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  1. Haven’t got what it takes (Scepter) Thanks
  2. Friends Ltd-Got to have that funky music (Portraits of Sound) Tia
  3. Had on Kev but a bit too noisy so sold it.
  4. Exactly Kev, hope you’re well mate?. Not having any joy on my wants
  5. Haven’t got what it takes (Scepter) Thanks
  6. This is the place (American Artist Custom) (Original please)
  7. Ronnie Wilson-Boy in a crowd (Karate) Thanks
  8. Never change our love (Path) Thanks
  9. Could it really happen (House of Joy) Thanks
  10. Elsie Strong-Ask the lonely/This is the last time (Sounds International) Vg+ £175 plus post.
  11. Judy Clay-Haven’t got what it takes (Scepter) Thanks.
  12. Bob and Gene -Gotta find a way (Modo) vg++ £60 plus post ( clip for reference only)
  13. Van Jones and the Jays-I fooled myself (Silver Sound) Vg++ £70 LaQue-Give me some credit (Future Shock) Vg++ £55 Plus post.
  14. Hi Kev, unaffordable wants list mate!. Hope you are well?

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