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  1. Bobby WisdomHandwriting On The Wall / The Girl I Call My BabyRAREST OF THE RARE and make no mistake. Easily Anthony C.Renfro’s hardest to acquire 45, of his many Northern Soul contributions and I think his best! A totally uplifting “impossible” benefiting from a typically feelgood “Renfro” approach.. Burping saxophone leads the way for the at ease vocal of the mysterious Bobby Wisdom to glide through a full orchestra arrangement crafting scintillating Northern Soul with every note! Stabbing horns, rattling drums drive this dancer at a perfect pace for the dancers, our opinion is if this wasn’t so God-damn-rare, this beauty is flawless Top 500 material. Flip it over for an urgently constructed forceful stomper that most will never have heard before, certainly worth more than a cursory ear, as Bobby squeal and screams his way through this relentless pumping production . TWO GREAT SIDES validating Anthony C. Renfro once again as one of Los Angeles’s major Northern Soul creator. This is only our SECOND copy of this 45 is fully 45 years of messing around with records.. does NS collecting get any rarer than that? Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 2,105.00 Edwin StarrStop Her On Sight (s.o.s.) / I Have Faith In YouWords fail me! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 764.00 Pearl DowellGood Things / It's All OverA totally pristine ORIGINAL first press of this mighty Sister-Funker.. with an overlooked Northern Soul delight on the flip. Let’s consider the topside first, a Frank Williams & Willie Beaver Hale collaboration full of attitude and drive! Sister-Pearl’s vocal weaves its way through a flood of blaring horns, some classy Beaver Hale guitar licks and a totally insane sax-break as “The Rocketeers” blown themselves off the scale of Miami Funk with a pull-out-all-the-stops back-up. This side is rightly considered one of the truly great Sister-Funk sessions; Raw, spontaneous and free-style with Miss Dowell never faltering in her task of matching her instrumental support. Second side is a real-Northern Soul gem, sadly bypassed in the early part of the century as the Deep-Funk monopolized the other side. “It’s All Over” borrows heavily from “I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face” but injecting a little more punch with the horns again dominant. A mid-tempo NS stroller saturated in Soul which Pearl convinces with her skilled vocal delivery.. surely “It’s All Over” will have it day on the NS circuit..it would be a vinyl-crime if it didn’t.. Two great sides!!! one elusive disc. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 290.00 BalladsI Can't See Your Love (for The Tears In My Eyes)As demand for this 1965 Oakland, California vocal group floor-destroyer hots up and as the Vee Jay label release starts to disapper. We thougth it may be nice to be able to capture one on Lonnie Hewitt’s Oakland WEE label. This s the BUNKY’S PICK Chicago promoted variation not the “impossible” first press 988 42nd. Street, Oakland’s locally addressed press . But still looks a beauty as this Bunky Bill Sheppard supported Red labelled Devil takes to he internet… Vinyl and labels are flawless, rarely witness is pristine condition. Click the soundfile to see why the Vee Jay copies have been changing owners for healthy 3 figure sums… Relentless, frantic Northern Soul precisely delivered by Nathan Romerson, Leslie La Palmer, Johnny Foster and Rico Thompson. The Bay Areas most accomplish male vocal-group of their time. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 177.00 Patti & The EmblemsI'm Gonna Love You A Long, Long Time / My Heart's So Full Of YouTop 500 Northern Soul floor packing classics, in perfect condition - watch this one go…. Condition could not be finer..two perfect labels & vinyl to match, still housed inside it’s original Kapp birth-sleeve. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 532.00 Johnny HoneycuttI'm Coming Over / If You Love MeREAL DEAL NORTHERN SOUL IN IT’S RAREST FORM! an East Coast Northern Soul Holy Grail!! To still hold it’s “impossible” reputation after what must now be near 45 years of relentless searching by every Northern Soul collector/dealer/fan on Planet Earth, solidly validates this 45 as an undisputed authentic Northern Soul Grail. Personally, still after decades of me dreaming of “finding” a copy I have yet to encounter this Blue-Ghost in”The Wild”, it is what I would grade as Unicorn-Rare! Only ever played by the very top-NS-jocks over the years consequently achieving a “Buy Before I Die” status. Click the soundfile to be catapulted back to a time when “One-Offs” would tease to the point of irritation and the smug looks the DJ wore as the needle dropped would stay in your mind all week…. as the green-eyed monster refused to sleep. A record to be proud of owning - do not pass by, another may be more than a lifetime away. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,512.00 Melvin DavisIt's No News / Wedding Bellstwo Detroit Northern Soul icons make a date to craft the beginnings of their illustrious careers. Dave Hamilton (writer producer of great renown) guides Melvin Davis Motor City Soul-God, there can be only one outcome. Killer Motor City Northern Soul with that special “magic” ingredient called “Flare”. Take a listen to Melvin’s rarest 45 and consequently least heard NS offering. Take time for this “Popcorn-Shaker” to enter your life as it’s unique “Mambo” influenced arrangement collides with “Soul” and produces perfect “Popcorn” that is so very right for today’s dancefloor. This 45s rarity is unquestionable as is we feel it’s potential for second breath under the guidance of a DJ who thinks past the “NS Obvious”. Shimmering with potential to surprise and delight the dancefloor. Flipside again bristles with cocktail of “Latin, Mambo, Soul” that demands your attention especially when Melvin pushes the boundaries with his squealing vocals. Then a “snake-charming” rap break.. well this side is neary as good. Dave Hamilton you certainly know how to “do-it-up-right!” Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 250.00 Dell RandleThe Monkey And The BeatlesAs the term “Tittyshaker” starts to create an underground following on the internet, the movement searches for more and more previously overlooked 50’s/60s dance-exotica gems. An addictive genre that once you dip your toe in, you will before long be imagining swimming in a deep pool of well endowed Mama’s, dancing and shaking their wares up close and intimate. This example is INSANELY RARE Bay Area San Francisco off-the-wall R&B Hammond instrumental that will have you seeking more of the style. Dell is an unsung talent who did very obscure but very impressive work with that mysterious Northern Soul contributor Othello Robertson. Here he is in a different mood, attacking the keyboard whipping up a storm as he name-checking “Major Lance” whilst spanking out a “Do What You Wanna Do” rhythm… The Monkey, Wobble, Shake, Twist, Stroll… This is dance craze at it’s most-convincing… Northern Soul bring on some Tittyshakers.. . this is a Big Booby of a tune!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 152.00 Otis ReddingOtis Redding - Song BookI was occasionally attending the King Edward IIV Upper School in 1967, December of that year I remember Danny Reynolds (a schoolboy MOD with rebellious tendencies) being thoroughly downhearted one morning as he brought to school the news that Otis Redding had been killed in a plane crash. We all mourned the rest of the day, even those long haired Gimpy’s into Pink Floyd shared our grief. “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay” was the last song Otis wrote, in the UK it became a huge hit, partly to his popularity with The MODS as their Soul idol, partly because it was such a stand-out Deep Soul recording. In the USA, it entered the history books, as the first posthumous #1 hit and Otis’s only #1 hit. In the UK it just missed out on the top spot, but is considered by all in Britain as THE classic Otis anthem. Before you today is a RARE 24 page “Otis Song Book” printed in 1968 by West Central Printing London for TEE PEE MUSIC LTD. Includes not only the ultra-poignant lyrics of “”Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay” But all lyrics & music for “My Sweet Lorene”, “Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa” “Knock On Wood” “New Years Resolution” “Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis” “When Something Wrong With My Baby” plus THREE full page black & White Otis action pictures. Apart from a mild “age browning” of the inside pages; this Song Book is free of tears, stains, writing or sticker marks.. a so very seldom encountered Historical piece that many may be tempted to split and frame for a unique WOW effect on the walls of their home.. tempting indeed. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 24.00 Various ArtistsAuthentic R&bBritish Album collecting at its most challenging! An album lifting the greatest 60s recordings from the EXCELLO Catalogue. The track listing reads like “Who’s Who” of Southern R&B. As the selected soundfile reveals with distilled snarling exclusively male listing. Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Jimmy Anderson, Lonesome Sundown, Whispering Smith, Leroy Washington, Silas Hogan’s work brought to an unsuspecting British public in 1963. It of course sold nothing on release and consequently today is one of the rarest UK compilations. There are some light blemishes on the vinyl surfaces, but I’ve enjoyed this rarity in it’s entirety playing it from start to finish, plays perfectly and to be honest after hearing it, I was so tempted to make it a keeper. 1963 British press and Dog-RARE, not a bad track on it! Sleeve notes by Guy Stevens… R&B does not get any more collectable. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 57.00 Four CornersMad About The Girl / Don't Send Me AwayA silly-Rare Cincinnati street-level D.I.Y. hopeful, offering up two distinguished Sweet Soul strollers.. Both sides constructed by the mysterious Floyd Weatherspoon who put a few tunes together for local Cincinnati Soul band “Platypus” ..these two soulful ballads are beautifull put together. We lead with the more-syrupy of the two sessions, featuring an ice-cold soaring falsetto spearing the lyrics, within a laid-back dreamy production. Smokey Robinson inspired performance is fully supported by a “Miracles” styled backing team, belying it’s Cincinnati neighborhood roots. Flip it over and the Soul gets slightly Deeper, as the group change their lead vocalist for a profound delivery, whilst in contrast the backing group harmony takes on a sharper character. BOTH sides underscore the quality that is strewn on the street corners of every USA major city…Two truly dazzling ballads from a previously unknown group to me, totally impressive, and saturated in SOUL! Local recordings don’t come any more polished than these two opulent offerings or rarer! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 34.00 Williams BrothersGhetto Boy Parts 1 & 2RARE 1973 Ghetto FUNKER! giving up a perfect dance-rhythm, driven by haunting distant trumpets, ferocious Wah Wah plucking and tireless Bongos belting out an invitation to dance. Angry delinquent vocals attack the arrangement with relentless defiant snarls and screams. Outrageous FUNK that fits perfect into today’s DJ remit to get te house jumping. Played loud, it refuses to let you rest fir a second.. Unforgiving FUNK at it it’s most-invasive! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 200.00 CastawaysLiar, LiarA timeless MOD classic in its rarest and most attractive form. The pull of the Yellow London PROMO copies could hardly be stronger, as this song evokes visions of Brighton Beach 1966 - most-every teenager who even only had a fleeting brush with Britain’s MOD culture will recognize this tune whirling hammond intro the opening for an anthem. For the vinyl-condition extremist, this copy offers near perfection; it took me some time angling, re-angling the vinyl in strong light to reveal only the merest signs of paper-sleeve contact through the decades. As you can see the labels are also flaw-free, only the Decca stamped 150 = secondsrunning time on the label (which is hardly a flaw) A stunning copy Honest! “Liar Liar, Pants On Fire” who?… certainly not me… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 67.00 BroadwaysYou Just Don't Know / Sweet Heavenly MelodyWhat is it about the MGM Black stock copy - other than it looking oh so smart in it’s birthday sleeve, or is it maybe because we know MGM rarely skimped on their productions. I have heard derogatory mumblings about this tune being “Four Seasons” in style - blue-eyed Northern Soul. THINK AGAIN check out the men behind it’s construction. Charlie Koppelman & Don Rubin are no strangers to the Brill Building styled big production, neither is fellow New Yorker Trade Martin, a name so familiar with the Northern Soul collector, as Trade just had that gift for serving up feelgood NS arrangements. But this song is stand-out Northern Soul for more reasons than the producers or the well credited arranger.. check out the writers… Drake Hollon wrote songs for Linda Jones, Timothy Wilson, Teri Bryant, Florence Ballad etc. The co-writer has an even more impressive portfolio cutting his teeth with Motown in the company Eddie Holland. Writing such Northern Soul greats as “Exus Trek” Lenny Curtis - Nothing Can Help you Now… There is always a reason for the birth of a stand out song no matter what colour the artists skin.. there was a “Dream Team” behind this killer tune. Little wonder the last time we listed it, there was a 6 0’clock scrap to own it’s brilliance! condition btw is flawless Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 161.00 Mckinley "soul" MitchellMckinley "soul" MitchellYou are viewing an album very few collectors have ever seen in the flesh and even fewer have ever owned. 1967 Italian release of McKinley Mitchell’s One-derful label sessions. But this is so much more than just an elusive album. It offers up a lucky 13 recordings from his Chicago, One-Derful studio recordings, with more than one non-7” release track. Includes the killer Northern Soul/Popcorn session “I’ve Been Wrong” “I Found An Angel)” “Reckless Lover” “That’s What You Said” “There He Goes” for the rare Soul DJ there’s a huge enticement for ownership in those stand-out tracks. (see scan for full track listing)For the truly dedicated Rare Soul collector this is not chance to dwell on, we consider this album one of the toughest LPs it is possible to to dream of acquiring in unblemished condition. Condition as you can see and hear is quite magnificent. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 59.00
  2. Tobi LegendTime Will Pass You By / HeartbreakerOver the last decade, no genre of vinyl-collectables have risen more in value, demand and unavailabilty than the “Top 500” Northern Soul classics - they have been hunted worldwide, into near extinction. Check out those enticing flaw-free labels but please be aware although the labels look near new, the vinyl has surface marks. But we have no hesitation auctioning this Wigan Casino “3 before 8” as it plays clean & true. Check out the double soundfile we have just lifted from this actual disc. The OCD condition conscious, it would be best to wait for the “dream” Mint minus copy to hit the market.. maybe before you depart this mortal coil… if you’re lucky.. We repeat, the vinyl has surface marks but as you can hear it plays great!! Listen, to be rocketed back to the halcyon days of The Casino… and to be reminded it is records like this that changed not only yours, but also 100,000’s other teenagers lives!! PS the fipside is totally killer too, having lived in the shadows of the iconic a-side for decades, it should be time for some turntable outings for “Heartbreaker” also…as Tobi Larks flexes her vocal-muscle on another stand-out session. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 617.00 Johnny SaylesMy Love's A Monster / Never Let Me GoA listing especially aimed at those of you seeking to acquire their Northern Soul classics in their significantly rarer form.. White DEMO of this Catacombs Anthem is one listing that will make the old-school collectors armed with the knowledge this PROMO is rarely if ever encountered, sit up and take notice. Whilst remembering there is a COUNTERFEIT stock copy that often gets sold erroneously as an original; this PROMO underlines the forger’s error of scratching in the matrix the correct way up. ORIGINALS the matrix in the deadwax is upside whilst holding the matrix in the 6 0’clock position and looking from the vinyl perimeter towards the edge of the labels. Of course the markings in the original stock copies, match this undisputed authentic PROMO copy. Promo is perhaps as much as 500 x rarer but also emits snarling Chicago Northern Soul that demands a NS renaissance…Sam & Kitty permitting.. Time this treasure took to the turntables again.. PS the flip is a Top Drawer Deep Soul ballad from a man saturated in emotion… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 144.00 Gary SoleHoldin On / Soul Light TouchAmazing condition - one for the many perfectionists this auction page seems to attract. You will not encounter a finer copy, any time soon. Considering this 45 has been a turntable fave for DJ’s who enjoy dropping the needle on the rare Northern Soul platter, that has never been bootlegged..(as if you send a clear message of O.V.O.) this 45 we can assure you has never been in a NS circuit DJ’s possession, grooves are virginal. So click away and be prepared to be hit by a pumping New Orleans session, that wasn’t discovered until Cleethorpes had expired but Dave Thorley’s and his intrepid team of DJ’s at Stafford’s “Top Of The World” ensured it achieved immortal NS Classic status… This Traci Borges creation has never, ever been an easy to acquisition, in 2015.. in this level of condition… it has become one Northern Soul’s vinyl challenges. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 890.00 MonicaFreedomWally Osbourne crafts a racing Philly FUNKER with the power set the place alight! Monica Burruss grabs a hold, as the prolific Wally-O takes the Richie Havens classic “Motherless Child” …deconstructs, reassembles adding fuel-injected horns and a totally crazed wah-wah guitarist; arranger Billy Brock impressively pulls the whole session together, into a melting Pot of Philly Funk! Love the label, Wally Osbourne has provided some real winners on his label, add this one to the list. Tricky to acquire and this copy is flawless.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 83.00 Hoagy LandsThe Next In LineThe timeless classics in their rarest USA format - could be better than money in the bank! Well, recent demand for these Norther Soul Anthems has certainly exploded in recent months, into a vinyl feeding frenzy - we think this special piece in astonishing condition will definitely sound the Dinner-Gong to feast on “The NS Classics” Already, your eyes with be transfixed on the beauty of this rarely seen offering. The label layout and the text instantly gives away it’s origin of a Los Angeles press, encased inside a perfect Laurie sleeve. This PROMO copy has two totally perfect labels & playing surfaces to match. Those of you who don’t collect British releases; obviously the ultimate would be a UK Stateside capture; but hey this USA variation is not far behind that forlorn hope. This USA West Coast DEMO is so seldom seen, so very attractive and in dream condition… Irresistible, I the word that jumps into my head… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 205.00 Mary LoveBorn To Live With Heartache / There's Someone For MeMary Love’s rarest 45, as she ventured north to Sacramento to record a blend of Soulful Crossover spiked with a pinch of FUNKY attitude. Listen and your treated to an absolutely dead-perfect for today’s Northern Soul upfront DJ and dance scene. But do not in your excitement, do not overlook the flipside that showcases this stand-out songstress at her most tortured…killer Deep Soul.. Two fabulous tunes with decades of validated rarity behind it. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 315.00 Sonny HermanWhat About Me Vocal / InstrumentalGet out the way… A runaway Northern Soul juggernaut is about to crash into your life! Snarling, thumpin’, ferocious wild beast of a tune! PROPER NORTHERN SOUL. with a real-deal instrumental version flipside. Stand back Sonny Herman is coming through..!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 439.00 Lil GrayAre You FoolingOrganic Chicago R&B Northern Soul.. from the streets.. a rawness to relish as “Lil” strolls through U.S. Warren’s horn-blown arrangement, that is forced to keep pace, with this lady’s vocal peaks and troughs, as she asks if her man is full of BS! “Are You Fooling?” He’s promised her so much, you can hear the frustration and doubt in her voice, haven fallen for his false promises. This girl is so convincing, then Blues Guitar picker Mr. Warren delivers an R&B break bridging the session together.. It is not only this 45s elusiveness that attracts or even the two gleaming labels or the neat clean vinyl …at the end of the day Lil Gray’s vocal is so downright beseeching it makes ownership for the real Soul-Collector crucial! Killer Chicago neighborhood - street corner Northern Soul Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 508.00 Various ArtistsThese Kind Of BluesTurn your head away now! I’m totally made-up today to handle a “Scarlet Pimpernel” of collecting British Soul vinyl! The highly esteemed UK label that took over the reigns from SUE as Britain’s dedicated vehicle releasing inconspicuous USA Black Music; and just like SUE designed a label that today, falls nothing short of being idolized by those serious about collecting ACTION. We have put before you perhaps the rarest piece of vinyl B&C ever released on the label. An album that sold nothing upon release and just never comes to market. With this one being near perfect in every way VInyl is a strong clean mint minus plays perfect Labels are perfection itself Fully laminated Cover is in a spectacular state - free of creases, writing , stains, tears, splits or sticker residue - you could not wish to handle a cleaner example. The music is the gritty R&B end of 60s Soul., Bluesy down-home proper neighborhood atmospheric joys. From the likes of Junior Parker, Bobby Bland, Fention Robinson, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Willie Mae Thornton, Johnny Ace, Larry Davis, Jimmy McCracklin, Roscoe Gordon.. WARNING: If you do not already own any UK Action label do not buy this album, you will be dragged head first into a collecting addiction that will force you into being a slave to owning every single item this label created. Do not take my word for it, visit Action-Anonymous for group therapy and listen to the harrowing tales of previously normal people who have dedicated their lives to it… and still don’t own this LP. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 178.00 Reparata And The DelronsPanicWhat with Tobi Legend gracing these pages this week and now Reparata & The Delrons it could turn into a “Divas Of The Casino” week. Check out this head-turning Green & White DEMO, I can’t even remember the last time I saw one..? Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 201.00 Jimmy MccracklinGet BackThis week’s rare Northern Soul offering comes from one of the pioneers of the sound..another all-time great to emerge from the beautiful California Bay Area; and like his neighbors Etta James, Sugar Pie DeSanto they all had that ability to add “sunshine” into their Blues; with Jimmy McCracklin the magician of embedding a hook into the rhythm, that just caught you. This 1957 session is no exception, you just gotta dance, you gotta sway, you gotta get up and move..as Jimmy Mac directs his orchestra to softly serve the goods on a wave of controlled horns and full male group answering choruses and he lazily delivers the lyrics. THIS IS A KILLER - I LOVE IT!!! You’ll still be singing it tomorrow… and the day after. Rare Northern Soul R&B at it’s most uplifting! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 133.00 Don CharlesI've Got Everything I've Got YouDon Charles is one of Britain’s “lost” talents, although well know to the serious British Soul collectors for his fabulous version of Ray Pollard’s “The Drifter”. But this silky smooth Beat-Ballad remains off most everyone’s radar at it’s rarity since 1968 has never diminished. A British flipside that has ghost like passed by us all, until recently shock waves rumbled through the UK Soul collecting fraternity. When at a huge set sale price from a respected dealer alerted everyone, that this 45 needed a listen. Afterall Don is no stranger to the “Soul” Sound as already mentioned “THe Drifter” he did a killer take on; Ben E. King’s “Hermit Of Misty Mountain” was a good ‘un. Having said that I know of no other version of this song, that Don Charles produced himself. Borrowing the opening bars from it seems an obscure big production at it starts like a “Brill Building” staple. Don’s easy-experience style lends perfectly to the mushrooming arrangement that swells to a crescendo, leaving you in no doubt that the eye-watering price tag it recently carries is fully justified. Classy, British made - Beat-Ballad Heaven ! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 59.00 Four TopsWithout The One You Love / Love Has GoneNot as easy to acquire as you would think.. Even though Dave Godin, coined the phrase in the “Tamla Motown Appreciation Society # 2. Dear Swinger and Friends wave goodbye to the Motown Revue’s recent British Tour. Looking forward to their return in March 1965.” with this 45 being the release of the moment.. it sold only a meagre few. Proven by the fact this century we have sold 3 DEMO copies and likewise only 3 stock copies and none have been in this standard of condition.. This listing, the vinyl reveals only the lightest surface blemish in strong light, looks & plays flawless; not forgetting the flip side “Love Is Gone” is one the the group’s finest moments.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 162.00 RokkPatience / Don't Be No FoolNow for something in a different class.. When Jazz meets Soul the result is usually the same, skilled musicians seldom work with average vocalists.. So enjoy this spectacular cocktail of focused soaring vocals riding the wriggling flute, strumming guitar as the group lay down the foundation for one impressive and decidedly different dancer. I was wondering why this gathering were so tight? Then reading the credits all became clear when the founder member of the Vee Jay label Calvin Carter teams up with one of Los Angeles most talented grassroots producers James Dockery (no stranger to crafting slaying Northern Soul) We adore the flipside too.. even more thinking mans Jazzy/Soul to consider.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 588.00 Gloria WalkerYou Hit The Spot Baby / Walking With My New LoveAuthentic ORIGINAL first press of this angry slab of Sister NOrthern Soul that has been detonating dancefloors all over Europe with the persuasive cocktail of PMT deliver vocal, dirty-filthy suggestive Sax blowing and unrelenting guitar strumming firing the dance-rhythm home.. Total dance, perfectly fitting into today’s Rare-Soul tastes .. More later.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 87.00
  3. Shorty LongBurnt Toast And Black CoffeeThe totally diverse net of the Northern Soul DJ choices casts it net right back to 1956 with this R&B shaker that is currently detonating the dancefloor-dash up and down the UK. How this classically trained “Violinist” Hillbilly came to record a gatecrashing R&B killer is a mystery but his extreme talent enabled him to turn his hand to any style, and boy does he revel in this his own composition as jazz saxophonist Manny Albam and his Orchestra belt out the addictive rhythm… You gotta hand it to the “New Breed” Norther Soul DJ as they constantly push the envelope of the sound… and always get it right. Proven by the floor-packing qualities of this rhythmic R&B dancer. VERY IN-DEMAND and this copy plays perfectly as the finest RCA vinyl carries the light surface blemishes without a murmur. Both labels are flaw-free! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 184.00 The ChantelsIndian GiverMoody, dark and dirty recording from one of the world’s greatest ever Girl-Gatherings. Daughters of The Bronx made immortal, by Arlene Smith’s unparalleled lead performance on their 1957 hit “Maybe” But by 1966 their popularity along with the girl-group sound had faded and sales diminished. That is why this Horace Ott guided recordings is no easy find… With Arlene Smith no longer a member Jackie Landry, Renee Minus & Sonia Goring take on a meatier defiant stance, recording what is, by far their finest Northern Soul offering. With Ott’s rattling arrangement pumping out potent aerial horns, piano slapping notes and the screaming girl backing, all welding together for one mighty atmospheric tune, This is one of the country’s most wanted girl-group Northern Soul 45s of the moment; In fine clean condition - with received date on flipside label being it’s only forgivable blemish. No-one can ignore a tune with this amount of overwhelming power !! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 283.00 Gloria ScottWhat Am I Gonna DoAn album so full of delights we could fill pages shouting it’s qualities.. First press of course, fine clean condition, a minuscule price-sticker removal scar top right (see scan) is it’s only foible. So let the soundfile sample of just 3 tracks off this unparalleled Barry White & Tom Brock collusion. More later.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 110.00 Melvin DavisFind A Quiet Place (and Be Lonely) / This Ain't The WayA DETROIT NORTHERN SOUL TROPHY of the highest calibre. Saturated in NS kudos, delivering distilled “from-the-streets” of the Motor City in vintage year of 1965. It doesn’t get much better than this, as all the very few copies known, have long since been imprisoned in the world’s most-exhaustive Rare Soul collections, never to be paroled. Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Pier, Blackpool Mecca all resounded to those instantly recognizable Rudy Robinson piano strokes; relentless plectrum picks drive the delicate rhythm as an uncredited male vocal group purr away in the background, whilst Melvin’s despairing mood is given the Detroit Soul treatment. Rudy plows back in elevating his keyboard craft and the whole session becomes a perfect example of what the City was constructing besides Motown in the mid-60s.. For today’s DJ this is the perfect 45 to elevate stage-presence, but also hidden away on the flipside is a neglected Northern Soul growler! As Melvin changes his mood to utter defiance and snarls his way through an uncompromising stomper. A nod to R&B, a sideways glance to Funk and a great big hug for an overlooked Northern Soul candidate.. that would snugly fit into any upbeat DJ set. Note this offering has two flawless labels, vinyl inspection only reveals the merest mild blemishes under strong light, plays perfectly. Except for a little mark at the beginning of the deadwax, a mild click after the recording is finished…with such an important piece of Rare Soul, we need to be exacting in it’s condition..which is our finest example this century. Act accordingly Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,948.00 Brenda Lee JonesYou're The Love Of My LifeA listing especially aimed at those of you who seek out the rarest, best possible condition examples of Northern Soul Classics.. How about this pristine 1966 French press still hugging it’s birth sleeve. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 60.00 David ColemanDrown My HeartThis for me personally is my most-requested play and best dancefloor reaction. I’ve always loved it’s uniqueness and tried to give it an airing every set I’ve done in recent years, usually towards the end as it wasn’t an instant love-affair with the dancers. For decades an under-played oldie at best - but now a MONSTER! Guaranteeing a shoulder to shoulder jostling as soon as the needle drops.. Not forgetting it exhibits the greatest line in a NS 45 ever.. “You Left My Heart Like Dirt On The Carpet…”” wow how “Coleman” convinces with his defiant rejection.. A Joe Bataan / Hector Rivera collaboration with few comparables .. Condition is the fines I’ve seen in recent times.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 163.00 The O'jaysSoul Sounds“SOUL SOUNDS” title for this album has possibly gotta to be the biggest understatement to ever be a LP title! “SENSATIONAL SPECTACULAR SUCCULENT SOUL SOUNDS” captures the O’Jays in Detroit under the stewardship of PIED PIPER productions.. more later.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 121.00 Johnny SummersI'm Still Yours / Prove It To MeTotal Northern Soul classic, harking back to the halcyon days of Dave Thorley’s inspiring “Top Of The World” all niter at Stafford. Who’s reunions are to this day are anticipated with mouth-watering relish, as the club broke the “Northern Soul” mold. Although this California creation unfold on a wave a shrill girls and impressive horns… More later.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 415.00 Ronnie Hawkins And The HawksSouthern Love (what-cha-gonna Do)Mr. Dynamo!! Consistently crams everything possible into his performances, does Northern Soul POPCORN, and how! Be patient as Ronnie’s Arkansas drawl grabs your attention, as he regrets the loss of his love of Shirley B. and just as you think this is gonna be some dreadful Elvis impression; Ronnie hits you, on a wave of soaring-haunting Girl vocals, male vocal group Doo-Wops and a wild twangy guitar solo…. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANNA HATE IT - YOU JUST CAN’T… Annoyingly so addictive all your prejudices melt under the weight of Mr. Hawkins easy-peazy style and the finger-clicking “Popcorn” arrangement… we are pretty sure the open-minded NS collector will be falling in love with a recording from a man who’s just got “It” and will perfectly understand why this distinctive session has enjoyed an NS underground cult appreciation for decades. This 1959 British press with in sublime flawless condition, seldom seen for sale. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 52.00 P. P. ArnoldEverything's Gonna Be Alright + 3Oh yes - stunning French 4 track EP giving up her greatest Northern Soul offering! So damn difficult to acquire on the British release 45. Never issued in the USA and the bootleg copies changing hands for inflated prices.. this original 1967 French 4 track EP with the alluring Picture Sleeve. Check back cover for the 3 “bonus” tracks.. but with the “Stand-outness” of the legendary “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright ” who needs anything else.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 168.00 Trini LopezSinner Not A SaintPerhaps an unlikely Northern Soul favourite? Well not really, when you look at the producer Roy Rodde, a man not unfamiliar with the random punchy R&B Northern Soul session. He was responsible for two BIg Mama R&B juggernauts with Trini Lopez’s stable mates Jesse Mae & Marilyn Brown; so it seems natural when presented with an outrageous Shel Talmy composition, Mr. Rodde would make it shudder and shake. One of this iconic music-provider Shel Talmy last creations before he left his native USA to embark on his legendary work for Decca in the UK. So all the ingredients are there for an impressive recording to be born..all it needed was exposure, which was to come decades later in the form of an adventurous NS Jock, who with help from other R&B incline DJ’s made it one of the best-loved of all the off-the-wall Northern Soul choices in recent times. This elusive 1962 Promo copy has two perfect labels and the vinyl an occasional light surface blemish, as you can see and hear it looks and plays totally clean. This guaranteed floor-crammer doesn’t come to market in this form very often… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 45.00 BileoYou Can Win / Let's GoThis is the ORIGINAL 1979 first press Orange label variation as a 7” of Elijah Williams double-dance offering; that is so very wanted not only by the scene that first play it, but also a monster within the French “Disco” dance cult. This example well before the Blue label repress is In just gleaming flawless condition.. more later.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 136.00 Pete Terrace "king Of The Boogaloo"Shot Gun / I'm Gonna Make ItFrom the very time the Boo-ga-loo was sweeping Britain and giving the MODS a new dance craze to ignite them. Pete Terrance the self-anointed “The King” of the Latin/Soul mix comes along with two thumping dancefloor killers. Top side is an insanely raw uncompromising Hammond take on the already popular Junior Walker Motown classic. A screaming session encapsulating everything “Boo-Ga-Loo” and giving the upfront mid-60s Soul DJ an alternative “rare” choice to spin. But today its the Latin flipside that is causing a stir, not only because “Latin” is again flavour of the year so far, but because UK PYE changed the flip side from USA release “El Piton” to “I’m Gonna Make It” …previously an album track.. So check this Northern Soul Latin 45 out, it too, like all Mr. Terrace’s offerings, shudders to his surly style, as he instinctively smacks those vibes whilst delivering guttural lyrics raven by “Barretto” style horns, rattling Bongos, chanting male vocal group all colliding with that intensely snarling Terrace vocal. WOW this just shimmers with potential, I’m so impressed, I need a copy to follow the imposing David Coleman… Brilliant album track liberated onto the 7” Pye International flipside of a very rare UK 45 indeed; and is example is a just flawless DEMO still in birth sleeve!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 299.00 Lola SandsTo Whom It Concern (i'm In Love)Put Leonard Jewel Smith & Miles Grayson in the same studio… our expectations will obviously be high!! So check out this 1966 Los Angeles slab of Northern Soul, and witness how it shimmers with everything we associate with these two craftsmen of the Northern Soul sound! It was good to read, this rarity received a recent spin at Newton Aycliffe’s Sanctuary Of Northern Soul; “The RAFA Club” never a place where DJ’s hesitate to drop a surprise or ten and I’m betting Ian Shoulder received an appreciative ripple of applause when the needle hit the deadwax… great play Ian. Killer girl Northern Soul that has been underplayed for decades (maybe suffering from it’s own scarcity), even though the collectors have always actively pursued ownership. Our data confirms we only encounter a copy on average one copy every 5 years. So do not dither when a near perfect copy presents itself.. If a few more of the up-front DJ’s start start airing it, there is only one way the value of this beauty is gonna go… especially in this premier condition… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 220.00 Ron Buford With Ural ThomasDeep Soul Part 1 & TwoFormer Keb Darge rave, still sounding as potent as ever. The cocktail of delinquent horns and Mr. Thomas’s decisive screams epitomizes the Deep Funk sound that swept the UK in the early part of this century. 1967 Seattle born rarity that sits in from of me today in PERFECT condition. I can’t remember seeing the classic Funker in such eye-popping condition. Both labels and vinyls are immaculately gleaming back at me… whilst I remember how excited I was a little less than 15 years ago to have a grotty scared label and a skating-rink vinyl to sell of this much-wanted 45. FUNK is still so very very popular and this example is totally classic.. a springboard for the then, revolutionary “Deep Funk” movement which still simmers away nicely today… But no usually on the back of flawless records.. so tough to acquire these independent low-budget releases in the right condition.. We repeat this example is flawless in every way.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 86.00
  4. Willie TeeFirst Taste Of Hurt / Funky Funky TwistListen and absorb, some of the most effectual lyrics ever committed to a Soul 45. William Turbinton’s masterpiece was hidden away on the flipside of an OK Funky session; but will stand the test of time, as being the perfect example of the lost-art of writing poignant lyrics, that once heard will stay with you for life. “Lost-Art” indeed, as today, whatever music genre you choose, the poetry of life has for me been been “lost”. It is words of this stirring standard that first drew me into Soul music as a kid.. This Old Heart Of Mine (Been Broke A Thousand Times) Is Weak For You… etc etc. Enjoy, the simplistic piano intro, joined by controlled horn-caressing blows.. then Willie effortlessly giving up the Soul equivalent of Soul’s “William Blake” “You Don’t Know What It Is, To Be Lonely” “Oh No” “You Don’t Know What It Feels,To Be Left All Alone… Girl” “But Pretty Soon You’ll Be Grieving, Because I’m Leaving…” “Baby, Get Ready, Get Ready, For Your First Taste Of Hurt..” If I’m ever gonna take a verse of a song to the grave.. it will be this one.. because you cannot listen to Willie singing without feeling the extreme cocktail of despair, revenge and regret woven into one understated production. NOTE: You are looking at the very RARE First press - You are listing to the seldom heard First Mix! and all in totally perfect condition. My biggest quandary this week was whether to auction my personal horrid condition DJing copy or to set free this totally flawless prize… The lyrics persuaded me, the listing needed to offer perfection - for such a perfect creation from the heart, that this Rare Record is… Act accordingly.. you ain’t gonna meet another in this condition perhaps ever again.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 652.00 Bill BrandonThe Streets Got My Lady / Tag TagWhen Moses Dillard does a session he does a proper one, no 1/2 measures. BOTH sides of this genuine original 1st. press gives up scintillating Soul of two differing genres but equally impressive. Top side has been a dancefloor favourite for decades. I remember the glee on Mick Godfrey’s face when we found a single lone copy in Los Angeles more than 30 years ago. It was then a tune of the moment.. but neither of us had any idea at the time that the New York “Island” scene was equally frantically trying to track down a copy or two, for the beautiful Sam Dee’s crafted flipside “Tag Tag” Take time, to listen to two sides delivered by an artist at the “Top Of His Game” whether it be dance or a Deep Soul ballad this 45 provides them at their finest! The “Island” scene had little success meeting the demand for “Tag Tag” and ended pressing their own - be assured this “full colour” Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 363.00 Jim GilstrapWhen You Come Back DownSweet, Sweet ballad - Soulful stroller dripping with class… The muted intro of a solitary drum beat glides into a bank of stings; you could be forgiven for thinking “The Sound Of Philadelphia” has just started pouring from your speakers. But no, this lush production is most likely a California session, from one of the Golden States most-prolific music-men Jerry Fuller, a lyricist & producer of renown; teaming up with the equally respected “name” of H. B. Barnum, as the pair pull heavily from 1974’s Philadelphia influences. This session will spark the interest of those many “Sweet Soul” collectors who delight in the Philly Sound. Listen to what could easily have been Stan Watson, Thom Bell or Kenny Gamble at the controls .. This disc is no certainly no easy find and fits perfectly into our “make it interesting” policy, as i don’t think many of you will have heard it before, and even less actually own a copy. VINYL - Flawless LABELS - Perfect SLEEVE - Perfect Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 80.00 Nolan PorterIf I Could Only Be SureCollecting British release Northern Soul DEMO copies is one of the most challenging but at the same time satisfying branch of the Rare Soul vinyl collecting phenomena. I adore those Red & Whites or the Green & White and even more attracted to the startling MGM Pink & Silvers; things of beauty from which the truly dedicated suffer, from vinyl-visions pulse-racing effects. So, unfortunately the 70s Rare-Soul UK Demo’s rarely trigger the same “Goospimple” fall out.. but their are a few exceptions to the rule and this listing is one of them. Not only because it is arguably the best-loved of all Northern Soul 70s recordings, filling the floors for well over two decades now and still no signs of weariness from overplay! But because I’ve so seldom encountered a promo copy - I’m finding that colour-scheme of Pink/Black/Plum a thing of real-artistry. Rare, totally alluring and of course a perennial dancefloor-stampede-starter… what’s not to love? Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 452.00 Yvonne VerneeIt's Been A Long Time / Your TouchThere is something totally inevitable about the vision of a Detroit rarity in flawless condition..those chilling words “To Have And To Hold From This Day Forth..” are forcibly blocked from your mind.. This Daughter of Detroit has a most impressive singing CV especially under the Correc-Tone’s wing. The voice behind George Harrison’s choice to persuade The Beatles to record The Donays - Devil In His Heart - a Correc-tone recording. Correc-tone was a label that could easily have rivaled the likes of Motown; as their stable of talent included the likes of William Mickey Stevenson, Sonny Sanders, Wilson Pickett, Don Juan Mancha, Gino Washington, Robert Bateman, Richard Popcorn Wylie, Theresa Lindsey etc. all passed through the door of 9031 12th Street, Detroit on a regular basis… Yvonne on this occasion is guided by William Mickey Stevenson and gives up a fabulous Motownesque screaming dancer, drenched in every characteristic of the 60s Motor City era. But it’s on the flipside when you hear the real depth of Yvonne’s “Soul” as she delivers on searing harmony ballad, backed by an uncredited gathering of girls.. Harmony collectors consider this side a very special recording indeed.. Yvonne of course later filled the vacancy left by Saundra Mallett within the Elgins and deservedly became a Motown artist.. Vocally Yvonne Vernee was one Significant Soul Sister who was undoubtedly under recorded as these two “saturated in Soul” sessions will confirm… VINYL - Flawless LABELS - Perfect Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 103.00 HesitationsHesitations 4 Track French EpPIED PIPER!! Yes, I know; I sound like a Parrot, I sound like a Parrot, I sound like a Parrot, I sound like a Parrot, I sound like a Parrot, I sound like a Parrot, .. PIED PIPER are without question the most talent studio gathering to ever create of Soul Recording - but you knew th\at already. Thought we would remind you of the unsurpassed 60s Soul Sound they crafted by listing this extremely desirable 1967 French 4 track EP from the Detroit Office of “Pied Piper” All four tracks are killers, as is the imaginative laminated Picture Cover depicting thumbnail “facials” of this highly regarded five man Soul Gang.. VINYL - Flawless LABELS - Perfect FRONT COVER - Mint - BACK COVER - tape residue over one 1/3rd left hand side (See Scan) Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 74.00 Sherrell BrosThe PriceWell this tune did snooze for a few decades in the obscurity of the world’s most-comprehensive Soul Collections,didn’t it. Limited to a few early doors spins; The Topic of intelligent bar stool conversations, forums or a quick play to the wife to vindicate why she hasn’t once been taken to a restaurant in the last 20 years. It’s because you’ve invested all your spare money in rare Soul tunes with huge potential for the bigger-ticket. Well if you already own this disc, its time your lady experienced a KFC Bucket at a local beauty spot.. because like so many stand-out 45s before it, the Northern Soul scene, not before time, has give turntable-time to this superior recording.. and the hunt is on. A NS rising star that needs catching ASAP! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 677.00 Mixed FeelingsSha-la-la / Love Will Find A WayWhen it comes to the rare, best-loved 70s dance 45’s. This infectious rarity takes some beating… TOP TUNE for Top Jocks for many years now with no sign of it losing any flavour.. Instantly appealing vocal-group Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 3,570.00 Paul SmithI'll Run / Ain't That SomethingTwo top-drawer Chicago Soul tunes, that have captured the imagination of all the varying Rare Soul scene worldwide. This listing is of course the 100% authentic original press.. beware of the New York repro press that can catch the unwary collector napping..repressed to meet the demand of “Island” scene. We lead with the “Island Scene” preferred side, as it exhibits Beat Ballad Heaven at it’s most convincing. Silky smooth, seamless stroller of the very highest order, you can understand why the demand from “Island” stronghold in New York triggered a “repro” press. Flip it over and you’re treated to concrete Northern Soul in the classic style, of Chicago as Johnny Haygood’s label again gives the collector a remarkable release to hunt… Having said “Ain’t That Something” is purely-perfect Northern Soul; today in 2015 on the back of selected Sunday Pub Soul sessions, Facebook’s Beat Ballad Heaven, You Tube exposure “I’ll Run” we think has leapfrogged the stomper with carefully crafted “Soul-Bliss”, a true mid-tempo delight that is gracing the turntables where the “New Appreciation of NS” is taking place… Carib Soul is one such place championing this style.. A two for the price of one - genuine 100% original first press Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 264.00 MetricsWishes / I Found YouTwo sides of distilled 60s vocal-group Rare Soul. Superior and decidedly fabulous East Coast vocal-group Northern Soul on the highly coveted by sadly short-lived offshoot of the iconic CARNIVAL Records of New York. Imaginatively christened by label owner Joe Evans as he lived at 350 Chadwick Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. This eye-catching local label also boasted the slightly more possible to capture, Topics 45; But strangely nothing else. Leaving the CHADWICK label with an air of mystic, with both 45s being more than extra-special vocal-group recordings. Again a case of there never being enough copies around, for it ever to become a Northern Soul classic, even though it has everything required to be one.. so if your a DJ looking for something to turn-heads, this will certainly do the trick.. Or if you’re a collector gathering up as many top quality seriously-rare vocal-group Soul 45’s, both sides of this disc deliver the characteristics we are all seeking.. Seldom if ever comes to market, and certainly never in this gleaming condition. this is not a listing to start stroking you chin over… but you knew that already.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 288.00 Pointer SistersSend Him BackGenuine VINYL press PROMO copy VINYL - Flawless LABELS - Perfect SLEEVE - Perfect I’m sure that is all the information required for this current Leviathan of the TOP 500 Northern Soul choices.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 410.00 Deloris Ealy & The KenyattasTraveler In SpaceFunk Fan here a 45 you never see on the market - from a California Sister who really knows how to deliver a Funk tune. Backed by her faithful “Kenyattas” Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 61.00 Lonnie LesterYou Can't Go / You ChooseThe power of Northern Soul R&B saw us list this set-sale last month and it stay on the website for less than a day… those proper guaranteed spins that trigger dancefloor congestion, just fly off the shelves. So when we got lucky this week and acquired a totally pristine copy we figure the auction may give the many of you who desperately want a chance of ownership.. No embellishments on the sheer devastating power Lonnie emits during Duane Johnson productions that insists you take to the dancefloor, we have all witness the wildebeest stampede whenever that long held Hammond note drones.. you don’t even have to wait for Lonnie despairing pleas.. but when that insane Sax break kicks it…you are reminded just how very special this urgently beseeching dancer really is… One “angry tune” you can’t grow tired of hearing - so get yourself a MINT minus, pristine copy to cherish! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 362.00 Johnny AngelThe Two Together / A Touch Of VenusThose old-school British release collectors are finding it year on year more and more difficult to add to their collection; Many turning into serial “upgraders” to keep their enthusiasm burning. But when an impeccable condition Red & White PROMO comes to market offering something different, we are guessing very few of these guys will own a copy. Because it’s “Popcorn” Northern Soul which has only become really fashionable with the DJ’s in relevantly recent times. I’ve always adored these Belgium “Popcorn” grooves and when it lives on a Red & White British DEMO I love it even more. Dirty, sulking, dark n’moody dance grooves are now so darn “In” as Northern Soul clubs push the criteria required for turntable drops.. Love this and it’s Dog-Rare! It’s Gorgeous and totally addictive! We have soundfiled the flipside too, as there is a multitude of our members who just scramble for the impossible TEEN records. But POPCORN you just can’t ignore the sound.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 51.00
  5. don't suppose you've got the trojan re-issue for sale pete i just missed a sureshot issue for a tenner by about a minute the other day when my lap-top played up on me, guy wouldn't answer my message to him for some reason. regards, joe.
  6. Phyllis dillon / make me yours / sureshot Price please for original and reissue please, Joe
  7. Bruce forsyth had a record out on red bird in the usa
  8. Herman LewisWho's Kissing You Tonite? / Right DirectionAt the sight of the label I must admit going all weak and floppy… as the needle hit - then the hairs on my neck bristled and the shivers cascaded down my spine. ONLY Northern Soul at it most inspiring can have that effect…. Listen and have your day turned around.. Detroit at it’s most moving!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,125.00 Melvin CarterMidnight BrewThe Johnny Jackson Experience - Shing A Ling At The Go-Go! A Northern Soul instrumental of mythical status, discovered by a legendary DJ and christened in a manner, so not only the music but also the name would stay with you all the way home, helping you forget the discomfort in the back of that rickety transit van. Ian Levine did make the journey from the sticks of Leicestershire to the bright lights of Blackpool seafront, so much more tolerable…as we packed ourselves like Sardines as hire vehicle huffed and puffed its way up the M6…But you knew you’d hear records you thought never existed.. that was the guarantee every Saturday night at the Blackpool Mecca 1973. On our previous excursion it was Dave Love’s - Colalined Baby - that captured my mind or maybe it was Linda Jones - Just Can’t Live My Life.. But this week it was the Johnny Jackson Experience (I went school with a Johnny Jackson, was my first thought) but he couldn’t even read..so certainly would not be able to blow off a Saxophone like a backfiring Elephant, that was fa’sure. At the time “INSTRUMENTAL” was King and this instrumental ruled the Mecca for quiet some time; with not only it’s potent presence, it was the colourful title that remained with you, evoking visions of “Go-Go” Clubs in the USA with tasseled-Titty’s revolving violently to the down n’ dirty saxophonist going way over-the-top.. Memories, just great memories, of how naive we all were. But we’d willingly travel 300 miles just so we didn’t have to suffer locally the sounds of Little Jimmy Osmond, Gary Glitter, The Sweet, Tony Orlando & Dawn, David Cassidy…etc. Even if Ian Levine was called Ivan Ingolfsson and DJ’d in the Fisherman’s Hut in Reykjavik, we would have been there… especially if he played his new discoveries every week and gave them names that sparked our minds… BTW this is the “Levine” cover-up by Johnny Jackson Experience that dragged us back up the motorway week after week… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 312.00 Billy Sha-raeI'm Gone / Let's Do It OverFill the floor without emptying your pockets! Whether it be delivered by the rasping charge of Eddie Parker or the equally scything vocal chords of Billy Sha-Rae; This Jack Ashford and Lorraine Chandler’s Detroit-masterpiece serves you with the very crest of the Northern Soul Sound. You are listening to the most defiant, dismissive, outrageously forsaking lyrics ever sung by a Soul artist; the choice of vocalist by Jack & Lorraine could hardly have been more appropriate… an angry, snarling, vicious delivery from the gut. Whilst Eddie Parker’s version is considered the pinnacle of Northern Soul collecting, this version can only be considered an atom behind the “Awake” recording, as Jack Ashford bolsters the arrangement with a relentless “Funky” guitar rhythm to compliment Billy husky-hurt. I love it, I play and it always fills the floor every time….it is a recording that is impossible to ignore.. and this is of coarse the original gloss finish brown label first press in sensational condition. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 190.00 Patty & The EmblemsMixed-up, Shook-up, GirlPERFECTION!! So perfect is this 1964 British DEMO we have lifted all the sound from the USA Herald 45 so not to spoil what seems to be a “virgin” spindle hole. vinyl inspection only reveal the merest of sleeve contact, storage blemishes; both labels are perfect. Still in birth-sleeve. and if you check carefully the gossamer vinyl residue from the “hole punching” is still intact after over 50 years.. OCD British 45 fanatics, it does not get better than “Unplayed Demo” So check out the soundfile of a young Leon Huff composition that encapsulates everything great about the 60s Philadelphia girl-group sound.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 131.00 PerformersI Can't Stop You / L. A. StompRevival tune for the legendary Wigan Casino Jock John Vincent who is blazing as trail at the moment reviving the 45s that unfairly didn’t get the turntable-time warranted to the quality of the tune. So whilst still playing seriously imaginative sets of rarities John does enjoy dropping one of those forgotten 45s that instantly demand your attention.. This double-dose of Los Angeles Northern Soul is one of Mirwood’s lesser exposed NS offerings. So when John and I were discussing it’s merits (agreeing 100%) with each other…I happened to mention how weird it was that you only ever see the “Black” Mirwood label variation and how the BLUE press that fits perfectly into the Mirwood colour-scheme just never turns up… It doesn’t does it? - well rarely it does - so whilst taking an eye-full at tghe rarely seen “Blue” 1st. Press listen to the fabulous Northern Soul sparking from your speakers, as the eminent gathering of Sir Hank Graham, James Carmichael, Sonny Knight, James Scarborough & Robert McGlothin get to work. Remembering the chance to match up your “Mirwood’s” into a line of “Blue Beauties” does not come along too often - besides that obvious statement listen to those two thumpin’ sides of Northern Soul and be grateful DJ’s like John Vincent are busy on archeological vinyl-digs.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 101.00 Marion JamesThat's My ManSnarling-Sister Nashville R&B Northern Soul at its scariest..! The first note THUMPS and from there, on-in, it just gets more & more dacncefloor-persuasive, as this colossal Robert Holmes production takes everything to the limit and back again; Witness Marion James staking her claim to her man…. as the other girls are left in no doubt who that guy belongs to. Northern Soul R&B could hardly be more potent, as squealing girls rubber-stamp Ms. James’s decree of ownership…She does say her man “Comes Home Late..” well, all I can say is “He’s A Brave Boy” facing this gal in the kitchen, would be some chilling prospect.. Undeniably R&B dance at it’s most compelling.. get on the dancefloor, or this demanding lady will be after you… Condition of this seldom-seen rising star is just flawless.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 299.00 Belita WoodsMagic CornerDetroit Doyens this will be of interest to you - one of the Motor City most electrifying ladies with a studio cut 7” acetate of one of her best Northern Soul offerings.. Check out the clarity and razor-sharpness in this ladies cutting vocal. A vocal that won her the lead vocalist position in that fiery band “Brainstorm”. Fully appreciated only by those lucky enough to witness her live on stage, a vocal that is right up alongside any Sister voice you care to mention.. So very sad how such obviously superior singers never achieved worldwide recognition for talents. Belita Woods takes some beating, but no album to her credit and only infrequently solo recordings released.. Belita has got to be one of Soul Music’s lost opportunities.. “Magic Corner” is the perfect material to showcase her ease at delivering distilled passion on ever note.. This acetate is probably unique, gives up the purity of the direct cut from one Songbird I personally can’t get enough of. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 183.00 Yvonne BakerYou Didn't Say A WordEast Coast vinyl press PROMO copy of a timeless Wigan Casino anthem! Two unusually clean labels, birth-sleeve.. a few light surface blemishes but nothing to offend the eye or show on the needle.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 968.00 Grand PrixsRoar Of The Crowd / Lost LoveBilly Revis teams up with William Powell, Harry Caldwell & James Carmichael to craft two killer California vocal-group Northern Soul dancers. With a gathering of that quality you’d expect something outstanding from the streets or Norwalk.. and that’s what you get. I’ve always loved the 60s vocal-group Northern Soul more than any other facet. So many different groups, so many levels of competence, so many varying styles.. but Northern Soul is at it’s very best when group harmony vocals are woven into a dance-beat. Top side has been a well established rare-want for several decades now, with never enough copies to go round, it is another strong dancer that has suffered a little from it’s own rarity. But today we need to look at the totally overlooked masterpiece of street-corner NS harmony, that lay hidden on the B-side.. “LOST LOVE” well where have you been all my life.. everything I lust about a record, you have it.. Pedigree, obscurity, nativity, capability and most of all desire.. “Lost Love” has been “lost” to Northern Soul for far too long; why I’ve never taken notice of this potential big-ticketer before, is bemusing.. Take time, to absorb not one but TWO solid Northern Soul vocal-group winners, absolutely sodden in promise.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 362.00 MegatonsShimmy Shimmy Walk Part 1 & 2From Memphis to Soho In 1962 the prolific Memphis based Billy Lee Riley crafted this rattling Hammond driven R&B instrumental that 2 years later was picked up by relentless pursuant of USA recordings, London based Island Records. Chris Blackwell & Guy Stevens had dedicated themselves to hunting down worthy USA R&B and Jamaican Ska to release. This obscure Memphis born instrumental, being a perfect candidate for the MOD clubs of the day. The Willie Cobbs 1960 Chicago R&B anthem “You Don’t Love Me” inspired this Billy Lee Riley’s instrumental creation, that did well enough locally to earn itself a 1962 “Checker” release. But before you today is The Megatons classic in its ultimate clothes, 1964 British SUE still inside an original company sleeve, with flawless vinyls. So without delay click the soundfile, to be catapulted back to mid-60s London and the clubs that reverberated to the USA R&B sound The Tiles, The Flamingo, The Scene etc. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 133.00 Willie TeeI'm Only A ManLouisianan meets California and the result is spectacular! Not only one of the greatest SOUL albums ever made, it is also one of the hardest to acquire; plus this elusive platter is in just stunning condition. Check out the New Orleans Prince Of Soul flexing his muscular talent under the skilled eyes of H. B. Barnum & David Axelrod. Willie Tee’s ever emotional vocal is decorated throughout album with sweet Girl-Group choruses and a fully operational orchestra, captained by two of Los Angeles highest authorities on how to produce a real-deal Soul Session. We have selected fully 6 recordings from this 11 track album, to give you a feel of what is on offer, whilst you’re enjoying Willie Tee consummate Soul vocal. But even after hearing the depth of quality with the 6 trailers. You cannot fully appreciate the full effect, listening to 33 minutes of Willie Tee cradled by a skillfully guided Orchestra has. Just an awesome album, that is so hard acquire in this standard of condition. Go on click the sample soundfile, you are in for treat!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 300.00 OriginalsGood Night IreneMotown collectors read carefully - not many of you will be able to boast this oddity in your collection. RED VINYL STOCK COPY!! Killer Northern Soul a-side - the flip is entitled “Need Your Loving (Want You Back) but plays “Good Night Irene” both sides. Yes, totally weird and we have no explanation for it. There is a Red Vinyl promo of course which is far from common and highly sought-after by Motown completists. Bt a RED VINYL stock copy is another thing, and then not press the flip side as “titled” is quite baffling.. But the result is a VERY RARE Motown anomaly I cannot remember encountering before.. This week Motown offering is an eye-catching, Northern Soul stomping..conundrum.. you are unlikely to see again any time soon. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 111.00 Bobby ValentinBad BreathYou Got B B !! As Latin invades the Northern Soul dancehalls yet again, on a very welcome renaissance with Joe Bataan, Harvey Averne, Bobby Valentin and gang. This novelty, is a tune that doesn’t leave your head very quickly… The exquisite blending of jabbing horns, rattling Bongos, timed handclaps, quirky lyrics and enthusiastic group vocals is again sitting comfortably inside many a Jocks NS set. No forgetting the venue where it all first became established within the ever-critical Northern Soul scene, Oxford Street’s “100 Club” broke fresh ground with tunes like this, that have not only stood the test of time; but are now with Manny Corchado - Pow Wow - a firm dancefloor favourite.. the Latin Boys are back… bigger than ever.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 179.00 Spiritual FourIf You Think Your God Is DeadRare street level Memphis Soul, a currently very sought-after Funk infused Gospel dance 45! A totally perfect blending of the three genres of Funk/Dance/Gospel with an impressive result as Otis Philips pulls everything together, ensuring the “Gospel” lyrics compliment, instead of diminishing the recordings “dance” status. Vocally, quiet remarkable as the lead turns in a compelling performance whilst a relentless guitar pumps out the dance rhythm. This is the style of the moment that is igniting “Rare-Soul” dancefloors worldwide, currently reverberating around all the upfront venues, spun by those elite DJ’s who are always seeking to push the dance-envelope. Refreshing, powerful and essential fuel for the movement to march on.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 136.00
  9. Mellow MadnessSave The Youth / Going, Going, GoneA strident Rare-Modern-Soul trophy of gargantuan proportions… purely blending Soul/Jazz/Funk into a convincing dancefloor delicacy… so darn classy, sumptuously soulful, frantically Funked-up..ideal to perfectly-pleasure today’s dancefloor tastes. The tenacious lead-vocal glides through a maze of bass-guitar, vibes, electric-drum & synth, until climaxing with a drop-everything trumpet solo from the Top-Drawer! unbelievably elevating this session yet another notch. TOTAL SOULFUL DANCE! Flip it over and lo0vers of the harmony Sweet-Soul ballad will not be disappointed; as all the skills of the a-side are utilized on a soothing Soul ballad. Rap intro fades and the lead voice turns in a sad-song full of regret, remorse and desperation. whilst sweet-honeyed Sisters coo away in the background…the trumpeter strolls into the session again stealing the show.. Two superior sides - the already “huge” a-side just totally stand-out! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,225.00 Al MasonGood Lovin / Color Her WomanIt maybe an independent but check out that utterly lush production from Washington, D. C.. Banks of strings zip back and forth, as a party of shrill girls hit home with the chorus “Good Lovin’” whilst the relentless dance beat pumps away, non-stop, up close and unavoidable - what a dancefloor delight!! Near 4.00 minutes of rich fully loaded backing, which Al Mason’s vocal rides to full effect. producing not only one of the best examples of its genre but also of of the most-elusive.. in recent years very seldom seen for sale.. Do not pass by..this ORIGINAL first press with time-served towering reputation for unavailability. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 457.00 Wilson PickettLet Me Be Your Boy / My Heart Belongs To YouA listing that will spark interest from several corners of the Northern Soul collecting fraternity..and not just because it has squashed those dancers onto the floor for more than several decades now.. Firstly, this is the very first 1962 Detroit press is predominately witnessed with vinyl in various levels of scratchy condition and those beautifully designed labels, scared by edge curls, writing, stains, tears and general grime. This copy in contrast, as you can hear and see.. is in a rarely seen “super-clean” state. Secondly for NS devotees of the “First Press” originals, this is the VERY FIRST birth of a record that hit the USA market full three times before 1966. This listing, is the ultimate first release from 12th. Street, Detroit. based company who lead with “Let Me Be Your Boy” as the A-side, whilst the other string driven beauty sat on the flipside - also a high quality tune that Correc-tone could have easily split into two separate releases… Both the first two Correc-tone releases, through Robert Bateman, enjoyed national exposure on CUB Records later in 1962, but failed to make any impact with sales..and still remain hard to acquire, today. Then in December 1965 MGM/Verve, never a company to miss an opportunity, spotted “The Wicked Pickett” bubbling just outside the R&B Top 20 with “The MIdnight Hour”. MGM flipped the sides over leading “My Heart Belongs To You”,but as with CUB, it received only a tepid response.. So before you today, is the ORIGINAL in this tale of 3 releases, it’s glorious stock copy clothes..in the level of condition that will satisfy those of you frustrated with unacceptable untidiness whilst trying to ensnare this good-looker.. Last but not least, MOTOWN collectors note, those shrill ladies complimenting the zipping string section are Florence Ballard and The Primettes.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 205.00 Bernard Smith And The JokersGotta Be A Reason / 39-21-46No, not the limited Summer of 2007 run of 250 with the instrumental flipside. This is the seldom witnessed in playable condition, first press ORIGINAL with Bernard’s take on the “Showmen” classic sitting on the flipside..plus the all important “FRANKFORD & WAYNE” manufacturng stamp in the deadwax. In recent times this is one of the very RAREST Northern Soul “impossibles” we have had the pleasure presenting. Rare in two respects, rarely coming to market and if it does most copies are beyond acceptability, with surface marks and damaged labels more than likely spoiling a rare find. Check out the soundfile of this local South-East offering; as you will hear it plays super-nice, even though the surface does reveal some light blemishes a strong Vg+ plays 3 grades higher.. So stop gazing at scan and check out that irresistible chunk of Northern Soul that exits the grooves. Horn dominated “Carolinas” style Northern Soul dancer, flowing like cream from the speakers, as a superior arrangement punches away like a prize-fighter…Even though there is no vocal group presence, The Jokers serve us with a blanket of brass as Bernard’s vocal overides everything in the studio comes out triumphant! Fantastic Northern Soul.. infectious and so perfect to dance to. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 642.00 LatinairesCamel Walk“Gold” Fania a label that always sets the pulse racing.. a signal for a quality assured drop of the needle. Here one of the labels releases that has maybe lived in shadows of “Bad Breath” “Subway Joe” “Soul Drummers” “Use It Before You Lose It” etc. for too long now. Just as frisky as the labels other “Big Ticket” offerings - with this session particularly coercive dancefloor food, as you find the rhythm irresistible and some of the instrumental solos outrageously inventive… A reckless flutist embroiders the horns, a sax is lurking in there ready to pounce.. but when? Then it screeches into the session, like the car chase in “The Blues Brothers” leaving a trail of destruction, as all the musicians have now been pulled into the atmosphere of one-up-manship.. The result is an infectious riot of sound, manifesting itself into just the most-captivating dancefloor magnet imaginable… Step out of those shadows “Camel Walk” .. strut your stuff Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 72.00 George JacksonI Don't Have The Time To Love You / Don't Use MeFrom the man who guided the Jive Five through all their great United Artists recordings, Otis Pollard harnesses the extreme talents of George Jackson and crafts sublime top-drawer Soul Northern Crossover supported by an uncredited vocal-group sounded every note-perfect as the Jive Five always did. A 1968 New York session with Otis aided by the prolific Richie Adams sees the pair craft a glorious mid-pace Northern Soul beauty that just totally got passed over not only by the USA during the late 60s. But also but the British Rare Soul scene for the most-part of the last century… The last couple of decades have witnessed this stand-out appear amongst the play-listings of “Thinking” Jocks - but records of this calibre surely need to take to the turntables much more often.. A record yet to hit the heights it obviously deserves, even though it has been perched and ready to fly… time set this Beautiful Soul Bird free, don’t you think… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 313.00 MiraclesYou Really Got A Hold On Me / Happy LandingJust how tough are these highly coveted Oriole promos to acquire… most British Motown collections may not even have a single example on their shelves. They are super-challenging to apprehend. Before you today is a 1962 British press DEMO copy is eye-popping condition. Of one of Smokey early triumphs, has he displays his gift for the mid-tempo vocal-group soul sound, that was to evolve into his trademark. This copy has neat clean vinyls, both labels are free of writing, sticker marks, tears, stains or any other annoying flaw, that would compel you to seek an upgrade further down the line. on close scrutiny you will maybe notice a couple of specks under the “You Really..” of the title. This is actually silver print ink that has wandered over. Only flecks and not a significant flaw.. Looks totally irresistible, thwart the Oriole temptation if you can… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 101.00 David Batiste & The GladiatorsFunky Soul Part 1 & Part 2Isaac Bolden guided New Orleans FUNK is unplayed perfect condition. A terrace of slow-dragging horns blow long, deep and dirty; whilst some mean-minded guitar picking lifts the session on the back a cool-handed Hammond massaging. This FUNK from the streets, delivered with imagination and a high level of skill, as it captures your attention with so impressive solo moments for all involved.. We have spoken before about the chances of acquiring MINT records originating in New Orleans… I think since devastation caused by “Katrina” we are all of one mind that clean records from the region is now one of the most-daunting record collecting challenges. believe us this 45 is just perfect… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 56.00 StormyI Won't Stop To Cry / The DevastatorTwo killer Chicago vocal group Northern Soul dancers on one 45, that in recent years have slowly unfolded into the more thoughtful NS Jocks sets for it’s now thriving reputation to grow. But this is just not any ordinary 45. Please note this Promo comes on the “miss-print” TWILIGHT label as apposed to the TWINIGHT release format. Not that the Twinight issue is accessible in any way - as in recent years strong NS DJ groundwork has taken the 45 even further up the scales of NS collectors reckonings; as the flipside “The Devastator” has also galloped onto the scene.. If you like them damn hard-to-acquire but not impossible, giving up value-for-money and not breaking the bank.. we consider this 45 on a quality to rarity ratio “under-valued” in this vibrant market…Yes we feel the value has no where near peaked..as it still remains “underplayed” but saturated in potential.. The time is now to get this 45 safely tucked away in your collection or better still DJ Box.. Vinyl has some insignificant light surface marks - but as you can hear the double-hitter plays an impressive LOUD and clear..labels are gorgeous. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 363.00 Freddy ButlerWith A Dab Of SoulPied Piper - considered by Rare Soul fans worldwide as the most gifted, certainly most appreciated 60s Soul Production team ever gather for work. This covet album goes some way to underlining that obvious statement with every track bubbling over with unique style, intense invention, meticulous attention to quality whilst consistently crafting inspirational Soul. Do not just take my word for it, check out everything PIED PIPER, Detroit 60s Soul at its very finest… Which bring me to this, one of three albums Piped Piper constructed and released. After clicking spectacular sound file, ad reading the track list you be bemused that only the two “weaker” track ever reached 7” 45 status. The other earth-moving recordings were abandoned to languish, awaiting discover in the next decade, as this iconic album failed misery upon release.. The bonus with this offering is the absolutely pristine condition, check out the flawless front and back cover, not even a hint of a seam split…perfection. Both Promo labels are also implausibly impeccable.. The all important playing surface, upon forensic inspection is flawless also. You won’t ever encounter finer single artist Detroit Soul Album. and certainly not in finer condition… PIED PIPER I’m down on one knee in the presence of your genius.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 165.00 Spyder Turner4 Track French EpAdding colour and class to this weeks auction is the versatile man from Detroit with 4 fabulous examples of his work inc: the el;usive “I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feelin’ ” unavailable as a 7” 45 back in 1966. track 1. introduces Syder’s versatile vocal, by exhibiting his startling range as his cheekily mimics other Soul artists during his take on Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” Track 2. Spyder gets down to serious business with arguably his best MGM recording..certainly his hard 7” offering to find and the track that lifts this rare EP from highly collectable to an imperative to own. “I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feelin’ ” encapsulates the Detroit Sound into perfectly constructed Northern Soul - the foolproof Northern Soul dancer. Track 3. Is a timeless Northern Soul classic that even after all these years, the needle drops, the rumble of sax..the string slice the air. Spyder is in soulful mood transforms Lightfoot’s lyrics into glittering Northern Soul aided by the highly talented duo of Dennis Coffey & Mike Theodore. Track 4. another Detroit prodigy Clay McMurray writes potent lyric for Spyder to attack, again crafting perfect Detroit Northern Soul.. The 4 tracks are superb, the artist picture cover is “sleeve-art” even the all too familiar labels take on a new look…when the French present it.. Essenital… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 81.00 Chuck JacksonHand It Over / Since I Don't Have YouLimited space, for the Chuck Jackson autograph decorating this fine condition 1964 UK press, that is just a mere smidge off Mint minus.. Always a guaranteed play, that shepherds the flock away from the bar…and onto the floor. Consistently used as a banker to retrieve a flagging activity.. But how many NS Jocks can boast playing it from the seldom-seen 1964 original British press, instead of it’s twice issued USA Wand counterpart.. Well, considering all British copies are now safely tucked away in established collections, you won’t see many of these top-quality vinyl English platters spinning on an oldies night.. Looks lovely doesn’t it.. best left at home for occasional cherished outing to your own turntable.. as ownership will offer moments of solitary pleasure.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 171.00 Oscar Toney, Jr.Ain't That True Love / For Your Precious LoveLike so many timeless Northern Soul classics - this 1967 Memphis, Tennessee thumper, started life in the UK as a flipside. The reserve of a classically styled Deep Soul version of the Jerry Butler signature tune; Hears Oscar walking funeral pace through the first 1/2 of the recording before letting his magnificent voice soar, on the wings of strings & a Heavenly girl choir.. totally awesome slow Soul. As great as it was, it was not the type of Soul the “Twisted Wheel” MODS were seeking on a Saturday night… but hidden away on the flipside was a Memphis-Marauder that al;lowed for Oscar to rasp his through a “Papa Don” production of real-potency. Southern guitar twangs out the rhythm, girl coo cool whispers, before ratcheting up their presence into a soulfully-squealing throng. Whilst all the time Oscar wails out his own lyrics with convincing passion. THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - one, those early NS pioneers discovered, nurtured and let loose on the Niter crowd…today it sounds even more convincing as other tunes pale by comparison.. Note this PROMO is the indisputable way to be certain of owning the very first press; as EMI, just like did with Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart -Stateside 536 repressed it in 1970 on the same SS 2033 number, on the back of All-Niter spins, another Twisted Wheel anthem made available to meet the underground demand. So now, check out this gorgeous Green & White DEMO! Swaggering across the page, with two neat flaw-free labels and two vinyls that play perfect and miss the Mint minus grading by a mere whisker…! One fabulous Northern Soul ingot - in by far its rarest outfit.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 122.00 O'jaysI'll Never Forget You / Pretty WordsWill the “Mint” vinyl well of the hoarder ever run dry. Although this man’s collection was nearly all solitary copies, his depth of Northern Soul ofering he keeps digging out when the mood takes him has amazed us now for nearly 3 years.. The O’Jays very best Northern Soul creation lay before you..labels, vinyl and birth sleeve all as the day they were filed… If you seeking top-drawer Northern Soul that has never met a DJ on the circuit then this is for you. With perfect clarity Mike Terry blows his signature notes, the O’Jays silky pleadings are crystal clear as the Detroit studio rings to tinkling vibes and blaring horns.. THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL So flip it over for a luscious harmony ballad that drips with beseeching pleas of love. As the gathering flexes it’s muscular vocal even tighter-together, serving us with dreamy harmony 60’s Soul, raising the bar of it’s genre..yet again. To be honest records in this condition I actually fear playing them for the first time.. so it came as a strange relief when I scrutinized both sides of the vinyl for a third time - I found a minuscule pock-mark on the very first turn of the run in on the lead side..I almost wished for a passing click.. but no such luck.. silence is all I was greeted with… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 187.00
  10. EllipsisPeople / Gregory MooreA Soul Sam monsterrrrrrrrrr! The Godfather of Northern Soul knows what he likes, how to secure it and how to turn his envious rare acquisitions, into club Monsters This 1976 St. Louis creation was missed by everyone during the following decades, emerging belated from it’s local roots to grace the turntables of European turntable in recent years. It’s hard to believe a record of this obvious dancefloor quality could be kept away from the Rare-Soul jocks for near 3 decades underlines its Rarity-Pedigree. As still today, with its cover-blown, there are only a handful olf copies in cuirculation. Persistenty driving dance-soul ignoring all the outside pressures of “Disco” with not one crass lyric, electric drum or moments of arm-waving are to be found….just distilled horn-driven good-time dance music, edged with FUNK! One of the innovative tunes that kicked off the ever mushrooming Funk/Northern Soul blending.. I think this is the very Top-end of the genre Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 3,013.00 Cody BlackI'm Slowly Molding / Keep On Keeping OnDelicious Detroit !! Does Northern Soul get any more uplifting than this finger-popping mood-elevator. It has EVERYTHING in abundance, the full spectrum of NS components required for the Northern Soul greatness, it has already had had bestow. The intro instantly catches the ear, archetypical Motor City gladness of driven by hand-claps, finger-clicks and highly pitched echoing vocal-group choruses all support Cody’s subtly cracking vocal, singing about his slow comeback to happiness… this recording does, so very inspiring, a feeling of total elation is assured after dancing to this tune. BRILLIANT Flip it over, the pace drops but it is still so recognizable as a Detroit delicacy carrying all the traits of a Groovesville influenced recording… but was most likely crafted by B.R.B Productions Grant Burton, Rudy Robinson & Cody Black. Who all cut their teeth on the streets of Detroit music scene..and produced so many stand-out sessions together. This 45 drips with the City’s atmosphere, again the trio crafting real-deal Northern Soul of the very highest calibre… This promo copy has two flawless labels and vinyl that only reveals the merest sign of handling.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 721.00 MagneticsSacrificing / TomorrowJust Love.. New Orleans - Just adore the outer-limits of rare record collecting, just addicted to the vocal-group sound.. so I’m floored by everything thing this discovery has to offer… knocked-out in fact.. White Cliffs was a prolific New Orlean vehicle for Cresent City local artists to release their work through.. so much interesting street-level material. Soul, Garage and other collectable genres litter the discography listings.. Most all of it, yes and we do mean all of the labels releases are Rare, Very Rare, totally impossible with still some unocumernted and remain unknown.. So when # 243 by The MAGNETICS drops on my desk… I just know we have not had this record for sale before, by the fact even the sight of the White Cliffs labels demands urgent attention, but when it debuts your life, tat really stirs me. Pretty sure this is is not the same Magnetics group from Detroit, but all the same serve us with potent vocal-group Northern Soul..I love rare records ..don’t you? So check out what this New Orleans “Ghost” has to offer.. on the double soundfile provided.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 148.00 Carl CarltonI Can Feel ItOne of the top dancefloor-detonators of the moment!!! There’s always a reason why some 45s stick head and shoulders above the rest of an artists recordings - the reason this disc instantly knocks you off your feet is JOSHIE ARMSTEAD give for crafting perfectly paced Northern Soul dancers that have the character to grow stronger as the song plays.. Check out how Carl Carlton’s enthusiasm swells as the horn blast holes through the arrangement, male-vocal-group cradle his voice aloft and how two simple piano solo’s followed by suddenly emerging squealing Girls, take this song to even greater heights. Once very an affordable capture but rocketing in value, as more and more Jock get behind this current crowd-pleaser! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 232.00 Judy StreetWhatPristine timeless classic.. well not only timeless but a full-on proper NS Anthem nestled deep wiithin the hearts of all British Soul fans who attended Wigan Casino or even wished they had. Judy may in 1966 have been a stunning blond with a trendy bob-haircut, slick MOD attire but “Soul” it certainly was intended to be; when H. B. Barnum recruited one of California’s top girl teams to support Judy’ vocal prowess, …with “The Blossoms” belting out the choruses; along with H. B.’s proven ability for conjuring up stand-out productions, the resulting session could only spawn one thing…. Joyous 60s invitation to dance…that influenced a whole generation 1000’s of miles away from its birth. THIS IS REAL-DEAL NORTHERN SOUL in near perfect condition Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 463.00 Kenny GambleNo Mail On Monday / Standing In The ShadowsThe Sound Of Philadelphia from the Sultan of the City’s music. In 1963 Kenny was doing it oh so differently, but as you’d expect, with Kenny at the mike Philly crooning hits the places other Big City Beaters just don’t reach.. His silky, seamless vocal strolls through fellow Philadelphian Bobby Gregg arrangement. A man no stranger to the Soul Session having arranged Richard Popcorn Wylie, Erma Franklin and of course his work as tghe drummer for the John Madara Len Barry recordings. The team on the day deliver a heavenly easy-going Beat Ballad. Flip it over for a bigger production, a lift of pace and you’re pulled in by a NS dancer that grows and grows as the production unfolds.. Two killer sides - from a man who evolved into the most-important music-man ever to emerge from Philadelphia. This rarity is in blinding condition throughout, flawless in every way Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 112.00 Billy StormPlease Don't Mention Her NameIs there a Latino Northern Soul renaissance stirring… Just starting to trigger vivid visions of the feelgood 80’s and 90s, as Billy Storm just like Tommy Navarro again takes to the turntables of the British NS venues… I find it quite invigorating to re-encounter the unobvious oldies saturated in Latin-Cool. Vocally these boys are right-up alongside any of the very best Soulful Crooners, you care to mention, especially Billy Storm who as you know, boasts an impressive catalog of Northern Soul offerings.. Are we about to see this 45 surge up the Northern Soul most-requested charts.. ? With this listing it matters not, because we are aiming this offering @ the Northern Soul OCD condition fanatic…brandishing two immaculate labels, both vinyl surfaces are completely flawless and the so often worn & tatty picture sleeve, is in this case, absolutely impeccable.. Forget, revival, renaissance or rejuvenation…this is about .. CONDITION, CONDITION & CONDITION.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 119.00 Four LarksI Still Love You ( From The Bottom Of My Heart) / Groovin' At The Go-goIs this the finest girl-group ingot of Northern Soul ever made? Pretty darn close we think..so why has it lived in the shadows of “Groovin’ At The Go-Go” for literally decades.. whilst this Motown-esque killer has everything it takes to beam the Northern Soul dancer to Paradise and back… Lending heavily from the Temptations “Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue” this riveting girl-sound, is it could be argued the greatest non-Motown “Motown” sound ever recorded… Click the sound file.. you’re gonna be knockout when these Philly giurl remind us of what we have been deprived of whilst inferior NS oldies are played…. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 445.00 Linda JonesHypnotized / I Can't Stop Lovin' My BabyFrom the undisputed High Priestess of Soul, the eternal vocal of Linda Jones is here again to nail the very heart of your emotions…with her incomparable style. Before you today is no ordinary Linda Jones 45. It is, as you can see the highly coveted, seldom-seen 1967 UK DEMO in superb clean condition, showing off two flawless labels and original company sleeve. Top side was this great lady’s biggest R&B chart success over in the USA, here in the UK nobody had ever heard of Linda Jones in 1967 and it sold “nothing”. In fact the orange stock copy is also a near impossible challenge to find. Even if this 45 was picked up by the British Radio stations of the day, would Linda Jones’s vocal have been so shockingly advanced, I think some radio-programmer would have demanded the DJ stopped playing it.. deemed as JUST TOO DARN SOUL! With a fabulous Northern Soul mid-paced dance track on the flipside, this 45 has gained quite a following; especially for the previously “not so rare ” Loma release.. Before you today is the ultimate Linda Jones rarity - and for those serious about collecting rare British 45s - this is a trophy.. Click and listen to Soul’s greatest ever voice - whilst gazing upon those two captivating label scans. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 93.00 Martha And The Vandellas4 Track Ep1964 born and the laminated cover looks factory fresh…! This Tamla Motown EP was # 2009 in the all too short lived but now highly sought after run; offering finely crafted covers with hand-picked artist poses. EMI cut this meager selling idea, off too short because there was only 19 issues under the UK TME banner. Ending just over a year later with the 6 track Marvin Gaye tribute.. The french of course of course “Went To Town” on this format producing so eye-popping offerings; but none better than this jubilant trio shot. 3 young girls right at the top of their game n’don’t show. An inspiring and historical photo.. and more importantly not a flaw in sight. Scrutinize the scan, no laminate veins, not creases, no corner point bumps or any of the other niggle-blemishes that seem to plague the British 50’s & 60s laminated covers.. check it out, this is an astonishingly fine cover both front & back. Labels are immaculate, vinyl surface inspection reveal only light paper-contact imperfections or very light surface scuffs. As you can hear it plays totally clean The four tracks speak for themselves, making this one fabulous example of the genre and one its most elusive too… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 98.00 Ike & Tina TurnerSomebody ( Somewhere ) Needs You / ( I'll Do Anything ) Just To Be With YouA unicorn-rare British WHITE DEMO!! of this legendary couples best Northern Soul offering. Condition as you can see and hear is just exquisite.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 212.00 Neo ExperienceHumanPhiladelphia perfection!! ..as Leon Mitchell project takes Tommy Hunt’s 60s New York classic Beat Ballad - deconstructs - giving it a totally new identity; by adding lush Philly-esque strings… specifically to fuel David Simmons magnificent vocal powers to greater things.. The result is quite staggering, a maelstrom of Philadelphia hits the dancefloor with Simmons becoming increasingly powerful as the recordings progesses. . the crescendo peaks..but it’s not over yet as Mitchell as if begging for an encore, brings the group back in for one more chorus… totally awesome. A perennial in my DJ box and one that is constantly requested… Encore, encore, encore.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 262.00 Marvin Gaye1976 Uk September / October Tour Program13” by 9” full colour gloss 20 page 1976 Tour program. Crammed with glorious full page images, informative information not only on Marvin Gaye but also on his support act Carol Woods who promoted by her label UK Ember partnered Marvin on this two month tour. A startling piece of Motown Memorabillia. Near 40 years old and only suffering from very light creasing to the outer cover - the insides are immaculate.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 25.00 Lou RaglandSince You Said You'd Be Mine / I Didn't Mean To Leave YouSeriously-Seasoned-Soul-Sages will not ever need reminding how darn RARE the stock copy of 1973 session is, offering up TWO sides of crucial Cleveland Soul from a man who’d become a Northern Soul icon with his timeless “I Travel Alone” classic. Once again Mr. Ragland serves us with a silky flow of soul, incorporating an uncredited male vocal-group cradling Lou’s joyous vocal performance. Philly inspired string section levitate the vocals up into Soul Heaven.. Superior Northern Soul dancer, sodden in class… But this is the silly-rare STOCK copy with the flipside the PROMO doesn’t have.. click the soundsfile to see why today, I’m so delighted.. Real Soul awaits you.. bubbling with all the ingredients of the A-side but geared down a little, slowing melting into a lush mid-paced session of regret, heartache & remorse. With those string and the male chorus keeping it buoyant.. with Lou Ragland’s vocal transferring the pain so convincingly… Soul Essence, Simply Soul, Just Soul, The Orwell or my office ..venues that play and dine on records of this calibre as their staple. May I remind you the USA stock copy is 1000’s of times rarer than the promo press that offers just the single side… Go feast and have two courses of Mr, Ragland at his superlative best! . Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 212.00 Clarence HillA Lot Of Lovin' Goin' RoundI can’t even remember the last time I encountered the RED stock copy of this snarling colossus. The opening of the low-burping Sax, instantly speared by relentless chirping girls; Is today so very memorable, even after a few notes you just know this tune is knock-ya-sideways. Personally, I also instantly knew, back in 1974 when I bought my very first sizable load of 45s; that originated from a New York shop clear-out. Picked clean by two Nottingham importer/dealers and the “junk” left for me purchased. In that pile of vinyl garbage nestled a handful of Clarence Hill Promo copies, which I slowly filtered out over time. The style, the pace, the production was out of kilter with the Northern Soul “sound” of the period… but it had “something” captivating about it. The mix of the brass, that gang of gals and Clarence Hill’s rustic-rasping was the ideal criteria for the 80s and the “NEW” style sets based in Stafford’s “Top Of The World” all-niters; Delivered by Dave Thorley and his New Model Army of exuberant Young Soulie’s. Truly great records will always break through, usually aided by visionary people, of which “Stafford” was saturated with them… Over the years since my brief-flirt with my discovery, I can could count the White Promo copies I’ve encountered on one hand.. …the RED STOCKER I could maybe use just one finger…! A rare and utterly compelling sight… but not as vital as the magnificent production it presents you with… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 673.00
  11. JellyEverybody Needs Some Lovin' Now's The Time / Hey Look At MeA monster tune for Steve Guarnori, Soul Sam and all those other old folk with hearts and minds of the16 year old Soulie, brandishing electric enthusiasm, desire and passion for the next new discovery; keeping their DJ sets fresh and the audience captivated… Proper DJ’s, seeking proper rare records, that undeniably saturated in what it takes to ignite a dancefloor… for guys of this ilk, every day is a continuous turning over soil in search of unknown overlooked jewel, some obscure treasure sitting just below the surface…since 1978 this compelling slab of Modern-Dance-Soul has been kept away from the NS populous - thank Heavens for intrepid Jocks who badger, the ever-exploring vinyl dealers for their finest, rarest, most impressive finds.. Wanna join the progressive Rare-Soul movement…? or will it be another wafer thin slice of Sam & Kitty…Mr. Creosote ? PS flipside will kill those of you addicted to the off-the-wall vocal-harmony gems.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,827.00 Sandi SheldonYou're Gonna Make Me Love YouThe Scottish Soul May Weekender was a most enjoyable 2 days.. but what will always stay with me was the reaction of the dance floor when this was dropped on the crowd.. or should I say more importantly the effect it had on me… the booming kitchen-sink Van McCoy production, Sandi’s surrendering vocal as her resistance to love capitulates under the pressure of her desires.. THE HAIRS ON THE BACK OF MY NECK BRISTLED !!! Just like when I was a youngster, every time I heard this record it sent shivers though me.. After all these years this record still has the power to unleash uncontrollable emotions.. THIS IS THE VERY ZENITH OF SISTER NORTHERN SOUL Labels are flaw free - playing surface has multiple tiny mild surface marks - but as you can hear the full 2.45 minutes play clean and true. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,252.00 Linda KendrickIt's The Little ThingsVery rare 1966 British take on the highly sought-after Patti & The Emblems Northern Soul winner on Congress. Quite often when the English covered a version of a USA production, something always seems “missing”. With Fred Lloyd & Chris Parmenter having a daunting task of bettering the Congress offering you’d have thought an inferior take was about play; After all, competing with Jimmy “the Wiz” Wisner & Tommy Kaye doing the arrangement & production on the New York / Philadelphia original collaboration. Well Mr. Parmenter & Lloyd your British slant on the production is totally superb. The MODS will adore the potent guitar intro, the Girl vocal collectors will be captivated by Linda very first single, enriched by a USA styled Girl-Group chorus; and of course the British Soul 45 collector will be itching to snag this 45, as it so scarcely becomes available. Check out UK vs USA, they both carry their own unique qualities and of course are both rare, with this UK Polydor example being near “impossible” to capture…we are not ashamed of announcing the fact, that this is our FIRST copy in more than 20 years.. Great tune and Unicorn-Rare! Both vinyl surfaces are pristine, label are free of writing, tears or any other annoying flaw. Sitting in it’s original wavy-top Polydor cover… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 94.00 Marvin GayeThis Love Starved Heart Of Mine / It's A Desperate SituationOne of only 3 original 10” acetates ever cut by Motown in preparation for their special Marvin Gaye picture sleeved 45 limited run to help promote the 1994 CD “Love Starved Heart” This copy # 2 of the 3 only made, unlike the # 1 acetate we auctioned near 12 months ago, carries a flipside “It’s a A Desperate Situation” The 3rd copy as far as we are aware resides with Motown fgor file purposes and will never come to market. Before you is a decidedly rare opportunity to own “Direct Cut” studio quality example of one of Northern Soul’s top ever recordings.. Totally awesome dance tune that not only epitomises the mid-60s Motown Sound but also encapsulates everything the Northern Soul dancefl;oor soldier requires to be able to “let it all go” This Detroit Northern Soul at it’s finest - in it’s rarest form and finest possible sound quality and volume. Flawless direct cut from 1994 and one of TWO only that can ever come to market! Act accordingly! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 663.00 Juan WilliamsI Check Mail Box Every Day / My Girl Has GoneWill we stop raving about Willie Hutch and his myriad of Northern Soul contributions.. yet again the name of this NS Demigod appears in the credits of this totally elusive mid-paced delight. Willie Hutch arranges the haunting horn peppered backing, sweetened with candy-coated Sister choruses and strengthened` with the production with quintessential instrumental breaks which “The Hutch” just knew when to drop them in and how potent to make them.. the ones in this recording elevate the tune from a beautiful mid-tempo into a sound you can’t help but rev up to, as the brief bass guitar rumbles and those droning horns deepen its Soulful abyss…brilliant The girls in the background on the icing on the cake… and maybe the flipside is the cherry as another NS “name” to excite J. B. Bingham deconstructs the Motown “Miracles” classic “My Girl Has Gone” crafting it into a do-not-ignore flipside. Condition is completely pristine - both sides give up premium Northern Soul that seldom comes to market! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 476.00 Ronnie MccainThis Time I'm GoneThis Superior mid-tempo soulful stroller is currently one of Northern Soul’s rising stars, with no sign of having a petrol stop… New York mid-paced invitation to dance that had been slightly neglected in recent times by the jocks and the collectors. Now a lasting testament to what can happen when real-top-quality soul gets its time in the sun… starting early-doors at the more progressive venues. Some Sunday afternoon outings to the pub.Then WHAM a tidal-wave of approval surrounds this previously under-exposed beauty. Today of course the quickest off the mark, a few years ago snaffled up this Soul-truffle. Now Ronnie McCain is on the endangered 45 list, in peril of disappearing all together, swallowed up and into the security of elite collections and DJ boxes.. Their is no sign of the swell in demand shrinking, or indeed any copies coming to market - we suggest “bag” a copy while you can - or maybe live in regret.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 267.00 AvengersReflectionA so seldom seen Wigan Casino cover/up from the days when a bit of attitude riddled “garage” was most welcome on those hallowed turntables. The Outsiders, Human Beinz, Deadbeats, The “Q” etc. have always been most refreshing diversions from the norm, as white -guys with a little angst in their throats fitted the “All-“Niter ambiance so well. “The Man In The Mirror” c/u is perhaps the least known, least encountered of all those many “Searling-served” Wigan 1977/78 mysteries that fascinated us but made ownership near impossible… Having said that, even if the true identity of “Man In The Mirror” was made public, what chance would any of us have of finding this upstate Syracuse, New York D.I.Y. private press… well, none really. Click the soundfile and relive the frustrating quandaries of attending Wigan Casino, as a collector or aspiring DJ… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 116.00 Doug Phillips And The New ConceptsYou Really Know How To Hurt A GuyThe very first copy of the truly gorgeous Northern Soul Beater, we’ve had in 20 years or more, on its first D.I.Y. Californian collaboration between Doug Philips & Randy Ray in the summer of 1969. The vision of this 45 will certainly inflame the desires of those dedicated Northern Soul collectors seeking the ultimate rarest format FIRST LABEL presses. In the same class as those lush mid-tempo grooves, that transform 3 minutes of your day into a though-provoking morning. Think Al McCarther, Billy Prince, Jimmy Beaumont, Kenny Sheppard etc.. This Premiership Beat Ballad Heaven.. This delicate mood-changer did of course enjoy a brief release on Atco 6692 but that disc is not easy find, as for this embryonic Ray-Phi label variation.. like I say its is our first for 2 decades.. Listen and prepare to be MOVED by Doug Phillips living every word of the lyrics as plucking and humming strings decorate the arrangement. One truly wonderful tune.. yet to receive the significant spins it surely deserves from the New-Model-Army of Northern Soul Jocks… PS The Atco copy has just been added to my DJ box in support of Northern Soul refinement.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 117.00 H. B. BarnumIt Hurts Too Much To Cry1963 AUSTRALIAN PROMO ONLY! Australian rarities always spark lively debate, there is after-all Soul-legion dedicate to pursuing every possible “Downunder” release - With OZ 45 collecting being perhaps the most challenging division of the Northern Soul junkie-ism, every capture for me is rather exciting. Especially this example because 1963 was the RCA launch as a stand-alone label in Australia; consequently RCA PROMO pressed many titles in 1963 to help bolster RCA awareness. It not only looks utterly thrilling, it is blatantly insanely-Rare and also at this moment, we do not know if it ever received an actual 1963 release.. *we presuming this 45 was “unissued” on the strength of leading Australian Soul collectors have never seen a stock copy. Condition of ” H.B. D.J. OZ ” can only be described as blinding.. Extra info suplied by Frank DriscollSorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 261.00 Barbara Jean & The LyricsWhy Weren't You There / Any Two Can PlayDo Detroit-Dames delights get any more alluring than this double-dollop of distinctive Northern Soul… utterly compelling stuff from the Big Hit squad. From the writing desk of Timmy Shaw & Ernest Burt come two lyrically superior dance tunes, culminating in Johnnie Mae Matthews polishing off the proceedings! The most popular of these two impressive sides in recent times has been the version of the Thelma Lindsey NS classic “Why Weren’t You There” most likely because it has that instantly familiar feel to it.But upon just playing the “Any Two Can Play” side I feel we’ve all missed a trick with this less commercial but superior Northern Soul offering. Both sides of course benefit from the in-house Big Hit male-vocal group supporting harmony choruses. But the more forceful production on the “neglected” side is driven by persistently rattling drum-rolls build the rhythm up to boiling point, as Barbara’s strident vocal pitch changes hit home hard.. Both sides are brilliant of course - but “Any Two..” is begging for a big audience revival… perhaps Sam & Kitty could sit on the subs-bench for a week or two so some not so over-exercised talent a chance.. Click & I’ll let Barbara, the gals, those backing-boys and that determined drummer do the rest of the talking… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 522.00 AnnettaSince There's No More YouLet’s forget Northern Soul for a moment and think Real-Deal-Soul, as Annette Snell takes you on a journey, plumbing the depths of despair with her subtley stirring voice. With only uncredited male vocals for company (most probably Paul Kelly & Jesse Slaughter) Annette serves up one of the finest most-soulful recordings ever committed to vinyl, as she skilfully leads your heart though a maze of grief. This is Deep Soul at it’s most-refined; “Deep” that will also appeal to all of you hooked into the male-harmony presence whilst choosing your preferred vinyl. This surely is superior Soul, leaving you craving for more of this blue-chip outpouring of emotion. I think this is the most-moving example of our music I’ve heard in quite some time - totally rare and rippling with pure class, as Annette Snell raises the bar, of what real cutting edge Rare-Soul Music really is.. Give me more of this style… it has made my day…my week… most likely my year Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 83.00 Micky Lee LaneHey Sah-lo-neyOriginal 1966 press from Itzy Klein’s Pittsburgh vehicle for partly satisfying the demand created by local DJ Mad Mike Metrovich propensity for the airing of “obscure” 45s. “Mad Mike’s” style and turntable choices soon established his very own comparable to “Northern Soul” scene within the “Steel City” - launching him into “cult-status” and worldwide fame over the ensuing years. Demand for his fave spins sparked “special” local releases and still today “dedicated CD’s”. Mr. Klien’s relationship with Philadelphia’s Swan label gave him the opportunity to release another “Mad Mike” Swan power-play Showmen - Our Love Will Grow - Itzy 13 which is even more elusive than this offering. Fortunately for the serious record-collector “Itzy” used top-quality high-gloss finish paper and bight-brilliant coloured text; allowing both these Itzy “Soul” 45s to be authenticated at a mere glance at the label quality and startling text. So to the music, not only a Northern Soul anthem but also a song that totally encapsulates Mike’s wildly enthusiastic passion for under-the-radar records that he continued to source right up to his passing in 2000. USA only needed a few more DJ’s like “Mad Mike” and maybe all those incredible but overlooked Northern Soul monsters would have fueled a nationwide USA scene… way before Wigan Casino was born.. alas Mike is considered quite unique in his profession, as are these very limited and decidedly eye-catching ITZY releases. This offering has TWO perfect labels (full shine) vinyl reveals mild surface blemishes and as you can hear, plays perfect. Of course ITZY is by far this classic’s rarest USA clothes.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 135.00 Clyde McphatterI'll Love You Till The Cows Come HomeRiveting Popcorn / R&B dancer from one of the last century most-memorable voices. The man who inspired Jackie Wilson to expand his vocal range and you can fully understand Jackie ambition after listening to Mr. McPhatter; it surely would make you want to “up your game”. Listen to a man with glorious ease meander through Belford Heldrick’s utterly convincing strings, zipping away has the silkened McPhatter chords lift the session to a level, that demads another needle drop. As the USA releseit is annoyingly elusive, as this 1962 release, looking like you’ve just got it home from the local rrecord shop, it is a darm TOUGH 45 to snare.. startling contition giving up flawless but infectious Popcorn! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 23.00 Johnson BrothersWhen I Was A Boy / I'm Taking A TrainCheck out that label, I simply adore those D.I.Y. expressions of hope; these tiny eye-catching neighborhood doodlings the aspiring artists adorned their label with. That little extra piece of art that may make the radio DJ or Club jock just pause a moment for a listen. That is of course ,if they had overlooked the label text “Horns arranged by Pee Wee Ellis” now that would indicate the participants were taking the making of this record, serious. For this week’s Deep Soul offering Jim, James & Aaron Johnson weld like Sam & Dave, on a slow burn journey into despair. A story bemused-pain, of lost-love, of no hope ..drenched in all the circumstances that makes the Deep Soul song, such a moving experience… especially if skilled horn work is enriching, the already truly convincing vocals.. A DEEP SOUL BEAST! Flip it over and Pee Wee Ellis is in raucous mood as his horns pout and blow to the rhythm of a relentless guitar. The Johnson Brothers trade despondency for escape… riding a “Funk” train fueled by brass and determination.. BRUTAL UNSTOPPABLE FUNK! Two superior sides from the streets, presented by art from the bedroom… what’s not to love? Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 91.00
  12. Tobbi Bowe I Can Feel Him Slipping Away / Groovy Feeling Label art at its most-conspicuous, the little orange-man pushing the “Patheway” logo forward - a huge improvement on Billy Elders or The Servicemen plain orange label releases. This label today is as impressive as any 60s eye-catcher you care to mention and so is the music..Girly Northern Soul awaits.. This is the 2nd impressive Robert Susser composition that has been taken into the hearts of the Northern Soul congregation, the first being 2 years early when he wrote Florence DeVore’s - Don’t Kiss Me Now; 1967 Bobby is at it again crafting girly-perfection for Northern Soul gonna-be’s. “I Can Feel Him Slipping Away” also recorded and adored b y Mamie Lee on MGM both of these versions are 1967 born, not completely sure which lady was the initial choice of artist - both are fabulous takes with this release, obviously being absolutely the rarest of the two; with copious amounts of Mamie Lee living in all the establish Northern Soul collections worldwide. So on to the “Tobbi Take” benefiting from a Roy Norman full orchestra production and Roy’s penchant for working with the “Soul” artists of California, the two Artie Fullilove’s on Marlu jump to mind. Tobbi’s take is hugely impressive, much-brisker than Mamie’s, propelled by zippy string-section, endowed by a burping Terry-esque Sax prompting the rhythm, as Tobbi’s vocal bursts in and belts the hell out of the lyric-sheet; a hen-night of ladies back it all up on the chorus, shrill as hell. Killer tune you most probably haven’t heard in the clubs because so few own a copy - but one thing is for sure - the DJ ahead of you will not be playing it first. Damn hard to acquire and such a brilliantly refreshing change from Mamie Lee. If that’s not enough, to have you scurrying for the click button..check out the splendid flipside “Groovy Feeling” which has been the recognised NS Play side for decades now..again very few can boast of having in the their DJ box.. Two rare California uplifters on one disc.. Some light surface marks, as you can hear it plays a sturdy, clean Excellent. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 441.00 Patrick Allen Groovy Feeling Vocal / Instrumental K&B Records is not a British label vista you ever see, you may not even have known it existed. This 45 gives up not only sensational Modern Soul dancer but also one of the RAREST UK 45s, as it is seemingly near impossible to acquire. From it’s migration from a tiny USA indie label, “Persist” this 1977 creation mysteriously is given British citizenship on an equally independent Reggae label from an artist name adjustment from Patrick Alley to Patrick Allen. So what’s in the grooves, click and set-free a joyous ingot of 70s Soulful dance. A fusion of tricky plectrum picking and controlled horns allow the stirring vocal to glide on the uplifting arrangement. A fabulous easy-going 70s dance project created by a Wesley Brooks & Patrick Alley collaboration.. in by far its rarest form, the “Big Foot” of 70s UK release 45s.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 122.00 Little Johnnie Adams Girls Are Cold / No In Between RARE!! VERY RARE!!! This weeks RARE R&B offering is a seriously impossible Los Angeles grinding slab of deliciously primitive street crafted R&B backed up by an equally archaic Deep Sou experience with both recording enhanced by the sweetly delivered vocal of Joan Redditt, plus a freestyle Sax break that takes some beating Records like this are so very hard to find, “Ghetto” recordings pressed in such low quantities and only promoted locally and never found in anything but badly-scared condition. So pleasing to have a clean copy to play you. This 45 emerged a few years back from the world’s greatest ever 45 collection and was lovingly stored away. One light turntable retrieving mark, otherwise Mint -… If I live to be 100 I doubt I’ll hold a neater copy than this.. Check the soundfile, you’ll find yourself buried deep in Los Angeles neighborhood culture of the early 60s… basically fabulous! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 146.00 Second Re$surrection You Done Let The Daylight Catch You / Smoke In The Disco Hidden away on the flipside of a Funk infused “Disco” dance session, is a masterpiece of West Coast vocal-group Rare-Soul. Hugely sought-after “upfront” harmony-session from L.A. that just glides its way through 3 mins + of modern Northern Soul bliss. Currently exclusively in the hands of Europe’s most-progressive Rare Soul Jocks. and it’s been that way for most of this century… Solid, tight group harmonies surf a carpet of subtle horns, under-laid by perpetual rhythmic guitar licks with a lead vocal at ease with the lyrics, as his strolls through the lyrics. With his buddies enriching the session with increasingly enthusiastic choruses as the session swells into the most convincing example of it’s genre… Horns, vocal harmonies and an effortless lead vocal merge into one spectacular cavalcade of SOUL! The lead side is very worthy Wah-wah, chanting, squealing excursion into 70s Funk/Soul/Disco but paling in comparison to stand-out flip.. This copy has two perfect labels, vinyl has some insignificant mild hairline surface blemishes, as you can hear both sides play totally flawless. SOME TUNE!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 2,314.00 An Evening With Motown Sound An Evening With Motown Sound “AN EVENING WITH THE MOTOWN SOUND” You are viewing “Motown Collectors Trophy-piece” … as far as “Motown-Memorabillia” is concerned.. A 1967 Promo booklet with the foreword suprisingly supllied by Radio Luxenburg DJ Tony Hall. The contents could hardly be more complete. Giving up fully 50 black n’ white artist pics & bio’s “Everybody” is featured - the pictures are (as you can see) stunning. Here’s a tiny sample of it’s contents… to drool over. This near 50 year old artifact is in fabulous condition, a very ligt water stain te the “white” background of Tony Halls introduction. Not tears, writing lose pages or any missing. Essential… Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 64.00 Inspirations Toch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me / What Am I Gonna Do With You? TOP BRITISH TROPHY! Dog-Rare and in immaculate condition! Offering up two top-flight East Coast Motown-esque Northern Soul dancers. Topside is an inspiring Girl-Group Northern Soul dancer that has pleasured the faithful for decades; But almost 100% played from its USA counterpart on Black Pearl Records. The intro kicking off with a dance-triggering bass-guitar rhythm before searing girl-voices weld together in a solid wall-of-sound. This style always keeping “The Floor” happy. Robert Wyld & Arthur Polhemus “kitchen-sink” production, matched by, dare we say, Kitchen-sink girls who throw everything into the arrangement. Harmonies are tight, fluid and potent; strengthened by a male-group choruses. We repeat, this is “INSPIRING” Northern Soul. Flip it over and again New York writers provide the fuel for another huge production. Carole King & Russ Teittleman words are woven into a Brill Building paced Beat-Ballad rippling with class, as the atmosphere builds to breaking point with those guys again idling away in the background. Having crowed about how fabulous the two recordings are we have to finish with THIS COPY IS FLAWLESS we defy anyone to find a cleaner copy. Mirror finish vinyl and like new labels… Totally RARE and in just, dream condition. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 277.00 Youngblood Smith You Can Split / Mr. Bright Times Our “File Only” over-the-pond vinyl-hoarder comes up trumps again. In 2015 what are the real chances of locating a Northern Soul timeless classic in previously unplayed condition.. we think pretty much zero, especially as this 1966 PROMO comes with two untarnished bright-sky-blue labels and distributors sleeve First discovered circa 1973 at the height Simon Soussan blitz of the USA record outlets and the subsequent exporting of newly discovered Northern Soul stompers. He was apparently so knocked-out by “You Can Split” it instantly bootlegged as “Walk On Baby” credit as being produced by the revered producer James Carmichael, on the convincing Los Angeles indie label “Soul World” (see scan provided) and sent to England for an overnight euphoric response… instantly sparking off huge dancefloor appreciation. Now sitting alongside Rubin, Sunlovers, Frank Wilson, Checkerboard Squares etc. all arriving in the UK bootlegged & given new identities before the 45s real titles/labels were known. This vinyl-subterfuge work perfectly both feeding the burgeoning Northern Soul scene with stand-out music, at the same time being able to supply the dealers and shops with a quantity to sell, when the demand peaked. 1972 to 1975 the streets of USA were paved with NS vinyl nobody wanted, Mr. Soussan exploited the vinyl-Gold-rush so cleverly, with business acumen very few of British youngsters possessed. Now firmly chiseled in stone, is the “Soussan” era in Northern Soul history that could never be repeated. A time of totally exciting music, marketed in an enterprising way, contributing hugely to the ever expanding popularity of this music in Britain. Click the soundfile and imagine what your amphetamine-fuel reaction would have been, having this tornado of a tune dropped on you at midnight. But this example has never been dropped on everyone ever, filed, cocooned, untouched in a collection for close to 50 years. Hoping one day to meet up with a fastidious Soul Collector seeking perfection.. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 310.00 Dee Clark That's My Girl This weeks WHITE PROMO tempter has not an imperfection to be seen ANYWHERE. Well that’s why this timeless piece of Northern Soul is on these pages - finding a “perfect” copy that’s not been though the DJ mill, sparked off fully two decades or more ago by NS Scotland’s very own “cheeky-chappy” Colin Law who traveled far and wide championing this infectious dancer, that at the time broke brand new ground with his turntable choices, giving Northern Soul an extra dimension. Today of course many of Colin Law’s inspired turntable “picks” are floor-fillers, none more so than this totally off-the-wall flute riddled Classic. Later kidnapped by many a Sassanack DJ’s as it went on to become a nationwide must-play.. Check out those impeccable white labels - they just scream wait till I emerge from the sleeve - my vinyl is every trace as clean.. You know as well as we do - encountering this title in this state - is rare! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 165.00 Anthony & The Aqua Lads I Remember / The Heart That's True We feel this very elusive New Yorker has slept on the subs-bench for too long… Why this 45 is not held aloft, right up there amongst the most expensive vocal-group Northern Soul rarities is something of an enigma. It has everything required to carry the Big Ticket appraisal. Lead vocal is right on the money, just enough cracking on the chords to set it apart from the norm, then those high notes; Anthony just painlessly belts them out , with harmony backing of the highest calibre and relentless honking horn section this truly is a right-good tune. Condition is flawless, PROMO labels are totally unblemished. All this 45 requires now is a tiny reactivation.. then see it fly. Dead-right for today’s DJ sets and a flip side tat will goose-pimple the Soul-vocal-harmony diehards. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 283.00 Al Brown ( Can You Do ) The Whip Part 1 & 2 Stone-cold Memphis D. I. Y. FUNKER.. Welding ratcheting guitar work onto a relentless Hammond rhythm.. tough, hard hitting street-level groove that catches your ear on the very first note and keeping your mind throughout.. Rattling good instrumental written, arranged & produced by Al Brown who wrote it especially for the dance-group “The Exotics” ..and how we all wish we’d have witnessed that performance.. Give Al Brown you ear .. a experience FUNK from the heart of the man, in utterly flawless condition throughout! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 95.00 Metros Since I Found My Baby / No Baby A double-helping of “Pied Piper” in it’s least seen most desirable attire. 1967 Black label - silver text German RCA Victor complete with the coveted Picture Cover. A record of this reputation requires no extra observations from us, certainly no need say ownership of this beauty would enrich most every Soul collection. Looks utterly beautiful, vinyl and labels are totally clean. Tiny, tiny fray at the top opening of the Picture Sleeve is it’s only minuscule flaw. Click away for a delicious buffet of “Pied Piper” Magic..as your eyes feast of the group-shot picture sleeve. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 266.00 Chi Chi If You're Gonna Love Me / Love Is For the second time this week we shall be musing over the production talents of Arthur Polhemus & Robert Wyld - two New Yorkers who have left out of Northern Soul dispatches in the war against mediocre music. Again the pair write a truly great song of the 60s, a Brill Building styled Beater adored by everybody who ever hears it. Carrying the same magical ingredients that make you repeatedly drop the needle, as the all enveloping atmosphere builds, to demands yet another listen. Chi Chi MaCauley started her career on the world renowned Red Bird label, leaving you wondering why this mighty Sister-Vocal never recorded more.. a profoundly impressive voice.. A sleeper that’s been slowly stirring and stretching her talent into all the darkened corners of Early-doors choice, Sunday Pub sessions and Rare and Underplayed evening - the embryonic springboard for many a great tune.. and this is GREAT! A-side is Mint - flip side is EX + with a spillage flaw in the deadwax run-off NOT affecting play.. Time for this to reach a packed Niter gathering - could easily reach the heights of “You’re Gonna Love My Baby” Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 211.00 Olympics The Same Old Thing / I'll Do A Little Bit More Currently Mirwood’s most wanted, as both sides hard on the comeback trail! But how about the seldom seen UK DEMO on the highly collectable Jay Boy label. I must admit our 15 year + old sales data revealed this 45’s surprising elusiveness. It’s been 11 years since our last DEMO copy of Jay Boy # 74 and don’t those tanned label backgrounds look so cool, adorned with that hefty rich-Red “A” The two recordings speak for themselves, both currently reliable rival spins. Both causing the jostle for space dancfloor-sardine effect..ultimately pushing up the values of the relatively common, original Mirwood press. Two for the price of one, presented on a now iconic label. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 58.00 Ronnie Forte That Was Whiskey Talkin' / Nervous Breakdown Starting life in the UK as a Cleethorpes Pier cover-up. (I happened to be lucky enough to be the first DJ to play this 45, having discovered it at Al Pavlow’s treasure-trove-of-vinyl in Rhode Island). It went countrywide when I sold a spare copy to friend & venerated Wigan Casino DJ (and Cleethorpes devotee) Alan Rhodes. With Alan’s DJing mastery, it exploded into a Casino-Colossus also…A truly huge tune during 1977 in England as the two most-important All-Niters of the time, simultaneously drop the needle on this supremely potent dancer. …but it’s life should not end there. As this galloping-ingot of full-throttle R&B is more suited to today’s Northern Soul tastes, than it perhaps was back in 1977 mingling with the likes of “Paris Blues” & “Arin Demain” within my Gleggy sets.. Don’t get me wrong - it was a Dancefloor-Demon back then, suffering from a ludicrously primitive bootlegging as a consequence. A dubious honor for the effect it had on the dancefloor… the point I’m making is, this galloping-Godzilla I think would be even bigger with the dancers today.. and seeing as the poor quality “BAN” label bootleg could never be played “out”. The door is wide open for a Ronnie Forte “New-Dawn” This copy is a darn flawless MINT - most likely unplayed before we lifted the soundfile.. our Mint-Man from Mysteryville comes up trumps again… Listen and imagine this baby, booming out to a full house Weekender.. doesn’t bare thinking about ..does it? PS Another bonus is that horrid “BAN” label bootleg does not carry the equally esteemed stomper “Nervous Breakdown” on the flip. One reason this double-helping of riotous R&B is quickly rising in value & demand… Many thanks to Alan Rhodes for ringing me and confirming he himself first heard it at Mary Chapman’s Cleethorpes, underlining that on more than one occasion Cleethorpes discovered a few tunes of their own… just a few. Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 362.00

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