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Source Subscriptions

£19.99/6 months

The Mint Subscription

This subscription allows us to offer members improved membership benefits along with google ad-free viewing.


It's all part of our long term aim for Soul Source to be a fully self-supporting website offering the most enjoyable and worthwhile soul related content possible.

We have added this subscription feature to help us achieve this aim, which once achieved should result in an even more improved and enjoyable online experience for all members.

By taking up the sub we can offer you a better browsing experience, more use of Soul Source features and some current and future mint only membership benefits


Current subscription benefits as at 10 September 2018


Ebay & Website Sales - Posting Access

The eBay and Websites Forum is part of our sales feature and offers advertising of sales on third party websites.

With a Mint subscription you can post your current Ebay or other third party website sales adverts in this forum. Link Ebay and Websites Forums

'Please be aware as this is a subscription-based service, we can not allow people posting sales for other sellers'


No Google Adverts

No google adverts will be shown - so better and speedier browsing/loading/Use of Soul Source!


Watch out for more additions, as this group is smaller than the normal member's group there is less resources stretch and so we can offer more 'generous' features... 

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