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Back To Back Records

Ok lets get back to talking about records again and Looking in our boxes for two records you love to play back to back.The kind of records that go together in a perfect marriage side by side on the decks.Could be that they are the same tempo or similar vocals and theme or just that they pocess the same vibe and atmosphere.To get things started here are two from me that i think are great paired up.



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  1. Desires Back To Back (blue Light Records)
    Record Wants by Big Jim Slade on Sat 06 Feb 2010
    • 1 / 786
    • Big Jim Slade on 06 Feb 2010
  2. Fantastic Puzzles - Come Back Midnight Keep On Walkin Back + 1
    Record Sales by Flanny on Mon 03 Dec 2012
    • 1 / 577
    • Flanny on 03 Dec 2012
  3. Rare Modern Soul Gang's Back 45 On Gang's Back Label
    Record Sales by vintagevideos on Mon 31 Mar 2008
    • 10 / 827
    • vintagevideos on 01 Apr 2008
  4. Incredible Back To Back 45's
    Look At Your Box by on Sat 21 Feb 2004
    • 35 / 2900
    • on 01 Apr 2004
  5. Top Dog Records-we Are Back
    Record Sales by Dave Thorley on Fri 28 Sep 2007
    • 3 / 1055
    • Dave Thorley on 02 Oct 2007

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