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  1. When i first Heard the Gloria Jones version i thought it was awesome.However on reflection Rita is the better cut,and as stated the instro is great
  2. Patto

    James Carr Losing game

    Think the Yelow/ White and the Blue are both 1967 originals but not to sure about the all yellow one. Also on the 1967 UK Stateside of course
  3. Patto


    Early shout from me for The Gas club at Davys On an unusual Friday spot 26th.This is a night for the Dancers and lovers of totaly Traditional Northern Soul,With the added essential bonus of hearing it all on Original labels.Get down and support these kind of venues while they are still hear to enjoy. Ill sign off withTwo recent purchases from me that are lined up for a spin See ye soon PATTO
  4. Patto

    Guy Hennigan Tape 20th September 1983

    Nice one Chalky gonna give this a listen through..Never realised James Spencer--In Law Trouble was a Guy Spin,
  5. Patto

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    Yeah good call Bruv that a real heart tugger
  6. Patto

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    This one gets me everytime
  7. Looking for a nice copy on Mercury original issue or demo NOW SORTED THANKS PM with details please Patto
  8. Patto


    A very enjoyable night last night at Davys despite numbers being down a bit.We missed the Smokin Guns Crew but were treated to the usual Dance mania antics of Mick and Dean and the Sheffield Nutterz.When DJing its a great thrill to look down on these guys performing as well as the graceful stylish dancers such as Sid and Cheryl and Phil and Tina who support the Gas club most nights. Also nice to meet Andy Marshall and have a brief chat,a real soul man and i wish him all the best with his promotions. Music last night great all dancers from Start to finish from all the DJs with Chris pulling out a few big money monsters. Happy Birthday to Our Loz THE BEST 60 YEAR OLD GREAT GRANDMOTHER FEMALE DJ IN YORKSHIRE. PATTO
  9. Patto


    Sure you will enjoy it Andy.Like the flyer says its all about mixing up The Loved Ones,The Forgotten ones,and the neglected ones.But most importantly all on Original labels.Come over and have a chat mate Patto
  10. Patto


    Nice one Chris. looking forward to handing over the decks to the Gas Clubs finest again.Bring it on people and not forgetting Lorraines birthday celebrations.
  11. Thanks mate its the instrumental im interested in and you have answered my question in that the first release was the Select one
  12. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the two Kent releases of this prev unissued instrumental.One on Kent select and one on Kent Town.Which version is the best to play out .
  13. Patto

    Poly record sleeves safe

    Done a lot of research on this over the last couple of months.It appears there are no problems with the Poly sleeves as pictured in my first post and as pic below.I personally like using these as it protects the labels from ring wear when stored and when playing out.When DJ ing I like to get my records out of my box and put them to one side on the table.The poly gives that added bit of protection.
  14. Patto

    Pictures of Us

    One here of me and my daughter Jess at her first Brid Weekender 7 years ago
  15. Patto

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Both have been spun at the sheffield Gas club nights Ian.We like to spin the forgotten oldies.No plug intended.Also with the Clifford curry lots of interest in the flip side Aint no Danger


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