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    Wearing flares,moaning about when records were affordable and plotting to run the country properly, one day.
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    Billy Woods Let me make you happy
  1. Hi. Just missed this. The Embraceables Let my baby go on Sidra, The Pearls Shooting High on Lamp Nice clean copies only please.
  2. greety

    Dave Clegg

    I don't think I ever met Dave, But all those tributes make me wish I had. May God Bless you Dave.
  3. Roscoe Thomas. American Girl. Sound Gems. vg++ £350.00. Yes, the much rarer label! Ann Duquensay. You ain't woman enough to take my man. Capitol M-. £175.00. Ernest Baker. Alone again. Blue Soul. ex. £425.00. Rec delivery £3 S/D £7. U.K only. Paypal as gift please or cash. Near offers considered. All play perfect, but of course money back if unhappy.
  4. greety

    Can't find

    Many Thanks Carole.
  5. greety

    Can't find

    I've just seen on the track listing, The Spinners "How to forget a true love" On Solar Radio a few months ago (surprisingly) Les Adams played a fantastic track by Johnny Bristol called "How to forget a true love" Sounded nothing like JB, much more like the Impressions. It was a new one on me. Any info please?
  6. greety

    Tranells, Betty Fikes, Jokers.....

    Betty Fikes in Sales section Fred.
  7. greety

    Helene Smith ‎– Thrills & Chills

    pm'd you
  8. Friday Saturday and Sunday. There must be something. Dig. M- £160. Joyce Jones. Help me make up my mind. V8 (First label) M- £60 The Florida Spiritualaires. I remember when. Ernies Record Parade wdj. M- Nice demo. £75. Ann Duquensay. You ain't woman enough to take my man. Capitol dj. M- one small mark. £160. Pendulum Swingers. Never should have loved you. Pendulum. ex £60. Rec post £3 Near offers considered.
  9. With the World copies making 250 at the moment, here is the much rarer Sound gems release. A real nice vg++, hardly a mark. £350.00 inc rec post. S/D extra. Full refund in the very unlikely event you are not happy.
  10. greety

    SORTED Jimmy Hughes - It Ain't What You Got

    Sent pm mate.
  11. greety

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    I've never played this side, until now, I,m ashamed to say. Really nice. Good shout mate.
  12. greety

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

  13. greety

    Ann Duquesnay, Lee Moses, Bobby Wilburn

    pm sent on Ann Duquensay.


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