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  1. "The Gas Club @ Crookes" SHEFFIELD

    Should be a cracker if last month is anything to go by. Really looking forward to a Gas club shot of real deal Traditional Northern Soul. Can't wait to see the crew and Mr Brooke's record haul from Hong Kong and Oz
  2. Stuart Brackenbridge RIP

    Last saw the Soul Twins both together play a very nice set of Wigan Oldies at Castle Park Donny about a year ago now.Big part of Casino History.Sad news indeed .
  3. I Have an issue which is harder than the demo.Seen one for sale on s recent list for 50.Its a thumpin version
  4. "The Gas Club @ Crookes" SHEFFIELD

    Looking forward to it Dave and really looking forward to Mr Parker who is aTop Draw DJ.Last months playlist from me was the following. Shalimars---Stop And Take A Look At Yourself---Verve Glories---I Worship You Baby---Date Demo Jeanette Harper--Put Me In Your Pocket---20th Century Demo Sheila Anthony---Livin In Love---Buttercup Capreez--- How To Make A Sad Man Glad --- Sound Demo Thelma Houston--- Baby Mine--- Capitol Demo Shane Martin---I Need You---Epic Joey Dee---How Can I Forget (inst)---Caneil Velvet Satins--- Nothing can compare to you---General American issue Jackie Trent----You Baby--- Pye UK Florence Devore---Kiss Me Now---Phi-Dan Linda Jones--- I Just Cant Live My Life -- Warner Bros Demo Frank Lyndon----Dont Go Away Baby--- Uptown Demo Gloria Jones--- Come Go With Me---Uptown Demo Eddie Holman---- I surrender--- A B C Dee Dee Sharp---- What Kind Of Lady--- Gamble Demo Art Freeman--- Slippin Around---Fame issue French Fries---- Danse A La Musique--- Epic Robert Thomas---- Salvation--- Charay Argtistics--- Hope We Have---- Coral UK Exciters---- Blowing Up My Mind--- R C A Demo Four Pros---- Just Another Girl--- Carla Demo Ron Holden ---- Ill Forgive And Forget--- Challenge Demo Soul Twins--- Quick Change Artist--- Karen Demo Tojo --- Broken Hearted Lover--- T E C Kim Tolliver----I Dont Know What Foot To Dance On--- Castro So Expect more of the same type of classic old skool oldies all on original labels.EVEN better stuff from Chris, Lorraine,Dave,and Paul as they all have better stuff than me .Ill leave you with a couple of new additions to the box
  5. Great instrumental mines not for sale but i have just seen one on Sean Chapmans site mate
  6. Late 90s early 2000s R&B tunes were firmly entrenched in most playlists.This one i first heard at a Winsford Nighter and i bought one as soon as i could.Never heard it played out since
  7. Took me a while to get a real original of this all time classic but its in the box now
  8. Lenis Guess Just ask me

    Always liked the Elsie Strong version of this on Finally label.It has the instrumental on the flip which is great in its own right.
  9. Hi Guys Just noticed this fantastic track has made its first appearence on You Tube .This is The flip of the Northern Classic Ill Never Forget You.I Have it on the Jamie Demo and for me the Since youve Been My Girl has been ignored for years. Did hear on...
  10. Betty Boo-Spellbound

    UPDATE. after talking it over with several DJs whos opinions i respect i have made my own mind up in favour of the Soul Junction 45.I Have purchased one and can confirm its a top quality recording on nice thick vinyl. The 45 as far as i can make out is t...
  11. A week late but had a couple of people asking for my playlist from Jan 27th so here it is.Spot from 9 while 10 Shalimars---Stop And Take A Look At Yourself---Verve Glories---I Worship You Baby---Date Demo Jeanette Harper--Put Me In Your ...
  12. ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    In my box ready for a spin at the next Gas Club at Crookes Sheffield
  13. Nice set Ian good mix of well known and lesser played tunes Have you ever tried the Corvairs version of Ray Paige its a stormer
  14. Betty Boo-Spellbound

    Nice one Peter made me smile mate cheers
  15. ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    Tony this one might fit the bill

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