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  1. Press Release: The Cooperettes/The Toppiks “Win All Your Love” SJ1009 Release Date: Monday October 23rd 2017 The Cooperettes were four sisters, Janette, Angela, Debbie and Tina Cooper from Germantown PA. Who began their singing career unde...
  2. GasMaskHeadhunter?

    He bought CODs (She's Fire), Lester Tipton and The Tomangoes in one transaction so he says in 2015.
  3. Chalky. Birthday

    doesn't seem like a year ago....flying by....
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Soul Junctions latest release, and an excellent release at that, sees four sisters better known as The Cooperettes & The Toppiks go head to head with Win All Your Love. One an obscure release on the IDB label, the Toppik...
  5. Chalky. Birthday

    Thank you very much each and everyone of you. I’m unfortunately working but will be celebrating all weekend. Once again thanks.
  6. Eddie Holman--I Surrender

    Some info here as to the plants ABC used.... http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/pressing-plants-for-abc-records-1970-end.244273/
  7. Eddie Holman--I Surrender

    There is definitely a west coast press, has a delta number. There is an east coast press (above I guess) and probably other areas too.
  8. Is it me, but?

    Yes they are taking the piss. Thry are just chancing it in many cases.
  9. Eddie Holman--I Surrender

    Whats the run out details? The Jackie Lee were West Coast Monarch press. Not sure about the one in tne topjc mind. Monarch also pressed in vinyl at times and East Coast also had styrene pressing plants.
  10. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Steve said it is probably a misprint and has tried himself to find out what it is, he isn’t keeping anything secret. It is in the comments on the mix.
  11. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    I would imagine done due to UK demand?
  12. an advertising white lie = a load of bollox?
  13. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    1968 press delta number 73393 1971 press delta number 85897 The font for the artist and title on the 68 press is larger as in soundsokeh post
  14. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    it looks like the 70s reissue what is in the run out?
  15. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    I agree, Rhythm & Blues