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  1. Great sounds at reasonable prices. Post extra. FOUR TOPS Don't bring back memories MOTOWN M- (Fantastic dancer) £12 JACKIE WILSON I'm the one to do it/Higher and higher BRUNSWICK VG (Plays well) £8 SOLD JIMMY RUFFIN As long as there is L-O-V-E love SOUL VG+ £12 WILLIE HUTCH Love power/Talk to me MOTOWN Ex+ £10 KENNY YOUNG Ain't it funny what love can do SHARE Ex+ £25 LITTLE MILTON Grits ain't groceries CHESS M- £10 DELLS There is CHESS M- £10 CHUCK JACKSON All over the world ACHIEVEMENT (UK) M- £8 INEZ FOXX Hurt by love SYMBOL VG+ £8 LITTLE MILTON Believe in me/ Man loves two CHECKER (Canada)M- (Fantastic double header) £15 SOLD. AL and BUNKY Homework EXODUS M- £12 LIZ DAMON'S ORIENT EXPRESS You're falling in love (Same as Betty Everett) WHITE WHALE M- £20
  2. Top flight soul singles (and one EP) FOR SALE. Post extra. FRED HUGHES You can't take it away VEE JAY Ex- £10 BRIAN HYLAND The joker went wild PHILLIPS Ex+ £8 DELLS My life is so wonderful ABCM- £10 DRAMATICS No rebate on love MAINSTREAM M- £10 DOBIE GRAY See you at the Go Go CHARGER M- £12 BETTYE SWANN Make me yours MONEY M- £10 JOE TEX If sugar was as sweet as you DIAL VG+ £15 RADIANTS Hold on CHESS VG+ £8 SOLD SUE SOUL SISTERS ep UK SUE Record M-/ Sleeve VG++ £12 BENNY TROY I've always had you DE-LITE M- £12 FESTIVALS Music SMASH VG+ £15 SOLD MAJOR LANCE The right track/Ain't no soul CONTEMPO RARIES UK M- £10 DAMITA JO I'll save the last dance for you MERCURY M- £10
  3. Ace album FOR SALE. Post extra. QUARTET OF SOUL Vol. 3 Feat. Platters, Toys, Tommy Hunt and Inez & Charlie Foxx. Ex+/Ex+. £15.
  4. A few choice choons FOR SALE. Post extra. THE PUFFS I only cry once a day now DORE M- £400 BARBARA McNAIR It was never like this WARNER BROTHERS White PROMO. Ex+ £150 ELLA WASHINGTON It must be love SS7 Vinyl M- £20 MIGHTY HARPS of PRAISE Wade in the water MOZEL M- £50 E.J. and the ECHOES Put a smile on your face DIAMOND JIM Ex- £100 BARBARA MASON Ain't got nobody ARCTIC VG++ £55 BRENDA LEE Time and time again DECCA M- £35 TRIESTE I can see him loving you (Same as Anderson Brothers) IX CHAINS M- £20 CHRIS and STELLA All the way back home ELM M- £400
  5. For those who asked, here is the current availability situation for the last TEN Hayley Records and BKE releases. HR 026 STYLISTS I need your loving (to satisfy my soul) b/w JOHNNY GRIFFITH BAND Please operator. AVAILABILITY. HR 025 TONY HESTER Keep a hold on me b/w PERFECTIONS Just can't leave you. AVAILABILITY. HR 024 BOBBY SHEPPARD Surely b/w GILFORD & SCRUGGS Don't let ,me lose it. AVAILABILITY. HR 023 JIMMY DELPHS The flip side b/w BAND TRACK Don't tell me maybe. AVAILABILITY. HR 022 J. J. BARNES Lucille LIMITED AVAILABILITY. HR 021 SHARON McMAHAN I have no choice. SOLD OUT. HR 020 JIMMY DELPHS Where there is love SOLD OUT. HR019 DEON JACKSON Pain in my heart b/w I've got so much love. SOLD OUT. HR018 STEVE MANCHA Girl have pity. AVAILABILITY. BKE 001 AL WILLIAMS I am nothing b/w Try them. AVAILABILITY. BKE 002 MASQUERADERS I got the power b/w One more chance. AVAILABILITY. All singles are £15 each inc. post (UK only) except JJ. BARNES Lucille which is £25 inc. post (UK only) OR visit the website www.hayleyrecords.co.uk
  6. Mega list of SOUL and MOTOWN bargains FOR SALE. Postage due on single or double orders. Postage FREE (UK only) if ordering three or more records. ALL records £6 each. All Ex - M- unless noted. FANTASTIC FOUR Goddess of love/As long as the feeling is there RIC TIC GENERAL JOHNSON Lies/Can't nobody love me like you do. ARISTA. INTRUDERS (Win place or show) She's a winner GAMBLE Promo. AL KENT You've got to pay the price RIC TIC AL KENT Ooh pretty lady RIC TIC FANTASTIC FOUR You gave me something (and everything's alright) RIC TIC TIMMY WILLIS Give me a little sign EPIC MAJOR HARRIS Love won't let me wait ATLANTIC. PERSUADERS Peace in the valley of love WIN OR LOSE Promo. BS. CURTIS MAYFIELD On and on/Got to be real CURTOM TYRONE DAVIS Just because of you DAKAR. DORIS DUKE Feet keep walking CANYON. BARBARA MASON Yes I'm ready ARCTIC. LUTHER INGRAM I can't stop KOKO. LUTHER INGRAM My honey and me KOKO. DELLS Always together CADET. O'JAYS Give the people what they want. PHIL. INT. HONEY CONE One monkey don't stop no show HOT WAX. FREDDIE NORTH She's all I got MANKIND. GIL SCOTT HERON Johannesburg ARISTA. EDDIE FLOYD I've never found a girl STAX. DELLS Wear it on our face CADET. ARTHUR CONLEY Aunt Dora's love soul shack ATCO. JERRY BUTLER Hey western union man MERCURY. ARETHA Ain't no way ATLANTIC White label. BS. 8TH DAY You've got to crawl (before you walk) INVICTUS. DELLS/DRAMATICS Love is missing from our lives CADET. NEAL KIMBLE Ain't it the truth VENTURE VG++ ANNETTE SNELL I'll be your fool once more DIAL LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY I know where you're coming from/The show must go on AWARE. JACKIE LEE The duck MIRWOOD. VG++ MELBA MOORE This is it BUDDAH PS. JJ BARNES How long CASINO CLASSICS.(UK) J. BLACKFOOT Hiding place SOUND TOWN. BARBARA LEWIS I'll keep believing (Wylie/Hester) ATLANTIC. BOBBY BLAND I ain't myself anymore DUKE VG+ JOHNNIE MAE MATTHEWS It's good COTILLION Promo BS. STEELERS Get it from the bottom DATE. PEACHES & HERB I need your love so desperately DATE. DELLS Bring back the love of yesterday CADET. Promo. FREDERICK KNIGHT I've been lonely for so long STAX (UK) TYRONE DAVIS Just my way of loving you DAKAR. ROBERT PARKER Soul kind of loving NOLA. MIDNIGHT MOVERS UNLTD. Follow the wind RENEE. ECSTASY PASSION & PAIN Good things don't last forever ROULETTE. JOHNNIE TAYLOR I've been born again STAX (UK) ZZ HILL Oh darlin' KENT. WILSON PICKETT Funky Broadway ATLANTIC (France). SANDPEBBLES Forget it CALLA . Sm. stick. JERRY BUTLER (I was just thinking about) Cooling out PHI. INT. SAM & DAVE You don't know like I know STAX. SOUL CLAN Soul meeting ATLANTIC. DELLS My life is so wonderful ABC. SATISFACTIONS Turn back the tears LIONEL. BETTYE LAVETTE Do your duty SILVER FOX. BARBARA LEWIS That's the way I like it ENTERPRISE. PEGGY SCOTT & JO JO BENSON Picking wild mountain berries REO (Canada) GLADYS KNIGHT & PIPS Giving up MAXX. VIBRATIONS Smike signals NEPTUNE. POOKIE HUDSON Jealous heart DOUBLE L. ENCHANTMENT Sunny shine feeling ROADSHOW. JIMMY RUFFIN Tell me what you want CHESS. ANN PEEBLES Breaking up somebody's home HI. LEE ROGERS If I could steal you away DIAMOND JIM. SMITH CONNECTION I can't hold on much longer MUSIC MERCHANT. SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS Hungry for love/All turned on RIC TIC. SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS I'm satisfied RIC TIC. FANTASTIC FOUR THe whole world is a stage RIC TIC. FANTASTIC FOUR Win or lose (I'm going to love you) RIC TIC. FANTASTIC FOUR As long as I live RIC TIC. FANTASTIC FOUR No love like your love RIC TIC. WILLIE G Meet me halfway RIC TIC. VELVELETTES Needle in a haystack TAMLA MOTOWN 806 (UK) GLADYS KNIGHT & PIPS You're my everything SOUL. JR. WALKER Dancing like they do on Soul Train SOUL. JR. WALKER Cleo's back SOUL. JR. WALKER Gotta hold on to this feeling SOUL. SPINNERS We'll have it made VIP White promo BS. MONITORS Bring back the love VIP. SPINNERS My whole world ended VIP. JR. WALKER Walk in the night SOUL. JR. WALKER Come see about me SOUL. MARTHA & VANDELLAS Wild one GORDY. ORIGINALS I like your style SOUL. MARTHA & VANDELLAS Forget me not GORDY. MARTHA & VANDELLAS Without you/Sweet darlin' GORDY. TEMPTATIONS Please return your love to me GORDY. TEMPTATIONS Since I've lost you GORDY. STEVIE WONDER Shoo be doo be doo da day TAMLA MOTOWN (Canada) FOUR TOPS It's all in the game MOTOWN. YVONNE FAIR Funky music sho nuff turns me on MOTOWN. JACKSON 5 I can't quit your love MOTOWN. DAVID RUFFIN On and off MOTOWN. Promo. SUPREMES Up the ladder to the roof MOTOWN. JNR. WALKER Blow the house down MOTOWN. DAVID RUFFIN I've lost everything I've ever loved MOTOWN. WILLIE HUTCH I choose you MOTOWN. FOUR TOPS Until you love someone MOTOWN. SUPREMES Nathan Jones MOTOWN. FOUR TOPS I can't help myself MOTOWN. DAVID RUFFIN My whole world ended MOTOWN. FOUR TOPS If you don't want my love MOTOWN.
  7. 'Don't let me down' was recorded at Golden World in Detroit with members of the Funk Brothers collective.
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  8. DETROIT blow out sale. ALL records £5 each plus post. All M- con. unless stated. CAPITOLS Cool jerk KAREN VG++ AL KENT Ooh! Pretty lady RIC TIC FANTASTIC FOUR Win or lose/I've got to have you RIC TIC DETROIT EMERALDS Show time RIC TIC SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS Hungry for love RIC TIC (Yellow) AL KENT You've got to pay the price RIC TIC SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS I'm satisfied RIC TIC FANTASTIC FOUR Ain't love wonderful/The whole world is a stage RIC TIC FANTASTIC FOUR You gave me something/I don't wanna live without you RIC TIC SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS Hungry for love/ All turned on RIC TIC (Red) FANTASTIC FOUR AS long as the feeling is there/Goddess of love RIC TIC
  9. FOR SALE. Post extra. SPYDER TURNER You're good enough for me MGM Ex- £10 VERNON HARRELL Nobody but nobody ASCOT White Demo Ex+ £45 (The next big thing?) STATE DEPT Wild honey ABBOTT M- £12 (Unknown Van McCoy) GERRI DIAMOND Mama you forgot HBR Ex. £25 FILLET OF SOUL Wake up now MERCURY White demo M- £20 GLORIA TAYLOR You got to pay the price GLO-WHIZ VG+ £12 EDDIE HOLLAND Jamie MOTOWN Ex. £15 LAURA LEE (If you want to try my love again) remember me. HOT WAX M- £20 DAYLIGHTERS For my baby/Sweeter TIP TOP Ex- £25 LEA ROBERTS Don't let me fall in love alone UNITED ARTISTS Promo M- £15
  10. Alternate version and instrumental FOR SALE. Post included (UK only) PROFESSIONALS That's why I love you ALT. vocal and instrumental RECORD SHACK. MINT. £15.
  11. Last remaining Hayley singles FOR SALE. Post included (UK only) TONY HESTER Keep a hold on me b/w PERFECTIONS Just can't leave you. MINT. £15 JJ BARNES Lucille . MINT £23. SHARON McMAHAN I have no choice MINT £15 JIMMY DELPHS The flip side. MINT £15. BOBBY SHEPPARD Surely MINT £15.
  12. Stocks dwindling fast ! Limited edition classic up tempo Detroit soul FOR SALE. AL WILLIAMS I am nothing/ Try them BKE 001 MINT. Issue £15 (Inc. post - UK only) White Promo £25 (Inc. post - UK only) MASQUERADERS I got the power. One more chance BKE 002 MINT. Issue £15 (Inc. post - UK only) White Promo £25 (Inc. post - UK only)
  13. Rare LIMITED EDITION unreleased Motown FOR SALE. Post extra. VELVELETTES Think of the times WHITE LABEL one sided. M. £75.
  14. The two biggest tunes storming the scene at the moment FOR SALE. STYLISTS I need your loving (to satisfy my soul) b/w JOHNNY GRFFITH BAND Please operator (Inst.)HR 026 Issue £15 (Inc. post - UK only) Limited white promo £25 (Inc. post - UK only)
  15. Top Motown instrumental FOR SALE. Post extra. SOUL BROTHERS INC. (Funk Brothers) True fine boy BARI. M. £35

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