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sid jones

Hyde Alldayer






our ladies of soul-lets groove together-kelton

the fidels-i want to thank you-maverick demo

lovations-i cant forget about you-cap city


masqueraders-i aint gonna stop-gap

chet mcdowell-somebody loves you-corbra demo

leontine dupree-im guilty-nation

richard simmons-brother where are you-mala

reggie lamont-cant get along without you-mamies

inovations-stay on the case-hit sound

johnny summers-is the feeling still there-audio forty

james bell-amazing love-rojam

combinations-i got to go -steady

mill evans-when im ready-tou-sea

e.j&the echoes-youre gonna hurt- diamond jim

linda carr-trying to be good to you-bell

sunday-aint got no problems-alteen

tony owens-ill be there-soulin

don hart-james shorter-all the love i got-la beat

jack montgomery-dont turn your back on me-barracuda

wille & anthony-selfish lover-blue candle

steelers-just begining to love you-crash

billy watson-get myself together-barracuda

ghetto boys-hand writing on the wall-tarx

buddy conner-when your alone-breakthrough


coke-got to touch your face-sound triangle

houston outlaws-aint no telling-westbound

paramount four-you didnt know till it happend to you-southern city

perfections-girl you better hurry-tri-city

five miles high-should've been satisfied-spooky

Sid Jones

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quality set :yes:

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Some great stuff there Sid, see you back at Hyde on 27th Nov.


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