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  1. Rob Moss

    first three records to start a set

    ORIGINALS Suspicion (Alt. take) JJ BARNES Real humdinger (with strings) JUST BROTHERS Honey
  2. Rob Moss

    first three records to start a set

    JJ BARNES Lucille Tony Hester Keep a hold on me SHARON MCMAHAN I have no choice
  3. Varied soul original bargains FOR SALE. ALL UNDER £20. Post extra. OLLIE & NIGHTINGALES Girl, you have my heart singing STAX Ex- £8 LOU RAGLAND In the hours of darkness CASINO M- £6 INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX You fixed my heartache DYNAMO Ex+ £18 ROSCOE ROBINSON Don't forget the soldiers (fighting in Viet Nam) GERRI M- £15 STAGEMASTERS Baby I'm here just to love you SLIDE Ex. £10 YOUNG HEARTS Sweet soul shakin' MINIT M- £12 KENNY CARTER Why do you have to go RENEE M- £8 SANDY BORDEN Deeper DIPLOMACY Promo £18 MADELINE BELL Doing things together with you PHILIPS Ex- £10 FANTASTIC FOUR I believe in miracles/ I'm falling in love.EASTBOUND Ex+ £8 HOAGY LANDS Forever in my heart LAURIE Ex. £8 ODDS & ENDS Yesterday my love TODAY Ex. £8 CHI LITES My baby loves me REVUE Ex+ £10 FREDDIE GORMAN Alive again RENE Promo M- £10 PAUL KELLY I keep holdin' on LAURENCE M- £6 GREG PERRY I'll be coming back CASABLANCA Promo BS Ex. £10 JERRY BUTLER Whatever you want VEE JAY Ex+ £10 CONTINENTAL FOUR Heaven must have sent you JAY-WALKING M- £8 BOBBY BLAND Keep on loving me DUKE M- £8 NATURA'ELLES Show me the way VENTURE M- £8 ESTHER PHILLIPS I've never found a man KUDU Ex+ £15 WILLIE G Meet me halfway RIC TIC M- £8 TONY & TYRONE Talking about the people STON-ROC Ex. £12 JEANNE and the DARLINGS Standing in the need of your love VOLT Ex+. £10 FANTASTIC FOUR They took the show on the road/Hideaway WESTBOUND M- £10 PARLIAMENTS I can feel the ice melting REVILOT Ex. £6 TONY WASHINGTON Forever more PEACOCK Promo Ex+ £19 O'JAYS Deeper in love with you NEPTUNE M- £8 TIMOTHY CARR A stop along the way HOT BISCUIT DISC COMPANY Promo M- £19 OBREY WILSON I want to tell you (about my girl) EPIC M- £10 LINDA JONES Your precious love TURBO M- £8 FRED HUGHES Come home little darlin' CADET M- £19 LLOYD PRICE Love music LPG M- £8 FANTASTIC FOUR As long as the feeling is ther/Goddess of love RIC TIC M- £7
  4. Brilliant previously unreleased Detroit soul FOR SALE. Post extra. MINT. Listen. SHARON McMAHAN I have no choice/ Life ain't worth living (Without you) HR 021 £12 TONY HESTER Keep a hold on me/PERFECTIONS Just can't leave you HR 025 £12 JJ BARNES Lucille/ JJ BARNES & STEVE MANCHA You brought love to my life HR 022 £20
  5. A few Gordy originals FOR SALE. Post extra. MARTHA & VANDELLAS Show me the way Ex+ £12 TEMPTATIONS Lonliness made me realize it's you that I need M- £15 DARNELLS Too hurt to cry, too much in love to say goodbye Ex. £30 CONTOURS Just a little misunderstanding/Determination M- £12
  6. Rob Moss

    Under £20 bargains

    Bargains all under £20 FOR SALE. Post extra. BEN E KING It's amazing ATCO (Detroit) M- £12 WINGATE'S LOVE IN STRINGS Let's have a love in b/w FLAMING EMBERS Let's have a love in RIC TIC M- £12 MAD DOG & THE PUPS Hip squeeze MAGIC CITY M- £15 DRAMATICS No rebate on love MAINSTREAM £10 PLATTERS How beautiful is our love (Wylie & Hester) MUSICOR M- £12 SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS I'm satisfied RIC TIC M- £8 STEVE MANCHA You're still in my heart GROOVESVILLE VG+ £15 LITTLE MILTON Man loves two/Believe in me CHECKER Ex+ £10 JAMO THOMAS Nassau daddy SOUND STAGE 7 M- £15 WALTER JACKSON Everything under the sun OKEH VG+ £10 OTIS CLAY Messin with my mind ECHO M- £10 JEAN BATTLE Love making RED LITE M- £10
  7. Rob Moss


    Super rarity FOR SALE. Post extra. JAMES BELL & THE HIGHLIGHTERS Amazing love b/w HIGHLIGHTERS Poppin' pop corn RO JAM VG Sound files available on request. £225
  8. Stunning double A side FOR SALE. Post extra. THE TEARS Good luck my love / What you're doing to me SMASH White promo Ex. £200
  9. Long list of 60s and 70s soul singles FOR SALE. Post extra. BANDWAGON Breakin' down the walls of heartache EPIC (Canada) M- £12 KENYA COLLINS & Mac Simmons I don't want to be right/Looking for the same thing PM M- £15 HONEY CONE While you're out looking for sugar/Girls it ain't easy RADIO ACTIVE GOLD M- £10 JAMERSON Places times and the people VERVE Promo Ex+ £15 STANLEY WINSTON No more ghettos in America JEWEL White promo M- £30 BRAINSTORM Lovin' is really my game TABU Ex+ £10 BABY WASHINGTON Just can't get you out of my mind MASTER FIVE M- £15 MIKE WILLIAMS Lonely soldier ATLANTIC Ex+ £15 5 STAIRSTEPS & CUBIE Something's missing BUDDAH Promo M- £20 GWEN McCRAE Lead me on COLUMBIA VG+ £20 RAY WHITLEY Hey girl don't bother me ATTARACK/MGM White promo M- £50 MAXINE BROWN It's gonna be alright WAND Ex- £10 JUNE CONQUEST What's this I see CURTUM Ex. £20 EDWIN STARR Back street RIC TIC Ex- £12 SHOW STOPPERS Eeny meeny HERITAGE Ex.£15 BARBARA LEWIS That's the way I like it ENTERPRISE White promo BS M- £12 SAMMY LEE As the city sleeps COMMERCE M- £15 CHOSEN FEW I'll never change you RCA M- £20 BOBBY WILSON Here is where the love is CHAIN M- £10 RONETTES Oh I love you/ You came you saw you conquered A&M (Canada) M- £12 DELLS (You bring out) The best in me ABC M- £15 RANCE ALLEN Truth is marching on CAPITOL M- £20
  10. Previously unreleased Detroit soul FOR SALE Post extra. BOBBY SHEPPARD Surely b/w GILFORD & SCRUGGS Don't let me lose it. Issue £12 MINT.
  11. FOR SALE. Post extra. Ex. con. £250.
  12. Rob Moss

    Rare and obscure soul list.

    Rare and obscure label soul originals FOR SALE. Post extra. FRED HUGHES Come home little darlin/Can't make it without you CADET M- £35 THE CHANDELIERS Double love LOADSTONE Promo M- £45 ROSE HARGROVE Knocked down kicked around HELL'S M- £30 FIESTAS Sometimes storm RESPECT Promo Ex+ £20 KRYSTAL GENERATION Wanted dead or alive MISTER CHAND Ex+ £25 LLOYD PRICE Love music/What did you do with my love DPG M- £25 DEE EDWARDS Oh what a party D-TOWN Ex £60 VIBRATIONS Sneakin' NORTH BAY Ex+ £15 ROBIE PORTER That's the way love goes MGM Yellow promo M- £35 METROS Let's groove RCA (Canada) M- £45 TAMMY McKNIGHT Stop these teardrops TUNE-KEL M- £65 SOUL IMPACTS Got to be more loving S.I.M. M- £20 CLARENCE WILLIAMS I know about love TINA M- £25 MAURICE RODGERS Coming out of the rain DOUBLE SHOT M- £35 FIVE KEYS (Feat. Rudy West) Sto (what you're doing to me) LANDMARK Ex+ £35
  13. Last copies of THE version of this fantastic previously unreleased gem FOR SALE. Post extra. SHARON McMAHAN I have no choice/Life ain't worth living (without you) HR 021. Issues ONLY £12. PM for ordering details.
  14. Rob Moss

    Tony Hester and the Perfections

    PM'd you.
  15. Rob Moss

    JIMMY DELPHS The flip side

    Another winner double A side FOR SALE. Post extra. JIMMY DELPHS The flip side b/w BAND TRACK Don't say maybe baby HR 023 Issues £12. White promo £20.


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