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Guest soul99 easylay

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Guest soul99 easylay

Hi Folks,

I was at the Scarborough 99 Soul club the other Saturday and Ade played a track which I haven't heard for ages, I should have asked him who it was at the time, but I was too busy dancing. So I have spent the last week or so with the tune and a very few scattered lyrics going round in my head....................can anyone help!?!?!

I know, I know it, but it just won't happen in my head :huh: ...anyway, here goes.........good luck!

.........." When two people (der der der der der - horns),.......... come together? (I think) (der, der, der,der,der - horns) ....you gotta stop, stop, stop!".........(male vocalist in the background sings Yeah, yeah, yeah).

It is so obvious, I know it is! Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


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Guest soul99 easylay

Come on and Stop - Marv Johnson - United Artists.

:huh::lol::huh::lol: Thank F*ck for that!!! :thumbsup::huh::lol:blush.gif

Obvious, I know, but thank you, I suppose the copious pints of lager over the years, has affected my ability to recall simple facts, figures and names!

Cheers :D

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