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Puddentane-Lula Reed

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Puddentane-Lula Reed. I recently sold a VG copy to somebody in Scotland. He left me positive feedback but has now said it is a bootleg from the 70s/80s.One reason he says this is that it is flexible and to quote him 'For a start It's thin flexible vinyl which didn't exist in the early 60s'. Secondly the word HIGH is in a slightly different place. Does anybody know if this could be true. ie -was there any flexible vinyl on federal in the early 60s.

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king and king re-issues are a bit of a minefield in my experience,

some have a raised & rounded outside edge, some have a darker blue stamp on them.

some are exactly the same as the originals as they were made on the same presses so i was told,

some of the early ones were on thin vinyl as well as far as i know ( to add to your Q. ) it depends where they were pressed up,

Pete Smith or someone with a lot more knowledge than me should be able to put you right,



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