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  1. markw

    Fenways on Bluecat

    What’s it called Phil? Be useful to know to find it quicker.
  2. markw

    Dave Clegg

    Legend. One of the nicest guys you could meet as well. Sad news and thoughts are with his family and close friends.
  3. markw

    Few to Go

    What price did the Nombres on Beth sell for please?
  4. markw

    Sales Mixture

    Postage to be added. Payment by Paypal (F&F or 4% to be added to cover fees at my end) or bank transfer. (1) Art Tarus – “I Know The Time Is Right” (Exuma) EX £300 (2) The Styles of Bobby Day – “Your Love” (Byrdland) EX £75 (3) Frankie Newsome – “Don’t Mess With My Lovemaker” (Savern) EX £50 (4) Gino Washington – “Oh Not Me” (Atac) VG+ wol £40 (5) Mixed Emotions - “Am I Imposing” (Rock-Way) M- £60 (6) The Springers – “(I Want You) Every Night And Day” (Ves-Thad) EX £100 (7) The Volumes – “You Got It Baby” (Inferno) EX £40
  5. markw

    Few to Go

    Someone was looking for the Nombres on Beth in Wants the other day.
  6. markw


    Dave Greet was after the Pearls. He’s posted on Wants on here a couple of times. I think he’s on here as Greety.
  7. Reduced to £200.
  8. Lovely copy of an uptempo in demand cracker: Caretakers Prophecy - "People (Love Your Brother)" (South Park) EX £250 £200 Postage to be added. Paypal (F&F or please add 4%) or bank transfer. Cheers
  9. Three beauties to go. Postage to be added (will be signed for and insured on these). Paypal F&F (or please add 4% to cover my fees) or bank transfer: (1) Bernard Smith & Jokers Wild - "Gotta Be A Reason" (Groove) EX £500 *****SOLD***** Gotta Be A Reason (Groove).mp3 (2) George Tinley & The Modern Red Caps - "Ain't Gonna Worry About You" (Doo-Wopp) EX/M- £600 *****withdrawn from sale***** Ain't Gonna Worry About You (Doo-Wop.mp3 (3) The Royale VII - "It's An Explosion" (Windmill) EX £600 *****SOLD***** - rare crossover/funk; brilliant record It's An Explosion (Windmill) 1.mp3 Cheers.
  10. I’ll check out your list later when I’ve got a magnifying glass handy mate!!
  11. markw


    If you Google the Jules Blattner, there is a Soundcloud of it.
  12. Jackson Bros - "Love" (JBE) - £200 plus post Love (Jackson Brothers Enterprises 1.mp3 Obscure 45 and seems rare - gospel crossover with bags of Northern appeal. Great sound with lots of potential. Soundfile was done some time ago and I have cleaned the record up a fair bit more since then. So plays a fair bit better now than on the soundfile. Grading VG because of the label wear and because there are a couple of marks which give audible clicks early on in play; but, the record soon settles down and plays great enough as it gets going.
  13. Mixed bag of cheaper items for sale, some reduced from my last listing. Some real bargains available here. Postage to be added. First to get funds to me gets the record. Paypal F&F or please add 4% to cover my fees. (1) Doc Rand – “I Need A Woman” / “I Want You (Yeh I Do)” (Landra) EX £50 *****SOLD***** (2) The Flame N King – “The Love Man” (HSP) EX £35 (3) Frankie Newsome – “Don’t Mess With My Lovemaker” (Savern) EX £40 (4) Freddie Scott – “Girl I Love You” (Probe) VG+ £15 *****SOLD***** (5) Jimmie Raye – “Look At Me Girl (Crying) VG+ £20 (6) Joe And George – “No One Loves You” (Now) VG+ £50 (7) Lee Fields – “She’s A Love Maker” (Norfolk Sound) EX/M- £20 (8) Manuel B Holcolm – “I Stayed Away Too Long” (Diamond Jim 900) EX £20 (9) Ortheia Barnes – “I’ve Never Loved Nobody” (Coral) VG+ £30 (10) The Reflections – “You Don’t Want Me” (Went) EX £25 *****SOLD***** (11) Soul Partners – “Lose The One You Love” (Holiday) VG+/EX £20 (12) Vic & The Catalinas – “Talkin About My Girl” (Barclay) EX £25 (13) Virgil Henry – “I’ll Be True” (Colossus) EX (with company sleeve) £50
  14. markw


    Have you reported it to Ebay?


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