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chris anderton

Midas Touch Records List 58 (July)

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Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 58, a little later than usual due to me being on hols for a week!

Sales Cds are always popular, they usually come out a few days before the main list is sent out. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chane to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. You get 3x monthly CDs for only £5.00. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £1.90 recorded (only insured up to £34) or £5.20 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.00 airmail or £5.20 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.Please note if you do not take out the correct amount of postal insurance and your item is missing or damaged this is not my fault.

I will be guesting at the next Willington event (between Burton and Derby) on Saturday 18th July. For Me Willington is the unsung hero of the Midlands soul scene, always a decent turn out and always a great atmosphere. I will be there with my sales boxes and look forward to seeing some of you ther for a top night out! Thanks to everyone who supported the last "Dab of Soul" event in June, we had another fantastic night! The next date is August 22nd with guest DJs Russ Vickers and Paul Havekin.

1.Rosie Grier-Beautiful People-A&M WD M- 100

2.Walter Jackson- Let me comre back-Brunswick M- 90

(One of my all time faves...faultless)

3.The O`jays-I`ll never forget you-Imperial demo M- 150

(Detroit class)

4.Willie Tee-I`m only a man-Capitol demo E+ 50

5.Little Dooley-If everi needed you (I need you now)-Koko WD E+ 250

(Wonderful mid-tempo floorfiller)

6.Bobby Taylor-There are roses somewhere in the world-Sunflower M- 75

7.The Avons-Just as long as i live-SS7 M- 80

(Great mid-tempo girley soul)

8.Bobby Patterson-I`m in love with you-Jetstar M 75

Yellow vinyl first issue)

9.JesseJames-If you want a love affair-20th cent M 50

10.The Idle Few-People thats why-Blue book M- 125

(Great oldie, sounds so good today)

11.Marie Knight-You lie so well-Musicor M 150

(Still in company sleeve!

12.Rick Shepard-We can share it-Columbia WD E- 50

(Some light crackles but otherwise nice)

13.Barbara Brown-Pity a fool-MGM Memphis WD M- 90

14.Skip Easterling-Keep the fire burning-Alon M- 75

(Storming 60s dancer)

15.Barrett Strong-Man up in the sky-Capitol M- 50

16.The Tymes-Here she comes-Parkway M 20

(Forgotten Oldie))

17.Carl Carlton-You cant stop a man in love-ABC M- 12

18.Bettye Swan-Make me yours-Money E+ 5

19.Willie Williams-Just because-ABC vg+ 15

(Plays thru fine)

20.The TNJs-Dont forget about me-Chess M- 40

("Dab of Soul" spin for Mr Lucas!)

21.Little Hank-Try to understand-SS7 slt label tear E 90

(Bargain price for this great midpacer)

22.11th Commandment-Why are you so hard to forget-Chess M 50

23.Winfield Parker-Sweet Little girl-Atco WD M- 25

(Storming 60s dancer, needs spins)

24.Vernon Garrett-Angel doll- Venture WD M 50

(Even better than temps version)

25.Al Hudson-We must make it happen-Atco M- 30

26.Jimmy James- She dont know-Coed WD vg+ 30

(Brilliant 60s dancer!)

27.The Startells-Falling in love with you girl-Lamarr M 20

(Nice midtempo crossover)

28.Tony Clark-Joyce Elaine/You`re a star-Chess E+ 15

29.Martha Reeves-Heartless/ Taking my love-Gordy M- 15

30.Five Stairsteps-Little young lover-Curtom M- 20

31.Lonnie Youngblood-Let my love bring out the woman..-Calla M- 20

32.The Jewels-Lookie lookie lookie-King M- 20

(Great version)

33.Storm-She comes up-Pi Kappa M- 25

(Great crossover soul)

34.The Spinners-Its a shame-VIP M- 5

(Every hame should have one)

35.The Volumes-Aint that lovin you-Inferno E wol 15

(Their other stuff over shadows this great tune)

36.Betty Everett-Getting mighty crowded-VJ M 10

(Still in company sleeve)

37.Detroit Spinners-I`ve got to make it on my own-Atlantic German M-30

38.Newsound-Bet you never thought about it-Scorpion M- 60

39.Tavares-Never had a love like this before-Capitol M- 8

40.Lee Dorsey-Vista Vista- Amy M- 20

41.George Benson-My Woman is good to me-A&M M- 40

(A personal fave!)

42.Ovations-Pure natural love-Chess WD M- 20

43.Johnny Moore-It may be tears.../Your loves got...-Bright star M 30

(Nice double sider)

44.The Artistics-Its the little things that count-Brunswick M- 15

(For me this is the best version)

45.Jerry Butler-I`m just thinking about cooling out-PIR M 10

46.The Blues groove-I believe in you-Verve M- 35

47.Al Robinson-Empty talk/Sho bout to drive..-Pulsar M- 15

48.James Conwell-The trouble with girls- 4J M 50

(Needs spins again...under-rated)

49.Barbara Mercer-Doing things together with you-Golden world E+ 10

50.The Contours-Just a little misunderstanding-Gordy M 8

(First issue with big print...lovely minty copy!)

51.Bob Relf-Blowing my mind to pieces/ Girl you`re my..-Trans american M- 90

52.Pat and Blenders-Hard working man-TSOP M 10

53.The Mad Lads-Did my baby call-Volt M 25

(Nice version of Steve Mancha)

54.Onyx- You never fail to amaze me-Yew M- 25

(Bargain price!)

55.General Johnson-Dont walk away-Arista M- 20

56.Dee Dee Warwick-Where is that rainbow-Mercury E+ 25

57.Timothy Wilson-Loving you-Buddah M- 20

(Great crossover, getting spins)

58.Phillip Mitchell-One on one-Atlantic M- 30

59.William Bell-Easy coming out-Mercury M- 25

(Still getting big soul night spins)

60.Jimmy Holiday-When I`m loving you-Crossover M- 25

61.Holly Maxwell-Only when you`re lonely-Constellation M- 90

62.Leon Thomas-Love each other-Flying dutchman WD M- 60

63.Ray Jimenez-Leave her alone-Columbia M- 75

64.Michele Wiley-Feels good-20th Cent M- 40

65.Glen Watts-My little Plaything-Bunky E+ 25

66.The Younghearts-I`ve got love for my baby-Minit E+ 15

67.Hi Fi White-Need somebody-Sandman E+ 35

(Wonderful crossover Chicago soul, never heard it out)

68.Johnny and Expressions-Boys and girls together-Josie E+ 20

69.Irma Thomas-Its starting to get to me now-Imperial WD M- 25

70.Bobby Foster-If you really need a friend-Sound plus WD E+ 40

71.Whirlwind-Dont let him get the best of you-Roulette E+ 10

(The best tenner you will ever spend!)

72.Lou Rawls-See you when i get there-PIR E+ 10

(Still packs the floor)

73.Percy Milem-Call on me-Goldwax M- 60

74.Joe Hinton-Got you on my mind-Backbeat E-wol 25

75.William Hunt-Would you believe-Streamside M- 40

76.The Parliments-A new day begins-Atco M- 15

(Heard this out a couple of times recently)

77.Lou Courtney-What do you want me to do-Rags M- 20

78.Rockie Brown-Without a warning-Penntowne M- 20

79.Dee Dee Sharp-Touch my life/ Happy bout the whole thing-TSOP M- 25

(Harder release with the awesome "Touch my life" on flip)

80.Motherlode-What does it take-Buddah M- 30

81.Linda Clifford-Runaway Love-Curtom M- 5

82.Love Peace and Happiness-Strip me naked-RCA M- 20

(Getting spins...righlty so)

83.Randolph Brown and co-It aint like it used to be-ix chains WD M- 40

84.Patti Labelle-All or nothing/You forgot how..-Atlantic M- 15

(Wonderful double sider)

85.Wales Wallace-Somebody i know-BRC WD M 40

(So rare on white demo...minty too!)

86.The Mighty Marvellows-Hey hey girl-ABC M- 10

87.Johnny Davis-You got to crawl-Bandit M- 15

88.Holland Dozier-Why cant we be lovers-Invictus M- 8

(Not too many better than this one!)

89.Jackie and Lavern-Think twice E+ 15

90.James D Hall-I wanna get into you-JDH M 30

91.Martha Reeves-One way out-Gordy E+ 5

92.Leon Haywood-Consider the source-20th Cent M- 10

93.Reggie Garner-Hotline-Capitol M 15

(Wigan oldie)

94.Major Harris-Loving you is mellow-Atlantic M 20

(Just about as good as it gets)

95.Bobby Hebb-Love love love-Phillips M- 5

96.The Love Column-Cant get enough/You made me so very happy-Duo M- 45

97.Roddie Joy-Lets start all over-Parkway WD M 15

98.J.P Rogers-All my lovin-Inculcation M 20

(Have seen this on a couple of playlists)

99.Kent Drake-Boss thing together-Wand M- 80

100.Lee Andrews-Quiet as its kept-RCA WD M- 25

(Quality oldie)

101.The Platters-Washed ashore-Musicor M- 5

102.Otis Leaville-Why why why/ Glad i met you-Dakar vg+ 25

(Great double sider, both sides play thru ok for DJing)

103.James Brown-People wake up and live-Polydor M- 20

104.Archie Bell-Old people-PIR WD M- 30

105.The Moment of truth-Hopelessley-Roulette M 10

106.Nite Train-To the bitter end-Roulette WD M 30

(Absolute bargain)

107.Porgy and Monarchs-Thats my girl-Sylves WD E+ 35

108.Teddy Pendergrass-The more i get the more i want-PIR M- 15

(Found another copy...be quick!)

109.The Uniques-Not too long ago-Paula E+ 15

110.Phyllis Hyman-You know how to love me-Arista E+ 5

111.Don Gardner-Your love drives me crazy-Mr G M 40

(Love this to bits...a "Dab" spin!)

112.Gene Chandler-Does she have a friend-20th Cent M 5

113.Jackie Ross-Dont change your mind-Fountain E+ 15

114.Vince Carey-First glance romance-Turntable M- 15

115.Jeanie Reynolds-Unwanted company-Casablanca E+ 5

(super soulful midtempo)

116.The Invitations-Look on the good side-Silver blue WD M- 35

117.Donald Height-Three hundred and sixty five days-Shout E 10

118.Four Wonders-Just looking for my love-Solid foundation M 40

(Perfect 70s dancer)

119.Florence Ballad-Love aint love-ABC E+ 15

120.Greg Perry-It takes heart-Alfa M 50

Some nice Lps this month..........

121.Terry Callier-I dont wanna see myself-Erect 12" M- sold

(Classic modern soul floorfiller)

122.Sidney Joe Qualls-So Sexy-20th cent E+ 30

(Inc. I dont do this)

123.The Ojays-Super bad-Trip E+ 25

(Inc. Crossroads of life)

124.Collins and Collins-Same-A&M E+ 50

(Inc. Top of the stairs)

125.Gloria Scott-What am i gonna do-Casablanca E+ 70

(Inc. Too much love makin`)

126.Odyssey-Same-Mowest vg+ 45

(Battend shops, our lives are shaped...surface marks but both tracks play great)

127. The Dynamics-What a shame-Black gold M- 20

(Inc. Woe is me)

128.Steeplechase-Lady Bright-Polydor E+ 15

(Inc. Never coming back)

129.The Montclairs-Dreaming out of season-Paula E+ 20

(Has some pen on cover...great Soul LP)

130.The Presidents-5-10-15-20-25-30-Sussex E+ 20

(Inc. Girl, you cheated on me)

131.TheDells-Love connection-Mercury E+ 25

(Inc. Dont trick me treat me)

132.Edwin Starr-25 Miles-Gordy E+ 20

(Inc. 24 hours to find my baby)

133.Gladys Knight-Feelin Bluesy-Soul E+ 15

(Inc. What good am I without you)

134.Larry Santos-Just a man-Evolution E+ 30

(Inc. You got me where you want me now)

135.Millie Jackson-A moments pleasure-Spring E+ 10

136.Gloria Gaynor-Park Av sound-Polydor E+ 10

(Inc. This love affair)

137.Sonny Till-Returns-RCA E+ 20

(Inc. Tears and misery)

138.Aretha Franklin-You-Atlantic E+ 15

(Inc. It only happens when i look at you)

139.Jackie Wilson-This love is real- Brunswick E+ 15

(Great soul lp)

140.Ashford and Simpson-Send it-WB E 10

(Inc . Top of the stairs. slight split cover)

141.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-Columbia E+ 15

(I want to be where you are)

142.Harold Melvin feat Sharon Paige- Same-Source E+ 10

(Inc Prayin`)

143.Gayle Adams-Love Fever-Prelude E+ 10

(Inc. Baby i need your loving)

144.Al Wilson-Same-bell E+ 10

(Inc. Going through the motions)

145.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 35

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

146.Solid Solution- Loving you- Silver spoon E+ 40

(Inc. Think about it girl)

147.The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla E+ 15

(Inc. Trying to love two women)

148.Weapons of peace-Same-Playboy E+ 10

(Inc. This lifes bout to get me down)

149.Les McCann- Plays the hits-Limelight E+ 25

(Inc. Pretty little girl)

150.Mandrill-New worlds-Arista E+ 15

(Inc. Too late)

151.Motherlode-When I die-Buddah E+ 15

(Inc. What does it take)

152.Lamont Dozier-Bittersweet-WB E+ 12

(Tough act to follow)

153.George Benson-The best-A&M E+ 10

(Inc. My woman is good to me)

154.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 10

(I told you so)

155.Al Wilson-I`ve got a feelin-Playboy E+ 10

(Inc. You did it for me)

156. Supremes and 4 tops-Double dynamite-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit honey)

157.The Soul Children-friction-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. We`re getting too close)

158.Freda Payne-Reaching out-Invictus E+ 15

(Inc. Two wrongs dont make a right)

159.Eddie Floyd- Gotta be Eddie-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. Thats all)

160.Gladys Knight-Same-Columbia E+ 10

(Inc. If you ever need somebody)

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Guest randy

Can you reserve me the Detroit Spinners-I`ve got to make it on my own-Atlantic German M-30

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