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  1. Looking for a nice Copy of the above.Doesnt have to be mint but a good DJing copy. MUST Be Original multicoloured Evolution Please PM me with price and details Thanks Patto
  2. I Recall Guy playing the Back Street instrumental but cant ever remember I Have faith in you.
  3. Well i wish i owned a copy of Doni just for the flip side Bari Track. However Edwins version is far Better always brings up the neck hairs whenever i hear it
  4. Patto

    PATTO Playlist Davys

    My Tunes spun at Davys June 16th.All OVO. Falcons---Good Good Feeling---Big Wheel Soulville All stars---- Im Gonna Get To you--- Soulville Lonnie Lester--- You Cant Go--- Nu-Tone Belles---Dont Pretend---Mirwood Triumphs---- Im Coming To Your Rescue--- Okeh Demo Tojo--- Broken Hearted Lover---T E C Glories---I Worship You Baby---Date Demo Sheila Anthony---Livin In Love---Buttercup ..
  5. Patto


    Well We sure did manage to Shake another dancefloor. Fantastic response to The Gas Club at Davys last night.PROPER Northern Atmosphere.PROPER Northern Crowd,and PROPER Original Vinyl on the decks. Thanks to all that came and made it a special night.So So good to DJ looking down on Top dancers and everyone enjoying themselves.A few asked me for the names of some lesser played teacks so my playlist will be up later. Chris Brooke's Spot so good they were even giving him complimentary pies afterwards.
  6. Prev unissued the first legit release is on the Soul King label as in the clip,With the fantastic Candle on the flip.The Rons is a later re issue.
  7. Patto


    Cant wait Guys.Something tells me Mr Brooke will be on fire for this one.With the Gas club gang you can guarantee to hear loads of Classic Anthems and floorfillers but we also will be trying to spin a fair share of lesser played Crackers.So many people complain about hearing the same oldies all the time so its about creating a nice balance. With that in mind here are a few underplayed stormers tapping on my box lid.See you all Saturday PATTO
  8. NICE ONE Martyn they look like a fun bunch, the first village people.Always loved this instro from youth club stompin days.My copy is the Australian issue
  9. Not been on this thread for a while and very impressed with the quality of stuff that ive missed.My contribution tonight is my latest purchase.A stormer from Detroit in the shape of The falcons.
  10. Patto

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Doni Burdick and Dynamics Dynamics prob the better record but Doni was a massive spin as well during the 90s.Both have a near perfect backing track for the dancers
  11. Patto


    Here is one i play by the Chalfontes.It tells you how to pronounce it on the label credits (Shell Fon Tays).Despite this most still say it how its spelt.
  12. Patto

    Pictures of Us

    Yeah well said BabyBoy and well done mate.I for one like your attitude and fresh approach you have brought to the site.
  13. Patto


    Well The Gas Club Crew have played at more Sheffield Venues than Def leppard First of all it has to be said that we were Totally guttered about losing Walkley.The Walkley Club venue was soul night perfection and to have it ripped away from us so soon is hard to take. After just 2 nights the great potential of the club was there for all to see.It was on course to become one of the best Northern Soul Venues in the region. Really feel for Chris Brooke and Dave Brenton who have put an incredible amount of work into establishing a real Deal Traditional OVO soul night.For me its been an Honour to be part of the Gas Club team they are a Great bunch of genuine Soul people just trying to share all that is best about the scene with like minded people. The Gas Club gang are still tight and live to fight another day at our new Venue Davys.Everyone knows this place and how suitable it is for our scene so all thats left to say from me is Thanks to all the Fantastic people that supported us at our previous venues and lets hope we get to shake another dancefloor together. PATTO
  14. Patto

    The Kid - in a shirt a tie - nice

    Sorry about that RC.Over the years ive seen several of the boots sold and played as originals.I have bought a couple off the internet and had to send em back.Seen a few say they have the UK original as well but it was the 2nd issue.
  15. Patto

    The Kid - in a shirt a tie - nice

    The UK 1966 first issue is credited to Andre Brasseur and his Multi Sound Organ.The later 2nd issues 1970 dont have Multi Sound Organ.