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New Round Of 40 45s Up Now

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New round up now, ending on the evening of October 8. More R&B/Northern/Popcorn/Teen etc.

About Me:


Items for sale:


Johnny Acey - Stay Away Love / You Walked Out (and Left Me) Falew! 101

Patti Austin - Got To Check You Out / What A Diff'rence A Day Makes (Coral 62511) DJ

Joe Barry - I Can't Do Without You / Can't Live Without You (Sho-Biz 2001) EX

The Bon Bons - Everybody Wants My Boy Friend / Each Time (Coral 62435) EX DJ

The Chandeliers - She's A Heartbreaker / Give Me Your Love (Sue 761) wol

Little Joe Cook - These Lonely Tears / This I Know (Fury 1060)

The Detours - Try To Hold On / Try To Hold On (MCA 40626) DJ same song both sides

The Duke of Earl - Daddy's Home / The Big Lie (Vee Jay 450) wlp

Arthur Epps - There Was A Party / Mona (Spark 900) EX

Cookie Gabriel - I Just Can't Take It No More / No Love Sweeter Than Mine (Carma 509)

Clentt Gant - Growing Strong / If I Could Pretend (Chanson 1004) VG+

Reggie Garner - That Ain't the Way (You Make Love) / Half A Cup (ABC 11440) VG+

The Genies - Shoo Fly Pie / I'm Going Home (Lenox 5562) VG

Bill Giant - Poof! / Tomorrow's Clown (MGM 13054) VG+ DJ xol

Art Grayson - Be Ever Mine / When I Get Home (HBR 462)

E. Jackie Hines - I'm Not the Fool / I'm Not the Fool (Cosmic 101) NM- wlp

Freddie Houston - Don't You Feel It / No Love So True (Carlton 542) wol

The Jades - There Will Come A Day / He's My Guy (Port 042) DJ

Jimmy & Jean - I Can't Believe / I Want To Marry You (Sue 743) wol

Ruby Johnson - I Can't Do It / Why You Want To Leave Me (Neb's 511)

Herman Lewis - Think Before You Walk Away / Think Before You Walk Away (Mercury 73002) wlp

Ray Lewis - Sitting At Home With My Baby / Too Sweet To Be Lonely (D'or 101)

The Marvells - What About the Mountain? / The Miracle of Life (Finer Arts 2019) wol

Mary Ann Miles / Percy Dancy - Love Me / Got A Thing Going (Celeste 902)

Jessie Paul - Johnny Let Me Go / My First Lonely Night (World Pacific 402)

Christine Perfect - I'd Rather Go Blind / Get Like You Used To Be (Epic 10536) VG+ wlp

Joe Perkins and Ray Franklin - Until You Were Gone / Thing of the Past (Chris 001) VG+

Bill Pinkney & the Original Drifters - Millionaire / Ol' Man River (Game 394)

Lance Rentzel - Lookin' Like Somethin' That Ain't / Beyond Love (Columbia 44595) wlp

Kenny Rogers - Fox's Den / That's Not My Bag (Foxcar 902)

The Rue-Lets - Sugaree / Do It (Acadian 301)

Terri Sharp - A Love That Will Last / I'm Young (Ventura 725)

Joe Simon & the Checkmates - The Pledge / It's All Over (Hush 106) VG+

Mac Simmons - You're So Fine / Blue Light (PM 4723)

Gwen Stacey - Ain't Gonna Cry No More / Give Thanks To A Friend (RCA Victor 8306) wol

Gloria Taylor - Born A Woman / Do Your Duty (King Soul 865) VG+

The Teardrops - I Will Always Love You Dear, Forever / Bubble Gummer (Musicor 1218) wlp

Nancy Thomas - Rainbow Girl / Nighty Night (Cub 9087)

Frankie Vaughan - Hercules / I'm Gonna Clip Your Winds (Philips 40070)

The Versatiles - You're Good Enough For Me / Bye Bye Baby (Bronco 2050) wol

Verna Williams - You Better Prove It / Wrong Number, Right Girl (Belinda 100) sol

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