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Toulouse Soul Club #13 Feat. Dj Muro (K.o.d.p. // Tokyo-Japan)

Hi everybody,


Below you'll find a non exhaustive playlist of the tunes played during our last TSC night on Saturday April 12th.

Records are not listed in the correct order, but it might give you an idea of the music played at the event.


For more infos about us, you can like our page on facebook:




or check out our website




Many thanks by advance for your interest.



Julius Thomas - I gotta change my ways (Wild)
Lee Bond -I'll find a true love (Unidad)
Henry Ford -Jan O Jan (Lebra)
Jean Plum -Here I go again (Hi)
Georgette Blu -You had a dream (Love)
Just Us -How I love you (Vincent)
Splendor -Special lady (Columbia)
Bill Spoon -Love is on the way (Highland)
Mind Body & Soul -I took your love (Rocktown)
Gold -What about the child (Test press)
Billy Jones & Solat -You're gonna miss me (Poker)
Darby -Sexy lady (Rio)
Ralph Young -Cool off the foor (Goldband)
Curtis -How can I tell her (Charm City)
Smoking Shades of Black -Grease wheels (STEM)
The Zodiacs -Hey, rough nut (CRS)
Wayne Carter -Mad mouth woman (Mootreys)
Sherrell Bros -The price (Currison)
The Last Generation -You're all I need (Last generation)
Tony Sherman -Sing with me (BASF)
Master Force -Don't fight the feeling (Rain Forrest)
Master Plan Inc -Something to be done (Mundo)

Florence Miller -The groove I'm in (P & P)
Le Cop -Law Order & Peace (K Shavonne)
Timeless Legend -I was born to love you (Dawn Lite)
Len Rideout -Spend some time (Hot Licks)
Lucy Stone -Giving love instead of gold (Fire Mountain)
Ujima -i'm not ready (Epic)

Bileo -You can win (MTU / Watts City)
Pazazz -So hard to find (In Roads)
Midnight Express Band -Danger Zone (Tri-Fire)
Henry Brooks -The greatest debt to my mother (P & P)
Little Beaver -Do right man (Saadia)
Moses Dillard -I've got to find a way (Curtom)


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