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  1. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    I hope the show has an OVO only policy.
  2. Where Did The Dreaded Snake First Hiss

    The T-Shirt needs updating to read Take Me In Oh TINDER Woman. NO NO No PLEASE don't go there otherwise we will end up with Tinder Loving Care, Try A Little Tinderness ooops too late !
  3. All well and good mate but if its the B&C one it aint got Harlem Shuffle on it.
  4. PayPal error my fault

    Which is precisely why I always ask for this method if the buyer does not want to pay for tracked on items over 20 quid.
  5. I may be wrong, but wasn't the faster version on the Crestview LP. It had the same cover as the UK B&C LP release but a different track listing.
  6. discogs crack down on boots

    Just had a bit of a clarification on this, the boots are still in their database, but are flagged so that people cannot sell them.
  7. discogs crack down on boots

    They certainly are, a couple of days ago they took down a Mirwood copy of Jimmy Thomas I had listed. The problem will be working out which are bootlegs and which a legit 2nd issues, like the small 45 Okeh stuff.
  8. J Manship Auction Results 16/08/2017

    In the days between the Torch and Wigan, when the Mecca was the place to be on a Saturday night, I found 2 UK issue copies of Lynne Randell on a market stall in Blackpool on the Sunday after I first heard it at the Mecca. I remember a certain Mr Levine not b...
  9. Yes, but the buyer has to co-operate with you and claim via the Royal Mail, if he won't co-operate he can just claim and get refunded by e-bay/paypal out of the sellers account. I've sold 1000s of records, over the last few years, and only had about 10 go mis...
  10. It's not just an E-Bay problem, the same applies to anything paid for via Paypal however sold, e-bay,discogs, etc. etc.
  11. When were these first played out.

    Yes he told me the tale, he said he sold all that stuff to Russ to play at Wigan, and used the money to buy some decent records instead .
  12. When were these first played out.

    Something that needs to be kept in mind, when trying to suss out who played what, where first, is the following. Back then The Cats/Torch/Mecca were all happening on the same night and people traveled between them. Therefore a new discovery could get pla...
  13. When were these first played out.

    The London lads, Mick, Dave Rivers et al brought loads of sounds up to the Torch/Mecca in those days. I'm not sure Mick was even DJing back then, certainly not outside London if at all.
  14. When were these first played out.

    Slow Fizz was played at the Torch but wouldn't surprise me if it was played at the Mecca first. Tony Clarke and Saxie Russell were Mecca first then Wigan sounds.
  15. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Yes and yes.