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  1. DIGGIN' DAVE 45s LIST - FEBRUARY 2021 Full list with sound can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/b9845c0bdedb/1nc6s8682q-4770266 Shipping is €10 to anywhere in the world for any number of records from the list. Int'l signed for is €16. Regular shipping is reliable but doesn't come with tracking. Lotsa Poppa – Tennessee waltz / She ain’t gonna do right +2 – Lotta Soul 5001 Canadian 4 track EP featuring two quality Lotsa Poppa cuts. Uptempo dancer ‘she ain’t gonna do right’ and one of the better versions of ‘Tennessee Waltz’ out there. Visual grade: VG+, sl
  2. DIGGIN' DAVE 45s LIST - JANUARY 2021 Full ist with photos and sound can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/bace9b469355/1nc6s8682q-4736738 The Martels – Don’t hold me / A baby to call my own – One Two Three 101 Quality mid-tempo that’s less known than their A La Carte outings, perhaps due to sheer rarity. Visual grade: EX €550 Ace Jones & The Instant Souls – Hey lady / You made me love you – Cu-Wu 1026 Detroit psych funk monster Visual grade: VG+ €275 The Capitols – Foolish one Pt I/II – O Mar 45-934 Rare private ba
  3. Shipping is €10 for up to 6 45s, €15 thereafter. Just ask if you want to hear a sound file. The Chargers – The counterfeiter / Here in my heart – RCA VG+ €8 Barbara Lewis – Pushin’ a good thing too far / Come home – Atlantic VG+ €15 Harold Burrage – You made me so happy / Take me now – M-Pac! EX €10 Joe Simon – When I’m gone / When you’re near – Vee-Jay VG+ €5 Inez Foxx – Hurt by love / Confusion – Symbol VG+ €5 Jimmy Rivers Combo – The blue eagle Pt I/II – Ron VG €5 Chuck Jackson – The breaking point / My willow tree – Wand VG €5 Leon Haywood – Yo
  4. DIGGIN' DAVE 45s LIST - SEPTEMBER 2020 Full list with sound and photos can be checked here: https://mailchi.mp/a7f68f969e27/1nc6s8682q-4565770 Shipping is €10 to anywhere in the world for any number of records from the list. Int'l signed for is €16 Anetta Archibald – Clip my wings / How can I – Swift 2919 Sought-after dancer on both the northern and R&B scene. Cleanest copy you’ll ever see. Visual grade: M- €750 Thunder, Lightning & Rain – Super funky Pt I/II – Saadia 1609 Deep funk on the legendary Miami label. If it turns u
  5. The Fabulous Arcades – Watch me work / Captivation – Puff 1106 Detroit stormer backed with a beautiful instrumental flip. Last copies from the Puff haul from last year. I have a nice clean copy that I can let go at €250, and a copy with slight label damage and a few inaudible faint marks at €220. Watch me work sound file: https://clyp.it/pcjudpes Captivation sound file: https://clyp.it/m4wwif43
  6. BIG list of 45s, shipping is €10 for up to 6 45s, €15 for bigger packages. Soundfiles available on request. Yvonne Caroll – Stuck on you / Gee what a guy – Mega Phone EX €30 soundfile: https://clyp.it/iwem0t1g Clarence Coulter & Angela Davis – Ain’t nothing wrong with that Pt I/II – Flaming Arrow M- €35 soundfile: https://clyp.it/uqulq5jd Coffee, Cream & Sugar – Dance / Gotta find a way – Both Sides VG+, onhoorbare hairline crack €20 soundfile: https://clyp.it/mfl1xiby Chairletts – Storm is raging / Movin’ up the king’s highway – Cl
  7. Diggin Dave 45s List - June 2020 Shipping is €10 to anywhere in the world for any number of records from the list. Int'l signed for is €16 Full list with sound and photos can be seen here: https://mailchi.mp/2cfb03aab8ce/1nc6s8682q-4121157 The Icemen – It’s gonna take a lot / It’s time you knew – Ole-9 1007 Sweet ballad from the vocally gifted pairing of Gino Armstrong and James Stokes. Unplayed stock but has some hazing causing a wee bit of background noise like all copies I had (this is my last one). Visual grade: EX, slt warp NAP €37
  8. The Chances ‎– A Better Day Is Coming / People Wake Up Before It's Too Late - Finch EX €200 Amazing double sider! Labels have some water damage but very clean surface and plays very well. soundfile A: https://clyp.it/qdhoqyco soundfile B: https://clyp.it/i1sk3lpy
  9. Diggin' Dave 45s list - November 2019 Full list with most soundfiles working can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/63d66f3f648a/1nc6s8682q-2626417 There were problems with a couple of links to soundfiles, working links can be found below: Ellusions – You didn’t have to leave / You wouldn’t understand – Lamon 2004 All-time Carolina northern classic and still sounding so fresh after all those years. Right up there with the best for me. Visual grade: VG+ to EX €1000 Ray Charles – Hey now / Baby won’t you please come home – Swing Time
  10. A truckload of cool obscure stuff. Shipping is €9 for any number of records so make a nice stack, request soundfiles if necessary and enjoy the fruit of your labour a bit later when they land on your doorstep Charles Dawson - Super natural girl / Forever yours - Audiences Adventure 103 €15 Off key DIY basement soul soundfile: https://picosong.com/wXb9g Royal Force - Funk with you / Losing you - Royal Force 101 M- (slight warp NAP) €60 Boogie funk banger soundfile: https://picosong.com/wP9kB/ Carmen - Time to move / Inst
  11. Big list of across the board stuff that won't break the bank. Shipping is €9 for any number of records. If you want some of these you can also check this huge list with other stuff that's in my sales boxes: https://mailchi.mp/1d6bcab4a132/1nc6s8682q-2376617 Soundfiles available on request Hank Porter & 4th Coming – Waterloo at Watergate / Instrumental – Alpha EX €30 Glass City Band – Cosmic strut / Don’t be watchin’ me – Glass City EX €10 Barbara Green – Young boy / I should have treated you right – Vivid EX €25 Otis L
  12. Huge list of 45s, loads of quality stuff, mixed with some more obscure titles. Regular shipping for up to 5 45s to anywhere in the world is €8. Anything over 5 will be €14 If you want to hear a soundfile of something, let me know and I'll record it for you. Grading: M- EX VG+ VG VG- G+ G (so VG+ records are pretty clean) Universal Mind – Reach out for me / I’ll never let you get away – Red Coach EX €15 Earl Nelson – Come on / No time to cry – Ebb VG+ to EX €20 Chocolate Syrup – The goodness of love / Stop your cryin – IRA VG to VG+ €15 Cla
  13. Diggin Dave 45s List - March 2019 Finally managed to complete a sales list after a couple of months of intense twin antics. As always it's an across the board list with some sought after records paired with some obscure, unknown stuff. SHIPPING is €8 to anywhere in the world for any number of records from the list. Int'l signed for shipping is €14. Full list with sound and photos can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/fc0e1254867d/1nc6s8682q-2290121 Johnny Guitar Watson – Wait a minute baby / So fine – Anchor 501 Popcorn R&B anthem that’s very s
  14. DIGGIN DAVE 45s LIST - DECEMBER 2018 Full list with sound and photos: https://mailchi.mp/bdce57a18142/1nc6s8682q-2208121 Barry Douglas – Some of these days / There but for the grace of God go I – Drama 116652 Rare as hen’s teeth moody popcorn 45. Never seen this for sale before. Visual grade: Strong VG €400 The Chances – A better day is coming / People wake up before it’s too late – Finch 106232 Beautiful mid-paced Ohio group soul, backed up with an unusual but awesome moody dancer. Surface is basically mint but label has water

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