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A Few Raries For Trade/ With Wants List

Got the following for (part-) trade +/- cash:

Papa Bear and the cubs- You´re so fine- Sms ex++

Oxford Nights- I´m such a lonely one- Delphi ex

Mickie Champion- What good am I- Musette vg+

Willie Jones- Where´s my money- Mr Peacock ex/ two felt pen points on label

Looking for:

JP Robinson- Our day is here- Blue Candle sorted

Charlene and the Soul Serenaders- Can you win- Volt/Paradox

Guitar Ray- Wreck my life- Shagg

Soul Inc.- My proposal- Coconut Groove

Sweets- Something about my baby- Soultown sorted

Louis Paul- The change will do you good- Intro sorted

Jesse James- Are you gonna leave me- Shirley

(if you got any of the above for sale or know who has, please get in contact by pm, too. Tia)

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