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  1. Inmates

    Inmates - this is the day Label n vinyl both in good shape It's been cut very slightly off center but DOES NOT SOUND just a slight movement on arm And has cue burn but ENDS BEFORE THE TRACK START....so in short nothing wrong with it...just be...
  2. SOLD

    Young blood Smith - you can split - verve demo Ex ++ £300 SOLD JERRY COOK - I HURT ON THE OTHERSIDE - capitol demo Ex++ £250 SOLD STEVE KARMEN - BREAKAWAY - United Artists - *** ISSUE *** VG+++ £250 SOLD Dazz
  3. Rare ones

    Caressors stay away. £1400 SOLD Rufus wood 2001 £1400 WITHDRAWN Servicemen are you angry £1200 SOLD Johnny mccall. I need you £700 SOLD All original all excellent + Pm to reserve NO OFFERS PRICE INC. UK special delivery...
  4. derby's executive all nighter soul crew

    Yes still on
  5. Joe Dunlop List 19/052017

    That's a little naughty saying that in that way....... Don't ya think?? Dazz
  6. Joey dee & the Starlighters

    Never knew you had a spare Pete. It's a tough one I realise but you don't ask you don't get...eh? Dazz
  7. Joey dee & the Starlighters

    How can I forget you Caneil Must be raised "X" styrene ORIGINAL Thanks Dazz
  8. Guys Stafford Banger

    The first record he played on his opening night. Dazz

    Cheers little un' Dazz
  10. volcanos your number one

    Owz that!! Full set.... Took me years, your number one being the hardest, not last just the toughest to aquire. Not for sale!! Dazz
  11. [SOLD] Half price used n abused

    All now sold
  12. The showmen - our love will grow - Swan Honey & the bees - why do you hurt the one who loves you - Arctic Tony Danials - How lonely - sport E.T.white and his great potential band - loosen up - great potential records Ok....all above a...
  13. Wayyyyyyy too cheap!! For today's market, but it's refreshing to see people selling with a sense of reality. Top marks!! Dazz
  14. Five In-Demand 45's

    Pmd ya