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    The very Soul of Life ..... Walking into an event and experiencing that heart stopping sound you hear for the first time.. Ahh well - The good old day's...
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    Daniel Maddison & Helen Moore - Blew me away the first time I heard "Helen Moore - Get away blues", take's pride of place in my box. Must mention the awesome - "Daniel Madison - It don't matter baby".

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  1. sanquine

  2. How Do You File Your Collection?

    How to keep your records and not always be skint ANSWER Yes you've got it Phil = CUPCAKES Karen
  3. What Happened To Alan Rhodes

    Saw him a few year's ago in Halfords, the last time I saw him, he crossed the road at Foss Island. May have retired now. Sure if he had any desires to be out on the scene again he would be. Thing's have changed so much since the old day's, some prefer it as ...
  4. What The Hell Is Happening?

    Look's like the average soul venue of today to me Paul.. Karen
  5. Happy Birthday Ezzie

    Belated Birthday wishes Ezzie, hope your looking after yourself and doing what the doc tells you. I'm ready for the next instalment, and promise you won't hear me cry, "Oh no". Lol. Take care. Karen. xx
  6. Happy Birthday Harry Crosby

    Belated birthday wishes Harry Found some photo's from the old day's, will scan and post up on FB when I get chance. Take care. Karen. xx
  7. Old Richard Searling Cover Up

    Phil theres a soundclip on Mr Fish,s sales list on here Nov 28th 2013
  8. Set Sale Ray Lewis - Getting over you / Give my love a try - Fairmount demo vg+ £40http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN6-xoe-Ik0&feature=player_detailpage Jimmy Delphs - Mind going in the same d...
  9. Engraved Messages On Vinyl Out Tracks

    I remember this happening a few times back in the late 70's early 80's. Occasionally if a record was lent to a mate their name may mysteriously appear in the run out. I agree with Pete, in that it wouldn't effect the value. Taking into account the age o...
  10. Lifeline Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter

    You deserve a night out Ez, take it easy and look after yourself. Speak soon. Karen. x
  11. Mixed Bag Of 60S Sales

    Little Herman - Gotta keep walking / Gonna put the hurt on you - Arlen mint- £25 Marvin sims - Now i,m in love with you - Mellow ex+ £25 Deon jackson - Thats what you do to me - Carla ex £30 SOLD The Incredibles - Cr...
  12. 45 Sales

  13. Attic - June

    At last we finally made it to the, "Attic". Though it took some time to find, as we only had the post code, after asking local's who had never heard of The Attic, we were saved after phoning Neil Underwood, who looked in the Event's calendar to find it was i...

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