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  1. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    sound mate, likewise I hope?
  2. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

  3. Help please

    Gospel Classics - More Love.
  4. J Manship Auction Results 16/08/2017

    I personally think Ruby Sherry is a £400 quid record, been fetching more than its worth last year or two so the auction result not too far off.
  5. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The very nature of anything state of the art is it is out of date immediately. It is a fast changing world, especially tech. Some newer tech isn't as good as the old either, you only have to look at windows.
  6. Mike. Birthday

    Happy birthday Mike.
  7. Is Tricky Ricky, Ricky Warburton?

    Haven't seen Ricky for ages, saw Sue at last Bury nighter.
  8. Mar-Go and Sylvia St Clair

    Mar-Go & The Soul Trio - There Is No One - Soul World WDJ Vg+ wol £100 Sold for £150 this week. Plain label design which iOS tougher than the globe one IMO. Great record. Sylvia St Claire - Just Love Le - Brunswick Vg+...
  9. Gerri Hall "Who Can I Run To" on Ebay

    Just 5?
  10. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    The Marvin Gaye Love Starved Heart auctioned was the first release of the track and those saying otherwise should know better and if not then a quick google will give you the facts. Chris King's came out four years or so later. Again since when has rarity h...
  11. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    I'd like to know how many were in that initial small run. Copues must run into four figures, you saw it everwhere at one time, every box, every list.
  12. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Marvin Gaye, decent enough? It is fantastic, what northern is all about. Its not a reissue either?
  13. Managed to find time to get the laptop out and have a listen to both sides. The sound like different singers on each side to my ears and yes the side in question does sound somewhat like Jerry Williams. Hopefully Jerry can add something positive to the deba...
  14. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    The circle with drumsticks is for the mastering company, Artisan.
  15. Wouldn't mind some scans of those flyers etc BigO? Or I can scan and return if you wanna loan them. Had some cracking nights at Plinston.