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    Wearing flares,moaning about when records were affordable and plotting to run the country properly, one day.
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  1. Tried to pm you. I'll take the Len Barry dj and JS Clark please. PM me back please
  2. Hi. Just seen your ad for Little Hank. I have one somewhere. I found it in the States so I'll have to check the nick. Are you still looking for this? ATB Dave
  3. HI On my copy it has it has a scratched (not stamped) Archer with just a capital A. A single scratched capital R and two other sets of small scratched and unreadable digits dotted around the run out groove, Thanks for your interest. Dave
  4. Yes mate. I looked at the run out in mine and it has no stamped matrix, just some scratched details. Pretty easy to copy.
  5. I was just browsing through ebay and saw this Bitter and the Sweet lookalike. I enlarged it and compared it to mine, which I've had for years. On the face of it, it was identical. To be fair, the seller said it was a carver, but is there a way to tell them from the originals? Thanks.
  6. Lorraine, you were a real heroine of the Northern scene. Your records were perfection and you were so easy to talk to. May God watch over you.
  7. pm'd you on the brilliant Sandra Richardson
  8. Mint minus white demo. £85 inc rec post. Saw somebody after this a few weeks ago. Paypal as a gift please or buyer adds fees.
  9. Thanks BS, finally ordered one. Like I said I typed in seven inch only. Steve. I hope it's yours I ordered. It was the only one for £20 in UK. Thanks for your input Guys.
  10. Somebody else said that. I had a look and they are all twelves. I distinctly typed in seven inch. Thanks for your comment mate.

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