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    Just a quick note to echo Moz's thoughts and to pass on our thanks to all of you that attended. Plenty of new faces and sterling support from our regular attendees gave us a great foundation. If we combine this support with the fact that the dancers had their dancing shoes on early and then add to the mix great sets from Ben, Moz and our extra-special guest Carl Piper then it's fair to say that a good night was had by all. Feedback at the end of the evening was that people really had enjoyed themselves with those attending for the first time assuring us that they'd be back for more! Carl's set was understandably received enthusiastically and I can't see it being too long before he'll be asked to grace our decks again. Once again, thank you for your support; without you there is no Northern Line and we are genuinely grateful that you choose us when there are so very many events organised. If you get the chance, why not pop along on 23rd December when our special guest will be one and only Jacko? Jacko is extremely popular and has always delivered a top-notch set for us and we're chuffed-to-bits that he's chosen to DJ at our Christmas Special when there are a plethora of organisers who are queuing up to book him. Santa might only come once a year, but this year he's bringing us Jacko...good old Santa. Chris
  2. Hi Steve, Friday 8th December is the next event. Our special guests are Steve Skopek and Carl & Maria Willingham. Hope you can make it. Chris
  3. Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne (Part 6)

    Hi Folks, I've just received confirmation of the DJ times for 8th December: 7:30 - 8:00pm = Warm Up (with one of the two Chris's...which one is anybody's guess at this stage) 8:00 - 9:00 = Steve Skopek (a gem of a DJ with a collection of 'gems' who should be headlining at major events imho) 9:00 - 10:00 = Chris Penn (trying not to kill the atmosphere or bugger things up before our Top Notch guests) 10:00 - 11:00 = The creme de la creme of guests Carl & Maria Willingham (I'll run out of superlatives, so I'll just let their reputations and collection do the talking for me) 11:00 - midnight = Chris Churm (top man, top collection & top taste in rare soul 45s...as close as you can get to a guarantee of satisfaction) Be there, be rare...or be square! Chris Penn
  4. J Manship Auction Results 22/11/2017

    I think you may be right as it's disappeared from his site as a BIN, but I suspect he had more than one Mint copy as I seem to remember that he auctioned another Mint copy and achieved just shy of £400 around 12 - 18 months ago...unless of course he was selli...
  5. J Manship Auction Results 22/11/2017

    Kell Osborne seemed to be a good buy as far as I can tell. I prefer The Lonely Boy Song myself (a track that Dave Truscott got behind in the heydays of The Birchfield in Widnes). International GTOs also appeared to be a good(ish) buy given that JM had a...

    I'm hoping that I'll have shaken off the dreaded man-flu by the weekend. If I ever needed any incentive to get myself better then I have it in the shape of Carl Piper! No need for Tixylix or Covonia when Carl's tunes will clear my head, lift my spirits and make everything seem better! I'll do my level best to be with you all on Saturday. Chris (snotty, coughy, shivery) Penn
  7. Nice set? Bloody hell Geoff, that was a blinding set! Whilst as a result of illness I was unable to attend and hear first-hand what sounds like a masterclass I am mightily relieved that I didn't have to follow you and pick up the last hour! I've never...
  8. Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne (Part 5)

    Hi Folks, Just had confirmation of the DJ times from Brian: 8pm - 9pm - Phil Etchells (get in early...you're in for a treat from Phil) 9pm - 10pm - Chris Churm (top selections from one of the area's top collectors) 10pm - 11pm - Geoff Buckley (Geoff really knows his records and has a collection to die for) 11pm - midnight - Chris Penn (trying not to mess up the great work that everyone before him will have done) Be there, be rare...or be square! Chris
  9. Hi Folks, Have reduced price to £80 inc shipping within the UK by recorded delivery...I'm hoping this represents a really good deal for someone. There are plenty of scuffs but, aside from the odd crackle, the record plays very well indeed. I'd prob...
  10. George Smith - I've Had It £100

    Hi Fplks, Needs must (again...I'm making a habit of this...) so I'm selling my issue of George Smith - I've Had It - Turntable. There are plenty of scuffs but, aside from the odd crackle, the record plays very well indeed. I'd probably rate the vis...
  11. Hi Folks Fantastic sets by Dave Slater, Derek Watmough and Chris Churm which unfortunately (for my bank balance at some stage hence) have been added to my ever changing 'wants' list. I had the 9pm - 10pm spot this time around and managed to squeeze ...

    Hi Folks, Just a couple of days to go before our October event. We're delighted that the legend that is Mr Ian Wills has agreed to be our extra special guest on the night and with a DJ of Ian's calibre and collection behind the decks his set will be as close to a guarantee of satisfaction as I can give you. Expect sweaty pits and sore feet after Ian's hour. It's a special night for Ben Moses as at the stroke of midnight he'll be 21! We hope that you can attend and help us celebrate Ben's milestone 21st birthday in style. Don't forget, Ben always has the first hour (7:30 - 8:30) and if you can get in early-doors you're sure to hear a belting set that will almost certainly include a great selection of lesser-known gems alongside class oldies. I wish I was as good as Ben when I was 21 (in fact...I wish I was as good as him now I'm 50)! Moz and I will be filling in around these guys and trying not to undo their good work. We hope you can attend. Chris
  13. Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne (Re-scheduled Part 4)

    Hi Folks, DJ times for this rescheduled event are as follows: 7:30 - 8:00 warm up (with one of the two Chris's) 8:00 - 9:00 = Dave Slater 9:00 - 10:00 = Chris Penn (who'll try his best to avoid playing the wrong side of the record at the wrong speed) 10:00 - 11:00 = Derek Watmough 11:00 - Midnight = Chris Churm Many thanks to Derek for stepping into the breach as Geoff Buckley couldn't attend the rescheduled date. Hope to see you there. Chris Penn
  14. Hi Folks Due to the bereavement of a member of the Ukrainian club the venue was being used for the wake on the night Brian and Chris had planned their latest installment of rare and underplayed sounds. Consequently the event has been rearranged and moved back by 1 week to Friday 27th October. Feedback thus far is extremely encouraging and attendance has increased. This suggests that the success of the first night wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan and that our policy of 'rare and underplayed', with the emphasis on ‘quality’, appears to be appreciated. The address is The Ukrainian Club (Association of Ukrainians) 215 Stockport Road Aston-Under-Lyne OL7 0NP You’ll undoubtedly hear a few oldies, but these will generally be of the harder-to-obtain variety and all will be guaranteed OVO. Our aim is to blend these rarer oldies with great, but less well known, 45s so that you (hopefully) have a great night and go home having heard a few tunes that are new to you or that you might not have heard spun-out in yonks. Special Guest DJs this month are Dave Slater and Geoff Buckley and you can expect some top-notch tunes from these guys. The venue is just across the road from the Shell petrol station, it’s just the right size with a capacity of around 80 and has a really nice separate chill-out/lounge area. The car park is only small, but there's plenty of parking on the residential streets behind the venue. Doors open at 7:30pm and entrance is a quite reasonable (we think) £3.00. The event finishes at midnight. Be there, be rare...or be square! Posted on behalf of Brian Lester and Chris Churm Chris Penn
  15. Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne *Date Change*

    Due to a bereavement at the club, we cannot now hold the event on 20th October (I think they're using the club for the wake). Instead we are moving the night back a week to Friday 27th - I'll post a new add when I get a few moments. Apologies for any inconvenience. Chris