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  1. Agreed with Ian and Chalky.The Columbia Special Product releases are around 1977 almost 10 years after the original epic releases.They were done to fuel the demand from the scene and can only be classed as later reissues even though they are totally legit. ...
  2. Ha Ha .As soon as i saw the head spin bollocks i knew what was waiting for me at work.Sure enough monday morning came the shout( Patto so thats why your as bald as a billiard ball)

    BANG ON Dave looking forward to it big time.Box sorted already with these babies pushing their way to front for Satdi
  4. Glories --I Worship you baby SORTED

    Thanks for the offers guys now sorted with a copy
  5. Oh dear not looking forward to this.Get ready at your local soul night for a load of Brendan Cole lookalikes turning up and all your relatives this christmas saying thats what youve been into then all these years
  6. Glories --I Worship you baby SORTED

    Still looking for this please.Had several offers of the boot but only interested in the original and willing to pay top side of the going rate for a nice un.
  7. Another one ive been re aquainted with.One of the cheapest original label wigan anthems you can buy and still one of the best.
  8. Hi Guys NOW SORTED After this please looking for a nice condition Date original copy of the above demo or issue Pms please with price and condition for a cash sale Patto

    Nice one Chris.The highlight of the night for me is usually a Mr Chris Brooke spot as my Daughter says hes got the SWAG .Bugger the Swag id just settle for half his records . All looking good for a top night roll on Patto
  10. Best In 60's & 70's Northern Soul

    Enjoyed it last night.Good tunes played all through and 2 really good guest DJs that i had not seen before. A real good soul night well done guys n gals
  11. State of the Union??!!!x

    Great Togetherness video Sooty i hardly missed one those days .The scene was Great back then.Cant believe so many people failed with the Young Hearts question though.Good to see your still on form.
  12. Video of Sheridans from 2004

    Fantastic Video full of the big nighter sounds from the late 90s into early 00s era.Many characters on show.Thanks for posting
  13. Chris Morgan--Who am i--Bell Demo(trade)

    THANKS for all the Trade offers guys ive now accepted one so its now closed
  14. Chris Morgan--Who am i--Bell Demo(trade)

    Had several offers of trades and going to leave till tonight before contacting the one i want thanks.Ill reply to all messages either way
  15. EX Condition demo copy.Thing is i really want a trade on this not a sale.I value it at around 125 and im looking for any similar priced traditional Northern oldie on original label of course.So send me a couple of suggested trades you feel may fit the bill an...