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    ey up, thar knows what thar can do dunt yer
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  1. chalky

    Hosepipe Ban

    There is in the North West, The lakes are just up the road, reservoirs all over the place many no longer used for some reason and we have not so long ago had 8 months of rain. The water table must be full below the surface?
  2. chalky


    That maybe true but if you do a weekend that may well be your budget for the month, maybe two? That will have a detrimental effect on what has been the lifeblood of the scene, all-nighters and to a certain extent your quality soul nights, the ones that make you want to travel not your average night in the back room of the dog and duck or the local flea pit.
  3. chalky

    Harry kane

    The clubs aren’t even giving the youngsters a chance. They all buy a ready made player with a proven track record. The youngsters end up disillusioned, drifting round loan deals and they don’tt get the challenges required. The large majority of the under 20s were at the big clubs, lets see how many get a chance, only Phil Foden at the minute.
  4. chalky

    World Cup in 4K

    Unless you have high speed broadband with Virgin, you don’t get true high fibre as the fibre is only to the exchange box. From there to the house it is still copper. Then you are sharing the bandwidth with your neighbours so there would be issues at oeak times like. World cup match.
  5. chalky

    Harry kane

    It didn’t help Kane having a wide player as his partner. Sterling should have been on the wing in a 4-4-2 with Kane having a partner or someone who can play that false number nine position. Kane had to go looking for the ball leaving no one up front. Dier in the play off was all over the place except where he should have been and not sure what Danny Rose was doing.
  6. chalky

    World Cup in 4K

    But if wahtbyou are watching the transmission on doesn’t support UHD you won’t get UHD, just the best your PC/TV has.
  7. chalky

    all [ 99? ] UK Kent LPs

    Plenty for sale on the internet, £5/£10. Little bit more if there is some demand. Job lot, not seen tne lot for sale before.
  8. chalky

    Harry kane

    I doubt Olivier gives a fcuk tbh that he didn’t score. Score a few goals or go home with a winners medal, no brainer. He did play well at times too. Kane was very lucky with one goal off his heal and one other goal from open play.
  9. chalky

    Harry kane

    The service to Kane was pretty poor TBH as was our play in the final third. Henderson worked his socks off but we needed that bit of creative player alongside him to link the midfield with the forwards. We saw a glimpse of that with Loftus Cheek against Belgium.
  10. I've never seen the Cobblestone 45 but believe it to be demo only.
  11. chalky

    Harry kane

    Just 33% of the PL is eligible to play for England. That has to be detrimental to the International set up and IMO it should be 60% minimum, a cap on foreign players.
  12. chalky

    Harry kane

    I saw plenty on other social media sites. Plenty from the press as well. We need to temper the expectations, we haven't achieved anything and neither will we for quite some time looking art the team right now.
  13. chalky

    Harry kane

    The very best players still don't come here, that is how revered it is. It is just sky's money that makes players come here not the quality of the football. None of what you say gives us the right to think we should be the best, we have no right to be arrogant on the world stage (or the European) as we have done absolutely nothing for a long time. Win something, get to semi finals on a regular basis then we can be arrogant.
  14. chalky

    Harry kane

    Most on here said we wouldn't get out of the group. Just be happy we finished 4th. Yes there is s a lot to do, we may not be quite good enough but we are competing, the players are playing as a team and have restored some pride. The last World Cup we were on our way home after 7 days, the last Euros pretty much the same. The English really are arrogant and think we have a divine right to win, most had us in the final after Columbia.
  15. chalky

    Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    A fabulous show from a week or so ago with special guest Stuart Raith and a great three hours of West Coast Soul music.....feature the Keymen of Los Angeles featuring, Fred Smith,Bob Relf and James Carmichael to name a few.