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  1. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    It sure was, probably at the Wheel, definitely at the L'Ambassador in Bradford.
  2. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    Maybe someone in the UK just ordered some and ABC pressed them up using new plates, in the same way as Carstairs issues were pressed up for Global in Manchester, using the same plates though.
  3. Days in the old cafe

    We scratched out the bit that said "Every forth turn a free one" then waited until three people had used the machine, obviously.
  4. Days in the old cafe

    When the cig machines took half crowns, if you got a new looking (not worn thinner) old penny, held it half in to the coin slot and then "fired" it in with your thumb, it would either drop through, so you could try again, or operate the mechanism. You then go...
  5. Days in the old cafe

    Gwen, the woman who worked in my local cafe, had ears finely tuned to spot, the repetitive sound of this sort of skulduggery. I got many a slap round the head for similar tricks. She must have threatened to bar me and my mate about 100 times, but she never did.
  6. Days in the old cafe

    If you was a dab hand with a bit of wire, through the hole where the ball firing plunger was, replays were easy, and the money for cashing them in was great. Misspent youth, how dare you sir.
  7. The Science of Northern Soul part 457

    Sometimes, a record would give me a tingling up my neck and into my head as I danced to it, well I think was the record, it could have been something else.
  8. Given that Don Davis was involved with Groovesville, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't the guys originally at Stax, but some of the Grooveville boys. I think JT recorded at United Sound fairly often. Interesting article here, don't know if it's been ...
  9. Or maybe Tempos v Younghearts A Little Togetherness.
  10. The date on the Johnnie Taylor copy above is wrong, JT's version is from 1970 Stax 150 not 1975 Stax 2025 which was a re-release. I know it's still technically seventies, but just wanted to be accurate.
  11. Very nice too

    I can remember the days when the only thing I ate for 3 days was the inside of my cheek. Bloody chewing gum !.
  12. Very nice too

    You need help mate .
  13. Very nice too

    Have I stumbled into some kind of Facebook parallel universe, you lot will be posting photos of food next.
  14. Bobby Freeman

    Wasn't there also a pressing of this with smaller lettering or is that the same one you are on about ?.
  15. My impressions of racism from the 70's, are not what the general consensus appears to be. In the 70's white and Afro-Caribbean kids mixed together quite easily. Most racism at the time was usually directed at people from the Asian subcontinent. Obviously ther...