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  1. Lovely Copy Ex plus of this Classic oldie on the Beautiful Blue Cat original label Price 80 pounds inc first class recorded post Payment Cash conceled in mailer sent recorded or cheque NO paypal or bank transfere PM TO RESERVE
  2. Hi Guy Anyone got a nice Curtom original for sale please ket me know as ive been after one for ages Cash waiting top price paid Thanks PATTO
  3. So is the Jo By the local release and the Tag the national.I know the Jo By is more dosh but to be honest i have seen more of these than the Tag ones.
  4. Just noticed this one coming up for aution on Manship.His is on the rarer pink Jo By release.I have it on the Tag release.Think they were both released in same year is Joby local and Tag National
  5. Yes mate thanks ive seen it and it would be insane to pay that price. Still looking for a fair price one please
  6. I Have just put a want up in Sales for this.Just to make sure was the 1976 cream copy the first legit appearence of tge instrumental cut Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Im looking for the Cream Uk copy of Four Perfections im not strong enough Im after it for the original outing of the instrumental which is one of my fave instros Please pm me for a cash sale PATTO
  8. Thanks Bo nice to have the DJ copy.Manship also posted the yellow copy on You tube which he refers to as a genuine original copy.Im sure the green styrene was first but not much in it and different pressing plants.It appears the counterfeiter of the yellow issue tried to transfere thec ZTSC number found on the green Styrene copies onto his yellow Counterfeit.Therefore a real genuine yellow press must not have the ZTSC number,or at least thats how i see it.If anyone else has and info please post
  9. Hi Guys Always coming accross different opinions on this one.The copy i have is the Yellow label with Red Legend logo and black text on vinyl.The run out just has L1014A Scratched in and nothing else.Now researching Manships guide and others on the net there appears to be a counterfiet of the yellow issue but the give away is that in the wrong un the counterfeiter has scratched in ZTSC 148638.mine does not have this see attached pics.Would love to hear any other opinions on this minefield one and do i have an original yellow vinyl issue. Thanks Patto
  10. HI Steve i would appreciate it if you could let me have one of the spares pref the better player.Please let me know whenyou get chance
  11. Hi Rick Thanks for the reply Top man.Yes im fine if being addicted to buying Rare Northern Soul records is classed as fine lol.Hope your doing good yourself.As for the record i thought they were on vinyl not styrene but could be wrong.Its appears that almost everyone who has had this are not happy with the sound quality.But your vinyl copy plays well so that proves they are out there.Been after a good one to play out for several years now Many Regards PATTO

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