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  1. Kegsy

    If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    Hole in the wall in the 80's? Did it reopen ?
  2. Kegsy


    I'm not sure it would be the first time !!!!!
  3. Kegsy


    It was a different sort of powder the bouncers were looking for in my day , bit it still made the dance floor "active".
  4. Exclusive. Bobbi Lynn is next year's featured artist.
  5. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    Thanks Rick but the missus is manic enough about cables, she would go ape shit about ripping the floor up. Mainly because with my DIY skills I would probably have a board or two left over when I'd finished. But thanks anyway way.
  6. As far as I can remember all originals have the Autumn logo in two colours the re-issue has plain black logo.
  7. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    Looks great mate, I will show it to the wife.
  8. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    ok cheers Pete, it was the wife who suggested bluetooth etc. neither of us considered power supply issue doh !.
  9. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    I will run your suggestion past the wife, when the right moment presents itself.
  10. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    I could move them to 2 metres if digital technology won't work with old imperial measurements.
  11. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    6 foot-ish
  12. Kegsy

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    I have a perfectly good system deck, amp, speakers all connected with wires obviously. I don't want the speaker wires running all round the house (well the wife doesn't). Can I get a device which will connect the amp to the speakers (bluetooth, wi fi ?). Obviously all signals are currently analog, will stereo separation be maintained with any device(s).
  13. Kegsy

    Football management change-arounds

    Bloody hell I've just realised it's only 3 Leeds managers to Christmas.
  14. Kegsy

    Dynells on Atco reduced to £175

    Bump up as price reduced.
  15. Demo copy, water damaged labels as are many of these, see pics. Call on me side vg++ plays fine no problems, Let me prove side vg+ has 3/4 crackles at beginning but nothing really serious. 225 quid NOW £175 O.N.O. Paypal is (that’s a FIVE not SSSSS). Please pay by gift. Cheers Kegsy