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£9.99 per 6 months

The Mint subscription

This subscription will allow us to offer members improved membership benefits and google ad-free viewing.

Its all part of our long term aim for Soul Source to be a fully self-supporting website offering the most enjoyable and worthwhile soul related content possible.

We are adding this subscription feature to help us in achieving this aim, which also should result in an even more improved and enjoyable online experience for you all.

By taking up the sub we will can offer you a better browsing experience, more use of Soul Sourcefeatures and some current and future mint only membership benefits


Current subscription benefits as at 1st May 2018


No google adverts will be shown - so better and speedier browsing/loading of Soul Source!


Gallery - Can create restricted access albums - Restricted access albums are albums that only the creator and designated users can view

Forum signatures Improved limits -  Max size images increased to 460 × 60 px   Max number of links in signature 3 Max, lines of text in signature max 5

Attachment storage limit increased to 100gb

Increased message and reactions limits.

Twitter and Fbook users - can import status updates - If you have enabled integration with Facebook and/or Twitter, users can import statuses from these services.

Automatic membership of the mint member clubs.

Watch out for more additions, as this group is smaller than the normal member's group there is less resources stretch and so we can offer more 'generous' features...