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Northern At £7 And Under

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All in excellent shape unless specified - postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason
Magica Brown - I Won't be Back/A Whole Lotta Lovin' Left In Me - 20th Century £7
Light wear to vinyl and label, plays and looks ok - Nice double sider!!
Three Degrees - There's So Much Love All Around Me - Roulette £5
Northern mover!!!
Susan King - What A Love This Is - Midtown £7
Light inaudible scuffs, pleasant bit of Northern
Young Holt Unlimited - Just Ain't No Love - Brunswick £5
Light wear and a couple of scratches, plays ok with the odd crackle and pop - Good instro version
Four Tops - If I Were A Carpenter - Tamla Motown (DUTCH - PIC SLEEVE) £7
Light wear to sleeve and disc with a tiny bit of biro on label - CLASS!!!
Chris Clark - From Head To Toe - Motown £6
Wear to label and vinyl, plays ok - Upbeat Motown mover!!!
Kelly Garrett - Baby It Hurts - Ava (PROMO) £6
Wear to label and vinyl, with small part of label missing - Plays ok, nice 60's!!
Gene & Gare - Good Lovin' - Velvet Tone £7
Wear to vinyl, bit of writing on label, plays ok - Obscure version
Leona Dunn - Baby Don't Play Around - Hallmark £7
Jimmy Helms - Your past Is Beginning To Show - Oracle £7
Uniques - Not Too Long Ago - Paula £5
Wear to label and vinyl - plays and looks ok
Two People - Uphill Climb To The Bottom - Liberty (PROMO) £7
Wear to label and vinyl, plays and looks ok - Pleasant version
THESE STILL AVAILABLE......................................
Eddie "G" Giles - Baby Be Mine - Murco £7
Superb SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
music.gif  Baby Be Mine.MP3   1.52MB   26 downloads
Gale Garnett - Fall In Love Again - Columbia (WHITE PROMO) £7
Light wear to label, scuffs to vinyl, plays ok, looks fine - Nice Northern
music.gif  Fall In Love Again.MP3   2.29MB   20 downloads
Bob & Earl - Oh Baby Doll - Tempe £8
Some wear to vinyl, plays fine - Stafford classic!!
music.gif  Oh Baby Doll.MP3   2.17MB   20 downloads
Dee Dee Sharp - He's No Ordinary Boy - Cameo (PIC SLEEVE) £6
Light wear and small scratch that causes a feint click for the first third of the disc - Lovely tune!!
music.gif  Hes No Ordinary Boy.MP3   1.62MB   12 downloads


Bettye Swann - Closed For The Season - Capitol £7
Light inaudible scuffs to vinyl and tiny bit of biro on label, superb tune!!!!
music.gif  Closed For The Season.MP3   2.41MB   21 downloads


Little Rock Brotherhood - Girl Watching On Broadway - Reforee £10
Wear to label and vinyl - Looks and plays ok - FANTASTIC instro!!!
music.gif  Girl Watching On Broadway.MP3   1.45MB   15 downloads


Bill Cosby - Hush Hush - WB £8
Different flip to a lot of copies of "Little Ole Man" you see around - Pretty good too!!!
music.gif  Hush Hush.MP3   1.67MB   5 downloads

Billy Adams - Go (Go On Get Out Of Here) - Amy £12

Dramatic Northern - GREAT!!


music.gif  Go On Get Out Of Here.MP3   1.69MB   58 downloads


Del Chords - Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy - Mr. Genius £10
Slight mark on label and "Lo Fi" recording, otherwise nice copy of this great slab of Pennsylvania Northern!!
music.gif  Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy.MP3   2.1MB   28 downloads
Chestnut Tree - Super Lovin' - Paramount (WHITE PROMO) £8
Light scuffs to vinyl - plays fine - Forget the name, great Soulful Northern!!!!
music.gif  Super Lovin.MP3   2.16MB   33 downloads


Eugene Church - Dollar Bill - World Pacific (PROMO) £8

This has one of those tight, almost unnoticeable 1cm cracks at the start, which you have to look real hard to find, so does not affect the sound whatsoever - Storming!!!!


music.gif  Dollar Bill.MP3   1.72MB   31 downloads


George Tindley - Pity The Poor Man - Wand £9

Good Northern!!!


music.gif  Pity The Poor Man.MP3   1.8MB   35 downloads


Benny Mahan - She Knows How - Pompeii (WHITE PROMO) £8

Two black marker letters ("R" and "G") on label and some light wear to vinyl. More importantly it plays well and is a great tune!!!


music.gif  She Knows How.MP3   2.17MB   31 downloads


Mandells - Don't Turn Your Back On Me - Hour Glass £10
Lovely clean copy - Class underplayed Northern!!!!!!!
music.gif  Dont Turn Your Back On Me.MP3   1.86MB   48 downloads
Byrdie Green - I Found My Place - 20th Century £8
Some wear to label and vinyl - Plays and looks fine - Nice tune!!
music.gif  I Found My Place.MP3   1.7MB   15 downloads
Chiffons - Nobody Knows - Laurie £9
Lovely copy in company sleeve!!!!
music.gif  Nobody Knows Whats Going On.MP3   1.77MB   16 downloads
Shelley Dupont - Stop Driving Me Crazy - Tribune £12
Nice early Northern!!
music.gif  Stop Driving Me Crazy.MP3   1.8MB   22 downloads


Nancy Wilson - The End Of Our Love - Capitol £9

Very light wear to label and vinyl - Classic!!


music.gif  The End Of Our Love.MP3   1.93MB   9 downloads


Ad libs - Appreciation - Share £8
"Drill hole" otherwise nice copy - Fabulous Northern!!
music.gif  Appreciation.MP3   1.51MB   14 downloads
Superlatives - Do What You Want To Do - Dynamics £8
music.gif  Do What You Want To Do.MP3   1.43MB   29 downloads
Tommy Hunt - Loving On The Losing Side/Sunshine Girl - Blue Jean (PIC SLEEVE) £7
French?? Picture sleeve a bit worn. Classic Northern backed with a great underplayed 70's side
music.gif  Loving On The Losing Side.MP3   2.11MB   10 downloads
music.gif  Sunshine Girl.MP3   2.26MB   13 downloads
Artistics - Hope We Have/I'm Gonna Miss You - Brunswick £9
Very light wear to vinyl - Fabulous double sider
music.gif  Hope We Have.MP3   1.76MB   5 downloads
music.gif  Im Gonna Miss You.MP3   2.1MB   6 downloads


Bernie Moore - 45 RPM's - Burdett £5
Forget the title - Great paced Northern!!!
music.gif  45 RPM.MP3   2.06MB   4 downloads
Soupy Sales - The Mouse - ABC £4
Some hardly noticeable marker on label, some wear to vinyl - Well worth a listen!!
music.gif  The Mouse.MP3   1.72MB   5 downloads
Scientists Of Soul - Be's That Way Sometimes - Kashe £14



music.gif  Bes That Way Sometimes.MP3   1.78MB   47 downloads


Al Perkins - Yes My Goodness Yes - Atco £6

"Drill hole" and light scuffs to vinyl - Classy Soul!!


music.gif  Yes My Goodness Yes.MP3   2.13MB   26 downloads


Rubin Williams - Burning Memory - Capitol £14



music.gif  Burning Memory.MP3   1.42MB   25 downloads


Combinations - Bump Ball - RCA (PROMO) £22
Superficial wear to label and vinyl - plays fine - Storming Northern!!!
music.gif  Bump Ball.MP3   1.62MB   24 downloads


Jones Bros - Your Good Lovin - Silver £20

Cracking Northern mover!!


music.gif  Your Good Lovin.MP3   1.48MB   24 downloads


Pic & Bill - Sad World Without You - Smash £6
Nice mid tempo!!!
music.gif  Sad World Without You.MP3   1.94MB   22 downloads

Washington Smith - Fat Cat - Rainbow £48



music.gif  Fat Cat.MP3   2.02MB   65 downloads


Parrish Broxton - The Thrill Of Loving you - Smash £12

Light wear to label and vinyl, great underplayed mid tempo


music.gif  The Thrill Of Loving You.MP3   1.86MB   48 downloads


Bobby Joy - You Sweet Devil You - TRC £28

GREAT Northern!!!


music.gif  You Sweet Devil You.MP3   1.92MB   53 downloads


Time keepers - 3 Minutes Heavy - Generation £8
Old School Instro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
music.gif  3 Minutes Heavy.MP3   2.11MB   28 downloads
Honey Duo Twins - Come on Baby - Yam Bo £12
Uptempo Northern!!!
music.gif  Come On Baby.MP3   1.94MB   27 downloads
Parliaments - Look At What I Almost Missed - Revilot £7
Great Detroit!!
music.gif  Look At What I Almost Missed.MP3   2.6MB   35 downloads
Ben E. King - What Can A Man Do - Atco £10
Light wear to label and vinyl - Great tune!!!
music.gif  What Can A Man Do.MP3   2.11MB   20 downloads
Timmy Shaw - I'm A Lonely Guy - Wand £7
Light wear to label and vinyl - GREAT Detroit!!!!!!!
music.gif  Im A Lonely Guy.MP3   1.94MB   23 downloads
Oscar Mclollie - Nursery Rhyme - Show Time £12
Well worth a listen!!
music.gif  Nursery Rhymes.MP3   2.25MB   27 downloads
Neil Sedaka - Too Late - RCA £22
Light, inaudible scuffs to vinyl - plays fine. Surprisingly good Northern!!!
music.gif  Too Late.MP3   1.82MB   17 downloads
Vanguards - I Can't use You Girl - Whiz £7
GREAT, frantic Northern!!!!!
music.gif  I Cant Use You Girl.MP3   1.4MB   28 downloads
Donald Jenkins - Fighting For My Baby - Thomas £7
A couple of light inaudible scuffs to vinyl and some Black marker on the label on the flip - phew!! Good paced Chicago Soul!!!
music.gif  Fighting For My Baby.MP3   1.44MB   24 downloads
Gin & Gents - Dreams For Sale - Eldorado £14
Infectious mover!!!!!
music.gif  Dreams For Sale.MP3   1.97MB   23 downloads


Parliaments — Don’t Be Sore At Me/All Your Goodies Are Gone — Revilot £10

Nice clean copy - CLASSIC, check out the flip too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif  Dont Be Sore At Me.MP3   1.55MB   18 downloads


music.gif  All Your goodies Are Gone.MP3   1.44MB   28 downloads


Ben E. King — The Record — Atco £8

"Drill hole" otherwise fine copy of a fine record!!


music.gif  The Record.MP3   1.62MB   28 downloads


O’kaysions — Girl Watcher — ABC £5

Classic that still sounds the business!!!!!


music.gif  Girl Watcher.MP3   1.28MB   11 downloads


Olympics — Baby Do The Philly Dog — Mirwood £8

Nice copy of all time classic!!


music.gif  Baby Do The Philly Dog.MP3   1.84MB   11 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening




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Pm'd you.




All in excellent shape unless specified - postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason

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