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  1. Not sure where it is now, maybe Kitch, he played it on Dean's show recently.
  2. That is true but the vast majority of punters aren’t new to the game and the majority will know the classics. He may have heard it for the very first time but I bet 90% in the KH were hearing it for the umpteenth time. i don’t mind oldies if some imagination is used but rarely does it get used.
  3. I can’t believe this was played. And Russ says there was no drugs at Wigan! you had to be off yer head to a) play it and b) to dance to it.
  4. Strong as ever, I think not. Attendance's are dropping at most all-nighters, with half the number in some that used to be there. Far too many soul nights which is detrimental to the well being of the scene. I say scene, it is no longer a scene, just a social gathering now. It is a diluted parody of what it once was, full of cheese, commercialism and divvies. There aren’t many events that interest me. I’m still one who wants progression, of which there is hardly any anywhere. It still is about the music for me, friendship is important of course and I’ve made many life long friends, but it was always the music that made it for me. Now it is an oldies led affair regardless of the type of venue or event you attend.
  5. I got that fed up I’ve almost stopped buying many new releases, just a few labels I can trust will be quality, the odd other release I come across. The culture of creating a rarity before it is released , I just don’t see the point. Its supposed to be about sharing the music and not ripping off customers. Rarely pay over £12 now.
  6. There is a Phyliss Fortier credited on one side of Sandy Golden, that may have been his wife back then. The marriage to Nathaniel Fortier is from 2011 according to the often wrong wikipedia.
  7. Mailer with two pieces of card and usually in a jiffy bag too.
  8. Maybe not but these were the kinda folk we went to nighters to get away from, they have or are turning it all it to a sanitised parody of what it once was
  9. Everyday I see another nail in the Coffin of the scene that was once cool and had an edge to it. It’s full of divvies, divvy bands and promoters milking it for what they can get. most of these wouldn’t have lasted five minutes with some of the characters we once had.
  10. My guess stolen. There are other instances of backing tracks used elsewhere without permission, Dave Hamilton backing track on Monique for instance. Dave had no idea.
  11. FFS dance lessons and the Signatures.....I'd sooner do Blackpool
  12. In keeping with the topic.... You dropped Your Candy In The Sand (Paul Sindab)
  13. It's all getting like a SAGA holiday scene, all nice and fluffy. I'm surprised we don't have over 50's Northern Soul funeral plans yet?
  14. Along side Nicola, the other lecturers were Tim Wall, David Sanjek, Lucy Gibson and Ady who gave us his insight into the record side of the business.

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