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  1. Conservative grading by goldmine standards (m- // vg++ // vg+ // vg // vg- ) Paypal as a gift if possible. Prompt payment appreciated. Please PM me if further info’s are needed. Please add £5,50 for shipping from France. Thanks for your consideration. Cleo Jackson, Huck & The Soul Patrol - I'm the reason // Rudypoot (Mar-Kee 711 Blue issue) strong vg+ £250. Clean copy of this great Las Vegas (with Bay Area connections) crossover dancer. As featured on Ace 'northern soul classiest rarities' cd.
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    Hey there, We're proud to announce the tenure of one of the most exciting event of the month in Europe. Amsterdam, January 30th 2016., a pretty unique line-up will unite from many different places and background to offer the Disco Dolly club the best out of their boxes. Hosted by I Love Vinyl Amsterdam // Red Light radio veterans Illco and Bart Fader, behind the decks the following gentlemen will share their respective classics and discoveries, covering all the different ends of the soul spectrum, from established northern, to 1988 modern soul. ★ George Mahood, well known Big Daddy Magazine editor in chief, and premier record collector. ★ John Stapleton from the hailed Rough Trade staple in Bristol. ★ Paul S from Nottingham dynamic duo the P Brothers. Expert in all things soulful with hard drums. ★ Jussi B b and Markus from Soul Sides radio show in Helsinki. Respectively Modern soul athlete and 60's soul connoisseur. ★ Freddie Massif and Trinidad, the Heckle and Jeckle of France's infamous Toulouse Soul Club. The party starts @ 11:00 PM (until 05:00 AM) and is free before midnight. 6 euros then. All info and facebook link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/947692451991685/ http://www.ilovevinylamsterdam.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ToulouseSoulClubOfficial/ https://www.facebook.com/soulsidesradio/ http://www.roughtraderecords.com/
  4. Hi everybody, After a one year hiatus, the Toulouse $oul club is back again for its 16th event in the south of France. Last time, we had the pleasure of guesting the legendary Soul Sam who blessed us with a marvelous set and his always enjoyable presence, as you may guess below: This time, we chose to privilege some guests related to the team's hip hop roots, with the mighty P Brothers from Nottingham. People from the scene may not be familiar with their body of work for the rap world, but as Soul, Funk and Disco dj's, Ivory and Paul S paid many dues since the days of Rock City. We have a new location, with wooden floor, a great sound system, and a 500 people capacity, and Sir George Mahood as side guest as well. For any inquire regarding the night, you can get in touch with us through our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToulouseSoulClubOfficial/ Or register to the event below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1568050003485100/ Many thanks for your interest. Etienne
  5. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a clean copy of: McKinley Jackson -Tribute To Marvin Gaye Love Overture // same, on Jersey Connection 92008. 45 only, as I already have the 12". Unfortunately, I don't have any idea of the going rate for the format. Thank you by advance for your help. Etienne
  6. Conservative grading by goldmine standards (m- // vg++ // vg+ // vg // vg- ) Paypal as a gift if possible. Prompt payment appreciated. Please PM me if further info’s are needed. Please add £5,50 for shipping from France, For your consideration. Bobby Valentin -Bad Breath // Love me so (Fania 445) Unplayed stock vg+ £125 Classic boogaloo dancer on a nice gold label. Unplayed copy but suffers from Fania’s low pressing standards. Better condition and a more realistic price than JM's auctioned copy.
  7. Mine too, But they have the same catalog number. Much rarer though.
  8. Hi Everybody Conservative grading by goldmine standards (m- // vg++ // vg+ // vg // vg- ) Paypal as a gift if possible. Prompt payment appreciated. Please PM me if further info’s are needed. Please add £5,50 for shipping from France, Many thanks by advance for your consideration. Carrie Cleveland –Looking up to you (Cleve Den lp 14) Strong vg+ // vg++ cover in partial shrink £300 A few cosmetics hairlines, plays perfect. Includes the epic electronic soul masterpiece ‘Love will set you free’. House Guests Rated X –What’s so never the dance // pt II (House Guests 28205) Strong vg+, minuscule warp NAP £175 Cleanest copy I’ve ever seen (bought Mint- from Sir Manship). One of the filthiest funk 45 from Cincinnati. It used to be a 1998 era funk staple, and seems to be back in vogue. Outback –Strangers in our homeland // Reggie’s thang (Empathy 1906) Strong vg+ a few stains on label £150 Loner soul from Oklahoma, recently spun by Sami Dariush. Fragile and unique vibe, and probably my favorite record of the list, still pretty hard to locate. Recommended. Brown Sugar – Disco dancer // Flowers in may (Shal-Tur demo 834) conservative vg £125 Bought it as a vg+ copy. Side A is cool pedestrian modern-disco tune with heavy reverbed drums, backed by a killer –and almost psych- ballad. Relatively obscure but will surely appeal to the hip hop crowd. Target –Give me one more chance // Cleveland (Kama 814) vg+ warp NAP £125 Absolute modern soul classic from Upstate New York with Ohio connections. This copy is untouched but suffers from a sensible warp (NAP at all) forcing vg+ grading. Bobby Valentin –Bad breath // Love me so (Fania 445) Unplayed stock vg+ £125 B.B. does not unfortunately mean ‘Big Breasts’. Classic boogaloo dancer on a nice gold label. Unplayed copy but suffers from Fania’s low pressing standards. The Dorrells feat. The Rocketeers –I need someone to love me // (Bronze 102) Unplayed stock vg++ £125 Super obscure 60’s girl group produced by Miami genius Frank Williams. Amazing ballad backed by a decent northern number on this barely documented Deep City sub-label. Means of Persuasion –One way street // Be my friend (C & J ??) vg+ £100 Awesome lo-fi beat ballad with awesome vocals from Toledo legend Ike Noble. The b-side is absolutely not my taste but supposedly got some plays in some modern venues in the 80’s. Rare and great record. Hiram & Direct –Love flight // Turn it around (Hirome 001) strong vg small wol £75 First league Detroit modern soul from the legendary Tantus Studios enterprise. The stepper flip is not to be overlooked either. Detroit condition-ish but still a pretty enjoyable copy. Much rarer than the later release as Direct Pressure. James Dee & Pieces of the Action –Jealous over love // My pride (Enrica 1009) Unplayed stock vg++ £60 Awesome low-rider staple. Noisy pressing. Cherryl Williams –Everybody’s happy but me //I’m your fool (Bengee 1001) vg++ Unplayed stock £50 Extremely clean first pressing copy of this northern oldie, backed by an impressive sweet soul number. Kings go Forth –One day // You’re the one (Mr C’s 1001) Unplayed stock nm- £50 Stock copy of one of the best release from the last 10 years. Jerry Weaver -Testify // Mama said she ain't here (Cash In Today 8787511) nm- unplayed stock £50 Super obscure late 70's release from Jerry. Chicago gospel with Alabama connexions, hence a nice southern feel all the way through. BlackRock –Yeah Yeah // Black cloud overhead (Select-O-Hits 006) Strong vg+ £50 Awesome Memphis black psych, one the many highlights from ‘Chains & Black Exhaust’. Young Disciples & Co – Crumbs from the table // Girls (Getaway 16475) vg++ £40 To quote the venerable Parrish Smith: ‘Hard like concrete’ funk classic with huge drums and gigantesque groove, from the much loved St Louis staple. Decent low-rider-ish ballad on flip. The Fabulous Peps –With these eyes // I’ve been trying (Wee 3 1001) vg++ small byro WOL £40 Virtually unplayed copy of this quintessential Detroit banger, with a nice Impression cover on the flip. Johnny Mack –I want to leave everyday for your love // Let them talk (JMA 001) Unplayed stock vg++ £40 Excellent and semi known northern effort from Florida. Quality deep soul on flip. Brothers of the Ghetto –Rocking Chair // Indestructible black man (Ghetto 7394) unplayed stock vg++ £35 Hard as nails black rock from southern Illinois. Massive breaks and a huge psychedelic feel throughout. Mercy Men –Fifth street // You made it thunder (Bee Gee 0001) vg++ £25 Unplayed copy of this quality double-sider from Kentucky. A frantic old school funk track (nice break down included) backed with a cool northern number. The Out of Sights –For the rest of my life // Tears don’t care (Numero group-Boddie ES 043) Unplayed stock nm- £25 Breath taking pre-Saru version of this northern monster from Ohio. Limited pressing, only available through Numero Group’s European promo tour. Tribe –Attica // Attica (C & T 777) vg++ £25 Awesome psych soul with involvement from Curtis Knight. A.C. Caldwell –Joy sweet joy // Wail (lonely love) (RIM 2028) Unplayed stock vg++ £20 Awesome ballad-with-a-beat record, and still overlooked. Never fails to empress my rap friends. Eugene Pitt & the Jive Five – Come down in time // Love is pain (Avco embassy 4568 issue) unplayed stock m- £20 Pristine copy of this slept-on record from one of Philly’s finest team. Intricate song-writing, and a song bouncing from sweet soul to Northern soul. Excellent record overall. NB: rarer issue with the matching label sleeve. The Cause –Hard times in the city // Promises (ASG 1006) Unplayed stock vg++ £20 The b-side wins again. An ok conscious funk number backed by a breath-taking sweet soul song with outstanding vocal harmonies and eerie production courtesy of JB’s white funky drummer of choice, Beau Dollar. Freedom Express –Stolen pleasures // pt 2 (Spirit 778) unplayed stock vg++ £10 Probably one of the best and most under-rated stepper around. Adult music when it’s time to cheat after a couple of red wine glasses. Thank you for your interest, Etienne
  9. Thank you Jordi! Even though he wasn't feeling the whole suit-tie concept first, he finally thought it was funny anyway, and ended up really liking it!
  10. Hi everybody, Below you'll find a non exhaustive list of the records played at our last Toulouse Soul Club event (that took place Feb. 7th 2015). Amazing night by every standard, from the crowd reaction to the utter quality of the tunes played. Thank you for your interest. Best regards. Etienne Flim Flam Frank Baby Washington - Care free (master five) Ken Williams - Sweet music, soft lights and you (cream) Enticers —Thief (cotillion) Bob Fisher -Straight talk (guiding star) Kocky -Everybody is a winner (windsong) George Mahood (current top 10) The PC’s Ltd -Fast Man (Fran) The Movements -Cockstrong (Sounds International) Dicky Whiteman -Keep On Dancing (Big Boss) Point Blank -Don’t Go No Further (Warren) Kenyatta -Movin’ Music (Ndugu) Velma Perkins -Yes, My Goodness Yes (Twinight) Billy Chears -Free Your Mind (Chearston) Jodesha & Star Ride -Star Ride (Love Poet) Spice Of Ice -Joy To The World (Kick Back) Toast -It’s Just An Illusion (Charm City) Soul Sam Nu-Cleus —Real Love (FFull Strength) Ellipsis —People (Briarmead) Mellow Madness —Save the youth (Mega) Coco & Ben —Good feeling (Earth World) King George —I need you (Audio Arts) Sag Ware Fare —Don’t be so jive (Libra) Willie Dale —Let the light shine (Lovie D) The Deceptions —You’re gonna run to me (Peace) Chris Columbus & the swinging gates —Tighten up 70 Love Warmth & Affection —Talking about love (Week End) Hermon Hitson —Walking in the Park (Lisa) Chuck Stevens —Paying for your love (Leo-Mini) Ice —Reality (Ice) Nobody’s Children — Shadarp (Toehold) Eddie Ray & Funkshun —I can't give you up (Blue Ash) Wanda McDaniel —Gangster boy (Appleray) Cix Bits Band —I can’t turn myself around (Haze) Len Rideout —Spend some time (Hot Licks) Gem Prewitt —Love box (Key) Timeless Legend —I was born to love you (Dawn Lite Test Press ) Conway Brothers —Got to refuse your love (Gerim) Etienne Trinidad The Mighty Lovers —I ain’t gonna run no more (Soulhawk) Rudy Negron —Who (United Technique acetate) The Out of Sights —For the rest of my life (Boddie) Just Us —How I love you (Vincent) The Philtrations —That’s what love is (Suncut) Leon Debouse —Every fella’s girl (Bold demo) Aged in Harmony —You’re a melody (Mor-Tones) Mixed Generation Enterprize —Take to the sky (Blast off) Robby Brizzell —My love (Proud Image) Norman White —By my side (Lista) Freddie Massif Philip James —Keep on loving (Longwood) Willow Band —Willow Man (Epic) Las Vegas Connection —Running back to you (Hep’ Me) Sandra Wright —Midnight affair (Truth) Henry Woods Troupe —The stranger (Enyx) Independent Movement —Slippin’ away (Polydor) Al ‘Alonzo’ Wilson —Love you girl (Nashville) Cania —Visions (Tammy Jo) Rick James —Fool on the street (Motown) Nance & Sensuous —Sunshine (Real Music)
  11. Thank you for the lead. My friend contacted Gusto records today.
  12. Good evening, I'm asking this for a friend, and feel free to remove the topic if you feel it's posted in the wrong section. A friend of mine has to edit the score of a forthcoming film and wants to use the Monzas : "Forever walks a drifter". I know the record has been released several times, but most notably as Wand 1120. As he wants to do things properly, he wants to clear the use of the song with the relevant rights owners. Could anybody please let me know who might be the people in question (Ace/Kent?) ? Many thanks by advance. Best, Etienne.
  13. Hi everybody, Asking for a friend. The two following records in -at least- vg++ condition (by goldmine standards). Ready to pay the going rate for those. Curtis & Dondi -magic from your love // Don't be afraid (Capri Taurus 512)* Memphis - Inside my love // Shake & rock 'till the police knock (West Coast 1523) Many thanks by advance, best regards. Etienne * BTW, he's aware of the overpriced copy on discogs.
  14. Hi friends and buddies,, To help us promote his visit in the south of France, Feb 7th 2015 (event: ), Sam put together a 45 minutes mix of records filling his current box for this very special occasion. http://www.mixcloud.com/ToulouseSoulClub/tsc-15-soul-sam-exclusive-mix/ Thank you for your interest. Best, Etienne // Toulouse Soul Club
  15. Hi everybody, It's been a couple of months since our last night with sir Dave Ripolles. But it was worth the wait, since we'll have the honor to guest the Legendary Soul Sam behind the decks of TSC, Feb 7th. For the occasion, he'll play with a suit and a tie (no less), and share with us the crème de la crème of his rare soul box. For any inquire, don't hesitate to PM me, or to check out our website: http://www.toulousesoulclub.com/ Many thanks for your consideration. Best, Etienne

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