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  1. Looking forward again to a great night of Original label Traditional Northern Soul.Need some support for these type of real deal events so hope to see a good turn out.These 4 are ready at the front of my playbox and many more from Chris,Dave,and Lorraine. PATTO
  2. Thanks Mark Pat was one of my faves Stafford Years.Any idea on the Falcons
  3. Two treasured records that i own are FALCONS GOOD GOOD FEELING BIG WHEEL J B TROY LIVE ON MUSICOR Now i first heard these tunes during the mid 80s but did the Falcons or J B Troy get any earlier action at the casino.I cant say that i have ever seen them on any casino playlist but i guess they could have made the tail end days. Thanks in advance for any info where you first heard them and played by Who
    BYRON SOUL CLUB.Made our first trip last night and totally loved it.Thanks for the fantastic warm welcome.Venue superb.Simon Richard and Stu Teece early spot were full of great underplayed and loved classics.Just listening to those 2 guys would have been enough for me but then the place just got lifted to another level.Incredible sets from Glyn Sisson and Nev Shooter left me drooling at the fabulous Deck cameras record after record.Gene Toones,Eddie Parker,Lester Tipton,Salvadors,Gwen and Ray,Doni Burdick.and many more TAKE A BOW BYRON PROMOTERS THATS HOW TO DO A SOUL NIGHT. Craig Patterson (PATTO).
  4. Patto

    Newstead Soul Club

    I really enjoyed doing a set here last month.Great to see my mate and fellow Sheffield Gas Club DJ Chris Brooke is on the rosta this month.Your in for a treat Chris is A fantastic DJ and has lived the scene from the early years.We will be making the trip for sure
  5. After a Federal Green original copy of this please.Pm if you have one to go with price Thanks PATTO
  7. Hi guys Looking for clean copy originals of The following records.please pm with any details SUSAN RAFEY HURTS SO BAD JOEY DEE PUT YOUR HEART IN IT
  8. Hi guys i would like to trade this Ex condition copy of Irene And the Scotts Records im after are these originals only please so if you fancy a trade PM me. SUSAN RAFEY HURTS SO BAD JOEY DEE PUT YOUR HEART IN IT JESSICA JAMES WELL BE MAKING OUT
  9. Hi Mate There are half a dozen on discogs all about right price as its quite sought after
  10. Always a friend and Supporter of the Gas club gang John RESPECT
  11. Gas Club at Horti Last night.Great night with very optomistic signs for the future.Punters in from Leeds,Manchester,and Notts.Great to see Mr Rob Wicks call in and former World Champ Keith Driver gracing the floor.Some of the best sets ive heard from the mysto Chris Brooke and later from Dave and Loz.I just fitted in as usual and had a blast playing The Gas Club Format of Original vinyl LOVED ONES,FORGOTTEN ONES,NEGLECTED ONES
  12. I Have the same problem.Would much prefere to dance in brogues but Ankle is Knackered and feet arches so have to use trainers.It is a problem getting a sole that is not too grippy but Addidas seem the best
    Did a DJ spot last night at NEWSTEAD SOUL CLUB.Cracking venue and made welcome thanks for inviting me.My set of classic oldies went down well with some really nice comments thanks to all.I was on between 2 Brilliant other guest DJs.Before me was a re assuring and fantastic vision of the future Alex Gallagher.A young lady with some incredible Original label records who played a great varied set.Then i had the honour of handing over to Gaz Shooter who nailed it showing his experience and reading the crowd just right a top DJ.Anyway really enjoyed the trip downTop venue
  13. A smaller club with a nice layout for a soul night.This could generate a great old school atmosphere.So lets make it happen and keep the Sheffield Original Vinyl scene alive.

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