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Simon Stevenson

Amazing Soul-Pack £1 A Record

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I don't care what you think of him personally, as an individual, and I'm even less interested in others opinions about him.


Ian Levine, (there you go, I've typed the name) currently has an amazing stock of across the board 60's and 70's soul records available in various conditions, styles, labels, etc.

I took delivery of my latest 500 records from him and I'm blown away by the variety and quality, I've only listened to the first 40 or so and checked thier guide prices. Without any selection there was not a single record with a Manship Guide price of less than £20. Admitedly you'd never get those prices but 25-50% would be a fair estimate if you're interested in quick re-sale.


If you want to boost your collection, pick up some real unusual things from major, minor and never seen before labels get in touch with him directly on Facebook or Twitter and he will get back to you.


I'm very happy with mine, I hope you will be too.


Please accept my apologies to all, I posted this in the wrong section first time.

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I wasnt happy with mine

Too much rubbish gospel rnb many records in poor condition

I would tread very carefully vecause this just wasnt worth the money and im too ill to complain to get my money back and the rubbish taken away

The seller was desperate for money

I trusted his reputation and the sales patter

Being vulnerable i fell for it

Be careful

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