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  1. Driverless cars

    Don't you think the UK is a little late to the party ?.
  2. Russian Spy

    I've long been of the opinion that the EU is getting truly fed up of the constant U.S./U.K. paranoia with regard to Russia. I reckon the EU would co-operate with Russia much more and probably get on a lot better if it had the opportunity. I don't think the U....
  3. Driverless cars

    Anarchist! !!!!!
  4. Driverless cars

    Who knows but whether it a driverless car issue or just a careless other party is up for debate. Let's face it a driverless car could be almost perfect but would never be able to anticipate everything.
  5. Driverless cars

    There is now a video which apparently shows the person in Tempe came out of nowhere into the path of the car. The video was shot from the car and is in the possessionof the police, but not in the public domain.
  6. Russian Spy

    Oi ! Please don't start getting personal about this it ruins the discussion. I don't think JNixon was referring to you personally Winsford, it was more a general point referring to the population at large.
  7. Russian Spy

    Covering up the Brexit thing from yesterday mayhap ?.
  8. Russian Spy

    It's the totally inconsistent methods, that are getting me, on the one hand absolute scaremongering in terms of the Army in chemical suits and on the other a timeline of over 2 weeks where bit and pieces are still being "isolated". If the substance used was "...
  9. Cambridge Analytica

    I have started a topic in clubs regarding this shady organisation.
  10. Russian Spy

    Yes I saw that, surely that could not have been lying about for over a week ?, very odd.
  11. Russian Spy

    The car of the bloke who picked the daughter up from the airport has now been taken away 2 WEEKS AFTER THE EVENT !!!!!!!!!!!!. Anybody else think the way this has been handled is at best hamfisted, if not just plain scary ?. Also the news re the...
  12. If you are after 60's original LP's think most of them would have been on Minit.
  13. Russian Spy

    Or Dr Kelly.
  14. Russian Spy

    Its a sad fact of life these days, when it comes to Corbyn, most of the MSM in this country operate with a shoot the messenger approach. Seldom are his arguments examined and critically analysed. He spoke to the IRA and the Palestinians don't you know, how dr...
  15. Cheltenham Gold Cup

    I said "big" downside not "its a bit" go play somewhere else.

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