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Monthly List - Early This Month

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A bit early this month as I will be busy in March


To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com  
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm


All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Northern / R & B / 60's Soul


"Vic And The Catalinas" Talkin about my girl  M-/recommended Bar Clay 60
"Hysong, Don" Baby here's my heart  ex-/great Bard 10
"Martin Sisters, The" Only seventeen  w/demo/nice Barry 15
"Soul Clinic" No one loves me anymore / So sharp  M-/2 great sides Bay Sound 50
"Jenkins, Earl Duke" Misusin' me  recommended Bee 20
"Jenkins, Earl Duke " Misusin' me ex-/w/demo/recommended Bee 25
"Jenkins, Earl Duke " Misusin' me w/demo/recommended Bee 30
"Attractions" That girl is mine  EX+/superb Bell 30
"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you EX-/sm clear sol/recommended/rare issue Bell 40
"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you  M-/demo/recommended Bell 50
"Graham, Rita" Can I go with you Can I go with you  w/demo/nice ballad Bell 10
"Holman, Eddie" "I'll cry 1,000 tears " EX+/superb Bell 25
"Inspirations, The" Gotta find a new love / I can feel it  2 superb sides Benn-x 15
"Occasions" There's no you  M-/superb Big Jim 20
"Johnson, Lou" If I never get to love you  w/demo/great Big Top 25
"Johnson, Lou" Reach out for me  w/demo/superb Big Top 25
"Sterling, Spencer" Jilted  M-/lite xol/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Big Top 40
"Bitter/Sweet" Living on love  blue-eyed mid-tempo Bitter/Sweet 10
"Ad Libs, The" He ain't no angel / Ask anybody  great Blue Cat 15
"Brothers Of Love, The" Check my love  EX/superb Blue Rock 40
"Brothers Of Love, The" Check my love M-/w/demo/superb Blue Rock 60
"Brothers Of Love, The" Yes I am vg+/recommended Blue Rock 12
"Brothers Of Love, The" Yes I am  recommended Blue Rock 15
"Chi-Lites, The" I'm so jealous / The mix mix song  2 great sides Blue Rock 25
"Commotions, The" Handy man / We'll make it someday  vg+/recommended Blue Rock 15
"Commotions, The" Handy man/We'll make it someday M-/recommended Blue Rock 30
"Lamont, Reggie" How lonely (can one man be)  M-/recommended Blue Rock 30
"Leavill, Otis" It's the same old me / Let me live  EX+/2 great sides Blue Rock 25
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy  sl warp-nap/demo/great Blue Rock 15
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy great Blue Rock 20
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy demo/great Blue Rock 20
"Moore, Johnny" Lonely heart in the city / That's what you said  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb sides Blue Rock 25
"Turner, Ike And Tina" Crazy 'bout you baby  M-/great R&B Blue Thumb 15
"Turner, Big Joe" Two loves have I  superb Bluestime 60
"Pittsburgh Phil" Don't tell her lies   Bob Cat 15
"Variations, The" Yesterday is gone  superb/original label Bob-Joy 40
"Velvets, The & Louis Prejean" Estelle Parker  ex- flip/recommended Bofuz 65
"Ryan, Nancy" I told her / The trouble  vg/2 great sides/unknown? Borda 20
"Emotions, The" I can't stand no more heartaches  great Brainstorm 10
"Poindexter, Annette" You'll get it right back / Inst. great Brena 15
"Lovells, The" Here come the heartaches / My time to cry  vg++/w/demo/superb/great flip too Brent 40
"Moovers, The" One little dance  EX+/w/demo/lite wol/great mid-tempo group Brent 40
"Tillman, Bertha" Lovin' time vg+/feint wol/recomnded Brent 8
"Tillman, Bertha" Lovin' time  recommended Brent 15
"Fats Domino" Work my way up steady  R&B Broadmoor 20
"Phillips, Sandra" You succeeded  M-/gold label/classic/superb Broadway 50
"Barry, Len" "1,2,3 / Bullseye " UK/noc Brunswick 5
"Chandler, Gene & Acklin, Barbara" Will I find love  recommended Brunswick 15
"Chi-Lites" Give it away  recommended Brunswick 12
"Holmes, Sherlock" What an argument  demo/TOP TIP!!!!!! Brunswick 40
"Ross, Jackie" Keep your chin up  recommended Brunswick 30
"Sweethearts, The" No no  y/demo Brunswick 15
"Symphonics, The" Silent kind of guy  great Brunswick 20
"Wilson, Jackie " I don't want to lose you /Just be sincere  2 great sides Brunswick 15
"Wilson, Jackie " I get the sweetest feeling / Nothing but heartaches  great Brunswick 15
"Wilson, Jackie " Since you showed me how to be happy/Who… vg+/recommended Brunswick 10
"Wilson, Jackie " Since you showed me how to be happy / The who who song  recommended Brunswick 15
"Young Holt Unlimited" Soulful strut   Brunswick 8
"Esquires, The" Baby please don't let you go  M-/recommended Bunky 5
"Watts, Glenn" My little plaything / Money gives dignity  EX+/demo/2 great sides Bunky 20
"Moore, Bernie" Forty-five rpm's  great Burdett 20
"Martin, Derek" Moving hands of time   Buttercup 10
"Dells, The" Make sure ex-  Cadet 8
"Dells, The" Make sure  great Cadet 10
"Maze, The" Chained to your heart  M-/great version Calla 15
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love  ex-/recommended Calla 15
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love demo/recommended Calla 30
"Orlons, The " Crossfire ! / It's no big thing  ex-/great Cameo 8
"Orlons, The " Crossfire !/It's no big thing M-/Inc colour pic sleeve/great Cameo 12
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby " M-/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 20
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby (xol) " EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 25
"Williams, Maurice & Inspirations" The day has come  w/demo/nice mid-tempo Candi 20
"Washington, Michael " Stay mine / inst. great Cap City 15
"Barbara & Believers" What can happen to me now  M-/demo/superb Capitol 30
"Diamond, Randy" I can't live without you / Giving you my love  M-/demo/2 great sides Capitol 30
"Drew, Patti" He's the one  superb Capitol 25
"Drew, Patti" He's the one demo/superb Capitol 30
"Drew, Patti" I've been here all the time  demo Capitol 10
"Drew, Patti" Tell him  vg++/great Capitol 12
"Hal and Jean" Don't tell me lies  R&B Capitol 15
"Harris, Jill " You really didn't mean it / His kiss  2 great sides Capitol 30
"Houston, Eddie" I can't go wrong / That's how much (ballad) demo/2 great sides Capitol 30
"Jackson, Jerry" Take over now  recommended Capitol 20
"Jades, The" Ain't it funny what love can do  demo/great version Capitol 20
"Kelly, Gail" Who do you think youre fooling / Every time I see you again  M-/Inc Co sleeve/great  Capitol 30
"Love, Marian" The right to cry  superb version Capitol 25
"Love, Marian" The right to cry demo/superb version Capitol 30
"Magnificent Men" Forever together  EX-/superb Capitol 20
"Magnificent Men" I've got news for you  ex-/superb Capitol 40
"Magnificent Men" Tired of pushing  great Capitol 15
"Mason, Tina" Finders keepers  ex-/great Capitol 35
"Mosley, Robert" Crazy 'bout my baby / Goodbye my lover goodbye  2 great sides Capitol 15
"Outsiders, The" Time won't let me  EX+/Inc Co sleeve/classic Capitol 10
"Rawls, Lou" You're good for me  great Capitol 10
"Sweet Things, The" Breakfast in bed  great Capitol 12
"Thrills, The" Bring it on home to me sl lbl damage/great Capitol 15
"Thrills, The" Bring it on home to me  great Capitol 20
"Black, Marion" Who knows  M-/light warp-nap/recommended Capsoul 30
"Leon & Metronomes"  I'll catch you on the rebound  w/demo/recomnded Carnival 40
"Lovettes, The" I need a guy  vg++/superb Carnival 60
"Lovettes, The" Little miss soul (STAMPED ORIGINAL) w/demo/superb/rare demo Carnival 40
"Manhattans, The" All I need is our love  recommended Carnival 15
"Manhattans, The " I bet'cha (couldn't love me)  w/demo/sm wol/recommended Carnival 20
"Williams, Lee & Cymbals, The" Shing-a-ling U.S.A. / Say it isn't so  w/demo/great Carnival 20
"Millionaires" You've got to love your baby  M-/superb/classic Castle 150
"Agee, Ray" Your precious love   Celeste 15
"Tim"  I need your love / My side of the track  recommended Celtex 15
"Fuller, Jerry" I get carried away  M-/green label/classic Challenge 60
"Clark, Claudine" The telephone game  recommended Chancellor 30
"Gerace, Carlo" Wild about that girl  w/demo Chancellor 30
"Royalettes, The" No big thing ex-/great  Chancellor 20
"Royalettes, The" No big thing  w/demo/great  Chancellor 30
"Thomas, Luther" Upset the town / Who slipped out  M-/2 superb R&B sides Change 75
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell  rev labels/unknown ? Chapter One 12
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell great Chapter One 15
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell  demo/great Chapter One 20
"Dirte Four, The" I want to give you all my love  R&B inst. Charay 10
"Nat & John" Pretty woman  R&B version/great Charay 15
"Gray, Dobie" Out on the floor  original/MINT-/classic Charger 25
"Berry, Joan" Just like my baby / Humpty dumpty  Canada/recommended Chateau 50
"Soul Attractions" I forgot / I never knew what love was like  EX/2 great sides Chawa 15
"Chandler, Gene" I won't need you  great Checker 12
"Kolettes" Who's that guy / Just how much  recommended Checker 15
"Kolettes" Who's that guy/Just how much w/demo/recommended Checker 20
"Little Milton" Don't leave her  great Checker 15
"Little Milton" Don't talk back  recommended Checker 12
"Little Milton" So blue (without you)  demo/wol/recommended Checker 15
"Mary & Desirables, The" Hurting hurts / You're changing  demo/sol/recommended Checker 25
"Moore, Bobby" Chained to your heart  classic Checker 15
"Ocapello's" Anytime  demo/recommended Checker 15
"Timiko" Is it a sin  w/demo/great Checker 50
"Charles & Walter" Night / Kissin and huggin  w/demo/2 great sides Chene 30
"Chuck & Rita" Baby you got it  great Chess 20
"Clarke, Tony" Joyce Elaine ex-/w/demo/great Chess 20
"Clarke, Tony" Joyce Elaine  w/demo/great Chess 25
"Davis, Andrea " Lonely girl / blank flip w/demo/recommended Chess 20
"Garrett, Jo Ann" Just say when  great Chess 10
"Gems" Ain't that loving me / Girls can do it  demo/great Chess 15
"Gems" All of it  great Chess 15
"Gems" All of it/same w/demo/great Chess 15
"Kolettes" Who's that guy / Just how much  UK/great Chess 15
"La Salle, Denise" Count down and fly me to the moon  M-/DEMO/superb Chess 40
"Lime, The" Love a go-go recommended Chess 15
"Lime, The" Love a go-go  M-/small mark on lbl/demo/recommended Chess 20
"Radiants, The" Whole lot of woman great Chess 15
"Radiants, The" Whole lot of woman  w/demo/great Chess 20
"Ross, Jackie" Selfish one  classic Chess 15
"Stewart, Billy" What have I done  recommended Chess 10
"Stewart, Billy" What have I done demo/recommended Chess 15
"Williams, Larry" Everyday I wonder  w/demo/sld & stmol-flip Chess 15
"Baxter, Tony" I'll come to you  great Chubby 20
"Neville, Art" Lover of love ex-/recommended Cinderella 15
"Neville, Art" Lover of love  recommended Cinderella 20
"Mackey, Linda" Yours for the asking  M-/recommended Claire 30
"Church, Eugene" I ain't goin' for that  wol/great Class  20
"Jerry-G & Co." She's gone  great Clevetown 20
"Joe-L" (I'm not gonna be) worried  highly recommended Clissac 30
"Vogues, The" True lovers   Co & Ce 10
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell  vg+/recommended Cobblestone 10
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell recommended Cobblestone 15
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell demo/recommended Cobblestone 20
"Vonettes" Touch my heart  EX+/classic Cobblestone 125
"Crests, The" The angels listened in ex-/great Coed 8
"Crests, The" The angels listened in wol-flip/great Coed 10
"Crests, The" The angels listened in  great Coed 10
"Scott, Freddie" Brand new world  nice mid-tempo Colpix 10
"Scott, Freddie" Brand new world w/demo/sm wol/nice  Colpix 15
"Artie & Linda" Goody goody / same w/demo/wol/R&B/great Columbia 15
"Bailey, Jimmy" Happy train  EX+/w/demo/recommended Columbia 25
"Buckinghams, The" You misunderstand me  superb Columbia 25
"Colbert, Bertha" Teardrop avenue  M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
"Dey & Knight" I'm gonna love you tomorrow  w/demo/great Columbia 15
"Dey & Knight" Sayin' something / Ooh da la da lay  w/demo/great Columbia 15
"Diamond, Johnny" Our dream / Dark rain  recommended/rare issue Columbia 15
"Flavor" Dancing in the street w/demo/version Columbia 10
"Franklin, Aretha" Soulville  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Columbia 15
"Hughes, Rhetta" One in a million  M-/w/demo/superb vers/Inc Co slv Columbia 30
"Jackson, Walter" I don't want to suffer (wol) / This world of mine  tiny label tear/recommended Columbia 45
"Jackson, Walter" I don't want to suffer/This world of mine w/demo/recommended Columbia 60
"Kenny & Yvonne" Come on and be my love  w/demo/recommended Columbia 20
"Lee, Donna" Clown town  M-/superb Columbia 30
"Lester, Bobby" Hang up your hang ups  w/demo/great Columbia 25
"Lewis, Junior" Forty days and forty nights  EX/w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
"Lundy, Pat" The thrill is gone  w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
"Moody, Ron & Centaurs, The" The new breed  w/demo/great version Columbia 25
"Moultrie, Mary" Rover  M-/w/demo/wol/stmol/recommended Columbia 40
"Ovella & Overtures, The" That's all you gotta do  w/demo/great  Columbia 40
"Players, The" Giving up your love is like giving up the world / Guilty  EX+/inc Co sleeve/2 great soul sides Columbia 25
"Regan, Joan" Don't talk to me about love  EX/w/demo/wol/recommended Columbia 20
"Regina" If you're gonna love me  recommended Columbia 25
"Richards, Turley" I just can't take it any longer  w/demo/Inc pic slv Columbia 60
"Roddy & Robins, The" I'm telling you baby / Let's do the freeze  ex-/w/demo/unknown? Columbia 25
"Royal, Billy Joe" Everything turned blue  ex-/w/demo/great Columbia 20
"Smith, OC" Little green apples + 3 more tracks vg/wol/4 track ep/ Columbia 8
"Spellbinders, The" Were acting like lovers M-/superb Columbia 15
"Spellbinders, The" Were acting like lovers / same EX+/w/demo/superb Columbia 20
"Thornton, Teri" To remember you by  w/demo/recommended Columbia 25
"Thornton, Teri" To remember you by recommended Columbia 25
"Tony and Tyrone" A fool am I/Crossroads of love 2 nice ballads Columbia 10
"Voices, Incorporated" Thinkin'  EX+/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Columbia 150
"Young, April" Run to my lovin' arms / You're the one  vg++/w/demo/wol-flip/great Columbia 20
"Tribe, The" Dancing to the beat of my heart  great Columbus 40
"Accents, The" Tell me (what's on your mind)  ex- Commerce 20
"Harrison, Tony" Sad occasion  ex-/great Commerce 35
"Lee, Sammy" Rosetta / As a city sleeps  great Commerce 25
"Adams, Ritchie" Slippin' away  w/demo/great Congress 20
"Love, JB" No one else but you  w/demo/great Congress 40
"Ray, James" One by one  superb  Congress 15
"Ray, James" One by one w/demo/superb  Congress 20
"Chandler, Gene" If you can't be true  classic Constellation 12
"Chandler, Gene" Nothing can stop me  classic Constellation 10
"Dynettes, The" New guy / Witness to a heartbreak  2 great sides Constellation 15
"Miller, Bobby" I'm for the girls  demo/recommended Constellation 30
"Miller, Bobby" The big question  recommended Constellation 20
"Cager, Willie" He's a player  mid-tempo/superb  Contact 15
"Hart, Don" Soldier coming home  recommended Coolschool 20
"Austin, Patti" Only all the time  M-/demo/superb Coral 40
"Gordon Five, Sonny" The yea yea song / The dance  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Coral 40
"Heatherton, Joey" Hullabaloo / My blood runs cold  M-/Canadian/highly recommended Coral 75
"Wells, Barbara" My baby's name  demo/xol/great Coral 25
"Wells, Barbara" Pretty boy  y/demo/sol/great Coral 25
"Impacts, The" Jerkin' in your seat  M-/superb Counsel 125
"Til, Sonny & The Orioles" Hey! Little woman  M-/demo/recommended CP Parker 150
"Rice, Robin" I've had it  EX/w/demo/superb Crackerjack 40
"Fox, Damon" Gotta get my baby back DJ stamp-ol Crimson 15
"Mason, Barbara" Trouble child recommended Crusader 15
"Corvells, The" The jokes on me  M-/sm xol/great Cub 50
"Impalas, The" Sorry (I ran all the way home)  Cub 20
"Jones, Jimmy" I say love  ex-/smol/orig. sleeve Cub 30
"Ozells, The" Please don't go  demo/recommended Cub 50
"Ozells, The" Please don't go (Inc original sleeve) xol-flip/recommended Cub 40
"Winstons" Need a replacement / Ain't nothing like a little lovin'  M-/2 superb sides Curtom 75
"Middleton, Gene & Sole Survivors" You need love / Stop - where you are  M-/2 great sides D and B 20
"Guess, Lenis" Thank you baby  great D.P.G. 25
"Marshall & The Chi-Lites" Price of love/Baby it's time EX-/2 great sides Dakar 15
"Marshall & The Chi-Lites" Price of love / Baby it's time  EX+/w/demo/wol/2 great sides Dakar 25
"Robinson & The Quails, Bill" Do I love you / Lay my head on your shoulder  M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb soul sides Date 25
"Little Anthony" Never again  awesome soul DCP 10
"Randazzo, Teddy" You're not that girl anymore  M-/w/demo/sm wol/at his best!!! DCP 40
"Craig, Anna" The life of the party / Shout and tell the world  demo/2 great sides Decca 30
"Free Movement, The" I've found someone of my own demo/great Decca 15
"Lee, Brenda" Ain't gonna cry no more  great Decca 15
"Lee, Brenda" Coming on strong  great Decca 10
"Lee, Brenda" Time and time again  her best Decca 15
"Pollard, Ray" Lie lips lie  demo/great Decca 30
"Saints, The" I got it bad and that ain't good/I'll be with you demo/2 good sides Decca 8
"Scott, Ray & The Scottsmen" Love piled on top of love  M-/demo/xol-flip/Inc Co slv/superb Decca 100
"Bits 'N' Pieces" Who could I turn to (promo stamp ol-flip)  Dee Gee 10
"West, Willie" Greatest love deep Deesu 10
"Manhattans, The" I can't stand for you to leave me  recommended DeLuxe 15
"Manhattans, The" I can't stand for you to leave me M-/w/demo/lite rings wol/recommended/rare DeLuxe 20
"Manhattans, The" I can't stand for you to leave me w/demo/recommended/rare DeLuxe 25


Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul


"Helms, Jimmy" Don't pull your love / same demo/wol  Pye 8
"James, Jimmy" Want you so much  CANADIAN/sm wol-flip Pye 15
"James, Jimmy" Want you so much demo/UK/sm lbl tear-flip Pye 15
"Dyson, Clifton" I'm giving up  M-/highly recommended Quiet Storm 40
"Armstrong, Chuck" Give me all your sweet lovin' / She had the right   R&R 10
"Williams, Bobby" You need love like I do / Everybody needs love somtime   R&R 10
"Merritt, Richie" You got problems / inst. nice R.A.M. 8
Brothers Are you ready for this  UK/massive inst. RCA 20
Brothers Brothers theme/Don't stop now smol/demo RCA 5
Brothers & Others Now is the time of the season  demo/recommended RCA 20
Center Stage "Someday, someway (you're gonna love me) / Hey lady " M-/demo/2 superb sides RCA 25
Darcus It's got to be love / same ex-/demo/recommended RCA 5
Darcus Who's gonna love you / same demo/nice RCA 5
"Drain, Charles" Is this really love / same demo/great RCA 15
"Edwards, Dee" All we need is a miracle  demo/great RCA 15
"Fields, Richard 'Dimples'" Woman (let me into your life) / You're wife is cheatin' on us   RCA 5
"Franklin, Carolyn" You really didn't mean it / All I want is to be your woman   RCA 5
"Graham, Ralph" Changing up my life  demo/great RCA 8
"Green, Darren" Checkin' on you  stmol-flip/recommended RCA 15
"Green, Garland" Don't let love walk out on us  demo/superb RCA 60
Hit Parade Kisses never die  demo/great RCA 15
Hit Parade Stand by me baby  demo/superb RCA 25
"Hollins, Everett 'Blood'" Heaven must have known  recommended RCA 20
"Hollins, Everett 'Blood'" Heaven must have known/same demo/recommended RCA 20
Hudson County Heaven's here on earth  recommended RCA 15
"Hutch, Willie" Love games  demo/great RCA 20
"Hutch, Willie" The magic of love  demo/great RCA 15
Inception Everybody loves a winner / same-long version demo/recommended RCA 15
Main Ingredient Happiness is just around the bend  great RCA 5
Main Ingredient Looks like rain  superb RCA 15
Main Ingredient Need her love  recommended RCA 8
Main Ingredient Rolling down a mountainside  xol/recommended RCA 10
"Marcel, Vic" Won't you come and fly with me  fantastic x-over RCA 15
Mighty Pope If you want a love affair  EX+/Canadian/Inc Co slv/superb version RCA 100
"Ruffin, David & Kendrick, Eddie" I couldn't believe it  recommended RCA 15
"Ruffin, David & Kendrick, Eddie" I couldn't believe it/same demo/recommended RCA 15
"Simone, Nina" Do what you gotta do Gold Standard label/great RCA 8
Swiss Movement This moment.... / Bring back your love  demo/2 great sides RCA 10
"Til, Sonny" You're all I need   RCA 6
"Til, Sonny" You're all I need  demo RCA 8
Tymes It's cool  ex-/recommended RCA 8
Tymes It's cool recommended RCA 10
Tymes It's cool demo/recommended RCA 10
Tymes Only your love  UK/sl lbl damage/great RCA 15
"Waymon, Sam" Hey love  sl warp-nap/great RCA 12
"Waymon, Sam" It be's that way sometimes  great RCA 15
"Wycoff, Michael " Looking up to you  EX+/Inc Co sleeve/superb  RCA 75
Universal Mind Something fishy going on  M-/classic Red Coach 8
Little Dooley It's got to be now or never / Memories  first label/2 great sides  Red Ruby 15
Sophisticated Ladies I'll keep coming back / same demo Reflection 6
"Waters, Fred" "Singing a new song / I love you, I love you, I love you " M-/superb/great flip too Ref-o-ree 20
"Waters, Freddie" This is the life  great x-over Ref-o-ree 10
"Wade, Adam" My time for love / Half the world  w/demo/sol/great  Remember 25
"Wade, Adam" My time for love/Half the world w/demo/great  Remember 30
"Smith, OC" Nothing but the best  great Rendezvous 20
Hypnotics Beware of the stranger / Memories  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Reprise 20
"King, Bobby" Loving you is sweeter than ever / same demo/ballad/vers/SOUL!! Reprise 10
Life Tell me why (stereo) / Same (mono) M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Reprise 100
"Bernard, Chris" Mother  nice x-over Revue 15
Chi-lites "(Um, um) my baby loves me " great Revue 10
Chi-lites "(Um, um) my baby loves me/same" demo/great Revue 10
Chi-lites Love is gone  vg+/superb x-over Revue 5
"Fletcher, Darrow" I like the way I feel / The way of a man  M-/2 great sides Revue 30
"Fletcher, Darrow" Sitting there that night  great Revue 15
"Gatlin, June" Good girl gone bad / same demo/great Revue 15
"Graham, Jimmy" Soul walk / A soul walk in  vg/funk Revue 10
"Vance, Frankie" Somewhere in your life/You are my solution 2 great sides  Revue 15
"Vance, Frankie" Somewhere in your life / You are my solution  demo/2 great sides  Revue 15
9th Creation Falling in love / part II  RiteTrack 10
"Ward, Pattie" (Girls) you have to wait for love  M-/highly recommended Road 40
Enchantment Anyway you want it  ex-/great Roadshow 12
"Bee, Walter" Angel man  great x-over Robot 25
"Wilson, Al" Touch and go  recommended Rocky Road 10
"Allen, Na" Everytime it rains  M-/recommended Ronn 25
"Taylor, Ted" How do you walk away from fear  great Ronn 10
"West, Barbara" Congratulations baby  EX/w/demo/superb/wol-flip Ronn 60
"Baker, Betty" Do it to me / same w/demo/funk Roulette 15
"Ecstasy, Passion & Pain" Ask me  demo/recommended Roulette 12
"Ecstasy, Passion & Pain" Good things don't last forever  great Roulette 12
"Ecstasy, Passion & Pain" There's so much love all around me / long vers. great Roulette 5
Gentlemen & Their Lady Like her! (part I) / Part II-Inst. M-/classic Roulette 15
Ghetto Children IIt's not easy to say goodbye / Don't take your sweet lovin away  M-/demo/2 superb sides Roulette 100
"Hill, Roni" I wouldn't give you up  wol/recommended Roulette 20
"Hill, Roni" I wouldn't give you up recommended Roulette 25
Magic Touch Lost and lonely boy ex-/great Roulette 10
Magic Touch Lost and lonely boy  great Roulette 12
"Miran, Wayne & Rush Release" Oh baby / long version recommended Roulette 10
"Miran, Wayne & Rush Release" Oh baby/long version demo/recommended Roulette 10
"Nobles, Cliff" This feeling of loneliness / same w/demo/nice  Roulette 10
Whirlwind "Don't let him get the best of you / Something, I can feel something " M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Roulette 15
Whirlwind Full time thing (between dusk and dawn) / same-long version demo/recommended Roulette 10
Whirlwind Full time thing between dusk and dawn / Don't let him get the best of you  M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Roulette 10
"Weaver, Jerry" I'm in love / Love sick child  orig. label/great S.O.B. 20
"Moore, Bernie" Oh no / Hurt worse  VG++/superb mid-tempo S.S.I. 20
"Plummer, Betty Jean" Baby I want you back  great x-over Salem 15
Bataan The bottle / When you're down (funky mambo)  M-/w/demo/great version Salsoul 8
"Holman, Eddie" This will be a night to remember/Time will tell ex-/2 great sides Salsoul 8
"Holman, Eddie" This will be a night to remember / Time will tell  2 great sides Salsoul 10
Silvetti Spring rain  M-/classic Inst. Salsoul 12
"Washington, John" Daddy teddybear / Burn the calendar  M-/2 great sides Sandwash 40
Out-Of-Sights My womans love  M-/superb x-over Saru 60
Samson & Delilah I can feel your love slippin away/Inst. good modern Saturn 8
"Love, Katie" It hurts so good  w/demo/superb Scepter 30
"Love, Katie" It hurts so good w/demo/2 x's ol/superb Scepter 30
"Corby, Chuck & Quiet Storm" See you when I get there  superb version Sceptre 15
David I'd be a millionaire  great x-over Scorpio 15
"Ross, Jackie" Man is born   Sedgrick 15
"Morrow, Teddie" What's your sign  nice Seibu 20
Right Combination How can your heart be free  recommended Select-O-Hit 20
"McNeir, Ronnie" Wendy is gone / Give me a sign  M-/superb/nice flip too Setting Sun 15
"Beavers, Jackie" I never found a girl (to love me like you do)  great version Seventy 7 10
"Sexton, Ann" You're gonna miss me / same ex-/w/demo Seventy 7 12
"Sexton, Ann" You're losing me / You're gonna miss me   Seventy 7 15
Sweet Cream You brought joy  great Shady Brook 15
"Williams, Lee Shot" I hurt myself / I like your style  2 great sides/#101 Shama 8
Hard Cover Do you care (like you say you do)  demo/recommended Shanty Town 125
"Overton, CB" Superstar lady  recommended Shock 12
Woman I want to get back / That's how it is  great Shock 15
"Jackson, Deon" I'll always love you  M-/w/demo/superb/rare Shout 30
Naturals Crystal blue persuasion/same great Shout 10
"Naturals, The" Color him father / Crystal blue persuasion  2 great versions Shout 15
"Seymour, Kenny" I've got the rest of my life/inst great Shout 8
"Torrence, George & Naturals" So long goodbye / Lickin' stick  w/demo/2 x's ol & stol-flip Shout 15
"Nero, Don & Full Flavour" Get up and dance  great Show Biz 15
Invitations They say the girl's crazy  recommended Silver Blue 25
Invitations They say the girl's crazy/same w/demo/wol/recommended Silver Blue 25
Just Us I'm not jealous  nice Silver City 15
"Murphy, Merv" It's growing  M-/superb Simmons 200
"Martin, Cleveland & Soul Sets" I don't want to slip away  recommended Single B 15
Shock Footsteps across your mind vg++/classic x-over Sirocco 20
Shock Footsteps across your mind  M-/classic x-over Sirocco 25
Shock Footsteps across your mind EX/demo/classic x-over/rare demo Sirocco 30
Rock Gazers feat. Gordon Grody I believe in love / same-mono demo/superb Sixth Avenue 25
State Department I'm counting on you / long version demo/great Sixth Avenue 12
Family Circle I hope you really love me  great x-over Sky Disc 12
Family Circle I hope you really love me/same demo/great x-over Sky Disc 15
"Clayton, Willie" Livin' with you……. heart is somewhere else   Sky Hero 12
"Ragland, Lou" What should I do  EX+/lite label stain/awesome x-over SMH 50
Frank & James How long is forever  EX+/superb Smooth City 60
9th Street Exit Let's make sweet harmony (promo stol) / continued M-/superb Solid Foundation 30
"Lackey, Richard" Love shopping / The greatest gift (sl lbl wear)  vg+/superb/rare Solid Foundation 125
Constellations In love forever  w/demo Sonday 15
"Clay, Sonji" I can't wait (until I see my baby's face)  fantastic version Songee 60
"Sheppard, Rick" I fall deeper in love / Just you and me  2 great sides Sonia 25
"Hilton, Jerry & Gentle Rain" Complete opposites  great version Sonic 30
"Taylor, Robert" Good times  great Sonic 15
"Maddox, Walt" I've got my own thing going ex-/recommended Sonnet 20
"Maddox, Walt" I've got my own thing going  recommended Sonnet 25
"Soop & Co. feat. Moncell, Patrice" Just because you're a lover / Take me to the….  2 great sides Soops 30
"Bourne, Joe" The one for me  great Sophisticated Soul 15
Originals I'm someone who cares ex-/recommended Soul 12
Originals I'm someone who cares  recommended Soul 15
"Neal, CC" All I want from you is your love  recommended Soul Craft 30
"Will, David" Loneliness  great Soul Craft 15
"Williams, Otis" I got to have you / Take me back  M-/UK/fantastic/prev unreleased Soul Intention 8
"King, Ramona" I choose you ex-/xol/recommended Soul Set 20
"King, Ramona" I choose you  recommended Soul Set 25
Whispers In love forever ex-/recommended Soultrain 20
Whispers In love forever  superb Soultrain 25
Whispers I've got a feeling  recommended Soultrain 12
"Brown Rhythm Band, Al " I wanna dance / same-mono w/demo Sound Gems 6
"Everett, Betty" Prophecy  great Sound Stage 7 12
"Greene, Laura" Manhattan / Let me blow your whistle  M-/2 great sides Sound Trek 15
"Leaders, The feat. Cash, JD" Strollin on the boardwalk  nice mid-tempo South Star 8
"Mitchell, McKinley" When it rains it pours   Southern Biscuit 10
"Fields, Lily" I'll get along somehow  deep Spectrum 10
"Fields, Lily" Lover  recommended Spectrum 30
"Grier, Sonja" "Right here, right now " fantastic modern Spirit 6
Love Foundation Let one hurt do / What's the matter baby  M-/sl warp-nap/2 great sides Spot 10
"Godfrey, Ray" I gotta get away / Sherry Washington  great Spring 15
"Green, Garland" Just loving you  highly recommended Spring 30
"Jones, Busta" Just a little misunderstanding / same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great version Spring 15
Joneses Love contest / Baby (there's nothing you can do) (Inc. Co. Slv) M-/superb/sweet ballad-flip Spring 50
Joneses Love contest/same (Inc. Co. Sleeve) w/demo/superb Spring 50
"Martin, Daltry" Everybody dance/same w/demo/wol Spring 15
"Martin, Daltry" Everybody dance / Stay with me  recommended Spring 20
"Parker, Winfield" I'm on my way / S.O.S. (stop her on sight)  w/demo/2 great sides Spring 20
"Randolph, Leroy" Good to the last drop EX-/sm wol-flip/recommended Spring 6
"Randolph, Leroy" Good to the last drop  EX+/recommended Spring 8
Street People I wanna get over / same M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 30
"Adams, Johnny" Something worth leaving for  nice SSS International 6
Moments Nine times  classic Stang 10
Moments Rain in my backyard  at their best Stang 15
Moments So this is our good-bye  great x-over Stang 10
"Young, Starlena" Heartbreaker / Inst. modern/great Stanpico 15
El-Roy I crave your love / For every action there's a reaction  stunning ballad Star Crest 10
"Smith, Timmy" I'm willing to love you  recommended Starville 15
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby  ex-/sol-flip/recommended Star-vue 25
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby  recommended Star-vue 30
"Johnson, Johnny & Bandwagon" I don't know why / Honey bee (dancer flip) UK/superb x-over Stateside 20
"Bell, William" Happy  great Stax 15
"Crutchers, Bettye" Sugar daddy  UK/great Stax (Pye) 25
Impalas When you dance (sm wol) / I can't see me without you  demo/great Steady 20
"Lee, Lois" Any day now / One night stand  ex-/vg+ Steady 30
"Lee, Lois" One night stand/same ex- Steady 20
Entertains Love will turn it around  superb Steel Town 20
"Gaye, Erroll & The Imaginations" Love and affection  superb Steel Town 20
"Keith, Gordon" Don't take my kindness for weakness / Tell the story  2 great sides Steeltown 15
"Lou, Bubba & Highballs" Over you / Love all over the place  demo/UK/2 great sides Stiff 15
Different Shades I like it / inst. ex-/sl warp-nap/funk Stone Lady 12
"Sheffield, David" I should have listened / What's done in the dark  x-over/great Stone Lady 20
"Hollins, Blood " Don't give it up / Inst. recommended Strange Fruit 30
"Scott-Heron, Gil" The bottle (ORIGINAL) M-/French/colour pic slv/classic Strata-East 30
Franky & Spindles Crazy about your love / Inst. wol/great 2 step Strawberry 15
"Sue, Carletta" You keep holding back on love  superb x-over String 20
"Wynne, Philippe" You ain't going anywhere but gone  demo/great Sugar Hill 8
"Mokie, J.J. & R.O.B." Come together in love /You're so real  2 great sides "Sun, Moon & Stars" 20
"Fields, Lily" Love has so many meanings / inst. nice Sunburst 8
"Bradley, Marvin" Everybody's dancing  great Sundance 15
Mercy Love (can make you happy) sm wol Sundi 8
"Velvet, Jimmy" A woman demo/ballad Sundi 15
Blacklove People keep changing / PT. 2 vg/funk Super M 15
"Buchana, OB" Back up lover / It's over  2 great sides Susie Q 20
"Buchana, OB" Bedroom eyes / Back door tipper  2 great sides Susie Q 20
"Sands and The Pebbles, Pat" Loving him  M-/demo/superb Sussex 40
"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die  rev. labels/superb Swar 15
"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die superb Swar 20
"Stringer, Bobby" You've got too many miles  sl warp-nap Swar 8
La Flavour Only the lonely  2 x's ol/super 2 step Sweet City 12
La Flavour Only the lonely  super 2 step Sweet City 15
Inner Space Make it hard on him / same demo/great Sweet Fortune 15
"Troutman, Tony" Your man is home tonight  great T. Main 8
Five Flights Up After the feeling is gone  sm sol/x-over/sm wol-flip TA 10
Courtship It's the same old love  recommended Tamla 25
"Gaye, Marvin" Come get to this  EX/superb/scratch on flip-nap Tamla 15
"Gaye, Marvin" Come get to this M-/wol/superb Tamla 15
"Gaye, Marvin" Come get to this M-/w/demo/superb Tamla 20
"Henry, Virgil" I can't believe you're really leaving me / same w/demo/recommended Tamla 20
"Houston, Thelma" "Saturday night, Sunday morning " M-/recommended Tamla 12
"Houston, Thelma" "Saturday night, Sunday morning" M-/w/demo/recommended Tamla 15
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am ex-/great Tamla 6
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am  wol-flip/great Tamla 6
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am great Tamla 8
"Robinson, Smokey" Ever had a dream ex-/highly recommended Tamla 10
"Robinson, Smokey" Ever had a dream  highly recommended Tamla 12
Commodores The zoo (the human zoo)  UK/small flat edge warp-nap Tamla Motown 8
Commodores The zoo (the human zoo) UK/classic dancer Tamla Motown 10
"Starr, Edwin" Love (the lonely people's prayer)  UK/great Tamla Motown 15
"Starr, Edwin " Don't tell me I'm crazy  German/pic slv-woc/superb Tamla Motown 25
"Adams, Arthur" I can't wait to see you again  recommended Ta'san 25
Front Row Wanting you  recommended TBC 25
Direct Current When it's love  super mellow goove TEC 10
"Parker, Cecil" I really really love you / same superb TEC 10
T.F.O. I come here to party  ex-/disco-funk dancer Three G's 8
5 Wagers Come and ask me  classic Tiara 8
5 Wagers Come and ask me demo/classic Tiara 15
"Beck, Floyd" I'm in love ex-/awesome soul Timeless 45
"Beck, Floyd" I'm in love  awesome soul Timeless 50
"Beck, Floyd" Show me  ex-/superb Timeless 45
"Wells, Wes & Steelers" From the top of my heart  great x-over Torrid 10
"McNeir, Ronnie" Different kind of love / same-mono M-/demo/superb  Tortoise 20
Green Brothers Sweet loving woman  highly recommended Tortoise Int'l 25

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