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To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com

or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct

also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra 

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:- 
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates. 
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.


Monthly list is now up... a bit earlier than usual

Just back from USA so loads of great 45's on this list and more to come soon!

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm

All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

Newman, DaveMake up your mind (part fogging on vinyl-nap)/Can't take no........M-/w/demo/2 great sidesLook85
Lemon TreeA tender affairM-/demo/sl off center-NEEDS SLIGHT ADJUSTMENTLucky Eleven15
King, AnnaThe big changeEX+/greatLudix75
Brown, OtisI'am ready for love/Will you waitM-/yellow label/2 great sidesLujuna20
Upfronts, TheBaby, for you loverecommendedLummtone40
Washington, AlbertLoosen these pains and let me goR&B/recommendedM. In The Street15
Huey, Claude (Baby)Keep it to myselfEX-/demo/wol/superbM.I.O.B.85
West, NormBaby pleasedemo/recommendedM.O.C.20
Furys, TheNever morew/demo/recommendedMack IV20
Bailey, JRToo late/Hold back the dawn  demo/greatMala15
Bishop, BobbyThat's where I belongvg+/demo/label wearMala6
Fugitives, TheYour girl's a womanwol/demoMala15
Legend, TobiNo good to cry/HeartbreakerEX+/demo/2 great sidesMala40
Van Dykes, TheWhat will I do if I lose youM-/greatMala15
Mighty SamNever too busyM-/great R&BMalaco15
King, AnnaIn between tearswol/recommended Malibu40
Chosen FewTaking all the love I can/I can't take no chancesM-/superb/great flip tooMaple60
Jogettes, TheJohnny's comin' homeR&B/greatMar12
Du-ettes, TheEvery beat of my heartM-/classicMar-V-lus12
Young FolkJoey/Lonely girl (wol)M-/2 great sidesMar-V-Lus15
Hamilton, Edward & ArabiansThank you motherrecommendedMary Jane15
Classic SullivansShame, shame, shameM-/superbMaster Key100
Wesley, John & The Four TeesYou still need me/It's the talk of the townM-/2 great sidesMelic125
Guys & DollsLooking for a lovergreatMellow10
Burnette, DorseyLittle acornwolMel-o-dy10
Bowen, JeffreyI'll get by (all by myself)    (Inc Co sleeve)w/demo/superbMercury75
Brothers GrimmLooky lookyEX/w/demo/wol-flip/classicMercury40
Brothers GrimmLooky lookyM-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classicMercury50
Bryant, ArnoldHouse in orderM-/superb/2nd issueMercury10
Bryant, ArnoldHouse in orderM-/w/demo/superbMercury20
Butler, JerryWhat's the use of breaking upgreatMercury8
Charades, TheYou're with me all the wayw/demo/wol-flip/superbMercury60
Del RoyalsSome kind of wonderful/sameEX+/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superbMercury40
DreamloversBless your soul/The bad times make the good times (WOL)M-/w/demo/2 great sidesMercury30
Dreamlovers, TheBless your soul/The bad times make the good times2 great sidesMercury30
Dunn, JoyceA New change of address/same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/greatMercury30
Hendrix, MargieRestlessEX-/lite label wear/superb R&BMercury15
Lewis, HermanThink before you walk away/same  (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/superbMercury25
Long, LynnDo I babygreatMercury20
Long, LynnDo I babydemo/greatMercury25
McPhatter, ClydeCrying won't help you now        (Inc Co sleeve)w/demo/great mid-tempoMercury25
Moore, MelbaPatience is rewardedM-/w/demo/recommendedMercury15
Sandy & The PebblesHe's my kind of fellow(wol)/My foolish little heartM-/w/demo/2 superb sidesMercury40
Scott, BobbyIt's realdemo/nice mid-tempoMercury15
Soul CityI shot for the moon/I will take care of youM-/w/demo/2 superb sidesMercury50
Warwick, Dee DeeFoolish foolv sl lbl ring wearMercury8
Warwick, Dee DeeWe've got everything going for us/Don't you ever give up on meM-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sidesMercury25
Warwick, Dee DeeWhen love slips away/House of gold2 superb sidesMercury15
Yuro, Timi(I'm afraid) the masquerade is over Mercury15
Yuro, Timi(I'm afraid) the masquerade is overw/demoMercury20
Burns, Jackie & The Bo-BellsI do the best I canex-/great/rarer issueM-G-M45
Cambridge, DottieHe's about a moverM-/recommendedM-G-M30
Gaynor, GloriaSearchin'/Reach out, I'll be thererecommendedM-G-M12
Impact, TheMy world fell downdemo/v sl warp-nap/greatM-G-M12
Impact, TheMy world fell downM-/demo/greatM-G-M15
Invitations, TheThe skate/Girl I'm leavingrecommendedM-G-M20
Jarrett, Peter & Fifth Circle, TheRun run, baby rundemo/greatM-G-M15
Mars, MarlinaPut my love on strike/Give your love to meEX/y/demo/superb/great flip tooM-G-M60
Mars, MarlinaPut your love on strike/Give your love to meM-/Inc Co sleeve/superb/great flip tooM-G-M60
Nash, JohnnyYou never know/Good goodnessM-/demo/sol/2 great sidesM-G-M40
Nash, JohnnyYou never know/Good goodnessM-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sidesM-G-M40
Payne, FredaSad sad Septemberdemo/superbM-G-M20
Payne, FredaSad sad SeptemberEX/superbM-G-M20
Perry, CharlesHow can IEX/y/demo/Inc Co sleeve/greatM-G-M30
Quinn, CaroleGood boy gone baddemo/recommendedM-G-M12
Quinn, CaroleGood boy gone badrecommendedM-G-M12
Quinn, CaroleI'll do it for you/Do those little things greatM-G-M20
Roberts, Lou & The MarksYou fooled meM-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classicM-G-M50
Roberts, Lou And Tye MarksTen to one/Don't count on meM-/y/demo/sm tol/Inc Co slv/classicM-G-M40
Royalettes, TheNever againwol/up-tempo versionM-G-M12
Royalettes, TheNever againup-tempo versionM-G-M15
SuperiorsCan't make it without you (wol)/Let me make you happyVG++/demo/2 great sidesM-G-M30
Tulips, TheYou better stay away from my babydemo/2x'sol M-G-M15
Turner, SpyderI can't make it anymoreM-/doesn't get any better!/classicM-G-M15
Willows, TheOutside the citydemo/wol/greatM-G-M15
Wilson, NorrisWhere the action isM-/great mid-tempoM-G-M20
Roberts, LouMy love is stronger than my mind/Cold, cold heartw/demoM-G-M SOM15
Barnes, OrtheaYour picture on the wall/Same as beforeM-/2 great sides/1st label/RAREMickay's75
Starr, No NoSwing your love my way/Pull yourself togetherM-/2 superb sidesMidas20
Anderson, CarolHolding on/You boyM-/superb/great flip tooMid-Town30
Hollingsworth, JamesRunning back to yougreatMikalin12
ContrailsFeel so fine/Make me love youEX-/stmol/great/nice flip tooMillage25
KaZiaI say pleaseEX+/greatMillage30
St. Clair, KellyDon't look over your shouldernice/with pic. sleeveMillage30
O'JaysHold on/Working on your caseEX+/2 superb sidesMinit30
ShowmenThe wrong girlM-/DEMO/classic/rare demoMinit100
Spellman, BennyEvery now and thendemo/greatMinit15
Young HeartsI've got love for my baby/Taking care of businessdemo/wol/greatMinit20
Memphis Men, TheOh what a night/Act natuarllyM-/w/demo/recommendedMiramar30
Bob & EarlDancin' everywhereM-/greatMirwood6
Lee, JackieThe duck/Let your conscience be your guide2 great sidesMirwood10
OlympicsBaby, do the Philly doggreatMirwood8
OlympicsMine exclusively/Secret agentsEX/2 great sidesMirwood10
OlympicsMine exclusively/Secret agentsM-/2 great sidesMirwood12
Bell, MadelinePicture me goneEX+/wol-flip/classic/1st labelMod25
Adams, JohnnyNo in between/Don't wait too log (XOL)EX-/w/demo/2 great sidesModern15
Day, JackieOh ! What heartachesclassicModern20
Gilliam, JohnnyBaby take me back/You make me feel like someoneM-/w/demo/2 superb sidesModern75
MarvellosDown in the city(xol)/In the sunshineM-/w/demo/2 great sidesModern50
Three Of Us, TheI'm gonna love you babyM-/greatMolly30
Swann, BettyeI think I'm falling in love/Don't take my mindgreatMoney15
Swann, BettyeMake me yoursgreatMoney15
Jean, RubyEmpty words/Roving girlM-/2 great sidesMonster Masters200
Contrasts, TheWhat a dayrecommendedMonument12
Jefferies, FranGone nowEX+/w/demo/superb Monument75
White, Tony JoePolk salad AnnieR&BMonument15
Vontastics, TheLady loveEX-/recommendedMoon Shot20
Vontastics, TheLady loveM-/recommendedMoon Shot25
Robinson, TedThing called love (wol) / A little satisfactionEX-/greatMoonville USA20
Soul MerchantsTender loving care(2 x's ol)/Talking about you girlM-/2 great sidesMoonville USA75
Clark, ChrisFrom head to toeEX/recommendedMotown15
Eckstine, BillyI wonder why nobody loves meM-/superb R&BMotown75
Four TopsThe keyrecommendedMotown10
Holland, EddieJamieclassicMotown25
Holland, EddieJamie            (2.15 version)classicMotown30
Martin, TonyThe two of usex-Motown10
McNair, BarbaraYou're gonna love my baby (xol)VG/wol-flip/plays great/classicMotown75
Ross, Diana & SupremesTime changes thingsrecommendedMotown10
Ross, Diana & SupremesWill this be the day/Love childrecommendedMotown8
Ruffin, DavidI pray everyday you won't regret loving Motown8
Ruffin, JimmyWhat becomes of the broken hearted/samew/demo/'74 re-iss/classicMotown6
Spinners, TheTruly yoursgreatMotown15
Supremes, TheTime changes things2nd/greatMotown10
Supremes, TheTime changes thingsex-/greatMotown12
Wells, MaryTwo lovers/OperatorgreatMotown10
Wonder, StevieNothing's too good for my babysm wol/greatMotown Yesteryear5
Burrage, HaroldMaster keyrecommendedM-pac20
Simpson, Big DaddyGive me back my ringR&BM-pac12
Earls, ThePapa/If I could do it over againsm wol/2 great sidesMr. G30
Del-chordsYour mommy lied to your daddyEX-/wol/sm lbl scuff/greatMr. Genius40
Curry, LouisA toast to you/I'll try again tomorrowM-/2 great sidesM-S30
Curry, LouisI'll try again tomorrow/A toast to you(xol)VG++/2 great sidesM-S20
StridesI can get along (without your love)/The stride (inst)M-/w/demo/fantastic!!!M-S200
VariationsShakin' and breakin'M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/greatMTA40
Williams, ArleneDuck all over town(xol)M-/great R&BMusette40
Scott, WalterSilly girl/Just you wait2 great sidesMusicland USA20
Crossen Jr, RayTry some soulM-/Inc Co sleeve/superbMusicor20
Jive Five, TheYou'l fall in love/Crying like a baby2 great sidesMusicor15
Parish, DeanBricks, broken bottles and sticks (XOL)/I'm over eighteenEX/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classicMusicor200
Perkins, JoeRunaway slaveex-/w/demo/recomnddMusicor75
Radcliffe, JimmyMoment of weaknessvg++/greatMusicor12
Toys, TheYou got it baby/You've got to give her lovew/demo/2 great sidesMusicor20
Harris, MiltonYou should have told me/She's hurting mesuperb mid-tempoMutt30
Washington, BabyWhy did my baby put me downvg++/sl label wear-flip/great R&BNeptune12
Washington, BabyWork outgreatNeptune15
MetrojeanMama, let me do it my waybeat balladNew Sound20
Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, MitchToo many fish in the sea(sol)EX+/greatNew Voice5
Ryder, MitchSock it to me-babywith color pic. sleeveNew Voice15
Kittens Three, TheBaby (I need you)/I'm coming apart at the seamsEX+/multi coloured label/2 great sidesNewark40
Grant, Carrie & The GrandeursTake all my life/There'll come a timeEX-/2 great sidesNew-Art12
La Belle, PattiLove me just a little/The jokes on you2 great sidesNewtime15
21st CenturyComing right back/Shadow of a memoryEX-/v sl lbl ring/2 superb sides/1st label/rareNoel200
Belgianetts, TheThe trainrecommendedOkeh25
Black Velvet, TheJust came back/Come on heartw/demo/sm wol/2 nice sidesOkeh10
Butler, Billy & ChantersI can't work no longerex-/classicOkeh15
Butler, Billy & ChantersI can't work no longersmall lbl tear/classicOkeh15
Butler, Billy & ChantersI can't work no longerclassicOkeh20
Butler, Billy & ChantersI can't work no longerw/demo/classicOkeh30
Butler, Billy & EnchantersGotta get away/I'm just a mansuperb/great flip tooOkeh25
CharadesLove of my life/Can't make it without youM-/w/demo/fantastic!!!/great flip tooOkeh75
Jackson, WalterOne heart lonelyvg+/wol/greatOkeh10
Jackson, WalterOne heart lonelyex-/greatOkeh12
Jackson, WalterThey don't give medalswol/greatOkeh8
Little RichardA little bit of somethingEX/superbOkeh30
Little RichardWell/Poor dog2 great R&B sidesOkeh15
Taylor, TedNeed you homegreatOkeh15
Taylor, TedSomebody's always tryingEX+/w/demo/superb R&BOkeh150
Teacho And The StudentsChills and feverEX-/w/demo/recommendedOkeh30
VariationsYesterday is gonew/demo/wol/superbOkeh30
VibrationsGonna get along without you nowEX-/superbOkeh25
VibrationsKeep on keeping onw/demo/recommendedOkeh30
VibrationsPick me/You better bewareEX/EX- flip/w/demo/2 great sidesOkeh25
Williams, Larry/Johnny WatsonA quitter never winsEX+/classic/sleeveOkeh40
FiestasI gotta have your lovin'w/demo?/recommendedOld Town15
SolitairesLonesome lover/Pretty thing2 great sidesOld Town25
SparkelsTry love (one more time) M-/sm ink spot ol/classicOld Town300
Calello, PatThe things I needM-/w/demo/highly recommendedOliver60
Williams, SandyCaliforniaw/demo/greatOliver15
AdmirationsWait til I get to know you/inst.fantasticOne-derful15
Clay, OtisA lasting love/Got to find a waygreat m-tempo/up-tempoOne-derful12
Clay, OtisShow placewol-flip/recommendedOne-derful12
Clay, OtisShow placerecommendedOne-derful15
Everett, BettyI'll be thererecommendedOne-derful25
Mitchell, McKinleyA bit of soulgreatOne-derful25
RockmastersA wonderful thingdemo/greatOne-derful30
SharpeesI've got a secretrecommendedOne-derful20
SharpeesMy girl JeanrecommendedOne-derful20
Day, EddieFor my girl/Summers gone2 great sidesOnyx30
Harner, BillyShe's almost you/Fool me classic/superb m-t flipOpen8
Harner, BillyShe's almost you/Fool me  (superb m-tempo flip)w/demo/classicOpen12
Helms, JimmyMy little devilrecommendedOracle30
Smith, Tommy & The Laughing KindI'm going to save you/I'm gonna put some hurt on youM-/2 great sidesOrbit20
Hollywood PersuadersDrums a-go-gosuperb inst/DRUMS!!!Original Sound12
Eighteenth EditionWhen you love someonegreatPanther30
De VonnsFreddieM-/w/demo/recommendedParkway25
Four ExceptionsA sad goodbye/You got the power(xol)M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeveParkway75
Graves, JoeSee sawM-/w/demo/superbParkway20
Holman, EddieA free countryxol-flip/greatParkway10
Campbell, ViSeven doorsEX/demo/great R&BPeacock40
Verdell, JackieCome let me love youvg++/wol/demoPeacock25
ClassmenThe yang yang (The heart string)ex-/great dancerPearce25
Peterson, KrisI believe in youM-/w/demo?/greatPelikin20
ImpossiblesWell it's alright Pellegrino15
Liberation Street SingersLove is in the airM-/fantastic!!!Pentagram200
Barrett, SusanNo one but youex-/w/demo/greatPhilips25
Brown, RuthMamaEX/w/demo/wol/R&B/greatPhilips25
Brown, RuthMamaw/demo/R&B/greatPhilips30
Covey, Julian & The MachineA little bit hurtEX+/classicPhilips50
FlamingosShe shook my worldM-/superbPhilips20
Hebb, BobbyCrazy baby/Love me2 great sidesPhilips8
Hebb, BobbyLove love love (wol)EX+/classicPhilips12
IntentionsDon't forget that I love you/The night riderM-/Inc Co slv/blue lbl/superb/inst flipPhilips40
Intentions, TheDon't forget that I love you (XOL)/The night riderEX+/w/demo/superb/great Inst-flipPhilips50
Intentions, TheDon't forget that I love you/The night riderM-/w/demo/superb/great Inst-flipPhilips60
Kelly, PaulSweet sweet lovin'greatPhilips15
Kelly, PaulSweet sweet lovin' (sm sol)M-/greatPhilips15
King, Clydie & The Sweet ThingsPromises/The boys in my lifeM-/Inc Co slv/2 nice sidesPhilips12
Lewis, BobbyGive me your yesterdaysSoul seekin'demo/2x'sol/v sl lbl wearPhilips30
MillionairesNever for meEX+/sm stmol/classicPhilips75
Millionaires, TheA rather hip shing/I'd rather do it myselfEX-/2 great sidesPhilips20
Millionaires, TheA rather hip shing/I'd rather do it myselfEX+/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sidesPhilips25
Peoples Choice, TheLost and found/Keep on holdin' onM-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb/great flipPhilips40
Results, TheNeed your love/Funky                (female group)ex-/w/demo/2 great sidesPhilips12
Results, TheNeed your love/Funky                (female group)w/demo/2 great sidesPhilips15
Springfield, DustyAll cried out/I wish I'd never loved yougreat version/superb flipPhilips15
Toys, TheCiao babyrecommendedPhilips15
Toys, TheCiao babyw/demo/recommendedPhilips20
Tyrell, SteveA boy without a girlgreatPhilips20
Tyrell, SteveA boy without a girlw/demo/greatPhilips25
Williams, TonyHow comeM-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommendedPhilips50
Williams, TonySecond bestrecommendedPhilips30
Wilson, ObreyYou don't love megreatPhilips15
C, Fantastic JohnnyShe's some kind of wonderfulM-/classicPhil-L.A. Of Soul15
Jones, BusterDown silent streetsw/demo/superbPhil-L.A. Of Soul60
Sigler, BennyI can give you lovere-issue/greatPhil-L.A. Of Soul8
Stuart, JebIn love againR&B Phillips15
ModernisticsDown at the go-gogreatPioneer15
Starr, BrendaSatan, let me sleep tonightw/demo/fantasticPolydor100
Allison, LeevertI want to give my heart to youhighly recommendedPoncello40
Sparkels, TheWhere there's a willex-/w/demo/greatPoplar30
Webs, TheTomorrow(v sl lbl ring wear)/This thing called loveM-/2 great sidesPopside20
SoothersI believe in youEX+/sm wol/greatPort20
AdonisI laugh to keep from crying/Cry of the centuryEX+/2 great sidesPowertree60
Sindab, PaulI was a fool/Yeah, I never knewM-/superb/great flip tooPowertree150
Nelson, NateOnce againgreatPrigan30
Beau Dollar & The CoinsAny day nowM-/superb versionPrime25
Black, MarionI'm gonna get loadedgreatPrix15
JosephLike a foolw/demo/recommendedProject 320
Bobbi & TerriYou killed the thrill in my heartw/demo/greatProvidence50
Fulsom, LowellStop and thinkR&B/greatProwlin'25
Foreman, LindaLet's get it togethergreatPublic20
McLaurin, BetteAs long as your minegreatPulse30
Foundations, TheIn the bad bad old daysCanadianPye5
In-Men LtdTake a look at my baby/The one who really loves youEX/2 great sidesPyramid125
Wells, JeanSharing your lovegreatQuaker Town30
Pinkertones feat. Eddie GrossIt's not the way you walkM-/fantastic mid-tempoQueen-G250
C-Quents, TheEasy for you babyrecommendedQuest125
Griffin, Little JimmyIf things don't changeEX+/superb R&BR40
Fox, JeanneWorking girl/samedemo/nice mid-tempoRainy Day8
M.S.Q., TheSave a place for merecommendedRainy Day25
M.S.Q., TheSave a place for medemo/recommendedRainy Day30
Noble, BeverlyBetter off without youM-/w/demo/superbRally30
Four Tempos, TheCome on home/Got to have you2 great sidesRampart15
Adventures, TheIt's alrightgreatRan-dee12
Dee, KikiLove makes the world go round/sameM-/w/demo/superb versionRare Earth15
Metros, TheNow that you've goneM-/recommendedRa-sel12
Anderegg, CalleenFool's paradisegreatRBE50
Barnes, BettyWalking down broadwayw/demo.greatRCA25
Barons, TheSince you're gone             M-/w/demo/superbRCA40
Benton, BrookWhere does a man go to crygreatRCA20
Benton, BrookWhere does a man go to cryw/demo/greatRCA25
Beverly AnnYou've got your mind on other thingsVG+/y/demo/classicRCA85
Cappel, LarryHush, hushw/demo/superb versionRCA40
Carter, KennyDon't go (lite stmol)M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superbRCA50
Cavaliers, TheI've got to find her/I really love you   M-/w/demo/2 great sidesRCA60
Dallas, MariaAmbushM-/w/demo/highly recommendedRCA50
Escorts, TheThe hurtgreat versionRCA30
LollipopsBusy signalEX+/w/demo/greatRCA25
March, PeggyLosin' my touchM-/w/demo/stmol/superbRCA25
March, PeggyLosin' my touchM-/w/demo/superb/Inc Co sleeveRCA30
Mason, Tony(We're gonna) bring the country to the cityM-/Inc Co sleeve/recommendedRCA25
Miller, LesleyBringing out my tearsgreatRCA25
Miller, LesleyBringing out my tearsw/demo/greatRCA30
Paris, FreddieFace it boy, it's overvg++/w/demoRCA12
Paris, FreddieFace it boy, it's overw/demo/greatRCA20


Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul 

English, Barbara JeanComin' or goin'superbAlithia15
English, Barbara JeanComin' or goin'demo/sm wol/superbAlithia20
First ClassMe & my geminigreatAll Platinum12
First ClassMe & my geminiw/demo/greatAll Platinum15
HeartstoppersMarching out of your life/Court' in mamaM-/2 great sidesAll Platinum20
Patterson, BobbyRight place, wrong time/I got a suspiciondeep/funkAll Platinum8
ProphecyRain in my life/sameM-/highly recommendedAll Platinum75
Willie & The Mighty MagnificentsFunky (8) corners Pt. 1/Pt.2M-/recommendedAll Platinum30
Wilson, CharlesTrying to make a wrong thing rightrecommendedAlley Cat15
Horne, Jimmy BoIf you want my loverecommendedAlston25
Wright, BettyBaby sitterrecommendedAlston8
Wright, BettyIf I was a kid/LifeM-/superb/great flip tooAlston8
Henry, John (Rootman)Say itdemo/feint wol/greatAmber Antique25
Henry, John (Rootman)Say itdemo/greatAmber Antique25
Calvin, BernardTLC (tender loving care)recommendedAmbush15
Akens, JewellWhen something is wrong with my babyvg/great versionAmer. Int'l Arts6
Akens, JewellWhen something is wrong with my babygreat versionAmer. Int'l Arts15
Sterling, JimmyI'm alright in a world gone crazy/At least I tried2 great sidesAmeri-com20
Simpson, EddieNakeddemo/greatAMG15
Black IceGirl, that's what I call love Amherst10
Burke, SolomonPlease don't say goodbye to merecommendedAmherst12
SantiagoMister love (short)/same (long)M-/w/demo/highly recommendedAmherst30
Cado BelleGot to love/same-mono (wol)M-w/demo/recommendedAnchor30
Wilmer & The DukesCount on merecommendedAphrodisiac15
Fully GuaranteedSpinning around     (flip label printed off center)w/demoAPT30
NiteflyteIf you want it / I wonder (if I'm falling in love again) M-/2 great sidesAriola  5
Graves, CarlSad girlnice versionAriola America10
Love CommitteeAm I wasting time/Heaven only knowsM-/2 superb sidesAriola America40
Valenti, JohnAnything you wantgreatAriola America10
5th DimensionNo love in the roomsuperbArista20
DriftersI'll know when true love really passes byUK/demo/greatArista25
GQMake my dreams a reality(date-ol)/same-monoM-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/greatArista12
GQMake my dreams a reality/I do love youM-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sidesArista12
HiroshimaAll I wantCanadian/mellow grooveArista10
Hyman, PhyllisUnder your spellclassicArista12
Hyman, PhyllisYou know how to love meM-/Inc Co sleeve/classicArista12
MandrillMy kind of girl my girl/same-monoEX/w/demo/sm wol/superbArista25
MandrillMy kind of girl my girl/same-monoM-/w/demo/inc Co sleeve//superbArista30
MandrillToo lateM-/classic  Arista40
MandrillToo late/same-mono (date stamp ol-mono side)M-/w/demo/superbArista75
Mason, HarveyNever give you upEX/great/sm wol-flip/Inc Co sleeveArista6
Perry, JeffLove don't come no stronger (than yours and mine)sol/classicArista20
Perry, JeffLove don't come no stronger (than yours and mine)M-/EX flip/classicArista20
Perry, JeffLove don't come no stronger (than yours and mine)EX+/classicArista25
Perry, JeffLove don't come no stronger (than yours and mine)EX+/wol/with  hand claps/classicArista25
Scott-Heron, GilFell together/Johannesburg Arista8
Womack, BobbyHow could you break my heart (without rap)Inc Co sleeve/superbArista20
Womack, BobbyHow could you break my heart (without rap) (sol)EX/w/demo/superbArista20
Stewart, CalvinTry loving me (I'm willing)recommendedArtly20
Cate Bros. BandWhere can we go/samew/demo/recommendedAsylum25
Cate Bros. BandYield not to temptationw/demoAsylum10
Washington, GinoYou got me in a whirlpool/instM-/funkAtac40
Hathaway, DonnyLove, love, love  greatAtco15
Hathaway, DonnyLove, love, love  demo/greatAtco20
Hudson, Al Love is/samedemo/balladAtco5
Hudson, Al & Soul PartnersAlmost ain't good enoughdemoAtco10
Ruffin, JimmyGoin' home/samedemo/sm wol/recomnddAtco8
Sister SledgeLove don't you go through no changes on meEX+/wol//classicAtco12
Sister SledgeLove don't you go through no changes on meM-/classicAtco15
Sister SledgeLove don't you go through no changes on me/same-monoM-/w/demo/classicAtco20
Ace SpectrumDon't send nobody elseM-/Inc Co slv/classicAtlantic40
Ace SpectrumDon't send nobody else/same-mono (Inc Co sleeve)M-/w/demo/classicAtlantic50
Bell, Archie & DrellsYou're such a beautiful childrecommendedAtlantic10
Bristol, JohnnyDo it to my mindM-/superbAtlantic15
Bristol, JohnnyI sho like groovin' with yarecommendedAtlantic8
Bristol, JohnnyI sho like groovin' with ya/samedemoAtlantic10
Bye, BarnabyCan't live this wayclassicAtlantic8
Carter, KennyI ain't got loveniceAtlantic12
Dees, SamCome back strongM-/at his best!Atlantic25
DriftersYou got to pay your duesM-/superb/rare issueAtlantic100
Franklin, ArethaApril foolsrecommendedAtlantic8
Harris, MajorLove won't let me wait/After loving you2 great sidesAtlantic10
Harris, MajorLove won't let me wait/same demoAtlantic8
Harris, MajorLoving you is mellowM-/Inc Co slv/superb mid-tempoAtlantic25
Jeffreys, GarlandShe don't lie/samedemo/recommendedAtlantic15
Johnson FamilyPeace in the family/same demo/wol/superbAtlantic40
Joseph, MargieCome on back to me lover (sm wol)/Same-monoM-/demo/superbAtlantic30
Joseph, MargieI'm so glad I'm your womanniceAtlantic8
Joseph, MargieRidin' highrecommendedAtlantic15
Joseph, MargieSweet surrender Atlantic6
LTG ExchangeYou'll never learn (about love) M-/UK/stmol-flip//Inc Co slev/RAREAtlantic40
Mitchell, Prince PhillipIf it ain't love it'll go away/same-monodemoAtlantic10
Mitchell, Prince PhillipOne on oneEX+/Inc Co sleeve/greatAtlantic25
Moore, JackieBoth ends against the middle/Clean up...own yardex-/classic/great flip tooAtlantic10
Moore, JackieBoth ends against the middle/Same-monoM-/demo/classicAtlantic15
Moore, JackieSweet Charlie babevg++/greatAtlantic12
Moore, JackieSweet Charlie babegreatAtlantic15
SpinnersI just want to fall in love/same-monoM-/demo/superb/rare demoAtlantic40
SpinnersI'll be aroundEX-/classicAtlantic8
SpinnersI'll be aroundEX/classicAtlantic10
SpinnersI'll be around/same-monoM-/w/demo/WOL/classicAtlantic20
Spinners            Wake up Susantheir next biggie ?Atlantic8
Spinners              Wake up Susan/samedemo/their next biggie ?Atlantic10
Swann, BettyeVictim of a foolish heart(stmol)/same-monodemo/greatAtlantic12
T.S.U. TornadoesWhat good am I/Getting the cornersEX-/Inc Co slv/superb/funk flipAtlantic25
Kenoly, RonYou're still blowing my mind/Take it easy(xol)M-/2 superb x-over sidesAudio Forty40
Henderson, RonI love you more than dancin'/sameEX+/w/demo/fantastic!!!Avanti30
El CocoLove to the world AVI5
Jones BrothersStoryteller/No if's and but's about itM-/w/demo/2 great sides/rareAVI25
PhenomenonsWithout your loveEX+/superbAVI30
PhenomenonsWithout your love   (M- but with sm audible scratch)w/demo/recomndedAVI12
Williams, DavidSoul is free/samew/demoAVI8
Bright, CalMy love is good for you baby Azetta15
Mel & TimI found that I was wrongrecommendedBamboo15
CaprellsI believe in the starsex-/greatBano12
CaprellsI believe in the starsgreatBano15
NorfolkTogethersuperbBarbara Jean30
Inner City Jam BandHurtgreatBareback10
Sweet CreamI don't know what I'd dodancerBareback10
Jones, GraceSorryM-/fantastic Beam Junction25
Burris, Warren GWhy not love me/sameEX+/demo/greatBecket15
21st Century LtdYour smallest wishM-/superb x-overBeegee25
21st Century LtdYour smallest wish(xol)EX+/demo/superb x-overBeegee30
Brunson, TyroneI need loveex-Believe/Dream5
Cooper, BoDon't call it love(EX- stereo)/same(EX+ mono)w/demo/superb x-overBell25
Cooper, BoDon't call it love(stereo)/same(mono sm wol)ex-/w/demo/superb x-overBell25
Cooper, BoDon't call it love/same-monoEX+/w/demo/superb x-overBell30
Granger, GerriI can't take it like a manw/demo/superbBell30
InerpertationsSoul affection/Snap-out(inst. version of A side)funk/greatBell15
Jackson, JuneI'm not sleepin'w/demo/greatBell30
Jackson, JuneTenderly, with feelinggreatBell30
Jackson, JuneTenderly, with feelingw/demo/greatBell30
Plummer, Bettye JeanYou don't knowM-/recommendedBell75
Rawls, LouShe's gonerecommendedBell15
Rawls, LouShe's gone/samew/demo/recmndedBell15
St. German, TyroneI'm still hooked on youniceBelshazzer12
Taylor, JohnnieWhat about my loveM-/superbBeverly Glen20
Welch, LennyJust what I needrecommendedBig Apple12
Geddes, DavidWise up girlclassicBig Tree10
Owens, GwenI don't want to dance no more/samedemo/great dancerBig Tree8
Showtime IncorporatedPlease take this heart of mine, girlrecommendedBlack Circle15
Wilson, GeorgeHere stands the man who needs you/inst.awesome x-overBlack Circle20
Vee JayWhere were yougreat x-overBlack Fox15
Love, Devotion & HappinessLove potion #7/same-inst.M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommendedBlack Magic20
Imperial WondersTrying to get to youM-/superbBlack Prince30
All The PeopleWish I had a girl like yourecommendedBlue Candle25
Green, AvaFull of loveEX-/great modernBlue Soul15
Dawson, CliffI can love you betterM-/Inc Co sleeve/greatBoardwalk6
Mayfield, CurtisYou get all my love/She don't let nobody (but me)M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sidesBoardwalk6
TierraMemories/Time to danceM-/2 great dancersBoardwalk10
Brothers Of SoulI'd be greatfulM-/superbBoo100
Boogieman OrchestraLady, lady, lady/same-instEX+/wol/superbBoogieman 10
Butler, JessieBest part of a man/Free to be me2 great sidesBound Sound25
Wallace, WalesSomebody I know/Talk a little louderM-/2 superb sidesBRC30
Valentine BrosMoney's too tight to mentionclassicBridge12
Mitchell, BarbaraI won't changeniceBrown Bag10
Hatcher, RogerWe gonna make it Brown Dog10
Hatcher, RogerWe gonna make itw/demoBrown Dog15
McArthurI'll never trust you againw/demoBrown Dog10
ArtisticsIt's those little things that count/Being in loveM-/superbBrunswick25
Bernard, ChuckContract on love/samew/demo/greatBrunswick15
Chi-lites, TheLiving in the footsteps of another mangreat versionBrunswick20
Farra, Maryann & Satin SoulLiving in the footsteps of another girlgreat versionBrunswick25
Farra, Maryann & Satin SoulNever gonna leave you/same-long "disco" versionrecommendedBrunswick12
Hart, RandyThe other one                        M-/demo/great md-tempoBrunswick40
Hart, RandyThe other one                        (Inc orig sleeve)M-/demo/wol/great md-tempoBrunswick35
Jackson, WalterLet me come backM-/superbBrunswick85
Moore, JohnnyJust be for realw/demo/recommendedBrunswick60
TouchMe and youM-/greatBrunswick8
Valery, DanaI'm a woman noww/demoBrunswick8
Wilson, JackieBecause of youM-/superbBrunswick85
Wilson, JackieThis love is realsm stol/superbBrunswick15
Wilson, JackieWhat'cha gonna do about loveM-/highly recommendedBrunswick15
Bel-airesSeven days/samedemo/recommendedBrut10
Matthews, MiltAll these changes/When kids rule the worldM-/REV LABELS/v sl warp-nap/2 great sidesBryan8
American GypsyAngel eyes/Lady eleanorEX+/UK/demo/2 great sidesBTM6
Anderson, JoeYou and I/sameM-/demo/superbBuddah30
Anderson, JoeYou and I/same-long versionM-/superbBuddah30
Aquarian DreamPhoenix/Look aheadgreatBuddah12
Black Satin + Parris, FredEverybody stand and clap our hands/samedemo/recommendedBuddah15
Black Satin + Parris, FredEverybody stand and clap your hands/Hey thererecommendedBuddah20
Connors, NormanOnce I've been thererecommendedBuddah10
Darin, CurtTwo on a cloud/Grown up fairy taleM-/2 superb sidesBuddah60
EbonysMaking love ain't no fun/part 2recommendedBuddah15
EbonysMaking love ain't no fun/samedemo/recommendedBuddah15
Fifth Avenue feat. Townes, CarolWheeler dealer/samedemo/greatBuddah8
Five Stairsteps & CubieYou make me so madrecommendedBuddah10
Fresh FlavorWithout you baby, I'm a loser/sameM-/demo/superbBuddah20
FuturesYou better be certainUK/sol/greatBuddah15
Green, MarieSorry, that number's been disconnectedrecommendedBuddah15
Henderson, MichaelTake me I'm yourssuperbBuddah15
Henderson, MichaelTake me I'm yours/samew/demo/superbBuddah20
Jackson, JimmyFootsteps in the shadowsM-/greatBuddah10
Mason, BarbaraBed and boardnice mid-tempoBuddah6
Mason, Barbara & The FuturesWe got each other/same  (with torn pic. Sleeve)demo/nice slowyBuddah5
ModulationsI can't fight your love(EX)/Your love has me locked up(EX-)2 superb sidesBuddah15
ModulationsI can't fight your love/Your love has me locked upM-/2 superb sidesBuddah20
Monday AfterMerry-go-round Pt I/Pt llM-/greatBuddah8
MotherlodeHard lifefunkBuddah6
MotherlodeWhat does it take (to win your love)great versionBuddah25
Norman, JimmyI wanna make love to you/samedemo/awesomeBuddah15
Owens, TonyAll that matters/samedemo/recommendedBuddah15
ParagonsOh lovin' you/samedemo/recommendedBuddah15
Perkins, AlYes, my goodness yes/samew/demo/recommendedBuddah20
Sins Of SatanDance and free your mind/Part IIdemo/recommendedBuddah20
Vitamin ESharingawesome  Buddah10
Vitamin ESharing/samew/demo/awesomeBuddah12
Wilson, BobbyDeeper and deeper/Hey girl (tell me)recommendedBuddah15
Wilson, BobbyDeeper and deeper/samedemo/recommendedBuddah12
Young GentsThink about the children/Big things come in small..demo/nice/funk flipBuddah15
ImpalasWhat should he do/I still love yougreat mid-tempo/sweetBunky20
Family Of SwedeEverybody must pay/samedemoButter Fields8
Family Of SwedeI got to move on/samew/demo/recommendedButter Fields15
SwedeI got to move on1st issue with intro/#275/rareButter Fields20
Samson   I need your lovin'greatButtermilk15
MasterpieceHigh on musicfunkyCalfdisc5
Hill, BobbyI wanna be with you Calla6
Love, Rudy & Love FamilyAin't nuthin' spookyrecommendedCalla10
NaturalsI can't share you/Young generationsweet/funkCalla10
Wells, JeanWhat have I got to lose/Broomstick horse cowboyEX+/superb x-over/great flip tooCalla25
Jones, AlbertYou and your love             M-/Canadian/recommendedCandy Apple40
A Taste Of HoneyI'll try something newnice vers/pic.slv.Capitol10
Acklin, BarbaraRaindropswol/recommendedCapitol12
Acklin, BarbaraRaindropsrecommendedCapitol15
Ad LibsLove me/Know all about youdemo/great/funk flipCapitol25
Beaumont, Jimmy & SkylinersI could have loved you so wellInc Co sleeve/great mid-tempoCapitol20
Black, CodyStop trying to do what you see your neighbor doInc Co sleeve/greatCapitol25
Brown SugarI'm going through changes now/The game is overEX-/EX/2 great sidesCapitol35
Frazier, BillyLet's face realitydemo/recommendedCapitol60
Frazier, JoeTruly,truly lovin' medemoCapitol10
Garner, ReggieTraces/Teddy bearvg/nice mid-tempoCapitol10
Haywood, LeonConsider the sourceM-/Inc Co sleeve/classic x-overCapitol75
Hightower, WillieNobody but youEX-/recommededCapitol10
Joy Of CookingOnly time will tell meCanadian/niceCapitol8
Love, MarianCan't forget about you, babydemo/recommendedCapitol60
Maze + Frankie BeverlyWhile I'm alonebest versionCapitol15
Maze + Frankie BeverlyWhile I'm alonedemo/best versionCapitol20
Mcgriff, JimmyFat cakes/Sugar, sugar2 funk inst'sCapitol12
Strong, BarrettIs it trueM-/superbCapitol35
Williams, JJMake a believer (out of me again) Capitol10
Wilson, NancyOcean of loverecommendedCapitol15
Pinera, MikeAlone with you/same-monoM-/demo/superbCapricorn10
Sea LevelShake a leg Capricorn6
Four MintsYou want to come backM-/recommendedCapsoul20
Smith, OCJust couldn't help myselfgreatCaribou10
Jackson, DeonYou gotta love/You'll wake up wisersl wap-nap/2 great sidesCarla15
Jackson, DeonYou gotta love/You'll wake up wiser2 great sidesCarla20
Reynolds, JeannieHit and runrecommendedCasablanca10
Reynolds, JeannieHit and run/same-monodemo/recommendedCasablanca10
Reynolds, JeannieLay some lovin' on me/Love don't come easy…. Casablanca6
Reynolds, JeannieUnwanted CompanygreatCasablanca10
Santos, LarryCan't get you off my mindsuperbCasablanca15
Scott, GloriaJust as long as we're together/There will never be anotherdemo/UK/inst. FlipCasablanca15
Scott, GloriaJust as long as we're together/There will never be anotherM-/superb/inst. flipCasablanca15
Scott, GloriaWhat am I gonna do/What shall I do(Inst)superbCasablanca40
Winters, Robert & FallDo it any way you want/Lock me up2 great sidesCasablanca15
Ragland, LouIn the hours of darkness Casino8
TopicsWomen's liberationgreatCastle15
Little BeaverLittle girl blue/Ain't no time2 great sidesCat12
McCrae, George & GwenWinners together or losers apart/Homesick…superb/great flip tooCat15
Fourteen Karat SoulThe trouble with love/Please say you want meEX+/2 great sidesCatamount30
Crack Of DawnI can't move no mountains     EX-/Dutch/colour pic sleeveCBS25
Dyson, RonnieThe more you do it UK/BLUE VINYL/greatCBS6
Moore, JackieDo ya got what it takes/How's your…..(sm stmol)UK/w/demo/2 great sidesCBS15
Moore, JackieThis time babyUK/classicCBS8
Tymes feat. Williams, GeorgeSomeone to watch over me/She's goneUK/2 superb sidesCBS15
Lucas, MattYou gotta love  demo/recommendedCelebration10
Wilson, BobbyHere is where the love iswol/fantastic x-overChain8
Wilson, BobbyHere is where the love isfantastic x-overChain10
Cuffari, BrendaMy music says it allpic sleeve/greatCharisma20
Campbell, Little MiltonSomebody's changin' my sweet baby's mindrecommendedChecker12
Sheen, BobbyLove stealing/samew/demo/recommendedChelsea15
Nesbary, Sherm (Reb)Don't make me sorry/All my life, all my love(brown lbl)superb x-over/great flip tooCheri30
Nesbary, Sherm (Reb)Don't make me sorry/All my life, all my love(green lbl)superb x-over/great flip tooCheri30
Rare PleasureLet me down easy/Same-long versionEX/superb x-overCheri40
AcousticsLiving in hard timesrecommendedCherry Blossom15
American Gypsy10,000 miles/Angel eyesM-/superbChess10
Burke, SolomonI'm leaving on that late,late traingreatChess8
Free SpiritLove you just as long as I canrecommendedChess15


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