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  1. Has anything changed about shipping to Norway somewhat recently? I have an order from a repeat customer - address hasn't changed - and my shipping software is giving me grief about the post code. I've sent a message to the customer but thought I would check in here as well since I know there are some seasoned sellers here.
  2. I acquired a large collection recently with a large quantity of New Orleans records in it. I will keep my eyes open for this one for you.
  3. Batiste Band - Starlite vocal / instrumental (Dynasty 181949) NM- $75 + postage
  4. Hank Jacobs on hold. Several people have asked so I have a bit of a queue if the first in line falls through. I suppose I underpriced that one. At any rate, I think its safe to say that nobody else will need to ask after that title. Others still ready to go, however.
  5. Deniece Chandler - Mama I Wish I Stayed at Home / I'd Believe Him (Lock 45-600) VG wlp wol $65 The Commands - No Time For You / Hey It's Love (Back Beat 570) VG+ $65 Vernon Garrett - If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time / You and Me Together (Modern 45xM 1026) VG $25 Vernon Garrett - Don't Do What I Do / I've Learned My Lesson (Watts USA 0006) NM- $125 Rex Garvin - Queen of the Go-Go / The Other Man (Tower 374) VG+ wlp $30 Willie Gee Pure Soul - You Left Me Standing / If You Wanna Leave Me (Authentic AU 007) NM- $50 Rosco Gordon - Just A Little At A Time / Gotta Keep Rolling (Old Town 1167) VG+ xol wlp $20 Hank Jacobs - Elijah Rockin With Soul / East Side (Call Me CM-5385) NM- $50 Otis Leavill - Boomerang / To Be or Not To Be (Blue Rock B-4015) VG+ bb $15 The Magics - Let's Boogaloo / If I Didn't Have You (RFA 100) VG+ $25 The Prime Ministers - Make-Up / I Don't Know No More (RCA 47-9470) VG+ DJ $25 Mel Starr - Lovin On the Outside / That Means So Much To Me (Tripple Park 001) VG+ $25 The Volumes - I Just Can't Help Myself / One Way Lover (American Arts AA-18) VG $125 Charles Whitehead - Between the Lines / Predicament #3 (Stone Dogg A-702) NM- bb $15 Postage: $4.50 US / $15 Canada / $18 World
  6. Willie Cooper & The Webs - You Don't Love Nobody / I Can't Take It No More (Dynamic 105) NM- XOL $325 + postage Two Xs on each label, DJ Copy rubber stamped on A side label.
  7. The Fabulous Gardenias - What's the Matter with Me / It's You, You, You (Liz 1004) NM- $95 Betty James - I Like the Way You Walk / Salt In Your Coffee (Chess 1970) NM- wlp $50 Betty James - I'm A Little Mixed Up / Help Me To Find My Love (Chess 1801) VG+ $70 Bobby Long - Mo Jo Workout / Red Roses (Vegas V-500) VG+ red $115 Little Esther Phillips - Mo Jo Hannah / No Headstone on My Grave (Atlantic 45-2229) strong VG $35 Julien Covey - A Little Bit Hurt / Sweet Bacon (Fontana 260.100TF) NM- / VG+ sleeve $80 The Creation - Making Time / Try and Stop Me (Planet 45-116) VG+ wlp $80 The Creation - Painter Man / Biff Bang Pow (Planet 45-119) VG+ wlp $60 Rupert's People - Hold On / Reflections of Charles Brown (Bell 684) NM- bb $45 The Yo Yo's - Gotta Find A New Love / I've Got Something In My Eye (Goldwax 310) VG+ bb $100 The Zombies - Is This the Dream EP (Decca 457.100 M) VG+ / VG+ $125 name rubber stamped on both sides of cover and both labels. Postage: Free inside the US, $15 to Canada, $18 rest of world.
  8. I have a clean copy that I could probably let go if you don't mind buying from a U.S. seller. I can't get to it until tomorrow morning to double check it but from memory it's EX to NM-.
  9. Nappy Brown - Coal Miner / Noonie-Boonie (Savoy 1574) VG+ $95 King Coleman - Down In the Basement / Crazy Feelin (Togo 600) VG+ $150 Johnny Cool - The Love Bounce / That's You My Love (Custom 133) NM- $200 Vernon Garrett - Don't Do What I Do / I've Learned My Lesson (Watts USA 0005) NM- Barbara Lynn - Trying To Love Two / Trying To Love Two (Ichiban 88-12) NM- wlp $150 Postage free inside the US for orders over $150. Otherwise $4.50 US, $15 Canada, $18 World (no shipping to Italy or Russia)
  10. Dave Bartholomew - Junk Man / Hey-Hey (Broadmoor 101) VG+ $400 Los Dinamicos Exciters - Gipsy Queen / K-Jee (Excitom EX 002) VG $250 Pearl Dowell - It's All Over / Good Things (Saadia 0916) NM- $750 Gene Redding - I Got Soul / I Need Your Lovin (Bell B-819) VG+ wlp $300 Sex - It's You (Baby It's You) / Wonders of the World (Super City 70115) strong VG $1100 Ernest Skipper - Shotgun Joe part 1 / part 2 (Rosemont R-8201) VG++ $400 Postage: Free in the US, $15 to Canada, $18 Rest of world. I am not shipping to Italy or the Russian Federation.
  11. Rance Allen - I Know A Man Who VG+ $90 Gospel Comforter - Jesus Will Help Me VG+ $110 Jordan Travelers - God Will Answer VG $40 Preacher & The Saints - Jesus Rhapsody NM- $375 Shackleford Singers - God Is All Over Me VG+ $160 The Soul Stirrers - Don't You Worry VG wol $150 Swan Silvertones - If You Believe Your God Is Dead VG $130 William Singers - It's So Good To Be Alive NM- wol $110 Postage free inside the US orders over $150. Otherwise $4.50 US, $15 Canada, $18 World (no shipping to Italy or Russia)
  12. Basic question about this. Doesn't eBay automatically add the VAT to the invoices? I've always been happy to set low customs declarations since it means nothing to the United States shipper either way but I'm somewhat confused by what the experience is on the other end. Is eBay not charging VAT or are you getting hit twice, by eBay and again by customs on the same sale? I do know that Discogs charges the VAT expense at the point of sale.

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