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  1. Patto


    Gas club time again as Dave says one of the few places of its kind left out there and needs supporting.Few new ones in my box pushing for a spin.
  2. Patto

    Gas Club Sheffield

    Filled up with Pain Killers and made it to the Gas Club at Davys last night.Glad i did and had a very enjoyable night.A typically fantastic spot by Chris Brooke loved it.Also Lorraine and Dave seem to play better spots each month and i doubt anybody played owt much better on original labels anywhere else tonight.Next night is set for Dec 15th.
  3. Patto

    Gas Club Sheffield

    Thanks for that Pete, if we are playing the stuff someone at your level enjoys then we must be doing something right.Yep see you at yours next time all being well
  4. Patto

    Perigents Love on a rampage SORTED

    Thanks for that pal but think im sorted now
  5. Anyone got an original Maltese copy for sale or trade please PM with details
  6. Patto

    Gas Club Sheffield

    Early Shout for The Gas Club@ Davys where Chris,Dave,Lorraine,Paul, and myself will be playing some great Traditional Northern Soul Oldies all on their original labels.Be great to see you
  7. Patto

    The Exciters Blowing up my mind

    Dont know about heated debate its just that the 9723 is the original first release and the 1035 is the 3 years later reissue.My Demo here
  8. Patto


    Been a while since i last came and glad to find that Mr Pete Taylor is still delivering a great Traditional old School Northern Soul night.All the DJs played great sets all Original Vinyl as always here.Not many venues like this left out there doing it Real and Right
  9. After a nice copy on original Barry label.Please send PM if you have one with price etc
  10. Wanted a nice condition Cee Jam original Demo please PM Patto
  11. Realy nice Ex plus bordering on Mint copy of this in demander see pic Price £60 inc first class recorded post Payment NO PAYPAL. ACCEPT CHEQUE OR CONCELED CASH SENT RECORDED . Pm s to secure thanks
  12. Patto

    John Manship Auction this week.

    Guys was that a typo did you say 1300 quid.
  13. Patto


    A Frantic escape to the Gas club this Friday You Know it makes Sense
  14. When i first Heard the Gloria Jones version i thought it was awesome.However on reflection Rita is the better cut,and as stated the instro is great
  15. Patto

    James Carr Losing game

    Think the Yelow/ White and the Blue are both 1967 originals but not to sure about the all yellow one. Also on the 1967 UK Stateside of course


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