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  1. Kegsy

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Move on up was actually the second single release from the album in UK/Europe, the first was Nov 1970. The tour in late 71 was probably to promote his new album Roots. The first track on the video, Keep On Keeping On, is off that album.
  2. Kegsy

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Afraid so, it was played at the L'ambassadeur nighter in Bradford and also got spins at local non nighter venues, around here. It's UK release, June 1971, pre dates Torch, Junction and Cats all nighters, and was too late for the Wheel.
  3. Kegsy

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    None of this makes any sense. The curtom promo must have been 1972. Discogs must be wrong. The record was played on the scene as a new release and was minor hit in the UK which probably led to the US release in 1972. It was reissued in the UK in 74.
  4. Kegsy

    Calling it a day.

    The cold weather
  5. Which means, in my experiences of dealing with Sam, Ady probably wanted 10k for it and was lucky to get 5.
  6. When the all nighter crowd left the Mecca to set off to wherever, and the crowd thinned out later on, there were dozens of new/recent 70's releases played in the last couple of hours. Due to the "Carstairs" split in the scene, many never really reached the nighter scene, and gained more exposure, until much later. Stevens & Foster, Innersection, Bettye Swann Kiss My Love, Sam Dees Fragile...... to name just a few. Quite often the records were played for a couple of weeks only then replaced with other new releases.
  7. As usual, who is perceived to have played it first and who actually played it first of often differ. I seem to remember the Second Re$surection, mentioned earlier, being a Mecca play, probably Colin.
  8. Kegsy

    Steinways Now accepting offers

    Bump up on accepting offers.
  9. The Discogs seller is on here Paul capon
  10. Kegsy


    A bit of informed comment on OVO threads.
  11. Kegsy

    Any railway memorabilia collectors on here

    Six hours of searching later and not one copy of Don Thomas.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392197704053 Didn't know there was a 70's repressing.
  13. Kegsy

    Bobby Bland..Im so Tired..Duke

    Well I'm glad we got that sorted out.
  14. Kegsy

    What's the chance of this !!!!!

    Youngblood Smith You can / split ?.


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