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  1. Hello and welcome to the May 2018 list! Quite a strong one this time as well with some real nice and rarely offered 45’s in all sections. For instance there’s quite a few classic Chicago soul 45 collectibles, all in stunning condition. Last but not least we have one 12 inch and a few carefully selected albums. PM to order please! If you are going to the Stockholm Soul Weekender just let me know and you can pick up the r..
  2. As for runout grooves, A-side of mine has "A-2001" and "10698" and B-side has "A. 2002" (dot is higher up) and "10699". This copy was found before 2006 (and in the Memphis area) and should deffo be an original.
  3. No idea, getting confusing! My friend has a reissue of the "Cry love" with thin text, will ask for a pic.
  4. The other title but "Cry love" looks the same.
  5. Both of these are the originals... Compare the smallest text to the one I posted earlier. Much thinner and crisper on the reissue, you can clearly see it's laser printed.
  6. Track list: Jewels – Opportunity – Dimension Soul-Teasers – On a hot summer day in the big city – Joker Patience Valentine – Walking up to a dream – Trush Barbara Jean English – Comin’ or goin – Alithia Cookie Woodson – I’ll be true – Colossus Touch of Class – Love me baby – Renfro Carmelita – Rose bud – Carmen Carol Anderson – Sad girl – Fee Ginie Lynn – In love – Misty ..
  7. KarlM

    Little Melvin and Boleros - Jealous Lover

    Thanks Carl! Sent you a PM mgriff.
  8. PM to reserve! Northern Soul, Crossover & Funk 45’s Voltaire’s - My, my, my baby / Movin’ movin’ on - Bacone / EX / £450 (Superb classic group harmony NS dancer. Flipside is more of the same.) Icemen - It’s time you knew / It’s gonna take a lot - Ole-9 / EX / £350 (Stomping group harm..
  9. Easiest way is to check the smallest fonts, the producer credits. If they are very crisp and thin it's the reissue. Pic here showing the original: This is a reissue (their other 45 here but you can spot the difference, was made at the same time as the "Cry love" reissue):
  10. KarlM

    3 rare R&B/Northern 45's

    PM to reserve. Ships from Sweden, insured post is £15. Victoria Williams & J.B. Ledbetter - Show some sign / We’re so satisfied - Verve / EX / £180 (Driving NS dancer with a hint of R&B feel. DJ copy and comes In company sleeve, flipside has writing on label.) Clarence Murray - Let’s get on with it /..
  11. KarlM

    New mix - Modern soul

    Just uploaded a third volume in my classic modern soul selections. Previous one touched on Philly soul, this one is fully dedicated to that. Free Spirit / Love You Just As Long As I Can (Chess 2154) Ronnie Dyson / Cup (Runneth Over) (Columbia 3-10211) Philadelphia Flyers / Run and Hide (Casablanca 826) Tapestry / It's Not the World That's Messed Up (Capitol 4295) Philly Devotions / I Was a Lonely Man (Columb..
  12. PM TO RESERVE! Dear All, A slightly smaller list this time around than I had planned and wished for courtesy of PostNord, the Swedish Post. With their new import duty rules and dead slow handling being in effect since the first of March they are currently holding around fifteen of my parcels in customs and are letting almost nothing through. Hopefully they can speed up their process shortly but if you are..
  13. KarlM

    6 rare 45's for sale.

    Al Danner and Luther 45's on hold.