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  1. Think there is a bit if a lag everywhere. I had one from Sweden last week which took about 10 days. Hardly buying anything at the minute mind.
  2. I ordered an Lp on Monday and it is moving through the UPS system, now at Chicago airport UPS facility. Hopefully it will get out of the country
  3. Just a reminder that whilst you are in lockdown and if you want something to listen to then there are 66 podcasts and much more over on my web site DJ by DJ covering the 80s Stafford era.
  4. We had a pandemic test a few years ago but the results haven't been published in full, wonder what they are hiding?
  5. I think he stopped videoing at events cause he was getting flack on YouTube from tossers with nowt better to do.
  6. Richard Searling, Dave Withers who sold it to Guy I believe. More recent years Tim Brown.
  7. A bandana is practically useless after a few minutes. It will get damp with your breath and any contaminants in the air will get through. The same will happen with the paper masks.
  8. Have you ever looked for a Bryan Adams in a charity shop? If yes WHY? Just in case you are still looking there are 726 for sale on discogs.
  9. They have said that you only really need a mask if you have the virus or working in the firing line, NHS etc. Most are ineffective anyway as the virus is largely transmitted via surface contact.
  10. But if you read the article it only gives you protection for 8 to 10 weeks, then you are open to infection again. A vaccine is a year plus away and thats providing it doesn’t mutate. If the summer does slow it down then once the cold weather arrives again inn the autumn we will get a second wave. I doubt this is going anywhere for a while.
  11. The 7 was everywhere, as Drew said in our local shops.
  12. Being out and about I have to disagree. I spent two hour yesterday in Knutsford. As you come into the town from the M6 you approach a roundabout and there is some open parkland which was fairly busy. Family groups of up to 6 all passing each other with mo 2m distance. During those two hours I saw one pair of joggers three times and another twice. I have never seen so many joggers, walkers, dog walkers and cyclists as I have the last week or so. Plenty of couple, foursomes and families still in cars. Sir Patrick also said cases are still increasing by around a 1000 per day if memory serves so what do we have to do to see a decrease given that half the population is still at work and much of the rest are now keep fit fanatics.
  13. Considering it reached 33 on our charts I would say considerably more than 10,000
  14. Got mine a couple of weeks ago, maybe three

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