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  1. Use FB messenger Darren dakin Or WhatsApp me 07989126502 Typically only look in here every other day so this was a stroke of luck Dazz
  2. Deal Bank transfer?
  3. Gladys Knight - no one could love more Martha reeves - no one there Supremes + Four Tops - A taste of honey (prefer Dutch but Lebanese will do) and picture / coloured sleeve would be nice Vg++ or better YOU name price and condition Pm on here or contact on messenger Cheers Dazz
  4. Ady pierce has a copy on his site
  5. Sillouettes - NOT ME BABY GOODWAY condition is ex + (would be mint apart from non feel non sounding paper scuff - see pics) £1500 + £8 SD PLEASE NOTE bank transfer ONLY Either pm on here or much quicker using FB messenger Darren Dakin Thanks Dazz
  6. CHANDLERS £700 very slight label damage (see pic) Vinyl is VG++ SD postage £8.00 Bank transfer ONLY Use FB messenger to contact nerrad nikad Thanks Dazz
  7. Nige Brown has a nice copy in his sales box Dazz
  8. Harvey Averne Dozen "Never learned To Dance" Near mint £1650 **SOLD** + £8.00 SD postage Bank transfer ONLY DM with interest nerrad nikad on FB messenger Thanks Dazz
  9. Darrell Banks £125 Moses smith £350 Postage £2.50/8.00 Bank transfer ONLY DM messenger nerrad nikad Thanks Dazz
  10. It's a strange one. Can't believe the different inks that would have been used made it so the pen ink didn't adhere to the drum ink like some have said .
  11. Vinyl prob the best you'll see Label has some irritating swirl that doesn't go through the drums ...strange...but you don't play the label! 4.5k. ** Sold ** £12 SD to fully insure Bank Transfer ONLY pm on here OR for immediate response use FB messenger using nerrad nikad many thanks Dazz ** Sold **
  12. Connie Van Dyke Don't do nothing ... Stunning condition £500 SOLD Use FB messenger to reply nerrad nikad Bank transfer only + £8 special delivery Cheers Dazz
  13. High keys £600 ex..SOLD Mel Williams £300 ex SOLD Herb Johnson £200 VG+ a few marks nothing sounding SOLD Bank transfer only + £8 special delivery Cheers Dazz
  14. 16yrs!....just wow In this day and age and given the current state of the soul scene this is some achievement.

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