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I have the following for sale;

Joe Matthews "We got a good thing going" THELMA White demo (Same backing as "Sweet things") £20

Tony Hestor "Just can't leave you" KARATE £200

Tommy Good "Baby I miss you" GORDY £125

Vi Velasco "I don't want to go on" VEE JAY £65

Lou Johnson "Unsatisfied" QUALITY (Canadian) £100

Edwin Starr "You're my mellow" RIC TIC £150

Tokays "Baby baby baby" BRUTE £300

Charisma "Let love into your life" ROCK MILL £150

Linda Jones "My heart needs a break" LOMA (White demo) £175

Yvonne Vernee "It's been a long time" SON BERT (White demo) £250

Steinways "You've been leading me on" £350

Emanuel Laskey "Don't lead me on baby" THELMA (White demo) Alt. Mix £20

Sherry & Inverts "I'm lost" TOWER (White demo) £150

JJ Barnes "Real humdinger" (Alternate mix - with strings) WHITE LABEL £100

E mail me at NO TYRE KICKERS

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