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  1. Diggin' Dave

    Jerry Blackshear on eBay

    The thing that really saddens me most is the fact that he's involving Jerry himself into his dodgy scheme. We met Jerry a couple of years ago and he and his wife were such nice hosts. And we heard the stories of him getting the short end of the deal in the industry despite his obvious talent. Btw I have a pretty good idea of who's behind the pressing. If you got stung PM me and I'll gladly point you in the right direction.
  2. DIGGIN DAVE 45s - MAY 2018 LIST Shipping is €7 to anywhere in the world (€13 if you prefer signed for) Full list with sound and pics: Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles – My love (is so strong) / Instrumental – Flaming Arrow 29 Probably needs no introduction. Epic Detroit dance floor destroyer. F..
  3. The Eldees - Don't be afraid to love / You broke my happy heart - Dynamics 1013 Beautiful under the radar sixties Detroit magic. I stumbled upon 8 stone mint copies on my recent trip, letting these go for €75 (or £65) each. soundfile: Shipping is €7 to anywhere, €13 if you prefer signed for.
  4. DIGGIN DAVE 45s LIST - MARCH 2018 Full list with sound and photos can be found here:[UNIQID] Regular shipping is €7 to anywhere in the world, signed for is €13 Soulful Strutters – Soul delight / Just let me know – Strut 101 Deep funk instrumental with snappy drums. One of the better copies arou..
  5. DIGGIN DAVE 45s- JANUARY 2018 LIST Full list with soundfiles can be found here: Shipping is a flat €7 to anywhere in the world, €13 if you prefer signed for. The Vashons – We’ll be together / The bells – Delle 191 Rare as hens teeth Cali version of the Marvellos tune with an uptempo flip. You probably won’t see another one of these anytime soon. Visual g..
  6. Diggin' Dave

    Diggin Dave 45s - November List. Rare stuff - all with sound

    Thanks Pete and enjoy, kickin myself for not keeping a copy
  7. Diggin Dave 45s - November 2017 Full list with sound files and photos can be found here: Spice – For old times sakes / The jam (lay some lovin’ on me) – Carrie 1001 Deep deep vibes on this ultra rare late Carrie release. Don’t think you’ll ever see a cleaner copy. Visual grade: M- €350 The Chances – A better day is coming / Peo..
  8. A lot of semi-known stuff and everything comes with soundfiles. Enjoy!
  9. Diggin' Dave

    Sunny & Phyllis - I've Got Something On My Mind - Zuma

    Did some further research and this release came right after Zuma 654 which is Berry Street Station - Karla. This is from 1972 so this version should be dated around this time too. Not exact science but that's my best guess. I won't be wading further into the Major Bill label and numbering system cause I prefer to avoid headaches instead of actively inducing them.
  10. Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My love (is so strong) / Instrumental - Flaming Arrow 2829 Have one mint copy left of this Detroit dance floor destroyer at €500. Pretty good price I think so don't sleep! Shipping is €7 (€13 if you prefer signed for) soundfile:
  11. Diggin' Dave

    Nancy Butts, Billy Davis, Dream Merchants, Billy Hamlin,...

    Hi Mark, Yes there were some problems with the soundfiles but they appear to be solved now. Not sure what went wrong yesterday night cheers David
  12. DIGGIN DAVE - JUNE 45s LIST Full version with sound and photos can be checked here: Shipping is a flat rate of €7, signed for with tracking is €13 Nancy Butts – I want to hold your hand baby / Your friend will take the man you love – Flaming Arrow 19 Detroit crossover perfection. Still very elusive unlike so..
  13. The Icemen – It’s time you knew / It’s gonna take a lot – Ole-9 Northern dance floor filler but the vocally gifted pairing of Gino Armstrong and James Stokes. Backed up with an equally amazing sweet ballad. Visual grade: M-, slight storage warp NAP Bargain at €400 Shipping is €7 for regular, €13 for signed for. soundfile:
  14. After a couple of months I'm back with a new list. Enjoy! I also went through my whole eBay stock and reduced most of them by about an average of 40% so there's some good deals to be had: A more browse fiendly version without the photos can be found here: is €7 to anywhere in..