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  1. Aren't all bidders de facto "private" now anyway? All you see is something like d***8 and a feedback score, right? I mean, I suppose you may be able to suss an account by the feedback rating. The only time I see the word private on a listing, it's someone who has made their feedback private. Am I missing something? To a couple of the other points in this thread, I very seldom see bid retractions these days. If I list ~200 items a month, maybe I see one retraction every other round of auctions. I also get, on average, 1-3 orders per month that go unpaid. I usually don't offer to the 2nd hi
  2. I can partially explain this. There was a fair amount of time between the Levi Walker and the King Hannibal. Michael Thevis came in to start his Aware and GRC labels, and hired Wendell Parker to work for him since Parker not only ran Shurfine but had previously worked for Capitol Records. So Thevis and Parker released Shurefine 027 and quickly Aware 027 as King Hannibal "The Truth Shall Make You Free". Once Parker started to settle into his job and realized what kind of man Thevis really was (look his story up sometime!) Parker quit the business until Thevis went to prison, at which time
  3. Hi Dave - yes I am. I'll DM ya too.
  4. SS7 VG+ or better please. Little Hank - Try To Understand
  5. Agent45


    I think you'll enjoy the pressing on Impulse more than Tangerine, but don't let my opinion sway you.
  6. I just got a batch of 45s with one of these yellow label boots in it. Was it a Jamaican pressed boot? There were a bunch of dancehall singles (and some other legit soul 45s) in the box. These boots don't often surface in the southern U.S. states so how this one turned up where it was is a bit of a head scratcher.
  7. Been a while since I asked around, so here goes. Still looking for a clean copy of Hermon Hitson's "Walking In the Park" on Lisa. Surely, someone has grown tired of having this in their collection. It's not even a club record.
  8. Any ideas for watching this outside of the UK? "BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues."
  9. Last weekend was the Emerald City Soul Club 14th annual weekender in Seattle. I played a 45 minute set on Friday night (first two photos) and a 30 minute set at the survivor's party on Sunday night (last photo). One of the organizers of the weekend played a record in my Sunday set, which he had just purchased and wanted to hear over the system but I can't remember what that record was. Anyway, here's what I played. The entire weekend was filled will killer, eclectic sets from DJs from all over the U.S. as well as Germany and England and Ireland. If your travel budget allows, I highly reco
  10. Tony Owens ‎– I'll Be There / Wishing, Waiting, Hoping (Soulin 146) Wanted in VG+ or better condition stock or promo not important as long as it's not the double sided promo. Cash/Trades waiting. Shouldn't be too difficult except that I keep finding off condition copies.
  11. Sounds like fake crowd noise was added.
  12. Sound files have been recorded for all of these if you want to hear anything. Prices do not include postage, shipped from New Orleans. The Antiques - Taught Me To Care / Glistening Stars Are Shining (White Cliffs 209) VG+ $25 Diamond Joe - Hurry Back To Me / Don't Set Me Back (Sansu 460) VG+ wlp $30 Fats Domino - If You Don't Know What Love Is / Something You Got Baby (ABC 10545) VG $25 Rudy "Tee" Gonzales - La Bamba / Those Long, Lonely Nights (Tear Drop 3109) VG+ $30 Jimmy Holiday - The New Breed / Love Me One More Time (Diplomacy 20) VG+ $25 Etta James & S
  13. Postage: $3.50 up to 3 45s, US / $9.50 up to 3 45s, Canada / $13.50 up to 3 45s, rest of world. After three 45s, I'll quote you based on weight (the weight of the package, not your weight, silly). I have sound files recorded for all of these ready. Eddie Bo - I Found A Little Girl / Hold Me (At Last 1006) VG+ $50 Brass Construction - Take It Easy / Two Timin Lady (Docc 501) NM- $45 Chili Peppers - Fly Vines / Chicken Scratch GWP 511) VG+ $50 Moses Dillard & The Tex Town Display - I Promise To Love You / We Gotta Come Together (Shout S-253) NM wlp $50 The Diplomats - Don't B
  14. I just listed a solid copy on Discogs. DM if you want to buy it direct.
  15. Beautiful copy of Billy Young's "Suffering With A Hangover" on Joyja. $500 + postage.

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