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    Tommy Ridgely - My Love Gets Stronger - Int City
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  1. chalky

    Luckey Davis - It’s not where you start.

    Both legit, not all artists are privvy to what the label did. Don Gardner didn’t know cheating kind was released, same for many others. Both yellow and orange done from the same master. Identical in every way apart from the label colour.
  2. chalky

    Tommy Frontera (Detroit) - who was he ?

    Dave Thorley was I think in touch with him at one time.
  3. chalky

    SAM WARD Photo

    Great photo Tim.
  4. chalky

    Dean Anderson's Sound of Soul, Thursday 8pm.

    Valentina Savio, all the way from Italy joins Dean and Gez to share some of her favourite music.
  5. Yep many thanks Tim, too many who further our education by going that extra yard who don’t get the credit they deserve. Looking forward greatly to the full interviews. I have more interest in th8s type of stuff than venues these days, much more fun. Thank you.
  6. chalky

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    Chuck Bennett is west coast, Tokays is same music publisher as CB so I would guess they are both one label. Looks like three or four different labels.
  7. chalky

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    I have photo copies of the song sheets somewhere.
  8. December 6th, 2003, the start of a journey for Marcelle and Chris Waterman. This was the date for the very first New Century Soul Club all-nighter. The Club’s name being taken from the venue, New Century House which was part of the CIS building on Corporation Street in Manchester. DJs on the first night included Mark Bicknell who was a club resident, Carl Willingham, Steve Thomas, Kev Murphy, Dave Evison, Brian Rae, Karl Rhodes, Gary Cope, Paul Kidd and Kiddo from Telford. Fast forward to November 24th2018 and the club will be celebrating 15 glorious years. 15 years in which the club has moved home several times. Venues such as Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton, Queens Hall in Burslam, Air & Melodies in Birmingham, The Rocket & VSMC (Marble Arch) in London, Steam in Crewe, Maxims in Wigan, The Stables near Wolverhampton, Radcliffe Civic before finding a new home at Bury Town. The club has over the years featured the very best Djs in as many as three rooms. The main Room featuring the best in quality oldies and current spins. A second room used to showcase an alternative to the main room with many Djs featuring lesser known and underplayed records. A Modern Soul room has also featured over the years at various times, promoted by the likes of Neil Rushton and Baz Maledy. Many Djs have over the years had their big break at New Century, given a larger stage than any soul night could give them with many going on to become household Djs. There have been many memorable nights at New Century none more so when Chris and Marcelle have showcased some of the artists we revere. The Flirtations, Melvin Davis, Ronnie Walker, Nolan Porter, Yvonne Vernee, Bunny Sigler, The Four Perfections, Fabulous Peps & Willie Walker have graced the stage at New Century. Today, Chris is still very much part of the fabric although he has taken a bit of a back seat leaving the promotion to his better half Marcelle with Andy Dyson helping out with the DJs. An Elizabethan Room resident line up of Andy Dyson, Sarah Jane, Calvin Lee Hughes, Matt Sneath, Colin James and Dick Krop offer the perfect blend of age and experience with youth and enthusiasm giving dancers and chin strokers alike the very best in todays Northern and Rare Soul, classics to lesser known and in some cases unknown soul music, all the Djs given carte blanch to play whatever they like. To help celebrate the Club’s 15thAnniversary they will be joined on the night by Dave Stabler, Ian James and Daz Dakin to give us 9 hours of quality music. Tucked away in the Kenwood Suite, hosted by Simon Ingham, resident Djs Bob Hinsley, Robbo, Mick Howard & Len Dopson will be giving dancers and collectors a chance to hear something different. All Djs relish the chance to play something you don’t always get the chance to play at mainstream venues or the main rooms. For the Anniversary “Shifty” will be making a rare appearance behind the decks since his retirement as one of the country’s top Djs. I myself (Chalky) will also be making a return visit to the Kenwood Suite since I took a step back from Djing and other involvement with promoting a few years ago. The balcony which overlooks the main room supports a very busy record bar with top dealers in attendance. We have all the ingredients for another memorable night and we hope you can come along and help Marcelle and Chris celebrate 15 great years on the 24thNovember. The venue is Bury Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW. Door tax is £12 and the night will rum from 9pm until 6am the following morning.
  9. chalky

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    If it isn't for you and the likes of you mate we wouldn't have these fake experts. Those who matter know who does what and who tries to steal the credit. BTW I remember you telling me at the time that The Magnetics were the Volumes.
  10. chalky

    More Acetates: Donnie Wells, Prophets.

    Are you for real? You obviously don’t know Tim.
  11. chalky

    Value Please...Symphonics

    It doubled in price after a bit of turntable action, dunno if still around £150 or if it dropped back.
  12. chalky

    Elbi parker

    Mention in Billboard 8 Oct 1966
  13. chalky

    Dean Anderson's Sound of Soul, Thursday 8pm.

    Another top show from the best show around. Dean's guest needs little introduction, he's done all there is to do on this scene. Roger Banks joins Dean for two hours or music and merriment.
  14. Next week 5th the softback is out.
  15. They just put out the Skull Snaps too.


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