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    Wearing flares,moaning about when records were affordable and plotting to run the country properly, one day.
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    Billy Woods Let me make you happy
  1. Freeman Brothers "my baby" on Soul

    pm'd you Dave
  2. Some rare records with "issues" ALL NOW SOLD

    I hope the treatment goes really well for you Paul. All the very Best.
  3. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere. BBC 4 about 1.15 it looks like. Check your tv guides/planner. I seem to remember this was one of the better programmes about NS. Hope it's the one with the footage of the Wheel. Now, where's the record butt...
  4. Let's try again! Clean copies only please. 24 Karat Gold. "What does the future hold" Rosco Thomas "American Girl"
  5. Heard this on Solar Radio on Saturday and just missed the one on here. Nice clean copy only please and need it for Saturday. pm me please.
  6. A mate of mine posted the brilliant "Love on a loan" on facebook. He said it came out on a vinyl release 4/5 years ago. It was from the album apparently and reading between the lines, it appeared he had it on vinyl. I'd never heard "Love on a loan" till 24 ho...
  7. I need the album on Tapna records by Pat Brown inc "Love on Loan". From about four years ago. Also Barbara Mason. "Transition" album The Chilites "Half a Love" album Only nice clean copies please.
  8. All records play fine. The usual no hassle money back policy. Paypal as a gift please. Offers considered on two or more. Post and packing £3 recorded. The Innovations. Stay on the case. HitSound. vg++ £50. Rick Baker. That's called Love. M...
  9. Articles: Soulbowl

    I can remember saying to John, at Cleethorpes, some years ago that he should write a book. Well I guess this will be the next best thing. Are'nt we all going dewy eyed looking at those prices? But the guy is still at it. At Prestatyn this year, he had a ...
  10. Got to be Sidney. Slightly slower in tempo, (to my ears anyway), fuller production and you wouldn't need a handful of class A's to keep up.
  11. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    Assuming Phil "The collector" Swern has the original records, he must have hoovered up everything, back in the day. I only catch snatches of the show but did anybody hear him play the very rare Jethro Toe (Tull) record the other week?
  12. Alice Clark, Betty Fikes, Friday Saturday & Sunday

    pm'd you on FSS.
  13. Modern Soul (70`s and 80`s) Rarities List

    William Kemp. Absolute bargain for someone.
  14. I Was A Boy (When You Needed A Man)

    pm'd you mate

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