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Northern & Crossover 45’s


Terrells - Don't believe - Revolution / VG /  £350 (Super rare and super good sweet soul. Records has quite a lot of marks but nothing really major or deep. It's visually VG but plays really well. You can hear the actual copy for sale on the below link. Flipside is in lesser condition.)


Rama D. Dyushambee - What’s your game / Git off - Youtopia / EX / £300 (Ultra rare vocal jazz/soul 45 with a spiritual feel. Flip is lovely instrumental spiritual jazz cut. Vinyl is clean on that side but sound quality is not great. Youtube clips shows the actual copy for sale.)


Rhythm Machine - Freakish love / Whatcha gonna do - Rodan / EX / £250 (Killer double header out of Detroit, funky soul backed with a quirky midtempo crossover type of soul slowie. Very seldom seen in this clean condition.)


Bettye Swann - When the game is played on you - Atlantic / EX / £200 (Lovely Philly soul dancer now popular. Very hard to find on US stock copy like this one, usually seen on Jamaican press. Flipside has two stickers, comes in company sleeve.)


Neil Reed - Not as beautiful as you - Music Now / EX / £125 (Indemand Detroit crossover double header.)


Cleveland Martin and the Soul Sets - I don’t want to slip away - Single B / EX / £90 (Killer group slowie.)


Phillip Mitchell - I’m gonna build California from all over the world / The world needs more people like you - Shout / EX / £75 (Essential double header and quite a hard one to find on us press. Promo copy.)


Margie Joseph - Nobody / What you gonna do - Volt / VG+ / £65 (Essential double header for the crossover soul fan. I especially like the Willie Tee penned “Nobody” which is a superb allnighter sound. Vinyl has a few light marks but plays well.)


Moments of Truth - I’ll step aside - TOI / EX / £60 (Very clean copy of this high quality group harmony 45.)


Shades of Blu - Bella mi / Waiting for the last goodbye - A&M / EX / £50 (Great version of the Maxine Brown track. Rare one only found on issue copies. Flipside is a version of the Sandra Richardson track that I also think Ebonys did.)


Spanky Wilson - You / Love land - Mothers / VG / £50 (Classic sister funk backed with a beautiful slowie which is not the same song as the one with the same title off her album. Funk side plays well, ballad side with some light background noise in places.)


Barbara Lewis - I remember the feeling - Atlantic / EX / £35 (Superb northern classic! Red white demo copy complete with company sleeve.)


Johnny & the Soul Explosions - Boys and girls together - Josie / EX / £20 (Highly recommended and uplifting the Esquires type of sound. Vinyl white demo copy with same song on the flip.)


Betty Lavette - You’ll wake up wiser - Atco / EX / £15 (Very clean copy of this fantastic slab of crossover soul. Easily the best version.)


Barbara Lynn - This is the thanks I get - Atlantic / VG / £15 (Vinyl copy of this classic northern/crossover dancer. Record has light marks but plays well.)


Smoked Sugar - Keeping up my front (bumpity bump) - 20th Century / EX / £12 (Slowie with magic qualities, doesn’t get better than this. Vinyl demo copy.)


Bobby Bland - These hands (small but mighty) - Duke / VG+ / £10 (Pink demo copy. Vinyl has a little cloudy look but plays well.)


Nancy Wilson - Are we losin’ touch - Capitol / VG+ / £6 (Highly recommended double header cheapie.)


Modern Soul & 2 step 45’s


7 Days Unlimited - Dirt (in the sky) / Early morning break - Acacia Street Gang / EX / £225 (Killer modern soul with a conscious message. Flip is good too. First label before the Fire Mountain release.)


Union Pacific - Need your love - Up / EX / £175 (Lovely Hawaii free soul styled dancer on a well rare 45.)


Roger Billaber / Vi Richardson - Be with me / I can’t believe - R.S.G. / VG+ / £125 (Super obscure 45 with two good ballads. California release by the looks of the label. There’s a scratch making clicks on the end of the Roger Billaber side, it’s the actual copy for sale on the youtube link below.)


Ruthie - Just for love / Let’s try love again - Guiding Star / EX / £100 (Rare modern soul and a great version of the Brief Encounter LP only track. The flip is good too.)


Clifford McClain - I can’t fight it - McClain / EX / £80 (Great and rare 1981 modern soul dancer.)


Pulse - She’s hot / Don’t stop the magic - Silver Cloud / EX / £50 (Indemand boogie which are only found on the rarer issue copies. Flip is a decent ballad. Label has two smallish spots, still looks neat.)


Clear feat. Lee Edwards - Equal love opportunity - DT / EX / £50 (Very catchy lo-fi modern soul. Light blue label with instrumental flipside. Initials on label.)


Ronn Matlock - You got the best of me - Cotillion / EX / £50 (Evergreen modern soul dancer. Tiny X writing on flipside.)


Chuck Jackson - Take off your make-up / VG+ / £45 (Rare and killer version of the Lamont Dozier track. White demo which is vinyl unlike most issue copies. Plays a little crackly in the intro.)



Bob Poiter - Baby I need you / Fantasy lady - Miami International / EX / £45 (Rare 80’s indie. One side is a great slowie with two step appeal, flip is a modern dancer.)


Belita Woods - I just love you - Epic / EX / £25 (Superb floater sound. Demo copy. Date + B written on label.)


Sweet Stuff - Freaky (to you) - Soultown / EX / £25 (Killer indie version of the Leon Haywood song. Instrumental side looks clean but played with some background noise for awhile towards the middle of the song.)


Futures - Ain’t no time fa nothing - PIR / EX / £25 (White demo of this two step/rare groove classic.)


Billy Cole - Extra careful / Bump all night - Power Exchange / EX / £25 (UK double header, midtempo modern backed with a rare groove type of dancer.)


Marsha Hunt - (Oh, no! not) The beast day - Vertigo / VG+ / £20 (UK press of this club classic. Company sleeve has split seams.)


Holiday - Getting kind of serious - Marathon / EX / £20 (All time fave two step, epic stuff. The later version credited to Holiday instead of Holidays, which to my ears are the superior one. Price stamp on label.)


Garrett Scott - I fall in love again - UA / EX / £20 (Killer! Blind buy if you are into the 2 step/mellow groove sound.)


Conway Brothers - Over and over - PBT / EX / £15 (White demo of this killer two step sound. This version sounds a bit beefed up to the Dem label release.)


Linda Lewis - Sideway shuffle - Reprise / VG+ / £15 (Club classic. Has a couple of scuffs but plays well.)


Latimore - Sweet vibrations / Somethin’ ‘bout ‘cha - Glades / VG+ / £10 (Essential double header cheapie. Black/green label variation. Killer 2 step backed with a slick modern soul dancer. Record has jukebox swirl but plays well.)


Invisible Man’s Band - Really wanna see you - Boardwalk / EX / £10 (Catchy and popular modern/disco dancer. Complete with company sleeve.)


Raw Soul Express - EP - Lotta Soul / EX / £8 (4 track EP with the amazing slowie “Keep on smiling”.)


Heaven & Earth - Let’s get it together - Mercury / VG+ / £8 (Powerful modern.)


Jean Carn - Don’t let it go to your head - PIR / VG+ / £8 (Evergreen classic. Record has a few marks but plays clean.)


Whirlwind - Don’t let him get the best of you / Full time thing - Roulette / EX / £8 (Highly recommended “Am I the same girl” styled feel good dancer. Complete with company sleeve. X on label.)


Waters - The other side of midnight - Warner Brothers / EX / £6 (Superb feel good modern soul dancer.)


Charles Earland - Intergalactic love song - Mercury / EX / £6 (Essential classic.)


Motown/Soul/V.I.P./Mowest/George Alexander 45’s - US releases


Barbara McNair - You’re gonna love my baby - Motown / EX / £125 (White demo of this epic northern soul dancer. Generic Motown logo, not the map one. Clean copy and comes in the red Motown company sleeve.)


Eddie Holland - Just ain’t enough love - Motown / VG+ / £30 (First release, usually seen on the re-release from a few years later. Vinyl has a cloudy look but plays well, comes in a lovely looking company sleeve.)


Eddie Holland - Leaving here - Motown / EX / £30 (Lovely copy complete with the lovely looking red Motown company sleeve.)


Supremes - The only time I’m happy - George Alexander / EX / £25 (Oddball Motown release and a good dancer.)


Commodores - The zoo (the human zoo) - Mowest / EX / £25 (Sticker on label.)


Twistin’ Kings - Congo - Motown / VG+ / £25 (Light marks only, plays well.)

Hit Pack - Never say no to your baby - Soul / VG+ / £ (With Hitsville USA company sleeve. BB hole through label. Light marks only, plays clean.)


Earl Van Dyke - 6 by 6 - Soul / VG+ / £12 (Complete with company sleeve. Vinyl has a dull look but plays well.)


Chris Clark - From head to toe - Motown / VG+ / £12 (Vinyl plays clean but has a partial cloudy look. BB hole, with company sleeve.)


Elgins - Put yourself in my place - V.I.P. / VG+ / £6 (Label of the flipside has wear and stains.)


Tamla Motown 45’s - UK


Velvelettes - Lonely lonely girl am I - Tamla Motown / £150 (UK original on TMG 521. Label has a star sticker, the song and group titles are written on the company sleeve.)


Spinners - Sweet thing - Tamla Motown / VG+ / £100 (TMG 514 UK original. Label has remainings of two different stickers. Company sleeve has the song title written on it. )



Detroit Spinners - I’ll always love you - Tamla Motown / EX / £12 (TMG 627, pushout centre. Company sleeve is clean but label has a star sticker.)


Contours - Just a little misunderstanding - Tamla Motown / VG+ / £45 (UK orig, TMG 564. “Determination” label has a star sticker, the song title is written on the company sleeve as well as a bit of tape.)


Chris Clark - From head to toe - Tamla Motown / VG / £20 (TMG 624, push out centre. Light marks only, plays well.)


Tamla Motown 45’s - Holland presses, all complete with picture sleeves.


Tammi Terrell - This old heart of mine / Come on and see me - Tamla Motown / EX/EX / £25 (The Dutch release doubles two of her best sides. Both pic sleeve and vinyl is in nice shape.)


Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - Nowhere to run - Tamla Motown / EX/EX / £25 (Small sticker on each side of the picture sleeve.)


Isley Brothers - This old heart of mine / Take me in your arms - Tamla Motown / VG+/VG+ /  £15 (Picture sleeve has stain from a removed sticker and tiny writing on the back as well as small mid split on bottom seam. Vinyl has shade like marks but plays well.)


Isley Brothers - Little miss sweetness / Put yourself in my place / EX/EX / £12 (One of my fave Motown cuts in “Little miss sweetness” which only had european releases.)


Isley Brothers - I guess I’ll always love you / I hear a symphony - Tamla Motown / EX/EX / £12 (Pic sleeve has small mark from removed sticker.)


Isley Brothers - Behind a painted smile / One too many heartaches - Tamla Motown / EX/VG+ / £6 (I have two copies of this, one with no center american style and one with a push out centre. Advise when ordering.)


Edwin Starr - S.o.s. Stop her on sight / Headline news - Tamla Motown / VG+/VG+ / £12 (Vinyl has some staining, plays well. Picture sleeve has one side split.)


Soul & Disco 12’s


Blair - Nightlife - Solar Sound / S/S / £160 (Still sealed copy, cut corner. Upper left corner has a little mold inside the seal but it looks like the cover is unharmed.)


Nick Allen - Need more time - T.I.M.E. / EX / £120 (Nice clean copy of this modern/disco indemander.)


Ned Doheny - To prove my love - CBS / EX/EX / £65 (UK original of this popular soul/disco cut. Both company sleeve and label has a store sticker. The removable programming sticker has a number written on it.)


Joubert Singers - Stand on the word - Next Plateau / EX / £65 (White demo of this popular gospel disco track.)


Jonnie Baby - Special things - Elektra / EX/EX / £30 (White demo of this 80’s indemander.)


Ted Taylor - Ghetto disco - TK Disco / EX / £25 (Hard TK release. Writing on label.)


Smokey Robinson - And I don’t love you / Dub - Motown / EX/VG+ / £10 (With the Larry Levan instrumental dub version. Company sleeve has lower ring wear.)


World Premiere - Share the night - Easy Street / EX/EX / £10 (Classic 80’s, here with the 7:20 Club Mix, 7:00 Breakdown mix and a 4:15 instrumental version.)


Howard Johnson - Keepin’ love new - A&M / EX / £8 (White demo of this Kashif penned 80’s soul winner. With 4:05 album version and a edited 3:47 version.)


Linda Evans - You got me dreaming / Don’t you need - Ariola / EX/EX / £5 (Nice and jazzy stepper which sounds great on 12 inch. There’s a tiny tear on the disco label side. Talking of that side it’s the full 5:57 length version here.)


Soul & Funk Albums


Freddie Terrell’s Soul Expedition - Lefevre / VG/VG / £700 (1972 holy grail type funk and soul album. The standout for me is the deep and amazing midtempo crossover soul track “We gonna make it”. “I’ll be standing” is another nice crossover soul type of cut but the rest of the album is about funk - “Itching”, “Get down with it” and more. Both vinyl and cover is fairly strong VG. Most part of the album plays clean but there some slight background noise in places. Cover has some edge wear and small writing on front cover.)


Carrie Cleveland - Looking up - Cleve/Den / EX/NM / £350 (As new copy of this soul indemander. Opened but cover still in shrink.)


Leon Debouse - A fine instrument - Bold / EX/EX / £200 (Major TK rarity including the modern soul feel good dancer “Every fellas girl”. Cover has a small cut out saw mark.)


Crack Steppin’ - A comic book operetta in rhythm & blues - Get Down / EX/EX / £125 (Very rare and obscure Detroit release. Includes “What we gonna do with this feeling”, the rare alternative version to Sahara’s “The wind” plus a couple of more nice slowies.)


Melton Brothers Band - Livin in the city - MDM Communications / VG+/EX / £125 (With the killer title track, such a beauty. First press with multi coloured sleeve. Vinyl has some superficial marks, the title track plays clean.)


Sylk - s/t - Earthquake - VG+/G / £100 (Very rare 1983 soul album. Lower part of the sleeve has large tear and H20 damage.)


Lalomie Washburn - Could it be - Temati / EX/EX / £100 (Rare 1982 release out of California with the absolute sublime “Could it be” as well as the disco cuts “I really need your lovin” and “Look toward the sky”. Lovely copy with cover still in shrink.)


Lee Edwards - Shades of love - Seawind / EX/VG / £95 (Charming lo-fi modern soul album. Cover has light general wear, still looks neat but the main issue is that the whole upper seam has been taped.)


Don Blackman - s/t - Arista GRP / EX/EX / £70 (Classic! Tiny cut corner, cover still in shrink.)


Yvonne Gray - Lady gray - LMI /EX/EX / £70 (Obscure funky/jazzy soul. Includes “Keep the music alive”, one for the fans of Marlena Shaw.)


LAPD - To play and to sing - L.A. International / EX/EX / £60 (Rare album with the killer jazzy soul cut “Uncle Tom’s cabin”. One for the lovers of Terry Callier, Willie Wright etc)


Rinlew Allstars - s/t - Avi / EX/VG+ / £50 (With killer stepper “Didn’t want a lot, did ya” and a good version of the David Simmons dancer “Holding back”. Cover has small cut corner and small amount of wear around the edges.)


Ramp - Come into knowledge - Abc Blue Thump / EX/VG+ / £50 (Classic!! Cover close to EX but has slight lower ring wear and a small cut out saw mark.)


Deliverance Ensemble - In the twinkling of an eye - Gospel World / EX/EX / £50 (1982 gospel album with modern soul interest. “Sittin on top of the world” is an energetic dancer, “Surrender soon” is a nice rip-off version of “Ain’t no sunshine”. As new copy with cover still in shrink.)


Archie Bell & the Drells - Tighten up - Atlantic / EX/EX / £30 (Superb album with music from Archie Bell and TSU Toronadoes. Standouts to me are “When you left heartaches began” and a “A thousand wonder”. The classic title track still holds a charm as well. Blue/green label stereo press.)


Soul Explosion Band - Out of many one people - Soul Ex / EX/EX / £30 (Toronto, Canada album which includes the lovely slowie “Blue lady” which holds a solid low rider type of sound. )


Wilma Reading - Take a closer look at - Pye / EX/EX / £25 (UK album with her nice version of “Keep the faith”.)


Touch - Energizer - Brunswick / EX/EX / £15 (Highly recommended album with a mix of early disco and modern soul. “Energizer”, “Me and you” and the personal standout, a breezy instrumental feelgood version of “Love hangover”.)


Independent Movement - Slippin’ away - Polydor / EX/EX / £15 (With the superb full length version of the title track.)


Norman Connors - Mr. C - Arista / EX/EX / £15 (His most indemand Arista album. The standout to me is the excellent modern soul dancer “Love’s in your corner”. A song which also appeared on the excellent previously unreleased Bridge recordings that finally came out on the FER label in the early 2000’s. Cut corner.)


Norman Connors - Invitation - Arista / EX/EX / £6 (With the modern dancer “Be there in the morning” here in a version which I prefer to Renee Geyer.)


Circle O’ Fire - Escape Hatch - Stax / EX/VG+ / £10 (Late Stax release which holds a couple of modern soul winners in “Have it your way” and “True blue”. Cover has some slight lighter wear and a pronounced upper and lower ring wear as well as a vintage price sticker.)


Ronnie Dyson - Love in all flavors - Columbia / EX/EX / £8 (With “I can’t believe that” which comes highly recommended. Gold promo stamp on back cover.)


Soul Children - Friction - Stax / EX/EX / £8 (With the album only crossover dancer “We’re gettin’ too close”)


Bloodstone - We go a long way back - T-Neck / VG+/EX / £8 (Includes the superb two stepper “My kind of woman”.)


City Limits - Circles - TSOP / EX/EX / £8 (Includes the essential Philly soul track “Words without love” which is album only.)


Charles Earland - Odyssey - Mercury / VG+/VG / £6 (With the full 7:16 version of “Intergalactic love song”. Cover has light general wear, pricesticker and partial upper and lower splits.)



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