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  1. I'd wager Mrs B. is still having go with you and chose to your clothes for you.
  2. I prefer this; "I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters."
  3. Where did I say that ?. I'm not that bothered about winning or losing an argument, I just want discussions to be accurate and factual so that people may learn something, even if it is against what they believe. There are too many people in this world who hold entrenched opinions, that bear no scrutiny, and are based on lies or half truths.
  4. I suppose it depends on the contents of the posts, if two people are just slagging each other off etc. then others will lose interest, fair enough. If the content is about the issue, accurate, factual and a genuine opinion, it will enhance the discussion, even though it may appear argumentative or dominate the thread for a period. This is whole point of debate/discussion, all opinions are/can be aired, then people can make up there minds on the subject and also learn a few things along the way. Sometimes two people who are well versed in the subject may dominate a thread, as others just want to let them get on with it and maybe learn something, imagine Robbk and Ian Levine discussing Motown, who would want to get involved with that ?. Another reason people lose interest and leave the thread is quite simply their argument just doesn't stand up. I've seen it loads of times. Often what's posted exposes their long held beliefs/opinions as complete nonsense with no basis in fact. For example I can't remember how many times I've told a so called Christian, that Muslims worship the same God as he does. It really messes with the heads of some of them, they either slag you off big style or go very quiet and withdraw from the discussion. The other one is when you put right the "we won the war brigade" by pointing out the Russians/U.S.A. weren't just there for the trip. There are many reasons why people stop posting on threads.
  5. The thing is, did the people on the threads consider my posts argumentative/confrontational, or that I was posting too often or generally spoiling the thread as you say?. Because they were the only ones who it should have bothered and they should have reported the post(s) for moderation. If none of the people posting asked for moderation, why moderate ?. As has been eluded to earlier, it often seems that some moderation takes place when what is being said rubs the moderator up the wrong way or doesn't conform to their view of the world.
  6. Some of the sentiments being expressed here, are very similar to the one's I expressed in this section, a few weeks ago. It's nice to see others have the same concerns. Nobody has had as much stick on the threads on here as I have over the years, including abuse and even thinly veiled threats of violence, especially on the various Brexit threads. I don't remember many people being sanctioned when it was happening. I don't believe I have abused or threatened anyone, although I may have fired back a few harsh words, after being "attacked" occasionally. Yet I have been warned/sanctioned on numerous occasions, so like it or not Mike, the perception that moderation does seem one sided at times is quite valid. The last 3 topics, that were bound to get political, George Floyd, Current affairs and Boris/Dud, were all started by the site team. It's been weeks since a member started a political topic on here. Like me, most of them probably think it's pointless because an open, frank discussion that allows points of view from all sides appears not to be allowed anymore. If you don't want politics on here just ban it altogether, as many forums do. Although why members cannot discuss stuff in a private members area, no matter how vigorous the debate, is beyond me. It's not like guests can see it and be put off joining the site, or even members unless they specifically enter that section. Do members actually object to some of the posts and report them ?, if so perhaps you should publish them occasionally, people might get a better understanding of the problems moderators have. Don't think I'm grinding my axe here, I'm actually trying to help make the site accommodate everybody and every topic.
  7. Thanks for the efforts lads, pity they arn't full length though.
  8. Anybody got a file of Teddy Rabb Last Night Codex International. Not on youtube, and I can't find it anywhere on the Net.
  9. It looks like every game will be on tele too and many free to air even on Sky.
  10. Don't accept a credit note/voucher get a refund, if the company goes bust the credit note/voucher will be worthless. I insisted on a refund off Jet2 and eventually got one.
  11. You're right I did, got the names mixed up as Schwaid also worked on the Madeline Wilson record, sorry about that.
  12. It involved Bob Scwhartau, here you go https://www.americanradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Music/Archive-Record-World-IDX/IDX/60s/66/RW-1966-03-05-OCR-Page-0023.pdf#search="samar" I was referring to George Kerr working on the ABC release not the ones on Samar. I made the connection to Lenny Lewis because Gloria Parker recorded two records for him on LLP records
  13. Update. I fired a couple e-mails off a week ago to possible sources, but have not had replies so another dead end. I have sent another today to someone I believe could explain things, let's hope for a reply this time.

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