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  1. Patto


    Hi Ian Ive got most of those myself mate.Metropolitan was for Ian Levines Rocket all nighters.Top Dog would be Stafford i guess but lost mine.Stateside i had but cant bloody remember where it was late 90s.Recall Soultastic was Alfreton my number was 007.Okeh promotions was Keele.West Park was Griffin leeds.Manfesto soul club.Great Northern Soul club i think was John Vincents Sheffield.
  2. Patto

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    This one as well Blue
  3. TOTAL STORMER Martyn great record.I think i read somewhere that Barbara was Barbara Kerr and as stated later to become Rosco's Wife
  4. Real Nice Ex condition Demo of this Powerful slab of R&B Northern. Price just 50 pounds inc first class recorded delivery Payment CHEQUE OR CONCELED CASH NO PAYPAL THANKS Pms to secure
  5. Patto

    Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back

    Glad it worked out mate but it is frustrating i feel your pain.Its good to raise these issues as we all have been stung by various boots over the years.
  6. Patto

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Hi Mate this is a conundrum we have All had and i own both the labels.However if you do some research on both the releases you mention you will find that they are both dubious and its not certain that either are legit.Therefore the only deffo way of playing a legit release is the Kent label one which is what i opt for so no arguements can ensue.
  7. Patto

    Wigan Joker

    Pete i just missed the Casino.My first Nighters were in the 80s at Clifton Hall and Stafford amoung a few others.I just love to listen to the stories of the Early Casino guys and my beer filled afternoon with my Casino pal was great fun.If i told him a story about Keele or Blackburn or Bretby he just trumped it and Bettered it with Casino stories. My mate doesnt go anywhere these days but if he came to see me DJ i just know he would shout at Me PATTO get the Royal vibes on.Try telling him i only play OVO
  8. Patto

    Bad soul doo's

    I went to a soul night around 10 years ago.Walked in and the first couple of tracks were quite rare tunes so i said to the promoters Nice tunes do you play Originals.DEFFO came back the reply ill play Suspicion by them for you later on. I KID YOU NOT
  9. Patto

    Wigan Joker

    Not as strong or as Peculiar as the stuff the old casino guys were on when they danced to it including my mate who loves the track
  10. Patto

    Wigan Joker

    Its amazing what you start talking about after a few hours downing pints in a local pub beer garden sat in 30 degrees heat So this afternoon im sat with an old mate of mine who was a casino attendee and he chooses to pick this record to bang on about AGAIN.He says that the Royal Vibes version of the Wigan Joker is not technically a bootleg as it didnt get released at the time so the Bee copy is the original. I say that Simon Soussan ripped off the mylestones version by sampling it without permission in the studio so its a boot.However i take his point that The first release is the Bee copy as it was played at the casino on a acetate. So sorry to resurect this thread but to settle the arguement is the Royal Vibes considered as legit
  11. Patto

    Northern bargain 5 pack

    Bargain pack of 5 great dancers all original labels all in excellent condition Price 50 pounds inc first class recorded delivery for the pack of 5 Payment CHEQUE or CONCELED CASH SENT RECORDED NO PAYPAL records ahown below
  12. For sale here the 1966 French Atlantic EP 45 RPM copy which plays the longer version of Night Time.Hard to find complete with pic sleeve in Excellent condition Price 30 pounds inc first class recorded delivery Payment CHEQUES OR CONCELED CASH SENT RECORDED PLEASE NOTE NO PAYPAL PM to reserve
  13. Patto


    Dave 2 years for the gas club.You and Chris have put in a tremendous effort to keep the flame going in Sheffield and its been an honour to play my part in it all. Two years where we have seen 4 venues, Two years of playing tonnes of great O V O Northern Soul Records.Two years of great enjoyment and laughs. Two Years where A group of like minded friends have all stayed tight and tried to Deliver a Traditional night the way it should be.Lets keep Stomping along for as long as possible mate.
  14. HI Guys Was reading the other day about vinyl being adversly effected by storing them in tightly packed boxes housed in plastic outer sleeve covers.Saw the you tube video on the subject by John Manship who seems to imply that there can be a problem with the old very thick sleeves.Has anyone had any probs using the thinner ones pictured below.
  15. Patto


    Come on people lets get This iconic Sheffield venue bouncing.Traditional Northern Soul played on real deal Original label vinyl.Classic tunes and underplayed gems.Lets make it a packer and generate some Northern atmosphere to get the pulse banging. Got asked for Loretta Williams last week and didnt have it but its in the box ready for a spin along with The Bell Boys and Miss DD Phillips. Chris Brooke played an awesome spot last month so miss the next one at your peril.Myself,Dave ,Loz, and Paul will fill in the blanks with quality stuff all night


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