
  9. James Taylor Love With Hope Saru Lee Williams and the Cymbals Its Everything About You Carnival Wanted PM with prices please. TIA Steve
  10. Littler Melvin and the Balleros Jealous Lover Valarie Benny Harper My Prayer Harper Soul cash waiting TIA Steve
  11. Hi all Looking for a Benny Harper My Prayer on Harper Soul cash waiting. Thanks in advance Steve
  12. Love with hope Ovide wanted pease
  13. Wanted Etta James Cant Shake It Please. Thanks Steve

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