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Bit confused about this version of the Lary atkins Stormer.I think the Ty Karim Track was prev Unissued but then released on a controversial EBONY label.I have this on a Lowton Anniversary single,is this a legit issue and therefore playable out as the first UK press

Any info thanks--PATTO

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But is the Lowton issue legit was told once it was so therefore i would prefere to spin it from that instead of the overpriced ebony release.Any info people?

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The "EBONY" label press according to Simon Sousann, he got Kent Harris of Sheridan House himself to press 300 copies. He sold all 300 to me, in the 80s. They sold very quickly fr about £10.00 each, they are now tricky to find consequently the price can now be £100 or more. I did however find about 75 more copies @ John Hillyard's warehouse in Merced about 5 years later, I foolishly only took another handful to top-up stock. So Simon did have more than 300 maybe 400. The fine sound reproduction suggests it was a legit "Sheridan House" product and was of course previously unissued. Simon did go to the "legit" source on occasions i've never had a reason to doubt him on this one, even with his colourful past (but who knows).

The LOWTON press would require Kent Harris's written permission to be legit, whether the owners of that release have that, i personally have no idea.

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But is the Lowton issue legit was told once it was so therefore i would prefere to spin it from that instead of the overpriced ebony release.Any info people?

In my opinion anything that has gained UK legit release ( legit meaning new label concerned have brought the rights to re-release and artist/s have been payed ) is 100% ok to spin as not only a proper release but also as in most cases a UK original!! Grapevine (70's) being best example of this rule.

Just a thought though on this. If no other DJ at your event concerned has an original of any record you care to mention but you happen to have it on a boot or album track and a tune is requested then ffs!! play whatever it is you got it on, after all unless its been recorded inside a skip nobody on the dance floor with give a fiddlers.........believe me.

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Thanks for your Info John and yours also Daz.Don't really want to get into the Soul Police Playable /Unplayable thing.Prefere always to own and play originals US or UK.records but there are many examples like this where tracks get there first UK issue on complimentary singles and reissue labels.Never been able to understand why if they are legit some people look down on them getting played.Always loved the Ty Karim track by the way and in fact prefere it to Larry Atkins

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