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  1. Kegsy

    Selling on Discogs - VAT question

    The VAT is only charged on what Discogs charge in sales commission, 8% i think. Not on individual sales. So if you sell 100 quids worth in a month they will bill you for 8 quid plus 1.60 VAT. 9.60. I don't have a VAT number so the VAT number field isn't mandatory.
  2. But wouldn't artists like Larry Williams and Little Richard not have known better when signing for Okeh. My point isn't the amount of money the people, not just artists, involved got but whether they GOT ANYTHING at all from said reissues.
  3. Say for example the small 45 Okeh singles. Would any of the proceeds of their (bulk) sales to the UK, ever get back to the original artists/writers/producers etc.
  4. Kegsy

    Google never lies ...

    Perhaps, in order to be cutting edge, northern DJ's should have found records that had not been recorded/released as yet ?
  5. Kegsy

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    Maybe not what you would call a typical tearjerker but a sad and powerful song IMHO.
  6. Kegsy

    So - who will last longer ? M or M

    It's The Name of The Game
  7. Kegsy

    So - who will last longer ? M or M

    Zidane might/might not do better in Jose's job, but he would definitely do a better job than May in hers. Although his methods of dealing with European opponents may raise a few eyebrows.
  8. Kegsy

    Taboo or not Taboo

    Following the closing down of recent Downtown topics, perhaps it would be helpful to specify what can and cannot be discussed it the section. E.G. This comment prior to, a door closing, thread being closed. "I'm gonna bin this off now, had a laugh about it, but we're only adding to the media saturation, we don't really want her discussed here do we really?". Fair enough if topics result in loads of arguing and other such shit but if not why not.
  9. Kegsy

    Butlins Skegness

    Anybody who starts fighting at a soul do deserves punching IMHO
  10. If he mentions me with relation to Va Va's and it's demise, will I get any royalties ?.
  11. Kegsy

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    (Tipping) Point taken.
  12. Kegsy

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    Plus the need for the chaser to make a grand entrance every verse end. I'm sure they delay things so that the contestants can't answer as many questions and win more dosh.
  13. Kegsy

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    There's a lad in my local who can get you some tablets, to help you with this. It's the moral blackmail adverts that get my goat the most.
  14. Kegsy

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    It wasn't on ebay mate. Set sale on a well known dealers list.
  15. Kegsy

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    I saw this recently Spyder Turner I Cant Make It Anymore £100.00 SOLD No mention of it being a Demo so it must be a straight issue. Surely not, I don't even think JM could get that much for it.


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