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  1. BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender 3 days for £20


    What a fantastic trip up from Eastbourne for this - actually thought the Saturday afternoon was the highlight. Fantastic music. Does anyone have the details of the photographer who was taking pictures over the weekend?
  2. Things In Records That Make You Shiver

    Mine is Monique - If You Love Me. It's the part towards the end that pleads "I love you baby, yes I do" when her voice cracks. Such unbelievable passion nearly moves me to tears every time I hear it. And yes, it's my ringtone!!
  3. South Coast Soul Party

    Hope we can catch up at some point - you know what having two kids is like, you just never seem to get out anymore!! Never mind, they'll soon be old enough to look after themselves and then we'll be out on the razz again (with zimmer frames!)
  4. South Coast Soul Party

    Unfortunately, Sal and I are not able to make this tomorrow night, as babysitter situation has gone t*ts up at the last minute We have a room booked at the Travelodge at Portsmouth - if it is of any use to anyone they are welcome to have it for £20 for...
  5. South Coast Soul Party

    Hey, hey - Sal and I are making the journey West down to you and to give the place the send-off it deserves (and to welcome Russ home, of course). Can't wait!!
  6. Value Please...?

    Anyone have a current value on this 45 please: Intentions - I just can't win / Feel so bad (Moneytown) Cheers, Steve EASTBOURNE
  7. Brighton Northern Soul Alldayer

    Great time had by the Woolston's too - many thanks Simon. Not getting out and about as much as previously, it is always good to pick a winner, and we seemed to have done just fine with the Brighton all-dayer yesterday. Saw lots of friends that we haven'...
  8. Brighton Beach Allnighter

    Awesome track this - remember hearing it for the first time at Bisley and asking Roger Stewart what it was. "Expensive", was his reply!!!! Also love the September Jones track - Detrit soul at it's finest. Steve EASTBOURNE
  9. Brighton Beach Allnighter

    An excellent night last night/this morning - my congrats to Clive and Paddy on a fantstic job. It was lovely to go out for the night and only have a 30 minute journey at the end of it!! Also great to have the chance to meet plenty of old and new friend...
  10. Sure they'll be back... See you tomorrow Steve
  11. Manus, I'll bet spending £3.50 on a record in 74/75 felt exactly the same as £100 in 2000/2001!! You going to the all-nighter tomorrow night - perhaps we can swap stories on how good Tobi Lark is!!!!! Steve EASTBOURNE
  12. The first record I paid over £100 for was Tobi Lark "Happiness is here" (Topper) - won it on E-Bay about 5 years ago and crapped myself after, wondering how I was going to pay for it!! Does anyone else go through the whole emotional range when finding re...
  13. Brighton Allnighter

    Clive, Do you have the DJ times sorted out yet? Steve
  14. Brighton Allnighter

    Where are people heading for pre-Allnighter? Steve