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  1. SouledTrafford

    Looking for a book

    No, didn’t think you would, but thought I would mention it. Some are a bit overpriced. I’m after Strength of a Woman, the Phyllis Hyman biog. And that sometimes appears at a similar price. Happy hunting.
  2. SouledTrafford

    Looking for a book

    There’s a copy on AbeBooks, but it is priced at $225.
  3. SouledTrafford


    At the Cairndale Hotel Dumfries from 8.45pm ‘til 1.30, the excellent Sarah Collins and the Keep the Faith Band, supported by the Dumfries Soul Club. A night of classic soul and Motown. Admission £12.
  4. SouledTrafford

    Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    Seems to be a bit like another of DG's favourite artists 'muddy waters'. Who knows what the correct story is? Only other person mentioned in the Stones part of the interview is someone called David Sted (?) who DG said he was walking home with after Jagger had been singing and he said to him that the singing was awful.
  5. SouledTrafford

    Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    In the magazine interview he mentions the Ruth Brown record, but gives the fate as 1952. He goes on to say that he knew Jagger well. "I'll tell you the facts. I used to go to school with MJ and to my shame I was the person who introduced him to the music of black America. I remember I'd ordered the Bo Diddley l.p. 'Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger'. I was walking home the same way from school that night I was going to the record shop to collect this record and he was interested and you'll have to come round to hear it some time and he did, and I introduced him to the music." He goes on to say that the motivating force behind the Stones was a guy called Bobby Beckworth, who was eventually elbowed out. He relates that they started off as something off a jam session at Beckworth's house. Keith Richard is mentioned as being there and Dave says he played the harmonica, learning from records. Jagger couldn't play anything and Dave describes him at the time as being an awful singer.
  6. SouledTrafford

    Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    Not trying to make any point. The topic subject was basically did Dave Godin know/go to school with Mick Jagger and I was simply mentioning what DG had said in an interview that I had just read in an old fanzine.
  7. SouledTrafford

    Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    Not by this interview, as he mentions walking home from school with him, going to a record shop to pick up an album, having him at his house and sitting in and playing harmonica in a pre Stones jamming session.
  8. SouledTrafford

    Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    Re. Dave Godin going to school with Mick Jagger. I purchased two copies of the fanzine 'The Gospel According to Dave Godin' ( was there any others) a few weeks ago along with some others and have just began reading them this afternoon. In a lengthy interview, Dave relates that he did go to school with Jagger and goes on to tell a couple of interesting tales around this.
  9. SouledTrafford


    I am trying to obtain at least one copy of all the different fanzines/magazines issued on the scene, as I didn't attend venues or whatever at the time they were issued. At present, I am looking for copies of the following - It's The Beat; Movin' Uptown; New Soultime, Northern Noise; Soul Essence; Soul Notes; Soul Source; the original Soul Underground; Soulscoot; Sound of Soul; Soul Times; TCB; Tracks to Your Mind; Vibe; Wigan Casino. Thanks for your time. SOULED TRAFFORD.
  10. SouledTrafford

    Dumfries Soul&Motown Weekender


    All being well, it could become a regular fixture on the soul calendar. The hotel is a mere five minute walk from Dumfries train station with other accommodation nearby once the venue hotel is fully booked. Pity it is a year away.
  11. SouledTrafford

    Dumfries Soul&Motown Weekender


    There is one Andy, but not sure if you would find anything of interest. I kick started the event with Kev and the hotel owner, so have a real interest in trying to make it a success. I know it is still a long way off, but as I said in the previous post, if you or anyone who is hoping to attend have any questions or whatever, just ask.
  12. SouledTrafford

    Dumfries Soul&Motown Weekender


    Thanks for that post Andy. For those unaware of the town or area, there is plenty to do and see, depending on your cultural tastes. If you don't fancy the Saturday afternoon session, the Solway coast is only a twenty minute drive away, ruined abbeys, castles and you might even get a Queen of the South home fixture! Anyone wanting any info on the town, area or whatever, just message me. Good music and a good time awaits.
  13. SouledTrafford


    PP Arnold is currently on tour in the UK and I was wondering if anyone has seen her show?Only ask as she is playing not too far from me and considering going.
  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review of the book Florida Soul written by John Capouya View full article


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