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  1. Kegsy

    News: Dean Johnson R.I.P.

    A man who knew a choon, how to have a laugh and talk bollocks. RIP lad RIP.
  2. Kegsy

    The Wellington Pub, Keighley circa 1970-1971

    Didn't 'Flash' Atkinson, who is also no longer with us, also spin a few tunes at the Welly. The sounds played would probably have been the same as what was played late Wheel, I.E. early Ric Tic/Mirwoods and other imports which were just being discovered at the time, plus the classics which were pressed up on Soul Sounds.
  3. Demo copy, water damaged labels as are many of these, see pics. Call on me side vg++ plays fine no problems, Let me prove side vg+ has 3/4 crackles at beginning but nothing really serious. £150 Paypal is n5oul@aol.com (that’s a FIVE not SSSSS). Please pay by gift. Cheers Kegsy
  4. Kegsy

    Duplicate listing please ignore

    Bump up as price reduced again.
  5. Standing by the Window/I Found a Lady Mint Minus copy 125 quid inc UK special postage PM me if interested.
  6. "Lest we forget" is the most widely used phrase whenever WW1 is mentioned. Yet, just over 20 years after the war to end all wars ended Europe was at war again. Hmmm !. Perhaps if the stupid politicians stopped telling people everybody and his dog from other countries are a threat, the world would move on. People are people the world over and none of them want war. "All the soldiers who are dead and gone If only we could bring back one He'd say we gotta have peace" Curtis Mayfield 1971
  7. My Grandad fought in WW1 and would have in WW2 but he worked on the railways which was a reserved occupation. When I was about 10 I asked him about fighting in the war. He said 'If anybody asks you to join the forces and fight in a war tell them to F*ck Off' it was the only time I ever heard him use the F word. My Grandma heard the exchange and came into the kitchen and said 'You know your Grandad never talks about the war, so when he does you had better be listening', then promptly gave me a clout round the lug.
  8. Kegsy

    Soul music "truth or bluff" game

    RCA had already released What Can i Do licensed from Giant, RCA 47-8810, plus I Can't Hold On has a flip of She Don't want You RCA 47-8980. If label numbers are anything to go on RCA also had Willie Kendricks first release and Sharon Scott out before I Can't Hold On.
  9. Kegsy


    Not just any bootlegs these are S&S bootlegs. a full set of Soul Sounds in Ex/M- condition. Could go for quite a tidy sum IMHO.
  10. Same for me, its just more polished in production terms.
  11. Kegsy

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Nancy Nembutol could be a bit tricky too.
  12. Kegsy

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    To be honest I'm not sure if they were Matlock or Mandrax Marauders.
  13. Kegsy

    Discogs help please

    Try "refund sent" it will knock it off your billing.
  14. Kegsy

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Sorry have to disagree Linda Jones/Whatanauts kills it, still a good un by the O'Jays though.
  15. Kegsy

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    I wonder if these were the same people I once saw piling out the back of a transit in full pirate garb, one Sunday night/early hours of Monday in Matlock, after two nighters and a dayer that weekend, that bloody Mandy was supposed to help me chill down a bit.


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