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  1. Bobby WisdomHandwriting On The Wall / The Girl I Call My BabyRAREST OF THE RARE and make no mistake. Easily Anthony C.Renfro’s hardest to acquire 45, of his many Northern Soul contributions and I think his best! A totally uplifting “impossible” benefiting from a typically feelgood “Renfro” approach.. Burping saxophone leads the way for the at ease vocal of the mysterious Bobby Wisdom to glide through a full orchestra arrangement crafting scintillating Northern Soul with every note! Stabbing horns, rattling drums drive this dancer at a perfect pace for the dancers, our opinion is if this wasn’t
  2. Tobi LegendTime Will Pass You By / HeartbreakerOver the last decade, no genre of vinyl-collectables have risen more in value, demand and unavailabilty than the “Top 500” Northern Soul classics - they have been hunted worldwide, into near extinction. Check out those enticing flaw-free labels but please be aware although the labels look near new, the vinyl has surface marks. But we have no hesitation auctioning this Wigan Casino “3 before 8” as it plays clean & true. Check out the double soundfile we have just lifted from this actual disc. The OCD condition conscious, it would be best to wai
  3. Shorty LongBurnt Toast And Black CoffeeThe totally diverse net of the Northern Soul DJ choices casts it net right back to 1956 with this R&B shaker that is currently detonating the dancefloor-dash up and down the UK. How this classically trained “Violinist” Hillbilly came to record a gatecrashing R&B killer is a mystery but his extreme talent enabled him to turn his hand to any style, and boy does he revel in this his own composition as jazz saxophonist Manny Albam and his Orchestra belt out the addictive rhythm… You gotta hand it to the “New Breed” Norther Soul DJ as they constantly p
  4. Willie TeeFirst Taste Of Hurt / Funky Funky TwistListen and absorb, some of the most effectual lyrics ever committed to a Soul 45. William Turbinton’s masterpiece was hidden away on the flipside of an OK Funky session; but will stand the test of time, as being the perfect example of the lost-art of writing poignant lyrics, that once heard will stay with you for life. “Lost-Art” indeed, as today, whatever music genre you choose, the poetry of life has for me been been “lost”. It is words of this stirring standard that first drew me into Soul music as a kid.. This Old Heart Of Mine (Been Broke A
  5. don't suppose you've got the trojan re-issue for sale pete i just missed a sureshot issue for a tenner by about a minute the other day when my lap-top played up on me, guy wouldn't answer my message to him for some reason. regards, joe.
  6. Phyllis dillon / make me yours / sureshot Price please for original and reissue please, Joe
  7. Bruce forsyth had a record out on red bird in the usa
  8. Herman LewisWho's Kissing You Tonite? / Right DirectionAt the sight of the label I must admit going all weak and floppy… as the needle hit - then the hairs on my neck bristled and the shivers cascaded down my spine. ONLY Northern Soul at it most inspiring can have that effect…. Listen and have your day turned around.. Detroit at it’s most moving!! Sorry, this item has already been won! The winning bid was £ 1,125.00 Melvin CarterMidnight BrewThe Johnny Jackson Experience - Shing A Ling At The Go-Go! A Northern Soul instrumental of mythical status, discovered by a legendary DJ and christened
  9. Mellow MadnessSave The Youth / Going, Going, GoneA strident Rare-Modern-Soul trophy of gargantuan proportions… purely blending Soul/Jazz/Funk into a convincing dancefloor delicacy… so darn classy, sumptuously soulful, frantically Funked-up..ideal to perfectly-pleasure today’s dancefloor tastes. The tenacious lead-vocal glides through a maze of bass-guitar, vibes, electric-drum & synth, until climaxing with a drop-everything trumpet solo from the Top-Drawer! unbelievably elevating this session yet another notch. TOTAL SOULFUL DANCE! Flip it over and lo0vers of the harmony Sweet-Soul ballad
  10. EllipsisPeople / Gregory MooreA Soul Sam monsterrrrrrrrrr! The Godfather of Northern Soul knows what he likes, how to secure it and how to turn his envious rare acquisitions, into club Monsters This 1976 St. Louis creation was missed by everyone during the following decades, emerging belated from it’s local roots to grace the turntables of European turntable in recent years. It’s hard to believe a record of this obvious dancefloor quality could be kept away from the Rare-Soul jocks for near 3 decades underlines its Rarity-Pedigree. As still today, with its cover-blown, there are only a handful
  11. JellyEverybody Needs Some Lovin' Now's The Time / Hey Look At MeA monster tune for Steve Guarnori, Soul Sam and all those other old folk with hearts and minds of the16 year old Soulie, brandishing electric enthusiasm, desire and passion for the next new discovery; keeping their DJ sets fresh and the audience captivated… Proper DJ’s, seeking proper rare records, that undeniably saturated in what it takes to ignite a dancefloor… for guys of this ilk, every day is a continuous turning over soil in search of unknown overlooked jewel, some obscure treasure sitting just below the surface…since 1978
  12. Tobbi Bowe I Can Feel Him Slipping Away / Groovy Feeling Label art at its most-conspicuous, the little orange-man pushing the “Patheway” logo forward - a huge improvement on Billy Elders or The Servicemen plain orange label releases. This label today is as impressive as any 60s eye-catcher you care to mention and so is the music..Girly Northern Soul awaits.. This is the 2nd impressive Robert Susser composition that has been taken into the hearts of the Northern Soul congregation, the first being 2 years early when he wrote Florence DeVore’s - Don’t Kiss Me Now; 1967 Bobby is at it again

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