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Hi Guys,

Welcome to new list, back to list #1 for business reasons.

The sales Cds are still going strong and more people are finding this a great way to buy records. All of the records marked with *** are available on this issues CD, the price for 3x Cds is a very reasonable £5.00 and you`ll receive the CD a day or so before the regular list comes out. I have enough subscribers and buyers so I`ll be stopping any complimentary Cds I have sent out in the past, the only way to receive the Sales CD now is to subscribe!!.

I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied for any reason.Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless, probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served, however if you need to call me please do so.(01283 536359) P&P is £1.25 for 1x 45 and £2.40 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through, although there will be a 3% charge for this facility. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 7 DAYS or risk losing your reservation. also dont forget to put a note in with your payment telling me exactly what you ordered.Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Swan Court,Stapenhill Rd,Burton on trent,Staffs,DE15 9AY.

Had a great night out at Willington last month, I must mention the next one on November 20th, guest DJ will be Gary Belcher from J11, always a good night. Not sure if I`ll get another list out before then but I`ll be spinning at the Nuemburg Weekender in Germany on the weekend of 12th December, my second time in Germany this year, really looking forward to that one, hope to meet some of My German customers while I`m out there! Just a reminder that I`m always available for DJ bookings, across the board, oldies, newies whatever the night calls for, its more of a fun thing for me so I`m not gonna fleece you for £200 an hour either!!

I`ve spent hours and hours sorting all my records since the last list, now they are in some kind of order it should make things easier and hopefully my turn-around time much quicker, then again the best way to get your records fast is to send the payment sooner!

RARE USA SOUL 45s (Unless stated)

1.Kelly Garrett-Love`s The only answer-Smash WD M- 200

(Stunning looking Demo of this classic oldie)

2.Don Gardner-Is this really love-Cedric E+ 200

(Great and in-demand mid-tempo soul, beats "Cheating kind" to a pulp!)

3.Barbara Dane-I`m on my way-E Trey 125***

4.The Spinners-I just want to fall in love-Atlantic E+ 30

5.The Bros of soul-I`d be grateful-Boo E+ 150***

6.Richard Anthony-No good-Swan E 50

7.Yvonne Daniels-I got to get close to you-Redlite M- 25***

(love this to bits, wonderful!)

8.The Volumes-Ain`t that loving you-Inferno E+ 30***

9.Peoples Choice-Run to me-Veronica M- 25***

10.Darrow Fletcher-What have I got now-Jacklyn E 50***

11.Lashawn Collins-What you gonna do now-Sincere M (yellow) 275

(Quite simply one of the best cross-over tunes ever, super Chicago Soul floor-packer!)

12.The Apollas-Mr Creator-WB E+ 90

13.Gordon Keith-Look ahead-Calumet E+ 70

14.The Artistics-You left me-Brunswick E+ 10***

15.The Fantastic Johnny C-Dont depend on me-Phila-of-Soul WD! 25

(Awesome and rare WHITE DEMO of this great oldie,getting spins again)

16.Earl Grant-Hide nor hair-Decca M- 25

17.Little Milton-Let me back in-Stax VG+ 8***

(Looks rough, plays fine)

18.The Emotions-Stealing love-Volt E- 15

19.Bonnie Brisker-Someone really loves you-Magic City VG+ 50***

(Plays great)

20.The Mighty Marvellows-Talking `bout you baby-ABC E+ 20

21.Dee Edwards-All the way home-D-Town VG+ 25***

(again, plays fine)

22.Johnny Moore-Just be for real-Brunswick WD M- 70***

23.Sam Cooke-Sugar dumpling-RCA E 30

24.Ben E King-Too bad-Atco E 25***

25.Archie Bell-Old People-PIR E 15

(Flew out last time, be quick!)

26.The Volumes-I got love-Twirl E 80

27.Barbara McNair-It was never like this-WB demo M- 100***

28.Duke Turner-Let me be your babysitter-Spinning top E+ 20***

29.Ray Charles-Something inside me-ABC M- 25***

30.Casuals on the Square-End of time-Melmar M- 90

31.Darrell Banks-I`m the one who loves you-Volt VG+ 50***

(Plays like a dream!)

32.Christine Kittrell-Call his name-King E+ 40***

33.J.G Lewis-What am I gonna do-Xi Chains E+ 20***

34.The Kittens-Is it over baby-ABC VG+ 40

35.Johnny Nash-I`m so glad you`re my baby-MGM demo E+ 25

36.Wales Wallace-Somebody I know-BRC E+ 20***

37.The Hesitations-She wont come back-Kapp VG+ 50***

(Plays fine, looks rough)

38.Carl Carlton-Two timer/Drop by my place-Backbeat E 10***

39.Charles Drain-Is this really love-RCA demo M- 20

40.Donny Hathaway-Love,Love,Love-Atco E+ 10

41.Chapter 8-How can I get next to you-Beverly glen E 10

42.Joe Simon-When-SS7 E+ 10***

43.Aretha Franklin-I cant see myself leaving you-Atlantic E+ 10***

(Perfect,just perfect!)

44.Betty Lavette-Only your love can save me-Calla E+ 30

45.Sammy Hawkins-Standing on the sidelines-May M- 40***

46.Patti drew-Turn away from me-Capitol E- 10

47.Doris Duke-Congratulations baby-RRG E+ 15***

(Awesome cross-over, just right)

48.Barbara Acklin-Am I the same girl-Brunswick E 15

49.Tyrone Davis-What goes up (must come down) Dakar WD M- 15

(Cracking looking demo, nice minty one too!)

50.The Imperial Wonders-You live only once-Solid foundation VG+ 15

(Had a gard life, water damaged but plays great, so hard to find now)

51.Bobby Hebb-You want to change me-Phillips WD! M- 40

(Fantastic White demo! Great underplayed oldie)

52.Major Lance-Sweeter as the days go by-Dakar E 15***

(The definition of smooth crossover, Chicago class)

53.Maxine Brown-Little Girl lost-Wand M- 15***

54.Jackie Wilson-Its all over-Brunswick E+ 10***

55.Robert John-Raindrops,love and sunshine-A&M M- 40

56.Marva Whitney-Ball of fire-King E 15

57.The Marvellettes-You`re cheating ways-Tamla-M- 10***

(Old Bretby spin)

58.Carl Hall-My baby`s so good-Mercury E+ 50

59.Mamie Galore-It aint nessessary-St Lawrence-E+ 10

60.Porgy and the Monarchs-Thats my girl-Sylves E+ 25***

61.Edwin Starr-Way over there/If my heart could tell a story-Gordy M 10

62.Johnny Taylor-What about my love-B Glen E 10

63.JO Ann Garrett-One woman-Duo E+ 15

64.Barbara Mason-Bobby is my baby-Arctic E 15

65.Jerry Ganey-Just a fool-Verve VG+ 40

(Plays great, getting spins again)

66.The Temptations-Aiming at your heart-Gordy M- 20

67.Joshie Jo armstead-You got the vibes-Truth M- 30***

68.Nino tempo-Sister James-A&M M 25

69.Charles Spurling-She cried just a minute-King M- 70

70.Paul Kelly-Sweet sweet lovin`-Phillips- M- 15

71.Bobby Bland-Yum yum tree-Duke M- 10

72.LaVern Baker-One monkey dont stop no show-Brunswick YD M- 30

(Brilliant Chicago dancer, just makes you wanna move!)

73.The Hesitations-I`m not built that way-Kapp E+ 70

(Sounding as good as ever)

74.Chuck Jackson-If I did`nt love you-Wand M- 10***

75.Hector Rivera-At the party-Barry E+ 10

76.Sandra Richardson-Stay with me-Intersoul E+ 15

77.Al Perkins-Yes,My goodness yes-Buddah M- 10

78.Edwin Starr-Dont tell me I`m crazy-Soul E+ 10

79.Eddie Parker-Crying clown-Tripple B M- 15

80.Otis Leaville-You brought out the good in me-Dakar WD 10***

81.All the people-I wish I had a girl like you-Blue candle E+ 15***

82.The Gems-I cant help myself-Chess E+ 15

83.Maurice and the Radiants-Baby you got it-Chess E+ 20

(One of my fave oldies ever!)

84.The Marvelettes-My baby must be a magician-Canadian Tamla motown M 10

85.Phyllis Hyman-Baby I`m gonna love you-Desert moon M 20

86.Geraldine Latham-Lazy Lover-Winner 7-11 WD E 15

87.The Dells-Closer-Cadet E+ 10***

(If this was £500 you`d hear it out every week!)

88.Tee Fletcher-Happy Loving you-Shurefine E 30

89.Debbie Taylor-Just dont pay-UK Arista WD E+ 30

(Getting big spins at last, faultless 70s dancer)

90.Little Dooley-Its got to be now or never-North bay M 10

Some Nice LPs this month;

91.Bobby Taylor-Taylor made soul-Gordy E+ 60***

(Inc.Dont be afraid)

92.George McCrae-Same-TK-E+ 15***

(inc.Never never Girl, same as Rockie Mizzell)

93.Delegation-Same-Mercury E 30***

(inc.One more step to take)

94.RJs Latest Arrival-Same-Ariola E+ 20***

(Inc.Made up mind, a real bugger to find!)

95.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th Century E+ 25***

(inc. You`re not here with me)

96.Gladys Knight-Everybody needs love-Gordy E 15***

(Inc.My kind of fellow)

97.Eddie Kendricks-Love Keys-Atlantic E+ 15***

(Inc.You cant stop my loving)

98.Garnett Mimms-I`ll take good care of you-UA E 20

(Inc.Looking for you)

99.Smokey Robinson-Flying high together-Tamla E+ 15

(Inc.Great title track)

100.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick WD E+ 50***

(Inc.Because of you plus at least 3 other great tracks)

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