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    Wearing flares,moaning about when records were affordable and plotting to run the country properly, one day.
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  1. For a cheap record I might have to get Interpol looking for this! "We don't allow no sitting down in here", nice clean copy please.
  2. Tried to message you but cannot. I have a wdj, decent vinyl, scruffy label. No writing. PM me if interested. Dave
  3. "We don't allow no sitting down in here" on a Red Greg seven please. Nice clean copy only. It's only a cheapie so no silly prices, thanks.
  4. Open to very near offers on these. Clips on YouTube. Ann DuQuensay. You ain't woman enough to take my man. Capitol dj M-. £160. Old Mecca spin, slightly funky. Perfect for today. California Malibus. Love in my life. M+M M- £130. Roscoe Thomas. American Girl. Sound Gems vg++ £275. Much rarer label. Florence Miller. I believe in love. P+P Ex small lt. £45. The Image Surprise. Janus M- £80. JR Bailey. The eyes don't know the feeling. RCA dj. M- £45 Festival Oh baby. Max Sprout Records. M- £60. Rec post £3. Paypal as a gift please or buyer pays 4%
  5. Crown Height s Affair. An album from 1974 containing the track "Sitting on top of the world". The Invitations 45 on Red Greg. "We don't allow no sitting down in here". Only nice clean copies please.
  6. Such a nice guy and of course an absolute vinyl legend. I was thinking only the other day. If anyone asked me who else I would have liked to have been in this life. I would'nt have said George Best or James Bond etc. But John Anderson of course. Wherever you are now John, God Bless you.
  7. Is the other side to this I'm gonna miss your love"? I can't be arsed to look for mine. If so, that is the best side. A real good dancer.
  8. Seems like people want this. Slightly faded label, two x's on it. Vinyl ex. paypal as a gift please. NOW SOLD
  9. On the much rarer label, (you see the Worlds copies going for £250)! A real nice vg++, probably better. £300 ovno. Free rec post, S/D £7. Paypal as gift please.
  10. I could'nt pm you. WDJ plays well. £30 inc rec post Andy. ATB Dave
  11. Cream always rises to the top. Well done Sir Richard!
  12. If it wasn't such a great record Dave, you could have mine. Surely the issue is much rarer but I know about your wdj fetish!!

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