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  1. Mick Webb from Windsor,known as Cockney Mick, who passed away last year used to scratch his name in the deadwax. Be interested if anyone had any of his old 45s. He sold up in 2003. Some nice bits in there - Ronnie McNeir on De-To sticks in my head; he had some nice British as well.
  2. Please PM if you have one you would part with. Thanks.
  3. There's plenty of 'something different' out there if folk are prepared to put aside preconceptions, especially the ones about Northern Soul, whatever that actually means. Something for everyone out there if you're prepared to make the effort. Just check Facebook events or even some of the events on here.
  4. I understand the point you're trying to make. But I did think that the Soul scene was a cut above a village hall disco or a wedding reception.
  5. There is a fella on here who DJs regularly who plays records he doesn't like just because they fill the dance floor. Bizarre. Truly bloody bizarre.
  6. I am sure I will get stick and abuse for saying all this, but on the main Northern niter scene, from what I can see (playlists, gig reviews, comments etc) all these younger DJs who are getting 'big gig' bookings just play the same tired old bollocks the old boys play anyway. They are trapped in the same bullshit "keep the dance floor full" mindset vortex which dominates mainstream Northern Soul niters regardless of quality, imagination and diversity. They are terrified of getting abuse from the old boys and girls on the dancefloor for "playing fooking B-sides", "that fooking funky shit" or any other "fookin shite we don't know" or that "in't proper fookin Northern".
  7. Get in the queue!! I posted for this recently and a couple of times before. No nibbles at all......😢
  8. I'm not doubting the conclusion Benji based on circumstances of the titles on either side, but I'm curious as to what is UK style handwriting?
  9. How depressing.
  10. Postage to be added. Paypal (F&F or please add 4% to cover my fees) or bank transfer. Thanks: (1) Double O Demingos - "Storm Warning" (Split) VG+ £250 *****SOLD***** Storm Warning Part 1 (Split).mp3 (2) Fabulous Caprices - "Groovy World" / "My Love" (Camaro) EX £250 *****SOLD***** Groovy World (Camaro).mp3 My Love (Camaro).mp3 (3) The Debonettes - "Tears" (Merry) VG+ £250 *****SOLD***** Tears (Merry).mp3 Tears (Merry).mp3
  11. Jerri Jones "Monkey On Your Back" (Pal) EX Offers over £400 invited. Monkey On Your Back (Pal).mp3
  12. I can't see what's wrong with the copy on Darren Brown's website (Raresoul45s). Fair price, looks smart, sounds clean..........
  13. A few to move on folks. Postage to be added. Paypal F&F or you cover my fees please. No holds on these today. Here we go: (1) Hoagy Lands - "Do You Know What Life Is All About" (Spectrum) M- £25 *****SOLD***** 01 Do You Know What Life Is All Abou.mp3 (2) Jimmy Soul Clark - "I Blew A Good Thing" (Karen) EX but, like most of these, it has label damage - bargain £80 I Blew A Good Thing (Karen).mp3 (3) Lee Stone - "I'm Gonna Put You Down" / "Hold On Baby" (Shaw) EX £125 *****SOLD***** 01 I'm Gonna Put You Down.mp3 (4) Louis Younger - "Night Chick" (Spectrum) EX £75 *****SOLD***** Night Chick (Spectrum).mp3 (5) Madeline & The Monticellos - "Binding Ring Of Gold" (de-Vel) M- £40 Binding Ring Of Gold (De-Vel).mp3
  14. Sorry. Sold literally last night I'm afraid. Thanks for enquiring though.