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    Hi Folks, I can't believe it's been nearly a months since our last shindig! How quickly the time flies...and as I get older it really does seem to be flying by more quickly as every year passes. However, all is not doom and gloom as time flying by means that Saturday will come around sooner than we imagine and we can welcome you all to another soulful night at The Alford Hall, the home of The Northern Line. As usual you have Moz Arnold and Ben Moses playing quality records for your listening and dancing pleasure, both well known and respected oldies along with a smattering of less common sounds that will hopefully spark your interest, prick up your ears and get your toes tapping. With a little luck I'll manage not to b*gger things up in between their sets. If you have any tracks that you'd like us to play on the night then don't hesitate to pop up to the decks and tell us...we don't bite, honestly! We hope to see you this Saturday 22nd July at The Northern Line. Kind regards Chris
  2. New Event - Ukrainian Club (Ashton Under Lyne)

    Hi Folks, I have had the DJ times confirmed by Brian. These are as follows: 7:30 - 8:00 Chris or I spinning a few warm-up tracks 8:00 - 9:00 Steve Skowy (I hope I've spelled that correctly) a fellow Stockport lad with a great collection 9:00 - 10:00 Chris Churm 10:00 - 11:00 Mike Leicester - one of Denton's finest (...the other being you Ponty) 11:00 - Midnight Chris Penn We think that you might hear a few 'different' tunes on the night, so if you do fancy a night that won't just focus on oldies then give us a whirl - we'd be pleased to see you. Kind regards Chris
  3. Hi Folks, It looks like I'll need to sell my Allan Sisters. Condition is genuinely M-/NM with company sleeve. It would appear that this is a rare record and if I do part with it it'll need to be for a good price. I've never done this before and instead of a set sale I'm going to offer to the highest offer I get. I have chosen this course of action as I have had wildly differing views on the value of this record and because of it's outstanding condition. I won't make any offers public as I don't really agree with that strategy. If you're interested just tell me what it's worth to you, though any offers will need to be in excess of £700 as that appears to be the lower end of the opinions I've been given. I won't be able to consider trades and payment would need to be by bank transfer. I do have good, albeit limited, feedback on this site so I hope that you feel able to contact me with confidence. Due to work commitments and access issues I will find it difficult to view or respond to any offers/questions until early next week. I might however be able to pick up emails so if you want to contact me other than by PM then you could try me on chris.penn@voweurope.com In light of the difficulties you might have in getting hold of me I will contact the person with the best offer a week today (Wednesday 12th July). Thank you for your interest. Kind regards Chris
  4. New Event - Ukrainian Club (Ashton Under Lyne)

    Hi Folks, I said I'd post the dates for the remainder of the year when I'd had them confirmed. These are all listed on the flyer, and you should be able to see this in the thread above. But just in case you can't view the flyer they are all Fridays: July 14th (2nd Friday) August 11th (2nd Friday) September 15th (3rd Friday) October 20th (3rd Friday) November 17th (3rd Friday) December 8th (2nd Friday) If you'd like something just that little bit different we hope that you can join us. Kind regards Chris
  5. Current Value Please? Allan Sisters - Downtown Crowd

    I so hope that you were told wrong Neil
  6. Current Value Please? Allan Sisters - Downtown Crowd

    Hi Pete Thank you for having a ferret on my behalf. As it happens I'd seen the post but it appears to be from 7 years ago, and given that prices appear to be in a constant state of flux (i.e. anything I want to buy shoots up in value and most things I sell seem to go in the opposite direction) I wasn't sure how reliable a guide that might be to today's price. Thank you for taking the time to do some digging though, it's genuinely appreciated. Chris
  7. Current Value Please? Allan Sisters - Downtown Crowd

    Thank you 'Tempest'. I have only known about the record for the last couple of years and didn't realise it was such a big spin quite a few years ago. Chris
  8. Hi, I have a genuinely NM/M- copy of The Allan Sisters - I'm In With The Downtown Crowd that I'm considering parting with. Can anyone give me a realistic value that I might achieve either as a straight sale or as a trade-in / trade-against any 'wants'? If I do consider trades I'd be looking for a single 45 of similar value in similar condition with maybe a cash adjustment either way. It's not definite that I'll sell/trade but as funds are dwindling I may need to consider this to fund or obtain any major wants. Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance. Chris
  9. Tommy Navarro & The Dynamics

    Dynamics now sold too.
  10. Tommy Navarro & The Dynamics

    Tommy Navarro = sold The Dynamics = on hold
  11. Tommy Navarro & The Dynamics

    Hi Folks, 2 for sale as I have this week been mostly overspending and need to recoup some £. I'm sorry, but payment can only be accepted by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque (funds to clear before postage) on this occasion as PayPal won't help me. Money back guarantee if not satisfied with my grading - I have limited, but good feedback so please buy with confidence. Thanks for reading my ad - please PM me if you are interested. P&P via Special Delivery is extra at £7.50. Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac £300 (EX) Bell Sound stamped (see photos). Label is not faded, it would appear that the red print was not evenly applied at time of manufacture as there is no fading to the flip and no fading of the pale turquoise background. Vinyl is really nice both sides, with really minor hairlines that look to be resultant from being put in/taken out of sleeve. The Dynamics - I Need Your Love - RCA Demo (VG+/VG++) £275 I personally think this grades VG+ (though it was sold to me as VG++). Plays great, loud and clear - no issues whatsoever. Quite a few minor hairlines and fingernail type scratches (i.e. not gouges in the vinyl, but bit more like having brushed a fingernail across the vinyl to create a soft scratch rather than a sharp scratch...I'm explaining this really badly...sorry). More on flip side than on the I Need Your Love Side. Photos below to aid/assist. I'm no David Bailey, but I have tried to capture images that show then true condition of the records. Many thanks for your interest and for looking. Kind regards Chris
  12. New Event - Ukrainian Club (Ashton Under Lyne)

    Hi Folks You may have heard or read (see advert cancelling The Dukinfield Masonic Hall) that Brian Lester, Chris Churm and I are on the move just a couple of miles up the road to: The Ukrainian Club (Association of Ukrainians) 215 Stockport Road Aston-Under-Lyne OL7 0NP Though the venue might be different (it’s better suited to a rarer night and has far more sensible bar prices) the music policy remains unchanged with the focus firmly on ‘quality’ and on playing records that are a little different and a little rarer than you’d expect from your average soul night. As you would expect, all records will be OVO. The venue is just across the road from the Shell petrol station, it’s just the right size with a capacity of around 80 and has a really nice separate chill-out/lounge area. The first night is Friday July 14th and I’ll be posting a full list of 2017 dates in the next week or so as Brian and Chris are awaiting confirmation from the Club. If you’re tired of ‘the same old same old’ and want to hear something other than standard soul night fodder and the most played 100 classics spun on boots and pressings then give us a try. Doors open at 7:30pm and entrance is a quite reasonable (we think) £3.00. The event finishes at midnight. Posted on behalf of Brian Lester and Chris Churm Chris Penn

    Hi Folks, So sorry for not posting a reminder sooner. Work is a major challenge at present and my mind is pre-occupied. Whilst we have no 'official' guest this month rumour has it that one of our stalwart supporters, who's DJ'd for us in the past on a couple of occasions, is bringing his play box. I can't spill the beans...as it's not yet a definite, but I'm hopeful that he'll treat us all to an hour of his tunes. Want to know more? The Northern Line is the place to find out. We hope to see you there. Chris
  14. Record shops in Madeira?

    You should have no trouble...it'll be a piece of cake...
  15. Dukinfield Masonic Hall Soul Night (Part 6)

    Hi Folks, Apologies for posting 3 days after the event, I have been turning lobster red in the garden and it’s only my typing fingers (and a few other discrete bits) that aren’t sunburnt! Thank you so very much to those of you who supported The Dukky on Friday. Nice weather and the weekender did have an effect on attendance but those that turned out were treated to a feast of rare and/or underplayed soul that (in my view) would be the envy of many a soul night. As ever, all the records were OVO. I played for the first ½ hour with tracks that included The Accents – You Better Think Again, Little Frankie Lee – I Gotta Come Back and Roy Roberts – Got To Have All Your Love. Dave Slater did a sterling job for us between 8pm – 9pm and it’s great to see him back on his feet after he gave us a scare a couple of months ago when he was last due to DJ at The Dukky. Some of Dave’s selections included: Shep – I’m Sitting In, The Tempests – Out Of My Life, The Strangers – Night Winds and Channel 3 – The Sweetest Thing. Dave’s set was the perfect hors d’oeuvres for Pete and Mike from the famous Denton Soul Club who, rather than their usual double-decking, played for 45 minutes each. I was blown away by the records these guys played; records that mightn’t get an airing at Denton and a good few of which I’d never heard before (shame on me…the quality was sublime). The pick of their sets for me are as follows: Pete Larry Atkins – Ain’t That Love Enough The Flairs – You Got To Steal It Willie Gee – You Left Me Standing The First Four – Hurt Me To My Soul Johnnie Mae Matthews – Two Sided Thing Brice Cofield – Ain’t That Right Mike Ricky Allen – Cut You Loose Willie Mallory – You Went Back (On What You Said) Little Gigi – I Volunteer The Impalas – Speed Up Turnpikes – Cast A Spell (there were a couple of other great tracks that Mike played that I'm embarrassed to say that I never knew, sadly I wasn’t quick enough to ask Mike) Chris Churm took over at 10.30pm and as per usual delivered a blinding spot with monster tunes such as Cody Black – I’m Slowly Moulding, Terry Callier – Look At Me Now, Herb Ward – Strange Change, The Volumes – Ain’t Gonna Give You Up and Sam Dees – Lonely For You Baby. I rounded off the night from 11.15 – midnight and thankfully managed not to b*gger things up. Once again, many thanks for your support. It was greatly appreciated.