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  1. Dianne & Carole With The Latin Whatchamacallits
  2. Personally I would assume Mala came second. Have you thought of asking Gino, is he still around?
  3. I would have thought one of the Atac was released locally first with Mala picking it up for national distrubution?
  4. This one by Freedom Affair from the Lp is just superb, you need to listen all the way through....
  5. Been some fantastic releases so far this year, the Freedom Affair is brilliant, the whole Lp.
  6. Unfortunately there is no UK source for the book from what I can see and it is expensive for less than 200 pages. The kindle version looks more appealing at £11
  7. During various moves and a divorce I seem to have lost a few anniversary badges. I've managed to gain a few but can anyone help me fill the gaps please. I am after the following anniversary badges 1,2,3,4,7 & 8
  8. Rick James, Rare Earth..Top 100 Motown, really? Some great selections, some not so.
  9. I think "Do What you Gotta Do" is the best soul record the Tops did but ask 100 people and you'll probably get 100 different answers, the same with the the top 100 Motown, count you would get two answers then same.
  10. fabulous release, mine landed this week
  11. We have to remember we are not the market for Rolling Stone. The 100 we would choose will be unknown to the majority of RS's readers. The same argument was had with Motown's 60th celebrations, that's why I did an alternative unreleased 60 at 60. As always subjective and very emotive.
  12. I can fast forward on my phone, 30 seconds at a time etc. cannot rewind, been like that for months since it went pro.

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