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    Sniffing over-ripe cheese.
    Sculpting erotic statuettes out of King Edwards spuds.
    Banging Tin trays together.
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    Filing records by b-side.
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  1. Detached Bicep

    Sounds painful...
  2. Uniques - Not Too Long Ago - Us Promo

    Reissues are styrene, and the labels are red with the girls head on. Reissued in the early 80s at a guess.
  3. Unreleased?

  4. Unreleased?

    Seen a scan of what appears to be a fantasy release (boot) of it.
  5. David Morris - Stoned On Love - Radnor

    I'll take that bet. I believe my ears better than i believe your memory....
  6. David Morris - Stoned On Love - Radnor

    It was used as a b-side filler on the Abbott release. There's every chance it was done under the name Forris Woods because David Morris was contractually obligated elsewhere.
  7. David Morris - Stoned On Love - Radnor

    I don't doubt for a minute that you have John.
  8. David Morris - Stoned On Love - Radnor

    Just played both copies on YouTube and so long as they are the correct version for each label scan there is no difference in them whatsoever. There are three repetitions of the opening brass riff, then the singer comes in at the point where the fourth w...
  9. David Morris - Stoned On Love - Radnor

    Yes, exactly the same cut but it has a different and better flipside.
  10. First Northern Soul Cd

    Some of the early Goldmine CDs featuring unreleased tracks were fetching daft money at one time...
  11. Worst Parking Ever

    Try this one for size - this was the straightest he managed after about a dozen attempts....
  12. Barbara Mason - Give Me Your Love

    Not sure Chalky.... I have what i presume is an original. The cover is thin stiff card that is a darkish brown (looks a bit like cork in colour and texture) on the inside. The front cover is slicked on and over the seams with a square slick ...
  13. Records That Will Always Remind You Of A Venue

    Hamilton Movement - She's Gone = Sheridans
  14. Rarest 45 On Coloured Vinyl?

    Seen loads of Motown demos in red vinyl, but I've only even seen the one copy of The Originals Goodnight Irene on a Soul issue with red vinyl.
  15. Chris Clark Acetates On Ebay

    By the early 70s Chris was involved in Motown's Film and TV projects - perhaps these songs were assigned to her for possible inclusion in soundtracks?

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