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  1. Agent45

    Tuska 113. Who has one?

    Barbara Hall / The Minors split 45 on Tuska catalog 113. Does anyone actually have a copy? I have yet to see or hear of one in real life.
  2. Agent45


    The consignment deal is attractive to those who don't have the time or don't want to bother with eBay and all of it's trappings and occasional headaches. For those of us who do choose to sell ourselves, CS presents an interesting set of issues. While they do command higher prices than most anyone else gets, it's not likely enough to make up the consignment percentage when we can do the work ourselves. However, we have to fight for the same sets of eyeballs, which means sometimes we feel like we're just wholesaling records or giving them away. Then again, I personally still have instances where I am getting higher bids on eBay than the same record that I've had sitting for a set price on Discogs for weeks. I guess in that way it all evens out. CS does a great job at what they do, no doubt. I've bought from them as well and certainly would again. Savvy shoppers will know to look beyond *just* what they offer though.
  3. Agent45

    eBay: 165 Soul LPs ending Sunday

    I may have showed up this morning an entire week early for a record fair, but I do still know enough to state with confidence that these auctions end TOMORROW. Do your part and bid on a few before it's too late.
  4. Highlights include the rare G.O. Smith LP produced by Moses Dillard on Tex-Town, Chocolate Cholly's 4 song EP, Electric Mud, clean JL Hooker At Newport promo, Madhouse, Willie Beaver Hale, The Players and so much more. View the entire list here. Auctions end after full time of the World Cup championship game but if it goes into OT/PK there could be some conflict. Setting snipes is recommended if you're trying to pay attention to both. Thanks for looking. Buy my records. I got bills to pay.
  5. Friction - Party / Like A Rose (Kalinda KD-590) VG+ $500 + postage.
  6. Agent45

    Short stack set sale

    Photos and easy sound file links found here. Jimmy Braswell - Home For the Summer (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/braswell1.mp3) / Hand Shaking (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/braswell2.mp3) (Quinvy TP) VG $250 Test pressing for JB's stunning Southern Deep Soul classic. The Emotions - Somebody New (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/emotions1.mp3) / Brushfire (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/emotions2.mp3) (Twin Stacks 126) NM- $60 Sweet Soul beauty. The Foxes - The Sassy One (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/foxes1.mp3) / Get 'Em With A Wink (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/foxes2.mp3) (Pickwick City PPC-1002) VG+ $65 60s Girl Group doesn't come any sassier than this. The Fuller Brothers - Time's A Wasting (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/fuller1.mp3) / Moaning, Groaning and Crying (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/fuller2.mp3) (Soul Clock SC-105) VG- DJ $170 Strong player for the condition, a tried, tested and true classic. Eldridge Holmes - Lets Go Steady (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/holmes1.mp3) / An Open Letter (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/holmes2.mp3) (Kansu 100) NM- $50 New Orleans deep soul stunner. The Icemen - Sugar Baby (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/icemen1.mp3) / Only Time Will Tell (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/icemen2.mp3) (Samar S-117) NM- $75 Another magic Johnny Brantley production, this one comes both sweet and tough. The Jelly Beans - You Don't Mean Me No Good (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/jelly1.mp3) / I'm Hip To You (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/jelly2.mp3) (Eskee 10,001) VG+ wol $250 Long standing classic, and it was only while I was making sound files that I realized how nice the flip side is. Little Joe and the Latinaires - Lovely Lady (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/littlejoe1.mp3) / Why Don't You Believe Me (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/littlejoe2.mp3) (Tomi T-100) VG- wol $150 Strong player for the grade, and oh so hard to find, even here in Texas. Prince Phillip Mitchell - One On One (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/mitchell1.mp3) / Only Smoke Remains (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/mitchell2.mp3) (Atlantic 3480) NM- $40 Lush, uptempo modern soul masterpiece. Johnny Nash - Glad You're My Baby (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/nash1.mp3) / Stormy (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/nash2.mp3) (MGM K 13805) VG- wol DJ $40 Classy 60s Northern Rene Y Rene - Mi Corazon Esta Llorando (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/rene1.mp3) / Que Me Castigue Dios (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/rene2.mp3) (East Bend EB-205) NM- $150 Easily heir hippest recording and borderline B-Boy must have. Deceptively scarce. The Salem Travelers - Wade In the Water (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/salem1.mp3) / You Can Depend On Me (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/salem2.mp3) (Halo 17) VG+ $50 Evergreen 60s Gospel Soul Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/sheffield1.mp3) / Rock N Roll Train (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/sheffield2.mp3) (Excello 45-2200) VG $1000 Strong playing copy. You don't need any pithy comments from me to understand this one. John Standberry Jr. - Thru Life Step By Step (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/standberry1.mp3) / You Came Into My World (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/standberry2.mp3) (J-Ville 45-1001) VG++ $250 Scarce Southern Soul from Florida. The Three Jades - Show Me Your Way (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/jades1.mp3) / Come On Let's Party (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/jades2.mp3) (Maurci 103) VG $45 Classy 60s mid-tempo floater from Chicago. Allen Toussaint - Get Out Of My Life, Woman (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/toussaint1.mp3) / Gotta Travel On (http://www.soulforcerecords.com/sounds/sale/toussaint2.mp3) (Bell 732) VG bb $40 The master at work.
  7. A few of these are gone through my email list, PM if you're interested in any of these. https://mailchi.mp/fe3ce39bb73c/soul-45-set-sale
  8. Ending in just a few hours!
  9. Sound files are working for me in Chrome, but if there's anything that anyone wants to hear and is having trouble with, PM or email brian (at) soulforcerecords.com
  10. My latest batch of Soul 45 auctions is live, ending Sunday. See the whole list here.
  11. Agent45

    Johnny Cool (CUSTOM)

    Is that a different version than the one on Custom? ;)
  12. Agent45

    eBay: 200+ Soulful LPs, ending Sunday

    Entering the final hours. Don't sleep....
  13. Batch of LPs ending Sunday. Gospel/Jazz/Soul/Funk/Etc. Here's the full list.
  14. Postage: $3.50/US, $9/Canada, $13.50/World The African Beavers - Find My Baby / Jungle Fever (RCA 47-8530) NM wlp $30 Leevert Allison - I Want To Give My Heart To You / I'm Going Home (Poncello 7004) NM $40 Gail Anderson - My Turn Now / It's So Easy To Say (Early Bird 49662) VG++ $25 Little Anthony & the Imperials - Better Use Your Head / The Wonder of It All (Veep V-1228) NM- (w/ VG+ picture sleeve) $75 Booker T Averheart - Heart N Soul / Maxi-Midi (Soultex SLTX 1933) Strong VG $70 Bobby Davis - Damper Down / A Human's Prayer (M-Pac 7200) VG++ wlp $25 Malcolm Dodds - Laugh My Heart / Without A Song (MGM K13025) VG+ $35 Leon Haywood - Consider the Source / Just Your Fool (Capitol 2584) VG+ wol $70 James and Truitt with Black Smoke - What's Wrong With It (Juca DR-1001-BS) strog playing VG $225 Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied / A Time To Live A Time To Cry (Big Top 101) NM- $45 Susan King - Drum Rhythm / You Got Me In A Fix (Turntable TT-711) NM- $50 The Larks - Come Back Baby / The Skate (Money 127) NM- $45 The Montereys and The Dolls - Time To Get Down (NGC 0006) NM- xol $50 Bill Murphy Plus One - Ain't No Big Thing / Happy Days Are A Comin (Martin Music MR 102) VG+ $250 **SOLD** The New Shining Stars - Be All Right / Heaven On My Mind (ASL 1131) NM $40 The Olympics - Girl You're My Kind of People / Please Please Please (Warner Bros 7369) VG+ bb $25 Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure / Work It Out In the Morning (ABC 45-11343) NM- $125 Billy Preston - The Girl's Got It / The Night (Capitol 5611) VG wol $100 Quovans - Boogaloo part 1 / Boogaloo part 2 (Symbol SY 217) VG+ wlp $40 Otis Redding - Demonstration / Johnny's Heartbreak I(Atco 45-6742) NM0 xol wlp $25 K.C. Russell - How Tired I Am / Younka Chunka (Uptown 701) NM- $20 Samson & Delilah - Living In A World of Trouble / Don't Leave Me Here (King James KJ 401) VG+ $25 Freddy Scott - Pow City / Quiet Time (Marlin 45-16004) NM- $30 The Sensations - Get On Up Mama / I Won't Be Hurt (Way Out) NM $35 Sunny & The Sunliners - Smile Now Cry Later / Hopeless Case (Key-Loc KL-1002) VG wol $100 blue label Cameo distribution press. Sunny & The Sunliners - I'm No Stranger / When It Rains (Key-Loc KL-1044) VG wol $25 Willie Tee - I'm Only A Man / Walk Tall (Capitol P-2369) NM- DJ $100 The Thrillers - Come What May / This I Know Little Girl (Uptown 715) NM- $40 Spencer Wiggins - I Never Loved A Woman / Soul City USA (Goldwax 339) NM- $25 Vicki Williams - Your Love Makes Me Stay... / Do the Break Down (Big Beat BB-133-1273) VG+ xol $25 Betty Wright - Circle of Heart Breaks / The Best Girls Don't Always Win (Alston 4573) NM bb $40
  15. Agent45

    Stack of 10 to go

    Postage: $3/US $9.50/Canada $13.50/World Gail Anderson - My Turn Now / It's So Easy To Say (Early Bird 49662) VG+ $25 Cold Grits - It's Your Thing / Bring It On Home To Me (Atco 45-6707) VG+ wlp $100 Bobby Davis - Damper Down / A Human's Prayer (M-Pac 7200) VG++ wlp $25 Ola V. Harper - I Wanna Weep / Resisting (Jewel 797) NM $40 Bill Murphy Plus One - Ain't No Big Thing / Happy Days Are A Comin (Martin MR 101) VG+ $250 Quovans - Boogaloo part 1 / Boogaloo part 2 (Symbol SY 217) VG+ wlp $40 The Remarkables - Is the Feeling Still There / Easily Misled (Audio Arts 700) NM- bb $40 Freddy Scott - Pow City / Quiet Time (Marlin 45-16004) NM- $30 Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby / Please Forgive Me (Motown M-1003) VG tape on label $15 Vicki Williams - Your Love Makes Me Stay When I Know I Should Go / Do the Break Down (Big Beat BB-133) VG+ xol $25


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