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3 X 70S/crossover + 3 X 60S Stormers (Scans & Soundfiles)

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UK Postage included on these. Paypal friends & family (gift) or add 4% to cover my fees please. Scans and soundfiles are from the actual 45s for sale. Cheers:


(1) Gifted Four - "Are You Choosing" (Hamito-Semitica) VG+ £40     ******SOLD******

Are You Choosing (Hamito-Semitica).mp3


(2) Richard Williams - "Wouldn't You Really Rather Have Me?" (Quad WD) NM £40

Wouldn't You Really Rather Have Me (.mp3


(3) Keni Lewis - "Ain't Gonna Make It Easy" (De-Val) EX (B-side VG+) £40    ******SOLD*******

Ain't Gonna Make It Easy (De-Vel).mp3


(4) Claude Huey - "Feel Good All Over" (Early Bird) EX £60

Feel Good All Over (Early Bird).mp3


(5) Roy Wright - "You Changed My Whole Life Around" (Vick) VG- £100       *******SOLD*******

You Changed My Whole Life Around (Vi.mp3


(6) Chris Morgan - "Who Am I" (Bell) EX £90       *******SOLD******

Who Am I (Bell).mp3

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