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  1. chalky

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    Wouldn’t be soul source if it didn’t go off on a tangent, but the original question was relevant given the same christian name.
  2. chalky

    Lamont Dozier - Cancelled !

    I asked for and got a refund when the first lot were cancelled, had a feeling then the shows wouldn’t happen. Hope his health improves though.
  3. chalky

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    The James is Gary James along with Billy Dalton and Ray Sutton.
  4. chalky

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    need to see if I can forget it again
  5. chalky

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    He doesn’t have to hide his name as a writer, I don’t think he was a staff writer in 64 and if Jobete/Motown didn’t use his work then he can use it elsewhere. Why Eddie, not sure, maybe under contract as a singer at Motown then?
  6. chalky

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    It is Frank Wilson using a pseudonym
  7. chalky

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    The Dusty on Mutt sounds the same to my ears as the one on Bronze, Judas and Zebra. I’m only listening on ipad but tney sound the same and always assumed they were one and the same.
  8. @ady croasdell some of yours amongst this lot of dodgy discs
  9. chalky

    Label Variations "John Gary Williams"

    Top one is the promo of the bottom one, looks like a plastic products press out of memphis. The other is styrene I think and probably east coast press at a guess. Plug side as said and not for sale denote promo.
  10. chalky

    P.P.Arnold, which is rarer ?

    I would have said UK issue is rarer than the demo.
  11. chalky

    How rare is rare ?

    A lot of collections are already coming to market especially top end items. Also worth noting, Some prices are decided by who is playing a record and not by its rarity.
  12. chalky

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    I stupidly included an Lp track in the mix, I did think at the time it was an Lp track but didn't check. I have now taken it out and added Gladys Knight - Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart instead. I have also taken a Kim Weston track out and added an Ivy Jo track so that hopefully it is now listenable worldwide, it was prohibited in the USA because of the 5 Kim Weston tracks. Motown 60 at 60 1. Barbara McNair – Baby A Go-Go 2. Kim Weston – After The Rain 3. The Originals – Suspicion 4. The Temptations – Forever In My Heart aka Come On Back To Me Baby 5. Kim Weston – Absent Minded Lover 6. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Spellbound 7. The Velvelettes – Stop Beating About The Bush 8. Holland Dozier Holland – On The Avenue 9. Kim Weston – Any Girl In Love 10. The Marvelettes – The Boy From Crosstown 11. The Marvelettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet 12. Marvin Gaye – Lonely Lover 13. Marvin Gaye – This Love Starved Heart (Is Killing Me) 14. The Velvelettes – Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) 15. The Monitors – Words 16. Brenda Holloway – Think It Over (Before You Break My Heart) aka Reconsider 17. Ivy Jo Hunter – Dn’t Stop Loving me 18. The Temptations – I’ll Be Satisfied 19. Gladys Knight & The Pips – It’s Too Late For You And Me 20. Brenda Holloway – Lonely Boy 21. The Temptations – A Tear From A Woman’s Eyes 22. The Marvelettes – Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers 23. The Velvelettes – Love Is Good 24. The Serenaders – Say Say Baby 25. Freddie Gorman – I’m Gonna Make It To The Top 26. Tommy Good – I’ve Gotta Get Away 27. Glady’s Knight & The Pips – Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart 28. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – This Is The Love (I’ve Been Waiting For) 29. Versatiles – Tell Me 30. Barbara McNair – Lone Lonely Town 31. The Temptations – Angel Doll 32. Johnny Bristol – Tell me How To Forget A True Love 33. JJ Barnes – Everybody Needs Somebody (I Need You) 34. JJ Barnes – (Tell Me) Ain’t It The Truth) 35. Carolyn Crawford – Keep Stepping, Never Look Back 36. Kim Weston – Fancy Meeting You here 37. The Lewis Sisters – Many Good Times 38. Marv Johnson – Just Look Through Your Window At The World 39. Rita Wright – Give Back The Good Things 40. Hattie Littles – Love Trouble Heartache And Misery 41. Oma Heard – Momma Tried To Warn Me 42. Brenda Holloway – My Baby Moves Me 43. Saundra Edwards (Band Track) – True Fine Boy 44. Patrice Holloway – A Touch Of Venus 45. Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers – I Can Feel The Pain 46. Dennis Edwards – Can’t Do Without Your Love 47. The Spinners – Gonna Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love 48. The Contours – Jealousy (Is Creeping Up On Me) 49. Barbara Randolph – My Love Is Your Love (Forever) 50. The Spinners – What More Could A Boy Ask For 51. The Four Tops – It’s Only A World Without Your Love 52. The Elgins – That’s The Night The Love Died 53. Stevie Wonder – I Gave Up Quality For Quantity 54. Robert Dobyne – All I Need Is A Chance 55. Marvin Gaye – When I Feel The Need 56. Brenda Holloway – Crying Game 57. The Four Tops – So Far 58. Marvin Gaye – My Love For You 59. The Velvelettes – Selfish Lover 60. The Four Tops – Just A Little Love (Before My Life Is Gone)
  13. chalky

    How rare is rare ?

    But not as scare as the recent prices suggest? You only need half a dozen of the right Djs for something to get hammered.
  14. chalky

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    Made one fcuk up with Tammi Terrell


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