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Mark Rez Reduced Price 7" Set Sales

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Shipping (I'll ship anywhere) is extra

Paypal preferred

PM or email on mail@resolutionrecords.co.uk

I've just had to srip out all of the media / YT links below cos of inbuilt upload limitations but 99% of these below are available on YouTube, ok?

Ta...Mark Rez

Jon Lucien 'Search For The Inner Self' / 'It's Bigger Than I' (Ampex / USA / 1972 / M-) £125

( M- 100% unplayed rarer blue label issue copy of what is undoubtedly Jon's rarest-ever recording...2 incredibly strong sides that need no introduction whatsoever from me, I'm sure...one copy only again and my first copy in about 2 years...CHOONZ...!! What a voice.......... )

Brothers Of Soul 'You Better Believe It' (Boo / USA / 1960s / Ex) £5

( 2 great NS midpacers here - original red label press from the West Coast heyday...few scuffs - minimal problems... )

Crack Of Dawn 'I Can't Move No Mountains' (Columbia / Canada / 1976 / Ex+) £15

( Nice price on this cos it came in cheap...RARE version of the Robert John tune as done by Margie Joseph, Millie Jackson etc etc - this version is right up there too...spine-tingling intro, wonderful vocals and pure dancefloor magnetism....tiny bit of WOL on one side - minimal... )

Bobby Miller 'Uncle Willie Time' (Constellation / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £15

( New one on me...absolutely wonderful Latin-Soul / Funk Boogaloo tune outta Chicago which will DEFINITELY blow any dancefloor up...just hammers away with great backing vocals, top wah-wahs and a huge keys solo midway in - a STRONG Mark Rez recommendation...'The Big Question' on the flip is also well worthy and widely-collected by Popcorn heads too......stunning copy... )

Bobby Byrd 'Thank You For Your Love' (Contempo / UK / 1976 / VG+) £15

( Rare UK-only 70s NS dancer which has been picking up a few admirers lately - seen £30-odd elswehere only this week...'Here For The Party' on the flip is also pretty damned good - this WAS NOT pressed on 7 ³ in the States...few scuffs - very decent copy...the hook / melody of T Y F Y L reminds me a lot of Eddie Holman's great 'All My Life' track...CHOON...

Fruit 'Say It' / 'If You Feel It Say Yeah' (Cypress / USA / 1978 / M-) £75

( UNPLAYED COPY...possibly THE most indemand Modern Soul 7" on the whole scene right now - 2 sides of ultra-classy Modern Soul / Boogie - and - this one comes with the record company mailer too - exquisite 7"... )

Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign 'Oh Baby' / 'How's Your Wife (And My Child)' (EMI / UK / 1975 / VG+) £8

( Demo copy of this great double-sider - both excellent 70s (Northern) Soul dancers...some scuffing here and there / minor crackle so priced nice and low.... )

George Duke 'I Want You For Myself' (Epic / USA / 1979 / M-) £10

( Stunning Modern Soul dancer from GD - I actually think the 7" may be even rarer than the 12"...immaculate condition here, possibly unplayed.... )

Tony Scott 'What Am I To Do Now' / 'You Still Got That Smile' (Estick / Jamaica / 1969 / VG) £20

( I wow....SO pleased to be finally able to offer one of these for sale - legendary JA tune... killer vocal version of the Harry J 'Liquidator' classic - SO much rarer on this OG JA press than on the UK Pama Escort press....both sides kick it hard = lotsa scuffs / marks but plays more like a VG+, the label has some wear but isn't too bad - BIG TUNE.... )

Pretty Purdie & The Playboys 'Song For Aretha' / 'Don't Go' (Flying Dutchman / USA / 1972 / Ex+) £4

( Man - this guy played drums like he had 2 sets of arms, right? Apparently Aretha wouldn't record unless 'Pretty Purdie' was on the skins.. )

Rudy Ray Moore 'Dolemite' / 'The Flat Land' (General International / USA / 1975 / Ex) £15

( Close-to-impossible to find 7" press for 2 of THE best tracks from the legendary 'Dolemite' Blaxplo OST - the LP is well-over £200 nowadays in clean shape and these are 2 of the best tracks from that LP in my opinion...flip credited to Ben Taylor - guess he's the vocalist cos RRM definitely did all of the music on this...few crackles here and there so priced down from £50 - incredibly rare 45....my first-ever copy...the bassline here is highly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's 'Inner City Blues'... )

Manfred Mann 'Watermelon Man' +3 (HMV / UK / 1965 / VG+) £5

( Actually known as 'The One In The Middle' EP but as I don't have the sleeve for this, I thought I'd just mention my fave track which is a cool 'Beat' version of the Herbie Hancock classic with a great harmonica part and great vocals/lyrics from Paul Jones - few scuffs / marks and a bit of crackle so priced sensibly....great piece... )

Roy C 'Shotgun Wedding' / 'I Am Gonna Make It' (Island / UK / 1966 / VG+) £8

( Lovely OG white Island (with first/better b side) copy - such a great Soul / Funk / Reggae crossover tune and incredibly hard to find this clean, I feel...few minor scuffs, very minor...top flip too... )

Junior Gordon 'Call The Doctor' (Jay Pee / USA / 1960s / VG) £6

( Lovely little early-Soul / R&B tune from 1962 / 1963 at a guess - great brass and just exactly the kinda stuff being played at many NS nites thesedays...lotsa scuffs / marks so sensibly priced too - some label rubbing as well...great little tune... )

Wallace Brothers 'Airborne Shuffle' (Jewel / USA / 1960s / VG) £6

( Parping Funky Soul cut on the topside which I've seen go as high as £40 on NS lists - total bargain price here despite the vinyl being a bit scuffed / marked - it plays more like a VG+, much respected deepie called 'I Need Someone' on the flip... )

The Sisters Love 'This Time Tomorrow' (Man-Child / USA / 1970s / VG+) £15

( Wonderful Xover dancer from these highly talented ladies of soul - I never even knew this 45 existed till it came in...actually reminds me a LOT of Rotary Connection's kinda sound - lovely phlanged strings, dreamy vocals and interesting tempo swings too - also brought Michael James Kirkland's 'Hang On In There To Mind' too - wonderful little 45...few scuffs / marks here and there, had this been M-, I'd have wanted £50+ on it, trust me - very, very obscure....just checked - deffo a Windy City piece (as I suspected) prod' / arr' by Dee Ervin and Monk Higgins....quality all the way...

Ray Coussins 'One Mint Julep' (Mercury / UK / 1965 / VG+) £15

( Recent Mod / Beat indemander on a lovely stamped Demo copy - pure dancefloor vibes...great keys, wonderful brass and a totally infectious backing track - so good...reminds me a LOT of stuff like Mark Murphy's 'Why Don't You Do Right' etc - total, total banger....few scuffs here and there so priced down a bit from the £50 I saw it listed at elsewhere recently....recommended...no YT clip for this yet so here below is Ray Charles's version... )

Billy Bland 'Mama Stole The Chicken' (Old Town / USA / 1960s / VG) £4

( Mo nice R&B from Mark Rez this List - I'd date this from around 1962 at a guess? Classic Jump Up / R&B style from highly-collected BB - seems all of this guy's releases were good - again, lotsa marks / scuffs on this but it plays with minimal crackle and the intrusion is minimal... )

Azie Mortimer 'That's That (Get Off My Back)' / 'Eternally' (Number One / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £8

( Cracking double sider from this Windy C legend - what a voice this gal had...topside is stunningly tight Funky Soul while flip is an adorable deepie...lovely shape too... )

The Pennsylvania Players Orch. 'The Cat' (Oron / 1960s / USA / M-) £5

( Tuff little organ groover with tight brass on this Lalo Schifrin / Jimmy Smith cover - flip is one of those cut n'paste tracks a la John & Ernest 'Superfly Meets Shaft' etc etc - also well-worth a listen...unplayed copy here...has to be rare? No YT clip for this one so here's the Jimmy Smith cut instead... )

Laurel Aitken 'Pussy Price' / 'Give Me Back My Dollar' (Pama NuBeat / UK / 1969 / VG-) £3

( Sorry - yet another ruff Reggae 45 this month...plays absolutely fine - just looks rough... )

Young-Holt 'Superfly' / 'Give Me Your Love' (Paula / USA / 1973 / VG+) £8

( Tuff 7" press for 2 of the best cuts from their immortal Blaxplo 'Plays Superfly' LP...few scuffs here and there - otherwise hunky-dory...great versions... )

The Brothers 'In The Pocket' / 'Everybody Loves A Winner' (People / UK / 1975 / Ex+) £4

( Same instrumental / studio group that gave us the Northern dancer 'Are You Ready For This' comes these 2 bouncy funky-soul cuts on this highly-collectable and short-lived Trojan off-shoot Funk label...few scuffs here and there, nice copy overall...bargain...!! )

Frankie Vaughan 'Tower Of Strength' + 3 (Philips EP / UK / 1961 / VG/Ex+) £5

( Cheeky little Popcorn inclusion here and actually a not 'arf bad version of the Gene McDaniels / Gloria Lynne Northern Soul classic - sleeve is a bit creased/worn but the vinyl is close to A-1... )

Mavis Staples 'Love Gone Bad' (Phono / USA / 1983 / M-) £4

( Great little Modern Soul 'swayer' that I remember hearing at cutting edge venues on the 'scene as a new release...! Beautiful condition here... )

Force Of Nature 'Baby I'm Yours (And I'm So Glad)' (PIR / Italy / 1976 / Ex+/M-) £15

( Beautiful Italian pic-sleeved copy of this rare PIR tune - excellent mid-paced NS dancer from the Gamble & Huff 'Golden Era' - total, totally infectious groover and just a joy to be able to offer it...TUNE.........sadly, no YT for this one yet so here's The Modulations 'I Can't Fight Your Love' which the Force Of Nature tune immediately reminded me of... )

James Brown 'Think' / 'Something' (Polydor / USA / 1973 / Ex+) £4

( Quality JB double-sider - he can even make the Fab Four's 'Something' sound great on the flip - topside was also done by Lyn Collins and became a London / Rare Groove smash...beautiful copy... )

Kim Weston 'Detroit (voc/inst)' (Rahkim / USA / 1975 / M-) £5

( Unplayed copy of this excellent 70s NS dancer / floater from Ms Weston quite late into her career...her voice sounds as remarkable as ever here...the inst flip actually works pretty well too...

David Alexandre Winter 'Qu'est-Ce Que J'ai Danse' (Riviera / France / 1968 / Ex+/Ex+) £4

( Lovely copy of this ever-indemand French blue-eye soul version of Gamble & Huff's / Archie Bell & The Drells 'Just Can't Stop Dancing' - fantastic version - perfect NS dancefloor fodder and in a great pic sleeve too - even has a cool tabla break...TUNE... )

Millie Jackson 'A House For Sale' (Spring / UK / 1976 / Ex) £10

( First copy in a while....UK-only 7" NS dancer of the highest order, Ms Jackson take a bow...few scuffs here and there, minor stuff... )

The Moments 'Nine Times' (Stang / USA / 1976 / Ex+) £5

( Lovely, clean USA copy of this evergreen Northern Soul dancer...so good... )

Neil Christian 'She's Got The Action' / 'That's Nice' (Strike / UK / 1966 / VG+) £4

( Dinked middle and some scuffs but still a very okay copy of this well-played Beat / Mod / NS double-sider on this highly collectable UK label... )

James Hazelhurst 'I Won't Die' / 'Come To Me Together' (Swar / USA / Ex+ / 1977 / £8

( Unplayed copy of this exquisite double-sider - topside is a much-loved Xover dancer while flip is a high-grade slowie...the labels are on wrong way round here, like every other copy I've ever had / seen....I've also got a VG+ copy for £5 )

The Joe Cuba Sextet 'Sock It To Me' / 'Oh Yeah!' (Tico / USA / 1960s M-) £15

( UNPLAYED COPY..yet again...of this immaculate Latin-Soul double-sider - both sides absolutely stunning........WD copy too....so, SO good... )

Joe Bataan 'What Good Is A Castle' / 'My Cloud' (Uptite / USA / 1969 / VG) £5

( Few scuffs / some crackle on this so graded / priced sensibly....love the lyrics on 'What Good Is A Castle' too - so thoughtful and deep - very worthy b side too - lovely 45 - taken from Joe's amazing 'Riot' LP... )

George Tindley 'Pity The Poor Man' (Wand / USA / 1960s / Ex) £5

( Classic Northern Soul - few scuff marks to wax and a drill-hole to label but 100% apart from that....

End-Of-7 ³-List

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