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Huge Northern R&b Popcorn Funk List. All With Sound + Scans

Diggin' Dave

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I haven't posted anything in sales for a few months because I've been very busy, but in the meantime I've always been on the lookout for quality 45s and I've been able to buy a few small collections too. The quality tunage was piling up so I decided to spend a whole weekend selecting, recording, scanning researching everything I needed for this list.


It was hard to resist the urge to party, but I'm very pleased with what I've done instead. The result is a sales list of 109 45s in all various soulful genres (Doo-wop, modern, popcorn, R&B, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, ... you name it, it's in there).


Shipping to anywhere in the world for any number of records will cost £5. I apologize in advance for the high shipping costs, but that's the actual amount I have to pay to send a record to the UK.


I'll cover paypal costs.


If interested or if you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to PM. I'll answer asap. First member who PMs about a certain record gets it, and I can keep on hold for up to a week.



Enjoy the list! There's some lesser known things in here that are worth listening to. And if you can't afford them just try to enjoy the soundfiles. I'll keep 'em online if you want...








Tommy Youngblood - Now you're on your own / Why did you leave me - Rayco 518

Ultra rare R&B. Vinyl has a few smaller marks but plays very well.











Billy & The Hi-Liners - A lonely world / Scout - Airplay 1009 DJ Copy

Rare as hens teeth white demo of this classy sound. Looks pretty clean and plays with a bit of background noise in places.











The Rotations - (Put a dime on) D-9 / Instrumental - Frantic 200 SOLD

Beautiful all-time classic spin. Marks on vinyl and ringwear on label but plays well.










The Summits - I can't get over losing you / Instrumental - Dontee 102 HOLD

In-demander with marks on vinyl which are most noticeable during intro. Plays well once it gets going. Priced accordingly.











Darby - Sexy lady / Closer to you - Rio 724 SOLD

Ultra rare, suerb tune, excellent nick... this one's got it all. Very few copies known.










Wess Oliver - Keep the faith / I confess - Star Fire 19671

Very clean copy of this highly recommended rarity. Quality through and through.










Johnny Blue - Crazy, crazy / Going to a meeting - Friar 2363

Very clean copy of this gritty Cali funk rarity.











Tommy T and The Targets - Sales pitch / Marching coast to coast - Big R 2001 DJ Copy

Very clean copy of this novelty dancer. Not easy to pick up as a demo in this condition.










Lee Maye - Total disaster / What's happening - Pic 1 120 DJ Copy

Classy oldie that went for a lot of money in the past. Just a few small marks, but plays superb.










Little Beaver and Frank Williams - Soul stuff Pt I/II - Phil-L.A. of Soul 306

Gritty funky mover from these two legends. Scuffy vinyl but plays well because off the loud pressing.










Edward Hamilton and The Arabians - Now you have to cry alone / I love you so - Lanrod 1605

Excellent copy of the rarer yellow label variation of this Detroit indemander.










The Tri-Tones - Teardrops / Everytime I think of you - Miss Julie 6501

Brilliant doowop-soul rarity. Vinyl has a lot of smaller marks that don't affect play.










Ivory Brimmer Jr - Testify / Funkey LA disco - Brimco 101

Obscure modern soul dancer in excellent nick.










The Versatile Gents - You've blown my mind / Instrumental - Linco 001

Great funky soul stormer in excellent condition.











Priscilla Price - Rockefeller Jones / Do I stand a chance with you - GMC 10007

Recommended funky dancer backed by the Leo Price Orchestra.










Delorise Berry - No other girl / Crying won't help me now - Gator 106

Very hard to find on this label. Vinyl has a few marks, but record plays perfect.











Johnny Dunn - You're hangin' me up / False pride - Veep 1237 DJ Copy

Virtually unplayed copy of this great 60s sound.










Tommy Ridgely - Spreading love / Live - Ridge-Way 0005

Fantastic New Orleans toughie in good nick.










Elmer Parker - Going to Louisiana / Got to get back to Louisiana - Rare Bird 5005

Shiny, barely played copy of this low down blues-funk 45










Las Vegas Connection - Give me your love / Dancing with my love bones - Hep'Me 136 HOLD

Killer modern dancer. Plug side plays perfectly. Flipside has a scratch that causes a tick all the way through.










Geraldine Curry - You're so wonderful / No matters how hard I try - London House Records 656

Mid-tempo rarity. Vinyl has some smaller marks, but plays well.










The Premiers - Lonely weatherman / I won't stand in your way - Scepter 12298 DJ Copy

Sweet soul rarity in excellent condition










Calvin Owens Show - The cat / Sawdust alley - Klondike 2226

Heavy breaks 45 in pristine condition.










Cheryl Dorsey - If you want your man / A new chapter in my life - Stoop Down 0004 SOLD

Deep sister funk. Clean copy. Quality!










Denny Marcus - I'll take good care of her / Tell her you love her - Associated Artists 1065

Fabulous 60s rarity that's virtually unknown on the scene. If it goes big remember where you heard it first;)










Hank Soul Man Mullen - He upset your dreams / Listen - Audel 362

Clean copy of this tune that really deserves more spins. This one grows on you.










The Implements - Look over your shoulder / I wish it were me - Philips 40473 SOLD

Has quite a bit of smaller marks but plays well. Rare issue copy.










Claude & Hank Carbo - Fox in a mini skirt / Misty - Castle 1 HOLD

Uplifting funky vibes on this virtually unplayed 45. Highly recommended!










Joe Johnson - Can I change my mind / Mr. Bo Jangles - Syla 7930

Quality nola crossover spin with just a tiny amount of crackle near the beginning. Clean vinyl.










Silk & Satin - Sad girl / You got to be the one - Hamilton 502

Sweet soul rarity. Pops up very rarely. In pristine condtion.










Danny DeLaney - Stop and think / Faith will help you on - Seeda 100

Groovy vibes on this one. In excellent nick with two marks not affecting play.










Batiste Broadus - Got this pain / I need time - Capa 124

Nashville mover with a tremendous sax break. Clean copy with a few smaller marks which are slightly audible first few seconds.










Valorie Keys - Listen here / One of them - Double shot 134

Indemand fingersnapper in excellent condition.










Debbie Deane - Take my hand / Dream in a dream - Treva 223 DJ Copy

Impossible to find Cali rarity in excellent nick. One for the collectors.










The Revealers - They had a party at the Watergate / I want to make you glad - Paramount 0243 DJ Copy

Quality crossover with a reduced price because of ticks in the middle of the song.











The Charles IV - We can do some business / Better get a hold of yourself - Smash 2082 DJ Copy

Rare and clean white demo with severe Katrina damage on labels.










Tony Love - Crying time is over / Just a juvenile - Instant 3324

Good New Orleans crossover tune that plays perfect.










Camille Bob - Kill that roach / Harry hippie - Master-Trak 3010

Funky modern. Personal fave in pristine condition.











Na Allen - Thanks for nothing . No easy way down - Atco 6753

Classic indemand sound. Vinyl and label look worn, but record plays remarkably well.











The Insiders - I'm stuck on you / Chapel bells are ringing - Red Bird 10055 DJ Copy

Mid-tempo beauty. Looks excellent apart from the label wear on 'chapel' side.










Sharon Marshall - Where did you leave your heart / I'm glad there is you - Kayden 411

Very clean copy of this Philly rarity.










Verble Domino - I've been fooled before / Faded memory - Toi 920

Great Chicago version. Clean apart from an edge chip and some very slight background noise near the beginning.











The Spencer Jackson Family - Bring back peace to the world Pt I/II - Little Lynn's 7711

Killer tune with an unexpected switch after the long wailing intro. Clean copy.










Jack Harden & The Silhouettes - She'll be back / Love is wonderful - Star Shot 3002 SOLD

Unknown and very hard to find uptempo release from Canada. Some inaudible marks on vinyl.











Johnny Moore - Walk like a man / It's just my way of loving you - Date 1562 DJ Copy

Quality northern with wear on styrene and label, but plays excellent.










Flint Emeralds - You don't know tat I love you / Is it all a bad dream - Coconut Groove 4021

Very clean copy of this groover from Michigan.











Lew Jiggs Kirton - Hold on to what you got Pt I/II - Verdith 005

Mid 70s rarity that looks barely played.










Charen Cotten - A little bit of love / Take are of business at home - Perception

Very clean copy of this crossover ballad.











Melvin Davis - You made me over / I'm worried - Invictus 1259

Sought-after x-over. Scuffs on vinyl, but plays through very well.










The Electrostats - Setting the mood / I'm not gonna hurt you no more - Three Oaks 102

Absolutely fantastic deep Nola instrumental rarity.











Mary Holmes - Soul brother / After I shed a tear - Nassau 100

Recommended sister funk. Few light marks NAP.











Mr. Tears (Paris) - Excuse me baby / Don't lead me on - 4-J 509

Beautiful popcorn/soul on a rare Candian issue. Looks and plays very clean.










The Wanderers - You can't run away from me / I'll know - United Artists 648

Few smaller marks NAP. Comes with a matching company sleeve I forgot to scan.











Al Brown - The whip Pt I/II - BM 2835

Funky double-sider. Pt I is pressed just a bit off-centre.









Jim Coleman - Cloudy days / It don't seem like you love me - Sir Rah 502

Hard to find Detroit soul ballad. plays with crackle, hence the price reduction.









Jimmey (Soul) Clark - Sweet darlin / Stop that girl - Soulhawk 001

All-time classic Mike Terry production. Strong pressing that overpowers the marks on vinyl










Billy Watson - Get myself together / So long - Barracuda 502

Excellent copy of this 60s R&B/popcorn tune.










Frank E Moore - Spellbound / Instrumental - Exochronos 0016

Excellent copy of this modern toughie.











The Interpreters - Pretty little thing / Be kind to love - Abet 9425

Killer double-sider that doesn't pop up too often. Smaller marks NAP.










Promise - I'm not ready for love / I wonder - New Directions 7501

Very clean copy of this mid 70s soul 45 from Maryland.











Ray Wilson - How can I reach you / How come, how come - Local 165

Obscure double-sider featuring Sax Kari. Small marks only audible during first seconds.










Johnny Nash - World of tears / Some of your lovin' - ABC-Paramount 10181

Undoubtedly one of his best. Excellent condition.











Jimmy Gilford - Heartbreaker / I wanna be your baby - Solid Hit 103

Very clean copy of this classic Detroit beat ballad.










Ruff Francis & The Illusions - Give me mercy / Misery loves company - Essica 002

Funky dancer. A few smaller marks, nothing to worry about.











Mighty Joe Young - Ladies man / Sweet kisses - Celtex 214

Soulful R&B. Marks on vinyl that can't be felt or heard.










Chris Clark - From head to toe / The beginning of the end - TMG 624

Few marks on vinyl that are only audible during the intro.











Gene Chandler - After the laughter / To be a lover - Checker 1165

In-demand dancer in good nick with a few smaller marks nap.










Chuck Carbo - It's you / Black velvet - Rex 1012

New Orleans R&B brilliance. Vinyl looks clean, but label has some Katrina damage.










John Thomas - Lonely man / Who could ever love you - Veep 1272 DJ Copy

Very clean copy of this underrated beat ballad.










Billy Jenkins - Mr. Naylor Pt I/II - Flambo

Obscure New Orleans soul outing. Pretty clean with just a few marks.










Seventh Wonder - Captain of my ship / Pharoah - W.G. 666

Uptempo modern soul. Watch out if you're dancing to this one! In excellent condition.










A fascinating Musical Experience - The monster / 1-2-3 - Honey 216

Rare funky instrumental in good nick.










Earl King - Trick bag / Always a first time - Imperial 5811

Quality R&B dancer. few marks on vinyl nap.










April Young - Run to my lovin' arms / You're the one - Columbia 43392 DJ Copy

Great moody popcorn tune that grows on you. Small marks on vinyl nap.











Aalon Butler and The New Breed - It's got to be somethin' / Please give me a chance - PKC 1016 SOLD

Killer uptempo grooves on this 45 in perfect condition.










Sonny Anderson & Prince Conley - Love and laughter / Come what may - Emerson 2003

Great crossover Cali soul tune in excellent condition.










Janeen Jordan - Mr. magic man / Dream tonight - Lyndell 14

Very clean copy of this semi-known crossover tune.











Azzie Danfair - You've got everything (I want) / Don't bother me - Mellow 1003

Clean copy of this Chicago dancer.










Big Al "T" Orchestra - Twenty five miles / Do the slide - Virtue 2507

Very clean copy of this Edwin Starr instrumental version.










The Jazz Tribe - Wa-pa-cha / The ritual - Little Star 127

Excellent copy of this Latin/Popcorn instumental.










The Treniers - Let it all hang out / I gotta travel on - Dom 410

Obscure R&B. Excellent conditon with just a few tiny papermarks.










The Showmen - Take it baby / In paradise - Swan 4213

Very clean double-sider from 1965.










Clarence Carter - Messin' with my mind / I was in the neighborhood - Ichiban 85-101

Modern soul classic and a personal fave in excellent condition.










Jon Thomas - Tizzy / Feeling good - Junior 1003

Philly mod organ instrumental in excellent condition.











The Impacs - Good old funky feelin Pt I/II - Land 141

Highly recommended funk 45 in great nick.










Lynn August - One way ticket / Happy go dreamer - Preview 5019

Crossover from 1972 in excellent condition. Personal fave!










Kip Anderson - Tell her I love her / Woman, how do you make me love you like I do - D.H.C. 103

Classic R&B tune on this first label.











Ricky Ricks - Chained and bound / Why did I - Sure-Shot 5021 DJ Copy

Excellent copy of this R&B mover.










Malcolm Dodds - Laugh my heart / Without a song - MGM 13025

60s Popcorn sound on this issue copy. Few marks nap.










The Mod Squad - Charge / Mod squad you all - TRC 1004

Killer early 70s funk dancer with a few very small marks nap.










The Brothers Soul - Look ahead / I shall be released - Okeh 7322 DJ Copy

Beautiful clean demo from the end of the sixties.











Tenison Stephens - Don't rip me off! / Hour glass - Aries 5007

Nice low down and funky tune with a positive message. Excellent copy.










John Thomas - It sure is groovy / Come see me - Veep 1282 DJ Copy

Soulful movie soundtrack tune from 1968. Marks on styrene but plays perfect.










Alex Spearman - Stranded in the desert / You'll never find another man like that - White Cliffs 232

Rare New Orleans R&B in excellent condition.











The Symphonies - Need someone to love / The git-go - Carnival 543

Clean copy of this beat ballad on one of the best labels around.









Carl Douglas an The Big Stampede - Crazy feeling / Keep it to myself - Okeh 7268 DJ Copy

Killer uptempo R&B dancer. Few papermarks nap.










Jean & The Darlings - How can you mistreat the one you love / That man of mine - Volt 151 DJ Copy

Funky soul recording of this Arkansas group. Clean vinyl with just a few smaller papermarks.










James Duncan - Money can't buy true love / My baby is back - Federal 928

Nice double-sider from this Georgia artist. Good production and clean vinyl.










Fats Domino - Going to the river / Mardi gras in New Orleans - Imperial 5231

R&B classic that's getting harder to find. Vinyl looks worn, but record plays through well.











Bobby "Guitar" Bennett - Goin home / Lawdy miss clawdy - Junior 1005

Philly R&B from the 60s in excellent condition.










The 21st - The sun came out / Just can't forget your name - Joy 672

Great crossover Mike Terry production. marks on vinyl that are audible here and there.










Shock - Footsteps across your mind / Why should I forgive you - Sirocco 101

70s Soul with great male harmonies. In beautiful condition.










Chuck Wright - It's a lie / My young love - Ember 1102

Clean copy of this R&B/soul tune.









Betty Everett - Prince of players / By my side - VeeJay 513

Excellent issue copy of this 60s sound.










Elliott Small - Stay in my heart / Girls are made for lovin' - Bang 570

Cheap quality northern tune from this Nola artist.










Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr - You're all I need to make it / Same - Capsoul 24

Clean white demo of this crossover tune from 1972











The Fugitives - I love you more than anything / Jump back - Path 252

Semi-known group soul in excellent nick.











Barbara Brown - A great big thing / Can't find no happiness - Atco 6549 DJ Copy

Demo copy of this superb deep soul double-sider. Clean.










Jimmy Huff - Never leave me / Sweet man - Verve 10477 DJ Copy

Highly recommended semi-known dancer. Clean with just a few papermarks nap.










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Guest gaversa

Hi Dave,


I know this thread is from 2009 but I am looking for the Tri-Tones record you listed on the Miss Julie label "Teardrops" It does not say sold so I was hoping that by some chance it might still be available.





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