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  1. Cathy has been one of my fave DJs in recent Years.Always plays Quality Traditional Northern Soul right up my street as that playlist confirms.
  2. Hi Guys Two Great storming Records. JAMES SPENCER IN LAW TROUBLE ALFREDA BROCKINGTON YOUR LOVE HAS GOT ME CHAINED AND BOUND PRICE 40 POUNDS EACH OR 70 FOR THE PAIR No paypal im afraid so sale will have to be Conceled Cash or a cheque in a mailer sent recorded.Records in Ex playing condition Labels as shown in pics
  3. Ive got an original Millionaires on Same Castle label and would love an Ellingtons to go with it.Got a few trades to go so give me a PM if you fancy a swap deal please
  4. Dorothy Beery Dont Give Me Love Big 3 Ex condition Price 70 pounds inc pp Payment conceeled cash or cheque sent recorded in a mailer..NO PAYPAL THANKS
  5. Hi Guys.Looking for reasonable offers on these Two Great Records.No paypal im afraid so sale will have to be Conceled Cash in a mailer sent recorded,Cheque, or Collection if local or at an event
  6. No looking for a hard box flight case style for 50 records
  7. Any recomendations out there for a quality 50 count flight case style record box please
  8. Brid is your best bet mate something for everyone
  9. Early Shout for the next instalment of THE GAS CLUB SHEFFIELD.Join House DJs Chris Brooke,Dave Brenton,Craig Patterson (PATTO), and lorraine Gregory (LOZ) for a night of Traditional Northern Soul all played loud and proud on Original labels.FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28th.
  10. Thanks Guys but still looking please only send Pms if you have one for sale thanks
  11. If the original one is for sale then send me a full scan of it via PM and your price please.
  12. Arnt they both the same pic mate.The e looks smuged in them both.The clincher is the matrix details as in my post

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