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  1. THE GAS CLUB with John Poole

    Cheers Dave the punters can look forward to yours and Lorraines spots as well as top quality originals in your boxes these days,last few spots have been brill. As for Mr Brooke always look forward to seeing the top man one of my fave DJs anywhere past and present This is a real deal Northern Soul venue everything in place for the real soul people to lap up 23RD OF Sept folks the place to be
  2. There does seem to be a lot of records around at the moment.I dont think its anything to do with stock loads being discovered in the states.Maybe more of a sign of people selling up their collections to dealers or unfortunately collections from guys who are n...
  3. THE GAS CLUB with John Poole

    Too right Dave that sound system was awesome last time out.Looking forward to the next one big style and a great guest D.J with John Poole.Last time i saw him was a top set played at The Kings Hall Stoke where i think he is now a resident. Sept 23rd will fall on another Wigan Casino Anniversary night whats this now the 44th i believe.So i will tip my hat in respect and spin a few old Casino faves in my set to rest alongside some underplayed stuff ive got planned Hows these 4 casino era sounds for starters all ovo as per usual Patto
  4. These two never fail to well me up
  5. Your right Martyn . Mine is a Demo and i have personally never seen an issue. Patto
  6. Next up a Stafford era stormer which has become quite in demand recent years.
  7. Guys Not posted for an age so heres one thats got under my skin of late.Recently played out my copy of The Chaumonts---I need your love.But tucked on the flip is this track which after a few spins wormholes its way into your brain

    Now thats what you call a proper Northern soul night Great records all on original labels,Great people, Great attendance,Great Dancers,Great venue,Great Atmosphere. And it all even sounded better after Dave had upgraded the Speakers. This night is going from strength to strength and is evolving into a must go venue.Many positive comments on the night and constructive suggestions from respected regulars.Im sure the guys will tweek things as they go to give as many people as they can a great night. Was a pleasure to be there Patto
  9. J Manship Auction Results 23/08/2017

    Towanda Barnes one of my all time Fave Slabs of pure Northern Soul had my copy for ages.Always banged onto people about how good the flip was.Maybe folk have cottened on and the value of the disc is onthe up.

    Think your right Chris there is deffo a Buzz on for this night. Sorting my box out with a few new uns to let loose.A set planned full of Casino and Torch biggies with a couple of underplayed surprises thrown in the mix. PEP on for an hour and a half expecting a great night See yer all there Patto
  11. Nice playlist mate.That Del Counts is a bit special
  12. J Manship Auction Results 16/08/2017

    Ive got one of those Gene Chandler Mr Big Shot on the Stars design west coast issue.£327 never thought it would fetch that much is it a lot rarer than the Standard East Coaster.

    Really enjoyed DJing for you over the past Year Dave.Had some great nights with great people and heard some great sounds. Looking forward to Seeing Pep this month a legendary D.J from the early days of the scene. Take note soulies Saturday August 26th this is the place to be.Big venue,Big floor,Big memory jerking records all real deal with no bootlegs or reissues. Give your Soul a Northern Boost see ye there Patto
  14. Larry Hale---Once Unusual copy

    THANKS Tim not just a one off then a small batch must have been put out with no credits
  15. Larry Hale---Once Unusual copy

    Tim was yours a blank label on the Once side as well