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  1. Major Lance I Wanna Go Home Kat Family Records M- 8 Major Lance I Wanna Go Home Kat Family Records Promo M- 8 Manhattans Don't Take Your Love CBS Promo M- 4 Marge Dodson Yesterday Is Crowding My World Decca M- 23 Margie Joseph Move To The Groove Houston Connection Recording Corporation M- 3 Margie Joseph Your Sweet Lovin' Volt Promo M- 8 Margie Joseph Knockout Houston Connection Recording Corporation M- 4 Marian Love What I Had With You Warner Bros. Records Promo M- 25 Marilyn Michaels MacArthur Park ABC Records M- 18 Marion Jarvis A Penny For Your Thoughts Chelsea Records M- 30 Mark Johnson (21) Ode To Otis Redding / The Beautiful Place Diamond Records Inc M- 15 Marlena Shaw It's Better Than Walkin' Out Blue Note M- 1 Marlena Shaw It's Better Than Walkin' Out Blue Note M- 6 Martha Jean Love How To Succeed In Love / Don't Want You To Leave Me ABC-Paramount VG+ 40 A few marks/scuffs Martha Reeves Love Don't Come No Stronger Fantasy Promo M- 5 Mary Love Turn Me, Turn Me, Turn Me Inphasion Records Promo M- 5 Master Fleet Let Love Stand Sussex M- 8 Maurice Davis (3) Action / Mr. Lonely Beegee Records M- 20 Melba Moore I Got Love / I Love Making Love To You Mercury M- 10 Melba Moore I Messed Up On A Good Thing Mercury, Mercury Promo Styrene M- 5 Melodics Ain't That Sharing My Love / I'd Never Thought I'd Lose You M.O.C. (2) Styrene M- 50 One light mark Melvin Davis (2) I'm Worried Invictus VG+ 10 One scuff else m- Michael Henderson I Can't Help It Buddah Records M- 2 Michael Walker I Got The Notion, You Got The Motion Thunder (2) Promo M- 8 Small Writing on Label Michael Wycoff Gonna Chase You (Till You Catch Me) Valley Vue Records Promo M- 5 Milk And Honey Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) Live Wire (2) M- 2 Millie Jackson Loving Arms Polydor M- 2 Milt Matthews Inc. That's What I Feel For You / Just One Look Catalyst Records Ltd M- 18 Minnie Riperton When It Comes Down To It / Love And Its Glory Epic M- 4 Small wol Mitty Collier I'd Like To Change Places With His Part Time Lover / If This Is Our Last Time Entrance Promo M- 15 Mitty Collier True Love Never Comes Easy/Fly Me To The Moon Peachtree Record Company Promo M- 10 Monday After "Merry-Go-Round" Buddah Records M- 15 Montana Dance Fantasy Atlantic M- 2 Moon And Mars Baby I'm Your Man / I'll Go Back Money Records (2) M- 35 Myra Cormier G O 2 & The Rest Of It ZZZ Records (2) M- 35 New Experience (2) I Don't Want Nobody (To Waste My Time) Contempo M- 4 Nick Charles (5) The Three Dogwoods Stax VG+ 4 one mark else M- Oliver Sain Soul Serenade / Scratch My Back Abet M- 4 Ollie & The Nightingales Mellow Way You Treat Your Man / Don't Do What I Did Stax M- 10 SMWOL Ollie Nightingale Here I Am Again / A Good Woman At Home (Is Better Than Two In The Streets) Pride M- 5 Otis Leavill I Love You / Tell The World Contempo M- 4 Papa's Results Sister Sheila Sal / Wa Records Promo M- 6 Parliament Party People Casablanca 19 M- 2 Patience Valentine Disco Power / Our Love (A Special Blending) M.J.R. Records M- 40 Patrice Holloway Black Mother Goose Capitol Records M- 20 Patsy Gallant Every Step Of The Way Attic M- 5 Patti Austin Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Kind Of Love / Music To My Heart ABC Records Promo M- 60 Stkr mark Patti Hendrix Lighting A Fire (That You Can't Put Out) Hilltak Records Promo PRC M- 4 Patti Jerome (I've Given You) The Best Years Of My Life / It Takes A Man To Teach A Woman How To Love V.I.P. M- 17 Patti LaBelle And The Bluebells He's My Man / Wonderful Atlantic M- 7 Patti LaBelle And The Bluebells I Found A New Love / Go On (This Is Goodbye) Newtown M- 8 V. Sm TOL Patti LaBelle And The Bluebells Trustin' In You / Suffer Atlantic Promo M- 30 Paul Humphrey Cochise / What's That Noise P.K.? Blue Thumb Records M- 8 Promo Copy Paul Jabara Slow Dancing Casablanca VG+ 3 Just a little label wear Paul Kelly (3) I'm Into Something I Can't Shake Loose Warner Bros. Records Promo M- 8 WOL on one side (date etc.) Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra Black Is Black Philips Pap M- 7 Peggy March Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love RCA Victor M- 8 Peppermint Harris Raining In My Heart / My Time After A While Jewel Records (3) M- 13 Peter Brown (2) Fantasy Love Affair Drive M- 2 Philly Devotions I Was A Lonely Man / We're Gonna Make It CBS M- 4 Philly Devotions I'll Never Color You A Rainbow Bry-wek M- 40 Polly Brown Special Delivery GTO, GTO M- 2 Presidents I'm Still Dancing / 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) Sussex M- 2 Quincy Jones Midnight Soul Patrol / Brown Soft Shoe A&M Records M- 2 R.B. Freeman I'm Shaft (You Ain't Shaft) Avco M- 4 Ralph Lamar Don't Let Me Cross Over / What I Never Had I'll Never Miss Honor Brigade M- 18 Randolph Walker Miss Jackson's Daughter Law-Ton Records Promo M- 36 Randy Brown (2) If I Had It To Do All Over Stax M- 4 Ray Pollard Lie Lips Lie / This Is My Song Decca Promo M- 40 few light scuffs much better than VG+ Reggie Milner Habit Forming Love Volt Promo M- 15 Relations (3) Back To The Beach Demand Records (2) M- 4 Reuben Howell Rings / I'll Be Your Brother Motown M- 3 Rev W.T. Bigelow Morning Prayer Hob M- 2 Reverend Cleophus Robinson Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up / Sacred Meditation Nashboro M- 4 Richard Parker You're All I Need Right-On Records M- 13 Rick Lancelot Heartbreak Train / Hoo Doo Man RCA Victor Promo M- 25 Rick Lancelot Nobody Wants To Hear Nobody's Troubles / Happy Blues RCA Victor Promo M- 5 Robert Upchurch The Devil Made Me Do It / Glad You're Mine Philadelphia International Records M- 8 Robert Winters And Fall She Believes In Me Buddah Records Promo M- 2 Rocky Roberts I Won't Think Hard Of You Chess Promo M- 13 Rodney Saulsberry Look Whatcha Done Now Allegiance Records M- 3 Ronnie & Robyn Cradle Of Love Hanna-Barbera Records M- 8 Wol Ronnie Dyson I Don't Wanna Cry / She's Gone Columbia M- 6 Ronnie Dyson When You Get Right Down To It CBS Pus M- 2 Ronnie Limar You Mean The World To Me Sweetheart BRC M- 10 1/2 inch round stkr on A side Ronnie Walker You've Got To Try Harder (Times Are Bad) Event Records Inc. M- 13 Small name on label Roscoe Robinson Why Must It End / How Many Times Must I Knock Sound Plus M- 10 Roscoe Shelton Love Comes And Goes Sims Records M- 15 Roscoe Shelton Easy Going Fellow / Roll With The Punch Sound Stage 7 VG+ 4 One Mark else M- Rosetta Hightower Friendship Train Badger M- 50 Roy Brown Good Sweet Loving / Separation Blues Tru-Love M- 20 Roy C. Hammond & Linda Caver Since I Met You Baby / Lonely I Was Until The Day We Met Alaga Records M- 2 Roy Hamilton (5) I Taught Her Everything She Knows / Lament RCA Victor Promo M- 10 WOL on flipside Ruby Andrews (I Want To Be) What Ever It Takes To Please You Zodiac Records M- 8 Ruby Winters Great Speckled Bird Certron M- 4
  2. All originals unless stated. Payment by paypal Friends and Family please to (that’s a FIVE not an SSSSSS). U.K. Postage £2 (1-3 records). J. J. Barnes Sara Smile Contempo M- 5 J. J. Williams Do The Kick Back / I'm Gonna Bite That Apple Capitol Records Promo M- 15 Jackie Brown Country Gal Gay Feet M/Print VG+ 10 2 or 3 marks almost M- Label very small price wol Jackie Lee Glory Of Love / Bring It Home Keymen Records M- 7 Couple of light marks much better than vg+ Jackie Moore Time Atlantic M- 3 Jackie Payne I Found Myself When I Lost You / Warm The Pot Shock Records (2) M- 15 Jackie Robinson Moving Like A Superstar / Let Me Be Pye International Sol M- 2 Jaisun I Fall In Love Everyday / Try And Understand Jett Sett M- 8 James Becton, Billy Vera Band Why Can't It Be Real TMI Records Promo M- 25 James Brown & The Famous Flames Here I Go King Records (3) Blu M- 30 James Dudley & A Piece Of The Action Brother James / Destruction Enrica, Enrica M- 40 James Wells My Claim To Fame / I Guess That's Life AVI Records VG+ 6 3 light marks otherwise M- Jay Dee Bryant & The U.S.A. Don't Be Too Nice To That Guy Grassroots Records (2) M- 20 Jean Carn Sweet And Wonderful TSOP M- 15 Jean Wells Love Is Just A Word / Sweetness Sunshine Recordings M- 5 Jerry Butler Don't Let Love Hang You Up Mercury M- 1 Jerry Butler Got To See If I Can't Get Mommy (To Come Back Home) Mercury M- 4 Jess & James With The J.J. Band Move / What Was I Born For MGM Records 4 p VG+ 13 Stkjr mark and drill hole in label (unusual on a UK 45) Jim Gilstrap I'm On Fire Roxbury Records M- 2 Jimmy "Bo" Horne Don't Worry About It RCA Victor M- 2 Jimmy Barkan Love In Your Life / You're The Song Decco M- 60 Jimmy Briscoe And The Beavers I Only Feel This Way, When I'm With You NEMS M- 4 Jimmy Castor New Boo-Ga-Loo "67" / Hangin' Out Winley Records VG 20 Jimmy Dean I.O.U. / Let's Pick Up The Pieces (And Start Over Again) Casino Records (2) M- 2 Jimmy Dockett I Can Remember The Good Old Days / I’ll Chase Your Smile Image Records M- 20 Jimmy Graham Love Can't Be Modernized / We Shall Overcome Revue Promo VG+ 22 A few very light marks else M- Jimmy Hughes I'm Qualified / My Loving Time Guyden Records VG+ 13 Jimmy Lewis We Can Make It / Two Women Tangerine Records M- 15 Jimmy Norman Dotted Line Polo Records (2) Promo M- 30 Jimmy Radcliffe Long After Tonight Is All Over Stateside M- 100 One small mark, much better then VG+ more like EX+ Jimmy Ruffin Fallin' In Love With You Epic Promo M- 8 Jimmy Williams (3) Standing There / Mushroom City Dynovoice Records Promo VG+ 20 Almost M- Joan Moody We Must Be Doing Somethin' Right / The Life Of The Party Sylvia Records (2) M- 20 Joe Simon Baby, Don't Be Looking In My Mind / Don't Let Me Lose The Feeling Sound Stage 7 M- 5 Joe Simon I Found My Dad / Trouble In My Home Spring Records M- 4 Joe Simon River Polydor M- 2 Joe Simon Looking Back / Standing In The Safety Zone Sound Stage 7 M- 5 Joe South Be A Believer Capitol Records M- 7 Joe Tex I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better / What In The World Dial (2) M- 2 Joe Tex I Want To (Do Everything For You) Dial (2) M- 8 Joe Tex Old Time Lover Dial (2) Promo M- 140 Joe Tex It Ain't Gonna Work Baby Dial (2) Styrene M- 5 John Klemmer At 17 ABC Records Promo M- 3 John Rowles Touch And Go / More Than Just A Woman Kapp Records Promo M- 20 John Rowles Since I Fell For You Kapp Records M- 8 John Wilson (29) Ain't Enough Lovin' / Moody Feeling Sweet City (4) Promo M- 140 Johnnie Dee Open Gates Of Heaven / Nashville Cross 777 Records (2) M- 5 Johnnie Mae Matthews My Man (Sweetest Man In The World) / I Can't Live Without You Blue Rock M- 18 Johnnie Mae Matthews It's Good Cotillion Promo M- 7 Johnnie Taylor I Could Never Be President Stax M- 4 Johnnie Taylor Doing My Own Thing Stax M- 4 Johnnie Taylor Getting Married Soon / I Need Lots Of Love Derby Records M- 15 Johnnie Taylor Standing In For Jody / Shackin' Up Stax M- 6 Johnnie Taylor Stop Doggin' Me / Stop Teasin' Me Stax M- 2 Johnnie Taylor Try Me Tonight / Free Stax Pla M- 4 Johnny Apollo Sweet Thing Luna (7) M- 50 Johnny Bristol Hang On In There Baby MGM Records Blu M- 3 Johnny Griffith, Inc. Grand Central Shuttle / My Love RCA Victor M- 15 Johnny Guitar Watson She'll Blow Your Mind Okeh Promo M- 20 Johnny Guitar Watson I Need It DJM Records (2) M- 4 Johnny Guitar Watson Lover Jones / Tarzan DJM Records (2) Styrene M- 1 Johnny Honeycutt Loving You / More Love New City Records M- 4 Johnny Nash You Got Soul / Don't Cry JAD M- 2 Johnny Paycheck She's All I Got / You Touched My Life Epic M- 2 Johnny Williams (4) You're Something Kinda Mellow Polydor M- 25 Jon Lucien Tell Me You Love Me/ How 'Bout Tonight Zemajo M- 10 Jonn-El Miss Sweet Stuff / You Took Me Off And It Was Boss Scorpion Records Inc., Scorpion Records Inc. M- 15 Joyce Cobb How Glad I Am / That's What Love Will Do Cream Records (4) Promo M- 10 Jr. Jackson (2) L-O-V-E Spells Hurt Raintree M- 6 Juggy Murray Jones Disco Extraordinaire Jupiter Records (2) M- 4 Junior Walker Hard Love Soul Promo M- 5 Junior Walker & The All Stars Gimme That Beat Soul Promo M- 8 label Discolouration on side 2 Junior Walker & The All Stars Gimme That Beat Soul M- 5 Junior Wells Cut My Toe Nail / I'm Losing You Bright Star M- 20 Just Rita The Best Thing You Ever Had Barrington Recordings Promo M- 18 KC & The Sunshine Band Keep It Comin' Love Jay Boy M- 2 Kenny Burrell Soulero Cadet VG+ 4 just afew very light marks nothing serious almost M- Kent Drake A Lonesome Love Song / You're Still There SMI M- 8 Koko Taylor I'd Rather Go Blind Alligator Records M- 50 Kool & The Gang Love And Understanding (Come Together) De-Lite Records M- 1 Kool & The Gang Super Band / Sunshine De-lite Records M- 2 Kool & The Gang Caribbean Festival De-Lite Records M- 2 Kool & The Gang Higher Plane De-Lite Records M- 1 Kool & The Gang Rhyme Tyme People De-Lite Records M- 1 Krystal Generation You Were Never Mine CMC Records (4) Promo M- 40 Krystal Generation Good Man / I've Got To Leave Him Buddah Records Promo M- 25 LaBelle Messin' With My Mind / Take The Night Off Epic M- 2 Small wol Lamont Dozier All Cried Out ABC Records M- 4 Lamont Johnson Sister Fine/Yours Truly, Discreetly Tabu Records M- 4 No written on label very small Larry Williams (3) I'd Rather Fight Than Switch OKeh Promo M- 100 Latimore (2) Good Time Man / Too Crowded In My Bed Malaco Records M- 2 Latimore (2) Let's Straighten It Out President Records M- 3 Small WOL Laura Greene Memories And Souvenirs Capitol Records M- 7 Laura Lee Love And Liberty / I Don't Want Nothing Old (But Money) Hot Wax (4) M- 5 Laura Lee Rip Off Hot Wax (4) Poor (P) 4 Lee & The Leopards Trying To Make It Gordy M- 25 initials on label Lee David (2) Can't Make Me Stay / Dirty Work Janus Records Promo M- 20 X on label Lee Dorsey Say It Again ABC Records Promo M- 10 Lee Fields Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away To Somebody (Sometime) / East Coast Rapper Sound Plus M- 13 Lee Rogers If I Could Steal You Away Diamond Jim M- 8 Leon Haywood Super Sexy MCA Records Promo M- 2 Maroon label variant Leroy Britton Rain Falls On Harlem / You're Never Too Young Sound Records (8) M- 30 One very light mark. Lily Fields He's A Wonder Spectrum Records (3) M- 5 Linda Carr Cherry Pie Guy Chelsea Records M- 2 Linda Perry (4) / Linda Perry (4) & Soul Express (3), Eddie Billups I Need Someone Mainstream Records M- 10 Little Anthony & The Imperials Hurt / Never Again DCP International M- 10 Little Eddie (2) There'll Be A Day You'll Be Glad To Have Me Around Big Beat Records (7) M- 5 Little Milton His Old Lady And My Old Lady Malaco Records M- 2 Little Milton I Know What I Want / You Mean Everything To Me Checker VG+ 10 One mark else M- Little Otis I Out-Duked The Duke Tamla M- 40 Initials on Label Little Scotty Slow That Disco Down Bluestown M- 7 Livin' Proof (3) You And I Ju-Par Records M- 2 Liz Lands Echo In The Background (Of My Broken Heart) / Qualify For My Love T & L Records (2) VG+ 10 only a few light marks LJ Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup / The Younghearts The Penquin Breakdown / Oo La We Avco Pap M- 4 Lloyd Price Take All JAD M- 8 Lloyd Price The Truth JAD M- 2 Loleatta Holloway / Loleatta Holloway Orchestra Cry To Me / Tell Me How RCA M- 4 Lollipops Love A Little Longer ATCO Records M- 10 Date stamp on Mono side Lonnie Hill Hard Times Urban Sound M- 2 Lonnie Polk I Can Make You Happy Mercury Promo M- 35 Lorez Alexandria Nonchalantly / Santa Was Here Pzazz Records M- 10 Lou Courtney The Best Thing A Man Can Ever Do For His Woman Epic, Rags Promo Styrene M- 4 Lou Rawls See You When I Git There / Spring Again Philadelphia International Records M- 30 X on label Louis Heywood Hey Fool Grand Records (9) M- 25 Love Force (3) Fighting On The Side Of Love RSO M- 5 Love Potion (5) Our Love Story Avco Promo M- 20 Lowell Fulson Do You Love Me / Step At A Time Granite Records M- 8 Lowell Fulson Do You Love Me Jet Records, Jet Records M- 4 Lukas Lollipop Don't Hold On To Someone (Who Don't Love You) / Hoochi-Coochie-Coo Loma M- 20 Luther Ingram Always / Help Me Love KoKo M- 3 Luther Ingram Don't Turn Around Profile Records Promo M- 2 Luvenia Lewis Let Me Be The One Suave Records (4) M- 25 Lyn Collins Me And My Baby Got A Good Thing Going / I'll Never Let You Break My Heart Again People (8) M- 15
  3. All originals unless stated. Payment by paypal Friends and Family please to (that’s a FIVE not an SSSSSS). U.K. Postage £2 (1-3 records). Facts Of Life We Can't Hide It AnymoreKayvette Records StyreneM-8 Faith, Hope & CharityLet's Try It Over / So Much LoveMaxwellM-8 Faith, Hope & CharityBaby Don't Take Your LoveMaxwell StyreneM-5 Family ChildHeAnthem (4) M-8 Finished TouchSticks And Stones (But The Funk Won't Never Hurt You)Motown PromoM-5 Fire & RainTake Me For A Little WhileMercury PromoM-6 Fire & RainHello Stranger / Somebody To LoveMercury M-18 Fire & RainHello StrangerMercury PromoM-20 Five StairstepsStay Close To Me Buddah Records RE SolM-13 Florence BallardLove Ain't Love / Forever FaithfulABC Records M-30 Fontella BassLucky In Love / Sweet Lovin' DaddyCheckerM-30 Fontella BassSweet Lovin' Daddy / Lucky In LoveChecker PromoM-30 Frankie & The SpindlesAs Long As You Love MeTSOP PromoM-18 Frankie GeeBe My BabyLipstick Records (4)M-2 Freda PayneIt's Yours To Have / Run For Your LifeABC Records M-4 Frederick KnightI Wanna Play With You / I Miss YouTruth RecordsM-4 Frederick KnightI Betcha Didn't Know That / Let's Make A DealTruth Records M-4 Funk FactoryHorsing AroundATCO Records PromoM-4 FunkadelicYou & Your Folks, Me & My FolksPye InternationalM-30 G.L. CrockettEvery Good-Bye Ain't Gone / Watch My 324 Brothers M-10 Gale EasonHave A Good DayDash PromoM-15 Garland GreenI.O.U. / It's A Backdoor WorldCasino Records (2)M-2 Garland JeffreysShe Didn't LieA&M Records PromoM-13 Gemini (19)(You've Got) Something SpecialM&M RecordsM-5 Gene ChandlerLay Me Gently20th Century Fox RecordsM-4 Gene ChandlerMy Love / Girl Don't CareBrunswickM-10 Gene ChandlerNothing Can Stop MeSoul City (3) REVG+13Small stkr Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandHold On Momma / Help I'm In Love AgainDJM Records (2) M-4 George McCraePlease Help Me Find My Baby / Take It All OffSoul City (2), United Artists Records PromoM-25 George McCraeKiss Me (The Way I Like It)T.K. Records PromoM-2 George McCrae & Gwen McCraeLet's Dance, Dance, DancePresident Records PromoM-4 Gloria GaynorLet Me Know (I Have A Right)Polydor M-1 Gloria GaynorAnybody Wanna Party?Polydor49M-2 Gloria JonesWhen He Touches Me / Look What You StartedMinit PromoM-25 Gloria ParkerWhy Can't We Get It Together / I'm In Your CornerLLP Records M-13 Goodie WilsonThe Door Bell RingsTitanic Records (4)M-35 Graham Central StationIt's AlrightWarner Bros. Records SolM-2 Graham Central StationWe've Been Waiting / It Ain't No Fun To MeWarner Bros. Records SolM-2 Greg PerryThe Boogie Man (Part One)CasablancaM-5 Grover Washington, Jr.Do DatMotown Promo YelM-7 Gwen McCraeCradle Of LovePresident RecordsM-2 Gwen McCraeRockin' ChairPresident RecordsM-6 Henry JeromeUptight (Everything's Alright) / The Shadow Of Your SmileUnited Artists Records PromoM-10 Herbert HunterYour Cheating Heart / I Can't Help ItSpar RecordsM-8 Herbert HunterYou Don't Know Me/The Right String But The Wrong Yo-YoHit Records (4) M-10 Herbie MannWaterbedAtlantic PromoM-8 Herman Lewis (2)Think Before You Walk AwayMercury, Mercury PromoM-20 Hetti LoydIf You Can't Satisfy (I've Gotta Say Goodbye)PrideM-40 Homer BanksI Know You Know I Know I Know Minit M-15 Honey ConeOne Monkey Don't Stop No ShowHot Wax (4) M-5 Honey ConeTake Me With YouHot Wax (4) PromoM-6 Honey ConeTake Me With YouHot Wax (4) SolM-4 HoneybeesDream ExpressRoxbury RecordsM-1 HosannaHipitCalla RecordsM-4 Houston PersonDisco SaxWestbound Records VG+3only light marks almost M- Howard CrockettI've Been A Long Time Leaving / Bringing In The GoldMel-o-dyM-8 Howard CrockettPut Me In Your Pocket / The MilesMel-o-dy M-8 Howard TateMy Soul's Got A Hole In It / It's Too LateLloyd Price's TurntableM-7 Impact (11)Give A Broken Heart A BreakATCO RecordsM-7 Inez FoxxHe's The One You Love / Broken Hearted FoolSymbol Records (2) PromoM-10 Inez FoxxThe TimeVolt PromoM-8 Inez FoxxI Had A Talk With My Man / The Lady, The Doctor & The PrescriptionVolt M-82 marks on flip else M- Inez FoxxYou Shouldn't Have Set My Soul On FirePye Records M-15 Intensive HeatYou Know I Want You BackMy Disc Records PromoM-7 Isaac HayesJuicy Fruit (Disco Freak)HBS, ABC RecordsM-2
  4. Perhaps they pressed the first 50 single sided, to make them a bit more special for the competition, then pressed the remaining say 250 as double sided. Any clues in the matrix ?.
  5. All originals unless stated. Payment by paypal Friends and Family please to (that’s a FIVE not an SSSSSS). U.K. Postage £2 (1-3 records). Candi StatonSix Nights And A DayWarner Bros. Records PromoM-4 Candy And The KissesKeep On Searchin' / TogetherScepter Records VG+18Almost M- Carl Henderson (2)Sharing You Renfro, RenfroM-20 Carla ThomasYou've Got A Cushion To Fall On / Love Means You Never Have To Say You're SorryStax PromoM-8 Carla ThomasPick Up The Pieces / SeparationStax SolM-13 Carol DouglasWill We Make It TonightRCA Victor M-2 Cashmere (2)Let The Music Turn You On / Tracks Of My TearsPhilly World RecordsM-20 Charles Mann Loving You Is Changing Me (But I Like The Change)ABC Records PromoM-8 Charles Sherrill (2)If You See My Baby (In This Lonesome Old Town)Uptown (2) PromoM-30 Charlie WhiteheadI Finally Found Myself Something To Sing About Atomic Art RecordsM-10 Charlie WhiteheadLove Being Your Fool / Now That I Can DanceIsland RecordsM-20 Cherry PeopleAnd Suddenly / ImaginationHeritage, HeritageM-8 Chuck BrooksLove's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down Part I / Part IIVolt M-15White label promo Chuck CisselCisselin' HotAristaM-5 Chuck Corby & The ChancesMan Loves TwoVeep PromoM-40 Chuck JacksonOne Of Those YesterdaysAll Platinum PromoM-4 Chuck JacksonWhen The Fuel Runs OutChannel M-3 Chuck JacksonI'm Needing You, Wanting You / Shine, Shine, ShineAll Platinum PurM-2 Chuck Trois And The Amazing MazeWouldn't It Be Easy / What Might Have BeenSock & SoulM-8 Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTDI'll Always Love YouTay-Ster M-10 Cindy & RoyCan You Feel ItCasablanca M-4 City LimitsLove Is Everywhere / Uncle JamesTSOPM-17 Clarence CarterMother-In-Law / Sixty Minute ManUnited Artists Records PusM-4One very light mark Clifford CurryBody ShopBuddah Records PromoM-8 Clydie KingOne Part, Two Part / Love Now, Pay LaterMinit PromoM-10bit of ring/label wear Conspiracy (22)Night ChaserCapitol RecordsM-15 Cortez GreerTake What's Coming To You / Very Strong On YouViolet Records (2)M-40 Country Store (2)Days Of Icy Fingers / Caught With My Heart DownT-AM-20 Curtis MayfieldMother's Son / Love Me (Right In The Pocket)Curtom M-3 Curtis Smith (4)Say You Will / I Like EverythingDoma (2)M-20 D. J. RogersYou Can Have It For A SongColumbia, ARC (3) PromoM-4 Dale WardRiver Boat AnnieBig Way Records M-2 Damaris CarbaughWhat About My Love?CBSM-25 Damita JoI'll Save The Last Dance For You Ranwood PromoM-15 Dandy LivingstoneCome Back LizaHorseM-5 Darlene LoveLord, If You're A WomanWarner-Spector PromoM-20 Darrow FletcherThose Hanging HeartachesRevueVG+132/3 scuff nothing serious else M- Darrow FletcherWe've Got To Get An Understanding Crossover Records (3) PromoM-8 Dave "Baby" CortezPopping PopcornOkeh M-15 Dave CrawfordI'd Be A MillionaireScorpio Records (5) StyreneM-7 Dave Love (5)Colalined BabySolid Soul RecordsM-20 David DiggsDon't Be So ShyTBA Records PromoM-13 David Morris (3)Hunky Funky / Two Hearts One Summer DayPhilips PromoM-10 David RuffinYou're My Peace Of Mind / Rode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay)MotownM-34STKR on Label David RuffinHeavy LoveTamla Motown M-2 Deborah Anderson (5)Dont Know What Is Coming Tomorrow Columbia PromoM-10 Dee Dee WarwickSearchingATCO Records PLM-10 Denise LaSalleOne Life To Live - Before You Take It To The StreetsABC RecordsM-3 Denise LaSalleLove Me RightABC Records M-4 Derek MartinYou Better Go / You KnowRoulette M-7 Desmond DekkerIt Gotta Be So / The First Time, For A Long TimeTrojan RecordsM-5 Diane RenayGrowin' Up Too Fast20th Century Fox RecordsM-5 DifoscoThe I Love You Song20th Century Fox Records PromoM-10 Dionne WarwickTake It From MeWarner Bros. RecordsM-8 Dionne WarwickI Think You Need LoveWarner Bros. Records 4 PM-25 Dobie GrayIn HollywoodCharger Records (2) M-15 Don DowningI'm Not Lovin' (Disco Version) / What You Think Is Bad (Sometimes Is Good)RoadshowM-4 Don DowningLonely Days, Lonely NightsPeople (6) M-2 Don High And MightyBlack Cojack / Love It Comes In All ColorsGrit Records (2)M-8 Don WyattDo I Need YouAtlantic PromoM-25 Donald HeightDancing To The Music Of Love / Rags To Riches To RagsAVCO EmbassyVG+80only a few very light marks almost M- Donald HeightYou're Gonna Miss Me / My Baby's GoneShout (9)M-10 Donald HeightTalk Of The GrapevineJay Boy REVG+131 light mark else M- Donald WilsonSpread Your Love On MeBASF PromoM-5 Dooley Silverspoon, Jenny BurtonAmerican MusicSeville Records M-1 Doris DukeIf She's Your Wife (Who Am I?) / It Sure Was FunMankind (2) M-18 Dorothy MooreCry Like A BabyGSF RecordsM-2 Dorothy MooreTalk To Me / Every Beat Of My HeartMalaco Records M-1 Double ExposureNewsy NeighborsSalsoul Records PromoM-7 Dunn & Bruce StreetIf You Come With Me / The Moment Of TruthDevaki RecordsM-13 Dunn & Bruce StreetShout For JoyDevaki RecordsM-13 Dutch Robinson And The CaretakersMake Her Stay / The Old Man And DadSmokeout M-15 Dynamic CorvettesKey To My HappinessAbetM-5 Dynamic SuperiorsLeave It Alone / One-NighterMotownM-20 Easy CreditAin't Nothin' New / Ashes To AshesFly By Night RecordsM-8 Easy CreditRocking Me In Your Arms / Listen To Your HeartMopres Records M-8 Ecstasy, Passion & PainAsk Me RouletteM-6Small Stkr Ecstasy, Passion & PainGood Things Don't Last Forever / Born To Lose YouRouletteM-7stkrs on label Ed BozeMemories / LonelyAvcoM-40 Eddie & ErnieYou Give Me Love To Go On / Tell It Like It IsRevue PromoM-10 Eddie BondCautionEnterprise M-2name & date wol Eddie HolmanMy Mind Keeps Telling Me (That I Really Love You, Girl)GSF RecordsM-4 Eddie HoranLove The Way You Love MeHDM Records StyreneM-10 Eddie Lang (2)Food Stamp BluesSuper Dome RecordsM-30 Eddie LovetteLittle Blue BirdSteady Records (2) PromoM-18 Edwin StarrAbyssinia Jones / BeginningGranite RecordsM-2 Edwin StarrPain / I'll Never Forget YouGranite RecordsM-10 Eleanor GrantThis Time We're Really ThroughColumbia PromoM-8 Ella WashingtonToo Weak To FightSound Stage 7M-15 Ellie (24)My Love Is Your LoveFresh Air (2)M-3 Ellie (24)Tip Of My TongueFresh Air (2) M-2 Essence (30)Sweet FoolsEpic PromoM-8 Esther PhillipsSomebody Else Is Taking My PlaceAtlantic M-10 Etta JamesAlmost Persuaded / Steal AwayCadetM-2 Evie SandsYou Brought The Woman Out Of MeCapitol RecordsVG+8Very light Marks Executive SuiteI'm A Winner NowBabylon (3)M-7Beige label varient Executive SuiteYour Love Is Paradise / I'm Leaving This TimeBabylon (3) StyreneM-6
  6. One thing that would explain the prices moving about is if you originally priced them, in say dollars or euros, when you first listed them. This pound price would move as the exchange rate moves. Check which currency you are registered as. You can just change the price using "edit item", price changes do not show up historically so nobody will notice them.
  7. And all the best to you two.
  8. As if there aren't already enough reasons not to leave gods own Yorkshire and visit Lancashire.
  9. Tremains ?? Red Coach ?? Do you mean The Trumains on vigor ?. Ooops you're right there is one on Red Coach, which comes up under The Trumains on Discogs, but then shows the artist as Tremains. If you search under Tremains it doesn't show. Very odd.
  10. Corbyn on War, nuclear weapons and terrorism Let's Talk It Over Right wing media on Corbyn on War, nuclear weapons and terrorism Don't Talk Like That
  11. Boris on Andrew Marr Talking Loud Saying Nothing
  12. You make a rather large assumption, that the Queen thinks leaving the EU would be a good idea. Is there any evidence anywhere that this is the case ?.
  13. If I made a decision, in my life, that caused endless unforeseen problems and looked like it would continue to do so for years to come, I'm sure I would want to reconsider/revisit that decision.

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