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    Tape swappers fav
  • Birthday 21/03/1954

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    Wearing flares,moaning about when records were affordable and plotting to run the country properly, one day.
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    Billy Woods Let me make you happy
  1. Nice clean copy wanted please. Top price paid or possible trade.
  2. Three nice demos up for grabs. All play perfect, usual money back guarantee. Jimmy Hughes. It ain't what you got. Atlantic dj vg++ £30. Formations. At the top of the stairs. US MGM dj. vg++ £50. Eddie Marcel. I go crazy. GladHamp. wdj vg+ £60 Brilliant forgotten oldie. Recorded post £3.
  3. greety

    Full time groover original

    Lorraine Johnson and Bill Brandon. "Let me be your full time groover" on Moonsong. Nice clean copy please and only definite originals need apply.
  4. Up for grabs. Both ex+, probably nearer mint minus. Melvin Moore. All of a sudden. Skyhero. £825. Recently seen at a grand. NOW SOLD Earnest Baker. Alone again. Blue Soul. £500 Once again, seen at six hundred on a site, recently. No offers please.
  5. greety

    Some Great Oldies

    pm'd you on Bobby Wells
  6. greety

    Record shops in Florida and South?

    I used to go to Florida a lot, about twenty years ago. Even then, record shops were dying out. All the places I used to visit regularly had gone, for various reasons. I don't want to be too negative. Of course it's always fun looking through records. But just look on it as fun, don't expect too much. Good luck. I don't know if Always Buying in Palm Beach is still going. He used to buy stuff on a regular basis.
  7. Sharon Ridley. "Where did you learn to make love like that" Sussex. 45 only. TOP CASH PAID. Lorraine Johnson and Bill Brandon. "Full time groover". ONLY DEFINITE ORIGINAL. Bobby Wells. He's that way sometimes. Romur. Nice clean copies only please.
  8. greety


    What a great record!! I wouldn't sell mine but boy, would I love to hear it out. A true thinking mans oldie.
  9. Collette Kelly City of Fools wdj, M- £90. NOW SOLD Formations. At the top pf the stairs. US MGM dj ex. £60. Rec post £3 extra. No hassle refund, if you're unhappy.
  10. greety

    Freeman Brothers "my baby" on Soul

    pm'd you Dave
  11. greety

    Some rare records with "issues" ALL NOW SOLD

    I hope the treatment goes really well for you Paul. All the very Best.
  12. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere. BBC 4 about 1.15 it looks like. Check your tv guides/planner. I seem to remember this was one of the better programmes about NS. Hope it's the one with the footage of the Wheel. Now, where's the record button on this remote?
  13. Let's try again! Clean copies only please. 24 Karat Gold. "What does the future hold" Rosco Thomas "American Girl"
  14. Heard this on Solar Radio on Saturday and just missed the one on here. Nice clean copy only please and need it for Saturday. pm me please.
  15. A mate of mine posted the brilliant "Love on a loan" on facebook. He said it came out on a vinyl release 4/5 years ago. It was from the album apparently and reading between the lines, it appeared he had it on vinyl. I'd never heard "Love on a loan" till 24 hours ago.