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  1. Hello and hope you all had a great summer! First list since June and a 45 only one this time around. PM to reserve. All records are available on a first come, first serve basis so be quick. BR, Karl Modern Soul & Two Step 45’s Executive Force - Midnight lovin’ / You’re the type of girl - New Age / EX / £450 (Killer 1980 double header. Super solid modern dancefloor stuff backed with a beautiful mellow groove type of slowie.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSrIF6C2GHI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQaE8bwC5GQ McArthur - It’s so re
  2. Hi and welcome to the June 2020 list! I hope that each and everyone of you are enjoying the summer. Regardless if that's case here's a bunch of records with potential to make it better! A wide array of mostly 45's this time around. Everything from modern soul, northern soul, crossover, funk, gospel and reggae. Not that many super rare things but plenty of good titles in all sections so look closely. Just PM to reserve. Due to the pandemic there’s currently delays in post handling so please allow extra time for your records to arrive. Sweden-UK route for instance is around 1-4 we
  3. UPDATED, still looking for the rest. Wants! Looking for these 45's, just PM if you can help. Captions "Turn off the lights" Jean Carne "Early morning love" Atlantic Cuisine "Put your body in it" Dynamic Upsetters "Love changes" Dynamic Upsetters "Make myself clear" Galaxy "Live your life" James Hamilton "Dancin’ vibes" Jonah's Whale "Why" Betty Lavette "Stormy" Moovers "One little dance" (looking for the DEEP CITY label release only) New Designers "We won't know unless we try" New World "A friend who is not a friend" Phaze II "Unda’ my skin" Philtratio
  4. Hi and welcome to the April 2020 list! 45’s only list this time around and with the strongest section being the NS and crossover one. Mostly low to mid priced item but also a few very seldom seen rarities PM to reserve! Regarding post. Due to the pandemic there’s currently delays in post handling. Cause being reduced postal capacity, cancelled flights etc etc so please allow extra time for your records to arrive. I can also recommend tracked service which I will now do at reduced cost. Regular shipping for one 45’s is £5, and tracked service (insured up to £175) at a subs
  5. PM to order! Hello and welcome to the March 2020 list! Some new fresh and superb discs in all sections, together with a few previously listed but now with lower prices. 45 rarities from Thompson Brothers, Blue Velvets and Avengers together with the cheap and cheerful. And a small reggae 45, and a small album section in the end. Keep to yourself and wash your hands, Karl Modern Soul & Two Step 45’s Chuck Stephens – Paying for your love – Leo Mini / EX / £1100 (Stunning feelgood NYC modern dancer from the “Let’s get nasty” guy. Rare!!)
  6. Hi and welcome to the first K-Mart list of the decade. No January list because of travelling makes up for a real meaty one this time around. A real nice and varied one too. Everything from early 60s soul, northern soul, ballads and crossover to modern, two step, latin soul to a section of brazilian soul/funk/jazz albums. PM to reserve! Some of the highlights below: Modern soul – indie label 45’s from Executive Jam, Richardi Mac “Told you so”, Larry Connor (“Cupid”) and Chuck Strongs version of “Doin’ it cause it feels good”. Major label greats like Trumains “Ripe for the pickin'
  7. Hello and welcome to the K-Mart Records December 2019 list! Last one of this decade from a total of around seventy lists. Not going out with a NYE bang but there's some nice things in all sections. Modern 45's holds rare/classic titles such as John Simeone, Flight on SGA, Chuck Stephens on Leo Mini and Al Hudson "I'm about lovin' you". Northern soul section holds the Robert Thomas indemander "Salvation", Kell Osbornes best disc in "Small things", Vontastics, previously unreleased Shrine tracks by Leroy Taylor and more. There's a fat reggae 45 section with alot of soul covers mxed in with
  8. PM to order! Modern Soul 45’s Freedom Force – What I feel / Stop running – Sundown / EX / £600 (Killer double header out of Greenville, SC. So rare, and so good. Clean copy but with light warp not affecting play.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiRbISFG88M Jan Jones – Independent woman – Day-Wood / EX / £400 (Classic feel good dancer, with atmosphere and some!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHJPO34sHSI Pretenders – I call it love / It’s everything about you (That I love) – Carnival / EX / £250 (Fantastic modern soul double header! Tw
  9. Listen here. Track listing: Adventurers / Something Bad (Blue Rock 4071) Brad Stuart / I Wouldn't Mind (Sir Graham 391) Tyrone Harris / Nothing Seems To Go Right (Barclay & the III) Milt Smith / Since I Got You (Dal-Jacs 101) Gene Townsel / Mr. Boon Tang (Ah-La-Vi 3160) Cindy & the Playmates - A Portrait Of God's Love (Kemp 50) Sag War Fare / Girl! You Better Change (Libra 100) Hunt's Determination / Are We Through (Earwax 002) Kaldirons / To Love Someone (Twinight 131) Turks / You Turn Me On (Daran 0111) Words Of Wisdom-Truth
  10. Hello and welcome to the K-Mart Records October sales list! Once again heaving with goodies in all price ranges and in all sections, and the 12 inch section is back with a few tasty items. PM to reserve! BR, Karl Modern Soul, Disco & Two Step 45’s Ernest Baker – Alone again – Blue Soul / EX / £650 (Iconic modern soul dancer and still one of the best recordings ever. One of those you just wished you heard for the first time again.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bPSLn3VjQs Phillip Wright – Keep her happy – Dash / EX / £225 (Classic soulful Miam
  11. PM to reserve! Hello and welcome to the K-Mart Records September sales list! Modern soul section holds a bunch of nice major label releases this time around, and with a sprinkle of indie releases. Charisma Band x2, Sam Dees x2, Southside Movement, Mandrill, Percy & Them etc. Northern/Crossover section is somewhat weaker rarity wise but some killers when it comes to musical quality. A couple of highlights in Neal Brown, Charen Cotten and Terri Bryant. Ballad section holds mostly cheap but great nuggets but a couple of rarities in Papa & th
  12. Hello and welcome to the August 2019 sales list. I hope you all are doing well and had a great summer. And that you now have a big urge to spend on records! PM to reserve! Best Regards, Karl Modern Soul & Two Step 45’s Medlows - Love Pt. 1 - Midsong International / EX / OFFERS (Modern soul dancer of the highest quality, 1976 John Davis production. One of the rarest major label releases. Current Butch spin someone told me, and I have not seen/heard of other copies apart from this and my personal copy. Promo copy with date + small scribbling on label. I don’t t
  13. I can't help with one but be sure to get the one with the proper cover, the ones with generic sleeves are a much later reissue.
  14. Check it out: https://www.lifeclassics.co/karl-marthon-17
  15. A few classic and lesser known northern soul 45's for sale. PM to reserve! artist/title/label/condition/price/comment The Monorays - Love - 20th Century / VG / £80 (plays well) 5 Of A Kind - Please Tell Me (They Were Wrong) / The Other Side - Sidra / NM / £110 (orig, super clean copy) Dorothy Williams - The Well's Gone Dry GOLDWAX / EX / £80 Brother To Brother ‎– I Gotta Situation / You're About To Lose The One Who Loves You - Win or Lose / EX / £80 Brewster Crew ‎– I'm One Who Know - Lifeline / EX / £80 Pat Clayton ‎– Someone Else's Turn - Silver Tip / EX / £80 Dee Cla

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