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  1. Looking for an original copy of Just Because as a birthday pressie for the gf. No minter required, should play nicely. Pm me please
  2. Anyone considering to part with this one at a fair for both price? Quick no hassle payment guaranteed. Pm me please
  3. Looking for an at least ex fairly priced copy of that one, pm me with price and condition please.
  4. Looking for an at least ex copy of this one for a fair price. Pm me with your offer please, quick payment guaranteed.
  5. Looking for a nicely playing copy of this one for a fair for both price. Please pm me your offer with price and condition.
  6. An hopefully easy one this time: Looking for an at east ex original copy of Barbara Lynn- Trying to love two- Ichiban for a fair price. Pm me with your price and condition please. Quick no hassle payment guaranteed. Thanks in advance
  7. Looking for an original copy in at least ex playing condition. Pm me with your fair offer including paypal fees please.
  8. Looking for an at least ex playing copy for a fair price. Quick no hassle payment guaranteed
  9. I read somewhere the boots were giveaways for "friends" not to be sold
  10. I second what Dave wrote, I think being upfront in advance and being fair is the clue....
  11. Some good and interesting replies there, thanks for that folks. Regarding the "I invite you, you invite me" policy: This recently made lot's of the same DJs taking turns at each other's events, so whereever you go (if you travel) you encounter the same line-up. What about DJs who do not promote for example, are they supposed to stomp up their own event to be invited? Or to dj at all? I guess that's part of the problem of nowadays event overload. As a punter I prefer to go to events where at least there is a few surprises in the line-up, but that's just my humble opinion...
  12. I'm recognizing a lot of mid-sized events recently, which have a list of more than 2 or 3 guest DJs, some even from abroad. Promoting a small Soul do myself I always wonder how promoters can afford to pay at least their guests expenses. For my part I had also friends over djing for me but at least managed to pay their flight and accomodation plus a fair bit on top. Most of us do not mind a bit of £££ to buy our next tune, don't we?
  13. Looking for an original copy in at least ex playing condition for a fair price. Pm me your offer including paypal fees please, money's there and I'm a quick payer
  14. Yes, and legally (re-)issued on a 7" on the Unique Label from Düsseldorf/Germany

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