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  1. It's a total dogs breakfast. I'm f*cked if I can get past standard UK shipping let alone anywhere else, keeps giving me an error "All Order values - The value in the "Order subtotal must be at least / under" field should be set to 0." Which means the order has to be at least/under ZERO quid. None of my items are showing as available today although they were yesterday as I got an order.
  2. I'd wager Mrs B. is still having go with you and chose to your clothes for you.
  3. I'm still shaking my head 5 minutes after seeing that. I accepted an offer after it didn't sell for 40 quid a couple of years back.
  4. Sorry maybe not clear, I emailed the Wang Dang Doodle people not the Vest (bootleg) ones.
  5. Hmmmm. I found this which is numbered 8007, and throws everything all over the place. https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Davis-The-Rhythm-Rockers-Going-To-New-Orleans/release/8796452 https://www.discogs.com/label/1040574-Vest-3 and this which shows 8007 as an original Vest release, but no 8008. I've e-mailed them. http://wdd.mbnet.fi/robinson.htm
  6. Sam Waymon Hey Love / Lonely For My Baby RCA Promo M- 25 Sammy Jones (2) Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug Mercury Promo M- 16 Sandy Waddy Everything Is Everything / Secret Love SOS Sound Of Soul Red M- 30 Santa's Disco Band / Mary Love Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Disco / Joy Magic Disc Records VG+ 2 2/3 light marks Saturday Night Band Come On Dance, Dance Prelude Records Promo Styrene M- 5 Section (3) Drowning In The Sea Of Love RCA Victor 4-P M- 8 One very light m
  7. Excellent watch, think again if all you know about Gil is The Bottle.
  8. Tremains ?? Red Coach ?? Do you mean The Trumains on vigor ?. Ooops you're right there is one on Red Coach, which comes up under The Trumains on Discogs, but then shows the artist as Tremains. If you search under Tremains it doesn't show. Very odd.
  9. Well worth a watch, if only to check out the nutcase that Scratch was.
  10. I seem to remember another track by the Grass Roots called Temptation Eyes being played out sometime in the dim and distant past.
  11. Just go out or get online and buy these 4 albums Roots Back to the world Sweet Exorcist Got to find a way All excellent and very relevant to their time and probably still are now.

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