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  1. Hi, I'll offer 25 quid for this going untracked to Australia. Thanks. Steve
  2. Hi, I'll take Aretha going untracked to Australia. Thanks. Steve send PAypal details
  3. I'll take Edwin Girls are getting prettier going to Australia untracked as its a cheeep record. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Ill offer you 25 quid for the lot going to Australia. Postage untracked Thanks cobber Steve
  5. Have you got a pic of the Charlie Gracie please. Thanks. Steve
  6. Hi, I'll offer £420 for The Majestics going to Australia. Many thanks Steve
  7. Brilliant! Good price there. Just wish I had the dosh to replace my beat up issue.
  8. SHEILA FERGUSON 'And In Return' SWAN VG+ or better PM with cond and price please Demo or Issue
  9. Hi groovers. I just got 'Just like a little bitty Baby' on Laurie by The Opals. 1965 Has anyone got any info on this group. I just seem to reach dead ends in my searches. Thanks
  10. Thanks for these tasters Michael. Its opening up my mind to a new genre.Steve
  11. Wow ! you guys are a minefield of information. Thank you
  12. Hi after just listening to my Tommy Navarro 'I cried my life Away' , it got me wondering as to what other similar Latin soul tunes similar to this we have on the scene. Thanks
  13. Hi Ralph. £300 mate and include postage to Oz which is a tenner mate. Thanks Steve
  14. Hiya mate, I'll offer $300 for Ellie Greenwich going to Australia. Many thanks. Steve
  15. WANTED !!! NORTHERN NOISE No. 2 (RED) Can exchange for NORTHERN NOISE No. 1 or buy outright for the right price. Please PM Many thanks Steve
  16. Your Sweet Three is a tad underpriced I reckon. Going for 200 -225 now
  17. ELLUSIONS (Original)YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO LEAVE Lamon label NOT THE BOOT! EX or better Please PM
  18. Hi, I'll offer £20.00 plus £6.00 post to Oz untracked. Thanks Steve
  19. I'll take Jimmy Mack & Walk in the night going to Oz Thanks Steve
  20. G'day Darryn. I dropped you an email. How did you go finding that red copy of Northern Noise for me? Thanks mate Steve
  21. Hi, I'll offer 200 quid for Lee Bates going to Australia. Many thanks. Steve

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