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Mods Please leave this thread up, it is wrong to close post's without the person it is insulting to have a chance to see it or reply to it.

as i am a intersted in northern soul the records , and its history,and have a good collection of records and have been for a long time. do you have a better resaon to be on here ?

i can tell all of you ,,that its not northern soul, that Ian does not like , but the hypocryts and idiots and the ego tripping prats that have ruined NS.

my top 3 prats are


The most modest & unassuming person I know. Has a vast array of knowledge and passes that on to others. (not because his my partner either)


Brought smiles to lots of faces at cleethorpes and Carl Carlton and Darrow Fletcher.


Runs regular soul show every sunday, for the pleasure of others.

Best check the definitions in the dictionary mate :shhh:

So tell me how can you say they have ruined Northern Soul wanker.gif


Lavines side kick - WORDS FAIL ME :thumbsup:


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Guest LUCY J W

Well said, as someone who has been away from the niter scene I was enjoying comments about DJ's past and present (memory a wonderful thing).

Ady Croasdell and Mark Bicknell always had time in their spots and afterwards to share their knowledge, without talking down to anyone.

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hi karen,

i suggest you use the pm/email facility to reply to individual members. the thread was closed because it had turned from a good, interesting thread into a slanging match.

i also suggest you discuss moderation of the forum in the 'site' forum. link below




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